Heilig Pfeil
Kanji 神聖滅矢 (ハイリッヒ・プファイル)
Rōmaji Hairihhi Pufairu
English German for "Holy Arrow"

Japanese for "Sacred Destruction Arrows"

Technique Type Quincy
User Quincy

Heilig Pfeil (神聖滅矢 (ハイリッヒ・プファイル), Hairihhi Pufairu; German for "Holy Arrow", Japanese for "Sacred Destruction Arrows")[1] is the primary Spirit Weapon formed and used by the Quincy.[2]


A Quincy is able to form spirit weapons by gathering Reishi in the air.[3] These arrows can be formed in various ways, either by collecting Reishi, absorbing Reiryoku from an opponent or gathering spirit energy.[4] They are the Quincy equivalent of an average arrow, but if the arrows are shot continuously, they can eventually injure the wielders' hands.[5] However, the strength of the arrow can vary between users, as Quilge Opie's arrows are considered to be more powerful than those of Uryū Ishida,[6] while Yhwach's can create deep cavities in the ground[7] and vaporize a foe as durable as Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto.[8]

Traditionalist Quincy utilize this method to create bows and arrows as their primary method of attack.[2] By standard, the bow is known as a Heilig Bogen (神聖弓 (ハイリッヒ・ボーグン), Hairihhi Bōgun; German for "Holy Bow", Japanese for "Sacred Bow"),[9] although the name of the bow can vary between users, as Uryū Ishida named his bows as Kojaku[10] and Ginrei Kojaku.[11] The more modern Quincy developed the ability to form a variety of weapons around 200 years ago,[12] but they can still fire Heilig Pfeil via these weapons of varying strength, dependent on the user. Quilge Opie forms two extensions from his military saber and can fire six arrows simultaneously,[13] Driscoll Berci forms gigantic arrows from his tekkō and throws them more like javelins,[14] and Yhwach can rapidly fire arrows directly from his fingertip more like simple blasts.[7]


It is possible for Quincy to customize their Heilig Pfeil (and the bow that creates and fires them) into unique shapes to suit their own tastes, and even combine with the ability granted by drinking Yhwach's blood for enhancing their powers. Known variations are:

  • Driscoll Berci: a gigantic arrow thrown like javelins, created from his tekkō.[14]
  • Robert Accutrone: an arrow shaped like a bullet, fired from a pistol.[15]
  • Yhwach: a gigantic bow and arrow that he creates in midair above him, which is then shot down in front of him, becoming a broadsword that he can wield.[16]
  • Candice Catnipp: an arrow carrying electrical charge, with a tip in the shape of a thunderbolt, fired from a lightning bolt-shaped bow.[17][18]
  • Liltotto Lamperd: an arrow with a mouth as the arrowhead, fired from a bow shaped like a set of jaws with jagged teeth.[18]
  • Meninas McAllon: an arrow with a heart-shaped arrowhead, fired from a bow shaped like a pair of arms branching out of it.[18]
  • Giselle Gewelle: an arrow with a skull as the arrowhead, fired from a bow shaped like bones linked together.[18]
  • PePe Waccabrada: an arrow with a wispy tip and feathered end, fired from a small but thick bow.[19]
  • Lille Barro: an arrow shaped like a bullet, fired from a large, black customized rifle.[20]


Heilig Pfeil Techniques
Technique Name Technique Information Technique Picture
Klavier (クラヴィーア, Kuravīa; German for "Piano")[21] The user fires a multitude of Heilig Pfeil arrows with one hand and at rapid speed.[22] Klavier
Licht Regen (光の雨 (リヒト・レーゲン), Rihito Rēgen; German/Dutch for "Light Rain", Japanese for "Rain of Light") The user gathers a large amount of Reiryoku at the left shoulder, and then fires a volley of arrows at a single target.[23] LichtRegen
Galvano Blast (ガルヴァノ ブラスト, Garuvano Burasuto) Candice Catnipp utilizes The Thunderbolt to create a 5 gigajoule arrow of electricity before firing it at her target, who is reduced to dust.[17] 582Galvano Blast


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