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Haineko vs. Narunosuke

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Haineko is victorious.

Powers & Abilities
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Enhanced Speed
Damage Sustained/Casualties

Haineko is uninjured, Rangiku is lightly injured.

Narunosuke is killed.

Haineko vs. Narunosuke is a fight taking place in the Tōjū Campaign. It focuses upon the conflict between the Zanpakutō spirit of the 10th Division lieutenant, and a seemingly-normal Tōjū called Narunosuke.


File:Rangiku and her task force assemble.png

Several Shinigami run through a rocky outcrop, assembling upon the base of the mountainous area. Their leader, 10th Division lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto states that she can sense a faint reiatsu emanating from beyond the mountains. She instructs her subordinates to split up in search for the presence, as Haineko jumps onto the scene, proclaiming that they leave it to her. Rangiku is skeptical that she will be able to handle herself, but Haineko berates her for treating her like a kid, sticking her tongue out.[1]

As the flowers sway in the wind, Haineko comes across a field of the aforementioned flowers. She notices with surprise a figure lying unconscious within the field, commenting that she found the source of the reiatsu. As Haineko approaches the figure, he stirs in his sleep. She asks whether or not he is a Tōjū, to which he charges at her, before being stopped by her katana. Haineko notices that the Tōjū is attractive, and begins to blush promptly. Narunosuke stares pleadingly at her, seemingly resigned to his fate.[1]

File:Haineko spares Narunosuke's life.png

She comments that his appearance is unusual, stating that it is almost as if he is a Zanpakutō. Haineko tries unsuccessfully to convince herself that she is not interested in him. Narunosuke tries to move from his spot, but collapses back onto the flower bed. She immediately comes to his aid, before realizing her mistake. As he coughs repeatedly, she states that a Tōjū is still a Tōjū, preparing to cut him down. However, he looks despondently at her, forcing her to put down her weapon.[1]

Haineko begins to walk away, as the task force is able to eliminate the other Tōjū seeking refuge within the pass. Rangiku sheathes her sword, as Haineko emerges from the underbrush, asking her Zanpakutō whether she was able to finish the Tōjū off. She states that she did so, preparing to ask her master about the Tōjū she found. However, as Haineko looks at the broken katana strewn all over the ground, she retracts her question. Rangiku wonders what is wrong, as Haineko stares into the sky.[1]

Haineko's Secret

Rangiku approached by her captain

Rangiku berated by her captain for slacking off.

As Rangiku relaxes within the 10th Division barracks, she is earnestly approached by her captain, Tōshirō Hitsugaya, who berates her for slacking off. She complains that someone stole the sweet buns that she was saving, accusing her captain of the thievery. He dismisses this claim, as Rangiku orders Hyōrinmaru to make her some tea. He berates her for attempting to use his Zanpakutō as a servant, stating that their job isn't over yet. She agrees half-heatedly, as Hyōrinmaru wonders where Haineko is.[1]

Rangiku states that she doesn't know, eagerly sipping on the tea Hyōrinmaru gave her. Meanwhile, as Haineko walks throughout the mountainous area, she wonders whether she is allowed to do this. As she enters an abandoned household to find Narunosuke, he is surprised at her sudden appearance. Haineko apologizes for keeping him waiting, presenting him with a complimentary basket of sweet buns. He then smiles at her. Whilst she tends to his wounds, he thanks her, asking what her motivation is.[1]

Haineko treats Narunosuke

Haineko tends to Narunosuke's injuries.

Narunosuke states that he is one of the Tōjū that they are chasing after, and instead of killing him, she tended to his injuries. Haineko merely states that that is just her personality, claiming that he hasn't attacked her yet. However, she comments to herself that that is a lame excuse, asking him whether he truly is a Tōjū. Narunosuke states that he is an ordinary Zanpakutō whom has lost his master, explaining that his master was a cowardly Shinigami, a trait which was passed inherently onto him.[1]

And as such, he believed that he needed to ally himself with the other Tōjū in order to survive. Narunosuke states that he was hunted down as a result of this belief. He claims that that is why he is hiding, as he starts to convulse. Haineko tells him to rest, as he apologizes for his rashness. He comments that she is different from the others, as she tells him that she will try and sway the judgement of the other Shinigami. Haineko claims that he is not a threat, handing him the sweet buns. Narunosuke refuses to believe this, as they introduce themselves to each other. They burst into laughter over the use of honorifics.[1]

Stark Reality

Haineko Tries to Convince Matsumoto

Haineko tries to convince her Shinigami master.

