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Hueco Mundo civil war! Ulquiorra's death
Kanji ウェコムンド内乱!ウルキオラの死
Romanji Weko Mundo nairan! Urukiora no shi
Episode Number 136
Manga Chapters None
Arc The Arrancar arc
Previous Episode Kon is Deceived! Rangiku on the Lookout..
Next Episode Battle of bad faith, Aizen's trap
Japanese August 8, 2007
English July 25, 2009
Theme Music
Opening Alones
Ending Daidai
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Hueco Mundo civil war! Ulquiorra's death is the one hundred and thirty-sixth episode of the Bleach anime.

Three Arrancar betray Sōsuke Aizen and steal the Hōgyoku.



Patros surreptitiously enters the throne room of Sōsuke Aizen and the Hōgyoku.

Within Las Noches in Hueco Mundo, Patros walks down a hallway and opens the door to a chamber containing Sōsuke Aizen's throne and the Hōgyoku, with a smiling Aizen sitting on the throne. However, when Patros walks over to the throne from behind, he sees that it is empty and smirks at this prior to turning to the Hōgyoku on its exposed platform, which he notes is in the place he expected it to be. Before Patros can take the Hōgyoku, Ulquiorra Cifer appears in the doorway behind him and questions what he is doing.


Kisuke Urahara, Tessai Tsukabishi, and Yasutora Sado prepare to leave.

Meanwhile, outside the Urahara Shop in Karakura Town in the Human World, Kisuke Urahara stands next to Tessai Tsukabishi and Yasutora Sado in front of 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai, Jinta Hanakari, Ururu Tsumugiya, Ririn, Kurōdo, and Noba, whom Urahara tells to take care while they are away and Tessai instructs to eat three meals a day as well as to brush their teeth after every meal. When Jinta wonders why they are taking Sado with them if they are just stocking up, Urahara claims that this is so Sado can relax.


Renji Abarai tells Urahara to bring Sado back soon.

Urahara elaborates that Sado will burn out if he continues to focus solely on training and that he needs to get some fresh air every now and then as Sado affirms that he appreciates Urahara's consideration even if he wants to continue training. With Renji requesting that he bring Sado back soon since there are still a lot of things that they have to do, Urahara observes that Renji is short-tempered as usual and promises that it will be alright prior to walking away with Tessai and Sado, leaving Ririn to assert that the Urahara Shop can be left to them and Kurōdo to wish them a nice trip, though Ririn notes afterward that Urahara is very good at this.


Tessai confronts Jinta Hanakari for questioning Urahara.

When Kurōdo asks her about what she means, Ririn points out how he is going to make Sado carry a lot of things despite saying that this is about Sado getting time to relax, surprising Ururu as Kurōdo concludes that they will be able to bring back a lot more at once than usual if Sado is with them. Suddenly, an annoyed Jinta questions how much they plan on bringing back when they do not sell that much in the Urahara Shop to begin with, which Ururu warns him not to say prior to an alerted Tessai running back to the entrance of the Urahara Shop, grabbing an alarmed Jinta by the shoulders, and demanding to know if he said something.


Patros berates Ulquiorra Cifer for taking orders from Aizen.

With Ririn staring in shock at a screaming Jinta, Kurōdo observes that they should be careful about what they say. Back in Aizen's throne room in Las Noches, Ulquiorra reminds Patros that this is a place he should not be entering without Aizen's permission, prompting Patros to state that he does not like how Ulquiorra always says the same thing, and when Ulquiorra questions what he is talking about, Patros clarifies that he referring to Ulquiorra and the other Espada revering Aizen as their master even though he is a Shinigami, something Patros finds unpleasant because he does not understand why Hollows like them should take orders from a Shinigami.


Patros confronts Ulquiorra and questions Aizen's authority.

Patros elaborates that it is in their nature to consume Souls and crush Shinigami, something he does not see the point in abandoning, before angrily questioning why they should have their freedom taken away for someone like Aizen and moving next to Ulquiorra with Sonído to slam the side of his fist into the wall next to Ulquiorra's head, cratering it upon impact. Bringing up how Ulquiorra should know that Aizen continuously used Hollows like them and Grand Fisher in his experiments, Patros responds to Ulquiorra bluntly wondering why this matters by asserting that this place has changed ever since Aizen showed up.


Aldegor shoves his Zanpakutō through Ulquiorra's chest.

