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Ichigo Kurosaki & Kūgo Ginjō vs. Shūkurō Tsukishima is a fight between Ichigo Kurosaki and Shūkurō Tsukishima, during which Kūgo Ginjō is forced to intervene on Ichigo's behalf.


Ichigos fullbring goes berserk

Ichigo's Fullbring goes berserk.

Using her Fullbring, Dollhouse, Riruka Dokugamine places Ichigo and Jackie Tristan inside one of her fish tanks in order to develop his newly awakened Fullbring abilities. Jackie uses her own Fullbring, Dirty Boots, to train Ichigo so his abilities mature. [2] Ichigo impresses Jackie after he utilizes the openings his new ability creates and uses Bringer Light.[3] Following his improvements, Jackie notices that Ichigo's Fullbring has suddenly enveloped his entire arm in black Reiatsu.[4] Jackie decides to cancel training, even after Ichigo objects, as his Fullbring is going berserk, and she has never seen one do that before.[5]

Meanwhile, outside, Yasutora Sado, arriving, asks Ginjō to tell him more about Tsukishima and his abilities.[6] Telling Ginjō what Orihime Inoue told him, about feeling like Tsukishima has suddenly become her friend and she cares about him, Sado suggests his abilities may distort memories in some way. When Ginjō remains quiet, Sado demands he tell him.[7] Getting up, Ginjō admits he is worried, due to the impact of what Sado has just told him, and those type of abilities would be scary. Ginjō states Book of the End is a sword of high attack ability which can cut through anything, but that is all it can do. When Sado suggests it may have evolved, but Ginjō, stating this is impossible, says Sado's changed because he was getting stronger and had yet to be at a level he could fully use his powers. Asking if Uryū Ishida has had any memory problems as well, which Sado denies, Ginjō suggests it may not be Tsukishima who attacked Orihime after all.[8]


Tsukishima arrives.

As a voice behind Ginjō disagrees with this, he turns to the door, which is slashed in half to reveal Tsukishima has found Xcution's headquarters. As everyone looks on in surprise at his arrival, Tsukishima, calmly greeting Ginjō and the rest of the Xcution members, briefly singles them all out for a moment; he hopes Giriko Kutsuzawa is not drinking too much, and advises Yukio Hans Vorarlberna to read more instead of playing games. When Ginjō asks Tsukishima just what he is doing at their base, Tsukishima, ignoring his question, wonders where Jackie and Riruka are. Turning his attention to the fish tank, he, stating that is where they are hiding, brings his sword down upon it as Ginjō yells for him to stop.[9]


Ichigo's Fullbring powers evolve.

As black Reiatsu pours out from the opened fish tank, surprising Ginjō and Sado, Tsukishima states it is interesting. Black Reiatsu forming around his body in the shape of a Shinigami's shihakushō, Ichigo emerges. [10] Lying on the floor of Xcution's headquarters, an exhausted Jackie murmurs Ichigo's name as he stands before her. Looking on in shock, Sado, silently identifying the true form of Ichigo's Fullbring as a "clad-type", compares the Reiatsu shroud to Ichigo's Bankai, remembering his overcoat was a part of it, and concludes Ichigo's true nature is to be cloaked in his own power. Telling Ichigo Riruka's Dollhouse forcibly ejects its contents if the container is destroyed, Tsukishima, expressing his surprise at Ichigo mastering Fullbring to such a degree, tells Ginjō he should have told him sooner.[11]


Ichigo attacks Tsukishima

Ichigo attacks Tsukishima.

Ichigo swings the blade of black Reiatsu, enveloping his right arm, at Tsukishima, who blocks with his Book of the End. When Ichigo asks who Tsukishima is, Tsukishima expresses his disappointment at not already being mentioned to Ichigo. As Sado recalls Ichigo does not know about Tsukishima, Tsukishima introduces himself, but before he can continue speaking, Sado, activating his Brazo Derecha de Gigante, leaps towards him. As Ginjō shouts at him to wait, Sado blasts a hole through the wall. As Yukio states Sado is an idiot for doing so, Riruka, running into the room, asks what is going on. As Giriko states he will take care of the neighbors, police, and fire department, Yukio, wondering who is going to pay for the damage, ignores Riruka as she shouts at them to explain again.[12]


Ichigo realizes how much his friends have worried about him.

As Sado and Ginjō land on a rooftop, the latter, calling the former an idiot, says since Ichigo's Fullbring has activated, they can afford to tell him about Tsukishima. Saying they cannot, Sado, stating they have no idea how powerful Ichigo's Fullbring is or if he can even handle using it, says telling him Tsukishima attacked Orihime would only undermine his performance in battle. Overhearing them, Ichigo, walking up behind Sado, realizes his friends were only looking out for him and he did not even realize it.


Sado and Ginjō watch.

