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Hunger Shadow
Kanji 大喰らいの影 (ハンガーシャドウ)
Rōmaji Hangāshadou
English Japanese for "Shadow of the Great Eater"
Technique Statistics
Type Magic
Number 0575
Used By Inks

Release Code #0575. Hunger Shadow (大喰らいの影 (ハンガーシャドウ), Hangāshadou; Japanese for "Shadow of the Great Eater") is a spell used by the Inks of Wing Bind.


The practitioner uses a spray can to paint a symbol resembling an "S" flanked by two straight lines that are being bifurcated by a perpendicular line within a circle on a flat surface, allowing them to summon a large, dark beast resembling a furry ape with oversized teeth and fangs, as well as a long tail. This beast will attack the practitioner's enemies by gripping onto them and biting down with its powerful jaws, but can be destroyed by a sufficiently powerful attack.[1]



Known Practitioners

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