After Patros refuses to follow Aizen and begins walking back toward the Hōgyoku, he suggests that he and Ulquiorra use the Hōgyoku to control the world, but Ulquiorra disparages this idea since Patros cannot even become an Espada. Upon realizing that he cannot gain Ulquiorra's support, Patros notes that he has no choice as Menis suddenly slashes through a shocked Ulquiorra's upper back and disappears with Sonído when Ulquiorra swings his hand at Menis prior to Aldegor shoving his Zanpakutō through Ulquiorra's chest from behind, with Patros revealing that he already has two supporters aligned with him.


Patros deals the finishing blow to Ulquiorra.

Once Aldegor pulls out his Zanpakutō and moves back with Sonído, Patros moves in front of Ulquiorra with Sonído and partially draws his own Zanpakutō prior to replying to Ulquiorra cursing him by calling this unfortunate and slashing vertically through Ulquiorra's left side, leading the latter to collapse in a shower of blood. Rejoining Menis and Aldegor, Patros observes that the Espada have truly fallen and admits that he held no animosity toward Ulquiorra while Menis comments on how easy this was and Aldegor calls Ulquiorra pathetic. Turning around to pick up the Hōgyoku, Patros vows to make Aizen regret strengthening them and to become the king.


Renji is left wondering what to do with his free time.

Simultaneously, at the Urahara Shop, Renji lies on his back in his Gigai on the raised platform of the main room and yawns before apologizing and sitting up when Ururu kneels next to him with a rag and requests that he move so she can continue cleaning. With Renji admitting that he does not know what to do when he has free time like this, Ururu comes over to him with a feather duster and tells him to move again. As Renji stands up, Jinta stop sweeping the floor and berates him for not training for the upcoming battle, but Renji counters that he already knows this without Jinta bringing it up prior to Ururu asking him to move once more.


The Mod-Souls discuss Ichigo Kurosaki's absence.

While Renji sits on a nearby display so Ururu can sweep the area where he was standing with a push broom, Jinta criticizes him as being useless when he is not fighting and demands to know if an irritated Renji wants to fight when the latter tells him to repeat what he just said. During this, Ririn, Kurōdo, and Noba sit on the roof of the Urahara Shop, where Kurōdo comments on what a nice day it is and Noba concurs with him. When Ririn asserts that it is boring without Ichigo Kurosaki and relishes in how fun it is to tease him, Kurōdo wonders if cursing at him was her way of teasing him, which Ririn confirms due to his serious reactions making them fun.


Patros, Menis, and Aldegor appear in Karakura Town.

However, Kurōdo states that he believed they were having a lovers' quarrel, and though a blushing Ririn denies this, Kurōdo picks up on her wishing that Ichigo would come by once in a while by pointing out how she seems to be very worried about him and Noba agrees with this, causing a furiously blushing Ririn to claim that it is not like this and knock them away with her arms. Suddenly, the three of them experience a powerful Reiatsu, which they are startled by the appearance of, and a Garganta opens in the sky above to reveal Patros, Menis, and Aldegor standing within as the latter two grin ferociously.


The Shinigami Strike Force is alerted to the Arrancar presence.

Around Karakura Town, 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto, 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame, and 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa are alerted to a confirmed Arrancar presence appearing in Karakura Town by Rin Tsubokura and move out. Upon being told that the Arrancar presence is at coordinates 3800, Hitsugaya acknowledges this and requests a Gentei Kaijo, only for Rin to inform him that they have already simplified the procedure for this and that he should receive permission for it soon, leaving Hitsugaya to muse on how easy they have made it.


Renji joins the other Shinigami in moving out.

Leaping into the air, Hitsugaya contacts Rangiku, Ikkaku, and Yumichika through his Denreishinki and inquires about whether they can hear him, which leads Rangiku to affirm this while Ikkaku observes that it is going to get fun again and Yumichika concludes that it might be troublesome too prior to all three of them jumping into the air as well. Meanwhile, Renji lands on the ground near a park in his Shinigami form and tells the others to go on ahead of him since he is the furthest from the Arrancar. In the air above them, an amused Menis realizes that the Shinigami have quickly noticed them and are coming this way.


Patros orders Menis and Aldegor to deal with the Shinigami.

