Kanji 銀筒
English Silver tubes
Item Statistics
Use Quincy spellcasting
Used By Quincy

Gintō (銀筒, Silver Tubes) are small containers which Quincy use to store their Reiryoku. They are utilized as components in Quincy spellcasting, resembling Kidō.


As their name suggests, Gintō are small silver tubes, approximately 5 centimeters in size. By condensing their Reiryoku into a liquid state, Quincy can store it within the tubes.[1] Despite being considered antiquated tools, they allow Quincy to perform special techniques powerful enough to subdue Hollows, though their effectiveness is dependent on the user.[2] These various attacks are triggered when the stored liquid Reiryoku is released.[1] Like Kidō, some of them are activated by calling out various commands.[3]

Gintō Techniques

Gintō Spells
Spell Name Spell Information Spell Picture
Heizen (聖噬 [ハイゼン], Haizen; German for "Heating", Japanese for "Sacred Bite") Instantly gouges and purges whatever is enclosed in the space within the four tossed gintō. It is tremendously effective even against a Menos Grande.[1] Ep110Heizen.png
Gritz (五架縛 [グリツ], Gurittsu; Japanese for "Five Rack Ties") A film of Reishi emitted from a thrown Gintō surrounds the enemy.[1] Ep126Gritz.png
Wolke (緑杯 [ヴォルコル], Vorukōru; German for "Cloud", Japanese for "Green Cup") Cushions the impact of a fall with Reiryoku contained inside a Gintō.[1] Ep126Wolke.png
Sprenger (破芒陣 [シュプレンガ], Shupurenga; German for "Explosion", Japanese for "Breaking Caespitose Formation") This technique uses five Seele Schneiders to create a pentagon-shaped seal which, when activated, causes a massive explosion within its borders. Ep340SprengerYushima.png


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