Kanji 魂吸
Rōmaji Soul Inhalation
Technique Type Arrancar Technique
User Yammy Llargo

Gonzui (魂吸, Soul Inhalation; Viz "Soul Suck") is an Arrancar technique.


As the practitioner inhales as if they were drawing in a large quantity of air, the souls of beings in a large radius around them are drawn into their mouth so they may be ingested, increasing the user's Reiryoku in the process, while resulting in the immediate death of any afflicted victims. After devouring a significant quantity of Human souls surrounding him in a single breath, Yammy Llargo stated the taste was horrible, with Ulquiorra Cifer saying it was to be expected from such weak souls.[1]

Humans who have spiritual awareness, or mediums, can oppose the technique, even if they possess only the slightest amount of Reiryoku, as evidenced by the resistance displayed by the spiritually aware Tatsuki Arisawa. However, this one instance of Gonzui was strong enough to cause her to experience great fear and a complete loss of physical energy, followed by a loss of consciousness shortly after.[1]


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