Race Hollow
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Special Ability N/A
First Appearance
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 2
Anime Episode 2
Japanese Takehito Koyasu
English Grant George

Hexapodus (ヘキサポダス, Hekisapodasu) is a Hollow which was purified by Ichigo.


Hexapodus has the appearance of a large six legged spider or beetle. He has gray green skin with orange joints as well as orange spots on his back. His mask is plain white with a relatively Human like face. His face is framed by two tufts of brown hair and a forelock of purple hair that falls over the top of his mask, making him look clown-like.[1]


Agent of the Shinigami arc


The Hollow gives chase.

Hexapodus appears next to the Yumisawa Children's Park in Karakura Town, where he finds the Plus of a little boy and attacks him. The plus runs away, but eventually trips and falls. Hexapodus is about to strike when he notices two figures standing nearby; Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki. He asks them who they are but instead of a reply, Ichigo cuts off his forelegs, and Hexapodus backs away to avoid further damage. When he notices Ichigo's back turned he tries a sneak attack, but Ichigo surprises him by stabbing through his mask and purifying him.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Spiritual power: Being a Hollow, Hexapodus has some spiritual power.

Appearances in Other Media

Hexapodus appears in the live action film adaptation of Bleach. In the movie, instead being defeated by Ichigo, Hexapodus fights and gains the upper hand over Ichigo before being purified by Renji Abarai.


  • Hexapodus' name was only revealed later on, when Rukia attempted to collect the bounty for his purification.[3]


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