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Gitano Shigeo is a teenager who is offered the parakeet that Yūichi Shibata's soul resides in.


Gitano wears a regular T-shirt with a short-sleeved button up and a Hawaiian-style print shirt over it. He has shoulder length, blond hair and a goatee. He frequently carries his guitar case on his back.


Due to his part time job barely covering his living costs, Gitano seeks out cheap food whenever possible, even ignoring expiration dates on food. He can be physically confrontational towards his friends if a cheap offer on food is missed.[1]


Harutoki Ide tells Gitano and Yasutora Sado about a parakeet that has come into his possession, saying that its previous owners have all met untimely demises. He offers the bird to Gitano, refuses because it is cursed. When Harutoki asks Sado if he will take it, Gitano rebukes him for offering the parakeet to Sado as he is weak to such things. As they talk, a steel beam falls from above them, but Sado manages to save them by blocking it with his body. Gitano is shocked to see the parakeet thanking Sado, speaking as if it understood the situation.[2]

While walking to a restaurant to have lunch, Gitano, Harutoki and Sado, Gitano notices that Sado is lagging behind. He forcefully encourages Sado to hurry up, but as he admonishes Sado, there is an explosion. Mistaking the arrival of a Hollow for a gas explosion, Gitano asks Sado if he is okay. Sado notices the Hollow moving towards them and pushes both Gitano and Harutoki out of the way, telling them to run away. As Sado leads the Hollow away from them, Gitano calls after him, confused about the situation.[3]


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