Landing a few feet behind Ichigo, who asks if he attacked Uryū as well, Tsukishima simply asks what he thinks, prompting Ichigo to charge at him with his blade of Reiatsu in hand. Blocking his blow, Tsukishima, leaping away from him off the building, states Ichigo is good.[13] As Ichigo continues to attack Tsukishima, who keeps blocking or evading his attacks, Sado, watching the fight with keen interest, asks Ginjō why none of Ichigo's attacks are landing despite his timing being perfect. Ginjō draws Sado's attention to Tsukishima's feet, and Sado, realizing Tsukishima is using Bringer Light to avoid all of Ichigo's attacks at the last moment, moves to warn Ichigo, but Ginjō, holding him back, asks him to watch.[14]


Ichigo leaps after Tsukishima.

Continuing to dodge Ichigo's attacks, Tsukishima, goading him, insists he will never be able to strike him with such attacks. As he repeats himself, Ichigo manages to cut several strands of Tsukishima's hair quite near his face. Forced to avoid once more, Tsukishima, looking to Ichigo's feet, notices Ichigo also knows how to use Bringer Light as he leaps into the air. Shocked, Ginjō wonders exactly when Ichigo learned to do that as Tsukishima compliments him.[14] As Ichigo, propelling himself off the roof, leaps towards Tsukishima, Sado, contemplating what Ichigo just did, realizes he used Fullbring on the concrete to increase his jumping height, as well as on the air to propel himself forward, and silently questions the extent to which Ichigo has mastered Fullbring. Landing on a railing, Tsukishima states Ichigo has already gotten the grasp of his Fullbring powers.


Ichigo's Fullbring fades from his left shoulder.

Launching himself towards Ichigo, Tsukishima, swinging at his sword, states his Fullbring is still incomplete. His Book of the End, breaking right through Ichigo's sword, dissipates the Reiatsu shroud on his left arm. Kicking Ichigo's exposed shoulder, knocking him towards the ground, Tsukishima says by concentrating his attacks on Ichigo's right arm, he can make it lose its Fullbring shroud, stating Ichigo could not even break his fall. As Ichigo recovers from the fall, Tsukishima charges toward him with his sword raised over his head. Appearing before him with his Fullbring active, Ginjō apologizes to Tsukishima, says he cannot let Ichigo fight him yet.[15]

Kugo defends Ichigo

Ginjō defends Ichigo.

When Tsukishima asks Ginjō if he is going to interfere, Ginjō says it is Tsukishima who is interfering. As Ichigo, struggling to get up, tells Ginjō to step aside, Ginjō, elbowing him in the back, refuses, saying he cannot have Ichigo dying on him. He reminds Ichigo he is in his real body, and as a result, he is struggling to breathe. As Ginjō and Tsukishima clash, Sado attempts to stop Ichigo from interfering. Refusing to just watch the person who attacked Orihime and Uryū, Ichigo goes after them.[16]


Kugo attacks Tsukishima.

When Ginjō destroys a building by charging his Cross of Scaffold with Reiatsu and firing it, Tsukishima criticizes him for endangering other people. As Ginjō states he has only been targeting empty buildings, Ichigo, appearing above Tsukishima, attacks him, but is unable to hurt him. Stating Ichigo does not get it and his Fullbring is incomplete, Tsukishima, cut off as Ichigo becomes further engulfed in black Reiatsu from his Fullbring, states his Fullbring changes quickly, and his power is much closer to his previous peak as a Shinigami.[17]

Yukio's Invaders Must Die

Yukio activates his Fullbring, "Invaders Must Die".

Interfering in the battle as well, Yukio activates his Fullbring, Invaders Must Die. Just as Ichigo moves to attacks Tsukishima again, blackness, enveloping him from all sides, cuts him off from the outside world as he is "Saved" into Yukio's game console. Tsukishima states Yukio does not want him to have any contact with Ichigo until his Fullbring powers mature fully.[18]


Tsukishima attacks Yukio.

Appearing in the middle of Yukio's Fullbring, Ichigo demands he be released. As the "Save" bar moves toward completion, Tsukishima, using Bringer Light, appears behind Yukio, swinging his sword to attack him. Just as his sword slashes towards Yukio's arm, Ginjō, appearing, blocks the attack with his own sword. Tsukishima hops away just as Sado moves in to attack him, forcing him to evade his attack. Continuing to attack Tsukishima, the two force him onto the defensive. As the "Save" bar finally completes, they end their fighting as Tsukishima lands several feet away from them.[19]


Riruka points the Love Gun

Riruka points the "Love Gun" at Tsukishima.

Interjecting, Tsukishima, stating Yukio made it so he could not interfere with Ichigo's training, asks whether it would have been smarter to instead lock him away, prompting Yukio to state his battery power is insufficient to save the former Xcution leader.[20] Explaining someone has called the police and fire department, Yukio states it would be inconvenient for him to be caught at this stage. Appearing behind Tsukishima, Riruka, pointing her Love Gun at him, tells him to leave immediately. Yukio states they will be taking Ichigo with them, and it would be better for him to go unless he wants to stay and be exposed.[21]


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