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This article contains information from anime sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Hajō Kūri is a Zanpakutō technique of Ōko Yushima's Sumitsukigasa.


By striking Sumitsukigasa into the ground, an elegant fortress wall of purple Reishi is formed. The wall transforms all energy around it into Reishi, condensing it into a green ball before getting launched as a considerably powerful wave that decimates everything in its path. The wave can dispel even after it is launched.[1]



Yushima uses Renzan: Hajō Kūri.

  • Renzan: Hajō Kūri (連斬 覇錠空蔾, Serial-Slashing Tyrant Lock Void Bramble): A more powerful variant of Hajō Kūri, Sumitsukigasa produces this ability which surrounds Yushima and forms an elegant fortress of green Reishi. There are also various tendrils around the fortress which latch onto the ground beside it. A huge green light shoots into the sky, casting an emblem resembling the hoop portion of Sumitsukigasa above Seireitei. This then proceeds to absorb the Reishi that makes up Soul Society, and can fire concentrated green blasts of energy capable of destroying a large area within its blast radius. It can also block most external attacks.[2]


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