As Haineko approaches Rangiku after their meeting, she claims that it is impossible for a Tōjū to remain intact without their masters. Haineko is surprised at this, as Rangiku states that destroying them is the only option available. She tries to plead Narunosuke's case, but Rangiku claims that it is only a matter of time before the Tōjū in question goes on a rampage. Haineko states that not all Tōjū are a threat, prompting Rangiku to reveal that it is inevitable for a Tōjū to lose control, according to the 12th Division's research.[1]

Rangiku questions her new-found interest in them, asking whether she discovered a new Tōjū. Haineko denies this outright, quickly leaving her master's presence. As she walks around Seireitei, Haineko understands that the Shinigami believe his status as a Tōjū is enough to warrant his death. Haineko realizes that Rangiku said most Tōjū lose control, believing that this characteristic is absent in Narunosuke. She imagines informing Rangiku of the situation, commenting that this will be neither good nor bad.[1]

Haineko disregards Suzumebachi and Tobiume

Haineko is oblivious to their greetings.

She is met with fellow Zanpakutō spirits, Suzumebachi and Tobiume, who greet her on sight. However, as Haineko is deep in thought, she disregards their presence. They wonder what is wrong with her, as Narunosuke scoffs down a veritable buffet of food, brought in by Haineko. She asks him whether the food is good, thanking Haineko for the meal. Haineko states that she cannot imagine informing the Shinigami of his existence, believing that he is just an ordinary Zanpakutō.[1]

She joins him in the feast, as Narunosuke brings up the topic of his status as a Tōjū. Haineko chokes on her food at the mention of this, and comments that her master is bringing the topic up with her superiors. She comments that the process may take a while, and that her Shinigami master is weird. Rangiku sneezes at the mention of her name, as Narunosuke laughs at the hilariousness of a joke. As he laughs, he starts to convulse once again, clutching his head in pain. Haineko asks whether he is okay, telling him to get more rest.[1]

Secrets Revealed, the 10th Division Moves Out

Haineko walks away happily

Haineko's unusual behaviour puzzles the Zanpakutō.

He thanks Haineko for her assistance, commenting that her presence soothes him. She is shocked by this statement, her cheeks flushing. Haineko is overwhelmed by this, and runs back along the path, coming across Suzumebachi and Tobiume once again. However, in her over-excited state, she repeatedly smacks Tobiume on the head, skipping away happily. The two of them wonder what happened to make her act so unnaturally. As Rangiku walks across a pathway, Haineko appears before her master. This shocks her, as Haineko comments upon trivial matters, calling her "Rangiku-chan".[1]

Meanwhile, back at Narunosuke's house, he clutches his head in pain. He wonders why his hands have no feeling in them, staring at them despondently. The next day, Haineko happily trots amongst the field of flowers, humming to herself. She approaches the abandoned house, as Narunosuke is surrounded by purple reiatsu. However, it dissipates once Haineko bursts into the door, proferring gifts of food and drink to him. Narunosuke tells her that he cannot act as freely as she can, asking how the negotiations are going. Haineko then reveals the truth to the stricken Tōjū.[1]

Narunosuke leaves

Narunosuke attempts to leave Haineko's presence.

She apologizes for lying to him, but Narunosuke states that a Tōjū is a Tōjū. He stands up, as Haineko asks where he is going. Narunosuke explains that he will be captured by the Shinigami if he is to stay here, as he begins to convulse once more. Haineko tells him that that is not a possibility with his injuries, but he states that he is all better thanks to her help. He starts to scream in pain, as she comes over to assist him. However, he inadvertently slaps her, as Haineko realizes that Rangiku's statement came true.[1]

The Inevitable Moment

As Narunosuke pants heavily on the porch, he comments that this is a frequent occurrence, in which he cannot control his hands. He states that, recently, he has been losing more control each time, prompting Haineko to convince him to stay until his migraines cease. Back at the 10th Division barracks, Captain Hitsugaya and Hyōrinmaru reveal to Rangiku that their medical supplies are diminishing. They theorize that someone is stealing their equipment, as she thinks deeply.[1]

Hitsugaya informs Rangiku of the thefts

Hitsugaya informs his lieutenant of the thefts taking place.

