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This article contains information from anime sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.
Guardians of the Forest of Menos
Headquarters Forest of Menos, Hueco Mundo
Leader(s) Teres Holcan
Other Members Amazon, Becunes, Parateraul
Affiliation Sōsuke Aizen's Arrancar Army
Purpose Manage the Forest of Menos and control the Gillian

The Guardians of the Forest of Menos were a group of Adjuchas who were tasked with guarding the Forest of Menos. They had powers to control the other Adjuchas and Gillian in the forest and were noted enemies of Ashido Kanō.


Hueco Mundo arc[]


The Adjuchas gather in their nest to discuss the intruders in the Menos Forest.

After Runuganga sends Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends to the Forest of Menos, the Adjuchas guardians gather in a nest-like cave to discuss the intrusion.[1] Aromazon arrives with a report from Las Noches, so they head into the forest in order to kill the intruders.[1]


The guardians enter the Forest of Menos.

Later, the guardians enter the Forest of Menos and notice the disruptions caused by Ichigo and the other intruders, prompting Aromazon to affirm that the reports from Las Noches were correct. Teres Holcan, the leader of the guardians, reminds him that they did not account for the involvement of Ashido Kanō. Teres Holcan then notices that several Hollows have captured Nel Tu and her friends Pesche Guatiche and Dondochakka Birstanne and he orders them to be locked up. Teres Holcan tells one of the other guardians to search for the intruders.[2]

Amazon encounters Rukia Kuchiki and Ashido, who are searching for Ichigo and the others. Amazon attacks them and summons several Gillian to fire Cero at the Shinigami. Despite these measures, he is quickly dispatched by Ashido. Ashido mentions to Rukia that it is only recently that the power dynamic of the Hollows has changed and that some Adjuchas can control the Gillian.[2]

Becunes notes that Amazon has been defeated and informs Teres Holcan that there is another Reiatsu signature present in the forest. Determining that the intruders are allies of Ashido's, Teres Holcan decides to use Nel and the others as bait to lure in the intruders and Ashido.[2] When Nel and her friends attempt to convince the Hollows to let them leave, Parateraul stops them from escaping, stating that it doesn't matter whether Nel is an Arrancar or not.[2]

Elsewhere, Becunes sets an ambush for Ashido and Rukia by drawing them in with the traces of Reiatsu from Ichigo's party. He then wipes out the reiatsu traces and has the Gillian surrounding the Shinigami fire Cero towards them. Becunes calls Rukia a burden to Ashido, at which point Rukia decides to battle Becunes on her own. Ashido steps in to intercept one of Becunes' attacks, although Becunes manages to break Ashido's mask.[2] Despite this, he is killed shortly after when Rukia releases her Shikai: Sode no Shirayuki.[3]

Meanwhile, Parateraul uses Nel and her friends to lure Ichigo and those with him into a Gillian ambush. He threatens to have the Hollows eat Nel and tells Ichigo that Teres Holcan wishes to fight Ashido one-on-one. Ichigo and the others quickly overturn the situation, taking Nel and the others back from Parateraul and defeating the Hollows and Gillian with him. Parateraul is rendered out of commission when Ichigo hits him with a Getsuga Tenshō.[3]

At the same time, Teres Holcon intercepts Ashido and Rukia before they can rejoin the rest of Rukia's party. Insisting their friends are about to die, Teres Holcan and Ashido and begin to fight, trading blows before Ashido cuts off one of Teres Holcan's arms. Ashido tells him that the Reiatsu of the other Adjuchas is what disappeared as opposed to the Reiatsu of the intruders. Teres Holcan curses Ashido and tries to surprise him by burrowing his tail into the ground to shoot his spines up at him, but Rukia uses Hakuren to freeze Teres Holcan's attack and completely incase him in ice, at which point Ashido delivers the final blow to defeat him.[3]


Parateraul, the last guardian to be defeated, falls off the edge of a cliff after being stabbed by Ashido.

