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The Gokon Tekkō (悟魂手甲, Soul Apprehension Gauntlet) is a device used by the Shinigami to forcibly remove souls from bodies.


The Gokon Tekkō takes the form of a tight, red, wrist-length glove with fingers that only reach the first knuckle of the hand and a large insignia of a skull shrouded in blue flames on the back.[1][2]


Rukia Kuchiki pushes Ichigo Kurosaki's Soul out of his body with her Gokon Tekkō.

With the Gokon Tekkō equipped, a Shinigami can forcibly push a Soul out of its body with a physical pushing motion against it. This causes the body to slump over, unresponsive, until its Soul returns to it;[1] however, it does not sustain any damage from being in this state, though it can elicit panic from those who believe it is unconscious or dead.[3]


Kisuke Urahara has modified the tip of his sealed Zanpakutō to function as a Gokon Tekkō, complete with the flaming skull insignia: in addition to being able to eject a Soul from its body,[4] this Gokon Tekkō can also eject Mod-Souls from the bodies they are inhabiting.[5]


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