When Aldegor comments on how weak they seem to be and requests orders from him, Patros tells him and Menis to handle the Shinigami since he does not want them to interfere with his investigation even though they do not seem to be very powerful, and when Aldegor questions if there is really someone in Karakura Town who knows how to use the Hōgyoku, Patros reminds him they have come here to find out because it is just a sphere if they have only obtained it and do not know how to use it. After concluding the real battle will be when someone from Las Noches comes after them, Patros tells Menis and Aldegor to act swiftly before they depart with Sonído.


Menis activates his Resurrección, Erizo.

Elsewhere, Hitsugaya moves through the air with Rangiku and warns her that the Arrancar are close as they land in an empty lot and are joined by Ikkaku and Yumichika prior to Menis and Aldegor appearing before them. Bemused by the cockiness of the Shinigami, Menis draws his Zanpakutō and activates his Resurrección, Erizo, causing his Reiatsu to surge in intensity while he gains a mane of red fur encompassing a mask covering his entire face, two segmented tendril-like sheathes over his arms, carapace-like armor, and a long, segmented tail. Aldegor declares that the difference in their power is self-evident and that he does not need to take them seriously.


Patros appears in the air near Kon with Sonído.

However, Aldegor notes that they do not have time and need the Shinigami to die here prior to drawing his own Zanpakutō and activating his Resurrección, Jabalí, which results in his orange Reiatsu surging over Menis and the intimidated Shinigami. Simultaneously, Kon walks down a street and complains about how bored he has been ever since Rukia Kuchiki and Orihime Inoue went to Soul Society before searching the surrounding area for a beautiful woman he can worship and pointing into the air above as a direction he might find one in. Suddenly, Patros appears in the air where Kon is pointing, to his mortification.


Tōshirō Hitsugaya releases his Shikai, Hyōrinmaru.

Upon noticing Kon, Patros disdainfully wonders who he is and moves closer to a panicking Kon, who introduces himself. Back in the air above the empty lot, a panting and sweating Hitsugaya stands before Menis with his Zanpakutō drawn and comments on this being the power of his release, which leads Menis to confirm that this is his true form and declare that he is going to finish this all at once prior to extending his tendril arms toward Hitsugaya, who evades upward at the last second and releases his Shikai, Hyōrinmaru, to create a large ice dragon from his blade that hurtles downward toward a cackling Menis.


Rangiku Matsumoto protects Hitsugaya from Menis's tendrils.

However, when Menis easily shatters the ice dragon with his tendrils and attacks Hitsugaya with them once more, Rangiku moves in front of Hitsugaya with Shunpo and deflects the two tendrils with a swing of her Zanpakutō. With Rangiku angrily lunging forward between the tendrils in an attempt to stab him, Menis proclaims that this is useless and brings his tail down onto her from above, forcing a startled Rangiku to block with her Zanpakutō. During this, an intrigued Ikkaku stands before Aldegor, who has gained large white armor over his arms and chest as well as six thick, arching appendages curving over him from his back.


Aldegor blocks Ikkaku's strikes with his back appendages.

As Aldegor laughs maniacally about this being his true power, Ikkaku tells Yumichika that this is going to be his fight, and after apologizing to Yumichika when the latter complains about Ikkaku preventing him from fighting once again, Ikkaku releases his Shikai, Hōzukimaru, and leaps in front of Aldegor, who criticizes Ikkaku as foolish for fighting him alone. When Ikkaku rapidly spins Hōzukimaru and begins jabbing it repeatedly at him, Aldegor arranges the appendages on his back in front of his body in an inward-pointing circular arrangement, blocking all of Ikkaku's strikes with their Hierro until Ikkaku moves back.


Renji finds a defeated Kon and learns an Arrancar appeared.

Ikkaku observes the Arrancar always have such tough skin and thrusts Hōzukimaru forward once more, but Aldegor covers his body with the appendages by arranging them in a half-spherical shape around him and sends Ikkaku flying back by quickly opening them outward once the latter's attack is blocked again. Simultaneously, Renji runs down a street and is startled to see Kon lying defeated on top of a streetlight. After Renji gets him down and bluntly wakes him up while holding him upside-down by the leg, Kon tells him a man with strong Reiatsu suddenly appeared and points down the street when Renji demands to know where he went.


Patros appears in front of the Urahara Shop.

With Renji shocked by what this could mean, Patros appears in front of the Urahara Shop with Sonído and smirks as he begins walking toward it. Suddenly, Jinta and Ururu slide the front doors open and point their Muteki Tekkon and Senren Bakusatsu Taihō at Patros while the Mod-Souls stand behind them. Though Jinta asserts that this is no place for Arrancar to come and Ririn warns him that terrible things will happen to him if he does not stop, Patros continues approaching them, to Ririn's alarm, and Kurōdo wonders what they should do, prompting Noba to remind them that they cannot take on someone so powerful in their current forms.