Hyōrinmaru asks who the lieutenant thinks the culprit might be, as Rangiku recalls Haineko's pleading the previous day. As Haineko prepares to knock on Rangiku's door, the Shinigami asks her Zanpakutō where she has been sneaking off to in the past few days. Haineko refuses to respond, as Rangiku asks whether she had anything to do with the 10th Division's sudden lack of medical supplies. She denies this again, moving away from her master.[1]

As Narunosuke screams uncontrollably at Haineko's side, she notes that he will lose control at this rate. She tries to convince him that everything will be alright, but he sees through her lies, asking what is happening to him. He clutches his head in pain, as Rangiku appears on the scene, stating that he is becoming a Tōjū. She comments that she now understands why Haineko was acting so strangely. She berates her Zanpakutō spirit for hiding him from her, ordering her to step away from Narunosuke.[1]

Rangiku appears before Haineko and Narunosuke

Rangiku appears before Haineko and Narunosuke.

Rangiku draws her katana, as Haineko steps in front of Narunosuke, defending him. She tells her Zanpakutō that he will undergo a transformation once the pain subsides. Narunosuke is surprised at this revelation, as Haineko believes that there must be a way to save him. Rangiku states that there isn't, as Narunosuke begs of Haineko to save his life, grasping her shoulder. However, the transformation takes hold over the bereft Zanpakutō, his shoulder straps tangling around him.[1]


As Haineko watches the transformation take place, purple reiatsu implodes outwards, destroying the abandoned house. Rangiku emerges safely from the explosion, watching Haineko standing before the berserk Narunosuke. He screams in pain, as Rangiku tells Haineko to maintain distance from the Tōjū. She states that she cannot, as it is her duty to save him from himself. Rangiku asks her why she is so persistent, as Haineko states that she will have to kill her as a Tōjū before she gets to him.[1]

Rangiku releases Shikai on Haineko

Rangiku releases her Shikai against Haineko.

The lieutenant realizes that her Zanpakutō is beyond reason, as they both release their Shikai. Haineko diverts Rangiku's attack into an enormous twister, thus dispelling it. As Rangiku jumps into the air, she realizes that she has no choice but to use a Bakudō spell upon Haineko. However, Narunosuke intercepts her, sending her hurtling to the ground below. He finally snaps, as Haineko tells him to stop attacking people. However, he is beyond help, and charges at Haineko, poised to attack.[1]

Rangiku emerges from the cloud of dust, blocking his attack. Narunosuke knocks her away once again, as Haineko calls out to her. He growls at her, as an injured Rangiku notices her Zanpakutō confronting the berserk Tōjū. Haineko releases her Shikai, enveloping them both with the swarm of dust. Rangiku calls out to her, as Narunosuke screams out in pain. She apologizes to Narunosuke that she was unable to keep her promise, which snaps him temporarily out of his berserk state.[1]

They reminisce their short time together, as Narunosuke hugs her. He thanks her for all she has done, as the dust cloud immerses him.[1]


Haineko standing amongst Narunosuke's shards

Haineko stands amongst Narunosuke's shards.

As it dissipates, only Haineko is left standing amongst the bed of flowers. She slumps to the ground dejectedly, calling out his name in anguish. Haineko watches his Zanpakutō dissipate in the sky, before it shatters into crystalline shards. Rangiku watches her Zanpakutō spirit, as his shards surround Haineko. She starts to cry, tears flowing down her cheeks, as the sun starts to appear over the horizon. Haineko states that she kept quiet because she liked Narunosuke, to which Rangiku states that she understood.[1]

She asks Haineko whether she will be alright, as her Zanpakutō asks what she means. Haineko believes that her master is insulting her, but Rangiku denies this, admitting that she thinks her actions were silly. She reveals that she revels in her young age, as there is plenty of time before she will become an old hag. Haineko sticks her tongue out again, as the two of them sit back and watch the sunrise.[1]


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