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Harutoki Ide is a resident of Karakura Town and friend of Yasutora Sado.


Agent of the Shinigami arc

One night, Harutoki comes across a cockatiel, which he then becomes the owner of. Eventually, he discovers that it is cursed and has brought horrible deaths to all of its previous owners. After hearing that, Harutoki attempts to pass off the cockatiel to his friends, Gitano and Sado. Gitano immediately refuses, having heard of the cockatiel's grim history, and then warns Sado about it as well. Moments after, a large steel beam falls off from a construction site just above them; unexpectedly, Sado manages to protect them all by catching the beam on his shoulders. The cockatiel starts to thank Sado for saving them, amazing both Harutoki and Gitano by the animal's intelligence.[1]

On July 18th,[2] Harutoki goes out to have lunch with Sado and Gintano. During which, a Hollow named Bulbous G comes after them, specifically Sado. Sado, who knew that he is the only one being targeted, runs from his friends so as to draw the monster away. Harutoki and Gintano call out for him as he runs, unaware of the Hollow's presence.[3]

Arrancar arc

Harutoki walks around Karakura Town, spending time with his usual friends Sado and Gitano.[4]


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