Renji confronts Patros outside the Urahara Shop.

Kurōdo interprets this as them needing to retreat and runs away, forcing Ririn and Noba to follow him as Patros stops outside and brings up how he heard someone here knows how to use the Hōgyoku, startling Jinta and Ururu, before stating that he would like to meet this person. However, Renji steps in behind Patros and declares that he is not here, and after Renji identifies himself at his request, Patros asks him where the person who knows how to use the Hōgyoku is, which leads Renji to clarify that he has gone out. In turn, Patros decides to simply wait for his return, but Renji draws his Zanpakutō and refuses to let him to so.


Patros stuns Renji in place by exerting his Reiatsu.

Once Renji reveals that he has been tasked with looking after the shop, Patros admits that simply waiting would be boring anyway and challenges Renji to get the battle started as Renji releases his Shikai, Zabimaru, and extends it toward Patros, only for the latter to dodge with Sonído, leaving Zabimaru to crash into the main room of the Urahara Shop and break several objects inside, to Jinta's annoyance. When Renji sees him standing in the air above and jumps up to attack him again, a yelling Patros exerts his Reiatsu, stunning Renji into stopping in midair and forcing Ururu to her knees, which results in Jinta taking her inside the Urahara Shop.


Patros prepares to fight against Renji.

With Patros claiming that it does not matter if they hide and questioning what Renji plans to do since the Urahara Shop will immediately be crushed if they fight here, Renji exerts his own Reiatsu and denies this since the shrewdness of Urahara himself means that it should not be so easy. As Renji concludes that he just needs to finish the fight before this happens, Patros whirls around and invites him to try while gripping his own Zanpakutō, which Renji grins at. Down in the Urahara Shop, a concerned Ururu asks Jinta about what they should do, prompting Jinta to proclaim that they have to fight despite Ururu's uncertainty.


The Mod-Souls enter their Gigai to fight with.

Suddenly, the doors behind them slide open to reveal Ririn, Kurōdo, and Noba in their Gigai bodies, to Jinta's surprise. Walking forward with Noba, Ririn asserts that they are going out first so they can assist Renji and Kurōdo brings up how they cannot keep hiding due to being freeloaders, leaving Jinta impressed. Back outside, Patros exerts his yellow Reiatsu, and after a startled Renji exerts his own red Reiatsu in turn, causing their respective Reiatsu to form tall pillars, the two of them move forward and clash perpendicularly. After separating from Patros, Renji swings an extended Zabimaru toward him, but Patros evades with Sonído.


Patros is forced to deflect Zabimaru by punching it.

Reappearing behind Renji, Patros criticizes him for being too slow and punches Renji in the back, only to be caught off-guard when Renji recovers mid-fall and sends Zabimaru hurting toward him again, forcing Patros to deflect it with a jab of his right hand and note that the scuff marks it left on his hand and sleeve mean that Renji is at least a little capable, though Renji insists that he is better than this. In response, Patros decides to use his Zanpakutō even though he did not intend to show it to the likes of Renji and grasps its handle as a circle of wind gathers around him, with Renji assuming a battle stance as well.


Renji is caught off-guard by Patros's energy blast.

Despite encouraging a smirking Patros to attack, Renji is left shocked when Patros quickly unsheathes, slashes, and sheathes his Zanpakutō in a single fluid motion, creating a powerful blast of yellow energy that slams into Renji and sends him crashing down into the ground in front of the Urahara Shop. As he stands above a gasping Renji, Patros calls him weak and explains that he has twenty levels to that attack, with the one he just used being the lowest and weakest, Level One, which he intended as a gesture of respect toward Renji, before concluding that Renji is nothing if he cannot even keep up with such a weak attack.


The Mod-Souls rescue Renji from Patros's next attack.

Renji claims that he just let down his guard a little and struggles to get up with Zabimaru, but Patros simply tells him to take this once more and unleashes his Level One energy blast with another rapid slash that crashes into the crater Renji created in the ground, obscuring it with a cloud of dust. However, an unimpressed Patros is surprised when Noba brings Renji, Ririn, and Kurōdo out of a portal behind him, and when Ririn declares that it will not be this easy, Patros demands to know who they are, which leads Kurōdo to state that they are also watching over the Urahara Shop while Ririn tells Patros that he will pay unless he leaves.


