Geysers of Fire
Technique Type Zanpakutō
User Shūsuke Amagai

Geysers of Fire is a technique of Shūsuke Amagai's Zanpakutō, Raika.[1]


As Amagai draws his sword straight back, his Shikai begins to glow red hot, forming a ball of fire within the hook of the blade. Raising the sword upwards, Amagai swings the blade around himself in a circular fashion before slamming the blade into the ground. Upon striking the ground, a large geyser of flames, many times taller than Amagai himself, rises from the ground, consuming anything caught within it. Despite this attack's large size and apparent power, Ichigo Kurosaki had no problem defending himself from it with his Shikai.[1]



Amagai uses the enhanced version of Geysers of Fire.

  • Enhanced Geysers of Fire: While wielding his Bankai, Raika Gōen Kaku, Amagai can use a varied form of this technique. With fire streaming out of its spout, he thrusts the hook of his blade into the ground and is able to summon a column of fire a good distance away. He is able to perform this form of the technique in rapid succession forcing the target to quickly evade the flames.[2]


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