Gin Tonbo
Kanji 銀蜻蛉
English The Silver Dragonfly
Location Statistics
Type Shop
Located In Soul Society
Controlled By Ginjirō Shirogane
Primary Function Purveyors of Eye-wear
First Appearance
Manga Tedious Everyday Tales Colorful Bleach
Anime Episode 204

The Gin Tonbo (銀蜻蛉, Silver Dragonfly) is a store in Seireitei that specializes in eye-wear.



Mihane working at her store.

The Gin Tonbo is owned and operated by Ginjirō Shirogane and his daughter, Mihane Shirogane.[1] Ginjirō started the business while he was still the lieutenant of the 6th Division, but since the business was highly successful, he resigned from his post to concentrate on the business. His daughter Mihane, however, is still an active member of the Gotei 13 and the 6th Division.[2] Despite this, Mihane regularly works at the store.[3]

The Gin Tonbo is Renji Abarai's favorite store and supplies all his goggles. He gets a discount at the store due to being Ginjirō's successor to the 6th Division vice-captaincy. However, Renji still cannot purchase regularly from the store due to the high prices.[1] Tetsuzaemon Iba is also a regular customer and sources the sunglasses for the Shinigami Men's Association from the store.[1] The stores eye-wear is also available through the mail-order business: (The) Purgatory Company (煉獄商会, Rengoku Shoukai), and according to the Purgatory Company catalog, Kaname Tōsen's glasses are also from the Gin Tonbo.[4]

Both Ichigo and Ikkaku have had difficulty reading the name of the store, tripping up on the 蜻蛉 kanji. Ichigo deduced that 蜻蛉 was the name of an insect, prompting Renji to give him the hint that it was an insect that people often imagine as wearing glasses. However, despite the hint, Ichigo read the name of the store as Silver Slug. Ikkaku suggested that the name might be Silver Cockroach, infuriating Renji - who pointed out that no one would put cockroach in the name of a store. Renji was further infuriated when Ichigo appeared to agree with Ikkaku that 蜻蛉 could stand for cockroach. Ikkaku and Ichigo's other guesses included Giant Silver Oak Silkmoth and Silver Waterbug.[5]

Known Product Line-up

Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
Ep30RenjiAbarai2 Ep38TosenProfile Ep215IbaProfile
Type 01 Type 02 Type 03
These have Reishi telescope function and are the type of goggles favored by Renji Abarai.[4] These are said to totally block ultraviolet rays and were worn by Kaname Tōsen prior to his defection.[4] These are touted as tough-guy Reiban style glasses and are favored by Tetsuzaemon Iba.[4]
Costs 84,700 Kan through (The) Purgatory Company (煉獄商会, Rengoku Shoukai)[4] Costs 97,300 Kan through (The) Purgatory Company (煉獄商会, Rengoku Shoukai)[4] Costs 62,800 Kan through (The) Purgatory Company (煉獄商会, Rengoku Shoukai)[4]


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