Later, as Ichigo, Rukia, Ashido and the others are escaping the Forest of Menos, Parateraul, who survived Ichigo's attack, appears with several Gillian under his control. The Gillian fire Cero at the escape party, forcing Ashido to remain behind to deflect the attacks with his Hollow mask shields. Parateraul attacks Ashido, and he is last seen falling off a cliff screaming for Sōsuke Aizen after Ashido stabs him through the gut.[3]

Notable Members[]

Teres Holcan[]

Teres Holcan (テレスホルカン, Teresuhorukan) was an Adjuchas-class Hollow and the leader of the guardians who controlled the Forest of Menos, having been placed in the position by Las Noches.[2] He was the nemesis of Ashido Kanō, having fought the Shinigami many times before his defeat at Rukia and Ashido's hands.[3]


Teres Holcan was a large Adjuchas-class Hollow. He had a purplish body and a mask that resembled the skull of a snapping turtle marked by two red lines on either side of the mask above and below his eyes. He had a large shell-like appendage on his back, which is also where his tail stemmed from. His Hollow hole was located on the left side of his chest and he wore a large body wrap around his waist.[2]


Teres Holcan was very cunning: he set up traps for intruders in the forest, using Nel Tu, Pesche Guatiche, and Dondochakka Birstanne in order to lure Ichigo Kurosaki, Renji Abarai, Uryū Ishida, Yasutora Sado, and Bawabawa into an ambush. As the leader of the Adjuchas guardians, he was also the one who made plans and gave the others instructions.[2] He also bore a particular animosity towards Ashido Kanō, as he had fought him in the past. Because of their conflict, he wanted to duel the Shinigami one-on-one.[3]

Powers & Abilities[]

According to Ashido, Teres Holcan was the most powerful Hollow in the Forest of Menos and could not be underestimated. Because of his strength, he was given his title and granted leadership over the other Adjuchas.[3]

Tail Whipping: Teres Holcan's main weapon is his tail. He uses this to whip Ashido, but the latter manages to block his tail.[3] He could also attack a target by growing spines from the end of the tail.

Appendage Stretch: He has the ability to stretch several long appendages from his back. He can extend his tail into the ground and attack from below the surface.[3]

Cero: Teres Holcan was able to shoot a red Cero from his mouth by opening it.[3]


Aromazon (アロマゾン, Aromazon) was one of the Adjuchas-class Hollow who guarded the Forest of Menos. He was defeated by Ashido Kanō.[2]


Aromazon was a large hollow with a greenish body. His chest and arms were much thicker compared to the lower half of his body, and he could support himself by standing on his two front arms, allowing his back legs to dangle.[2] His mask resembled the face of a gorilla. His Hollow hole was in the center of his chest with two small vents above it.

Powers & Abilities[]

Adjuchas-level Reiatsu: Rukia notes that Aromazon, as an Adjuchas, had a larger quantity of Spirit Energy than a Menos of his same size.[2]

Durability: Aromazon was durable enough to withstand Ashido Kanō's initial strikes, although the latter was able to later easily cut him down without using Shikai.[2]

Speed: Despite his size, Aromazon was capable of evading Ashido's attacks and could use high-speed movement to attack. He could also throw a series of rapid-fire punches.[2]

Gillian Control: Aromazon could control the Gillian by summoning them to a particular location within the Forest of Menos to create an ambush. He could also command them to fire Cero and attack an identified target. His control over the Gillian ended when he was killed by Ashido.[2]


Becunes (ベキュネス, Bekunesu) was one of the Adjuchas-class Hollow who guarded the Forest of Menos. He was defeated by Rukia Kuchiki.[2]


Becunes was an extremely tall Adjuchas. He had a lithe build with shoulders that extended above his head and long arms that he could sharpen into points. A tooth-like spike protruded above each shoulder and from each hip. His Hollow mask was long and had pig-like ears and a large, bulbous chin. His Hollow hole was in the center of his stomach above his navel, and he was grayish-green in color.


At first, Becunes wanted to leave the intruders in the Forest of Menos alone and pointed out that they would die if the Adjuchas simply left them alone[1]. Later, he demonstrated some degree of cleverness as he set a trap for Ashido and Rukia using the remnants of Ichigo's group's Reiatsu.[1] During their battle he mocked Rukia, calling her a burden to Ashido.

