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Hierro (鋼皮 (イエロ), Iero; Spanish for "Iron", Japanese for "Steel Skin"; Viz "Iron Skin") is a defensive Arrancar technique.


The user's Reiryoku condenses, creating steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Zanpakutō. This allows users to confront some of the sword-wielding Shinigami barehanded.[1] In general, the strength of an individual's Hierro is proportional to the potency of their Reiryoku, though this is not a rule as Nnoitra Gilga has the hardest Hierro out of the Espada despite being ranked #5.[2] Hierro is not absolute and opponents can adapt to cut through it, such as when 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki fought Nnoitra.[3]


  • In the English dub of the Bleach anime, Hierro was mistakenly identified as Cero when Ulquiorra Cifer spoke about Ichigo being able to effortlessly cut off Yammy Llargo's arm.[4]


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