Hollow Bait
Kanji 対虚(ホロウ)用の撒き餌
English Scatter-Bait for use against Hollows
Item Statistics
Use Hollow Attraction
Used By Quincy

Hollow Bait (対虚(ホロウ)用の撒き餌, Tai-Horōyou no Makie; lit. "Scatter-Bait for use against Hollows") are small tablets used by Quincy to attract Hollows.[1]


Hollow Bait consists of small, round, white tablets only a little larger than an adult fingernail with writing or symbols circling the flat edge. It is very easy to break - when initiating his duel with Ichigo Kurosaki, Uryū Ishida only used two fingers and minimal effort to crush and scatter the bait.[2]

When crushed and dispersed into the air, Hollow Bait will begin attracting Hollows from Hueco Mundo to the area of the Human World in which it was used. Under normal circumstances, both the area affected and the duration of the effect are substantial - Uryū's duel with Ichigo featured Hollows appearing all over Karakura Town after Hollow Bait was used, and Uryū set the time limit of their Hollow-hunting as 24 hours, indicating that they would keep appearing consistently for a full day.[1]

Ordinarily, Hollow Bait will only attract low-level and weak Hollows, as its intended purpose was to provide easy hunting for Quincy; however, Uryū's usage of it during his duel with Ichigo ended up attracting a Menos Grande, with Sōsuke Aizen later claiming that he had sent it to help increase Ichigo's level of power by giving him an abnormally strong opponent.[3]


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