Greedy Curtain
Kanji 強欲の帷 (グリーディカーテン)
Rōmaji Gurīdikāten
English Japanese for "Greedy Curtain"
Technique Statistics
Type Magic
Number 2028
Used By Inks

Release Code #2028. Greedy Curtain (強欲の帷 (グリーディカーテン), Gurīdikāten; Japanese for "Greedy Curtain") is a spell used by the Inks of Wing Bind.


The practitioner uses a spray can to paint a symbol resembling a "C" within a larger "C" centered around a straight line with another line running perpendicular to it near the end connected to a circle around the other symbols in the air above their target, allowing them to unleash a massive amount of ooze over the area underneath it that forms the phrase "JUST CHOKE YOU" on the outside; this restrains the target and forces them to endure the brunt of any attacks they unleash, but can still be destroyed by an attack of sufficient power.[1]



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