Powers & Abilities[]

Reiatsu Perception: Becunes could detect the Reiatsu presences of the intruders in the Forest of Menos and informed Teres Holcan when Aromazon's Reiatsu presence disappeared after the latter's defeat at the hands of Ashido. He could distinguish between different types and had some control over ambient Reiatsu, as he dispelled the lingering Reiatsu from Ichigo's group after using it to lure in Rukia and Ashido into an ambush.[1]

Strength and Speed: Becunes was able to move quickly enough to appear behind Rukia in order to catch her by surprise, although his attack was intercepted by Ashido. Nonetheless, Becunes successfully cut through the Hollow mask carried by Ashido.[2]

Durability: Becunes was durable enough to withstand Ashido and Rukia's attack when they cut into his arms, taking minimal damage.[2]

Bodily Weapons: Becunes could transform his hands into spikes and extend the spikes from his shoulders to attack.[3]

Gillian Control: Becunes could control the Gillian by summoning them to a particular location within the Forest of Menos to create an ambush. He could also command them to fire Cero and attack an identified target.[2] His control over the Gillian ended when he was killed by Rukia.[3]


Parateraul (パラテラウル, Paraterauru) is one of the Adjuchas-class Hollow who guards the Forest of Menos. Although he is defeated by Ichigo Kurosaki, he is last seen falling off a cliff after attacking Ashido Kanō as the latter prepares to leave the Forest of Menos with Rukia and the others.[2]


Parateraul's physique is reminiscent of a giant, humanoid rat. His mask's is narrow and elongated, resembling the snout of a jackal or anteater and ending with a rectangular opening. His mask has two narrow eye slits, behind which yellowish eyes glow. At the back of the head, two knobbed antennae-like portrusions extend from the mask, one behind the other, while the mask itself, ending near the neck, seems to resemble the back of a samurai helmet. His skin is pale brown and his hands are dark and reinforced with white armor at the wrists. His Hollow hole is located near his sternum. Parateraul's shins appear to be armored, and he has two toes on each of his feet and he has a long, segmented, skin-colored tail.[2][3]


Parateraul appears to be cold, cruel and cunning. Although he conscientiously follows the orders coming from Las Noches, he seemed to be completely indifferent to Nel's pleas to let her and her friends go despite her (alleged) status as an Arrancar created by Sōsuke Aizen.[2] Additionally, he manipulates his opponents by taking hostages or attacking by surprise. He is fierce and unyielding, as he chased Ichigo Kurosaki and his companions to the exit of the Forest of Menos.[3]

Powers & Abilities[]

Hand-to-Hand Combat Expert: Parateraul appears to have some skill in close-quarters combat as his blows are fast and strong enough to trade blows evenly with Ichigo before he is eventually overwhelmed by the latter's Getsuga Tenshō.[3]

Cero: As a higher-class Menos, Parateraul is able to fire a beam of red Cero from his open hand.[3]

Durability: Ichigo is at first only able to deal a scratch on Parateraul. Later, Parateraul withstands a point-blank Getsuga Tenshō, although he is wounded to the point of losing control over the Gillian.[3]

Hollow Control: Parateraul could control the Gillian by summoning them to a particular location within the Forest of Menos to create an ambush. He could also command them to fire Cero and attack an identified target.[2] His influence over the Gillian was so great that when he lost control of them after his defeat at the hands of Ichigo Kurosaki, the Gillian became mindless and were easily cut down by Ichigo and his companions.[3]



A Hollow resembling Teres Holcan attacks Muramasa.

  • An Adjuchas that greatly resembles Teres Holcan appears and attacks Muramasa while he is in the Forest of Menos. Muramasa manages to swiftly manifest his blade and cut down the Hollow.[4]
  • Bécunes is French for Great barracuda.

Kubo's original sketch of the Adjuchas Nest.[5]

  • The Adjuchas cave was originally designed by Tite Kubo and appeared in THE SLASHING OPERA volume sketches.
  • The names of the Adjuchas guardians of the Forest of Menos are never mentioned in the anime. They are only mentioned in the end credits of the episodes in which they appeared.


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