Patros finds himself standing on solid ground.

Though Renji attempts to discourage them from joining the fight, Ririn insists that they will do so and Kurōdo tells Renji that it is the job of a freeloader to defend the household at a time like this, with Noba concluding that they will not do anything rash as Ririn laughs and an exasperated Renji tells them to not say he did not warn them. Once the three Mod-Souls leap away, an astonished Patros finds himself standing on solid ground that quickly parts underneath him, causing him to fall several dozen feet and slam into the ground further below. As Patros looks around in confusion, he sees Renji attacking him with an extended Zabimaru once more.


Patros is forced inside a barrier by the Mod-Souls.

When Patros jumps into the air to evade Zabimaru, Ririn comes down on him with a large ball of pink energy formed between her hands that she hits him in the back with, resulting in Patros falling into a Wormhole created by Noba that deposits him back on the ground, where a circle of energy forms a barrier around him and the ground he is standing on while the rest falls away around him. Upon being told by Ririn that Patros has been forced inside the barrier, Kurōdo shapeshifts into Renji and joins him in running toward Patros despite Renji finding this duplication unnerving, leaving Patros to stare in bewilderment at them jumping off the walls.


Patros overcomes the trap and counters Kurōdo's attack.

Suddenly, with Renji and Kurōdo attacking him from opposite sides in unison, Patros demands that they not underestimate him and rapidly slashes the barrier with his Zanpakutō, causing it to fade and the ground in front of him to rupture into chunks of rock that intercept Renji's slash with Zabimaru. After catching an attacking Kurōdo's Zabimaru by the tip of its blade, Patros points out how the difference in his and Renji's Reiatsu is obvious even if he looks like the latter and punches Kurōdo away, causing him to return to his normal form. With Ririn lunging toward him from behind, Patros grabs her by the throat and throws her to the ground next to Kurōdo.


Noba protects Ririn and Kurōdo from Patros's blasts.

Angered by Ririn tricking him with illusions upon seeing the surrounding rocky area fade to reveal the Urahara Shop, Patros tells her and Kurōdo to die and fires another energy blast at them, but Noba leaps in front of them and absorbs the blast with his shield, to Patros's annoyance. Firing a second blast, which Noba is barely able to withstand, a chuckling Patros fires three more and wonders how long Noba will be able to last, with Noba collapsing after the fifth blast. Before Patros can deliver the finishing blow, Renji extends Zabimaru from the dust cloud directly next to Patros's head, startling him, and promises that he will not let this happen.


Ulquiorra appears in Karakura Town.

As Renji retracts Zabimaru, Patros appears upside-down in the air above him with Sonído and muses that Renji does not seem to understand what Patros means even when told prior to unleashing a Level Two blast that slams into the lot in front of the Urahara Shop, creating a dust cloud nearly as tall as the surrounding buildings, and declaring that this is still just the beginning. During this, in the park where he and Yammy Llargo crashed down, Ulquiorra appears in the air with Sonído and looks down emotionlessly.

Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book[]


Ichigo Kurosaki throws a mask given to him to the ground.

In Karakura Town, Ichigo Kurosaki stands on a street with Shinji Hirako and Hiyori Sarugaki, who tells him that today is Ichigo's turn to go shopping, though he questions why he must do so with her. When an explosion behind them alerts the group to a drunk Hollow in the store that was destroyed, Ichigo attempts to go after it, but Shinji stops him and brings up how many of Ichigo's friends can see Shinigami before handing him a cat mask to wear so he is not recognized. Initially accepting this and running off with the mask, Ichigo stops and angrily throws it to the ground while Hiyori notes that he has gotten good at playing the straight man.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


Powers and Techniques Used[]

Arrancar Techniques:

  • Sonído (響転 (ソニード), Sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound", Japanese for "Sound Ceremony")
  • Descorrer (解空 (デスコレール), Desukorēru; Spanish for "Drawing Back/Opening", Japanese for "Loosed Void")
  • Hierro (鋼皮 (イエロ), Iero; Spanish for "Iron", Japanese for "Steel Skin")

Zanpakutō released:


Resurrección released:

  • Erizo (エリッソ, Erisso; Spanish for "Hedgehog")
  • Jabalí (ハバリー, Habarī; Spanish for "Boar")

Other Powers:

Other Weapons:


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