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Gemelos Sonído (双児響転 (ヘメロス・ソニード), Hemerosu Sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound Twins", Japanese for "Twins Echo Revolution") is a variant of the Sonído technique used by Zommari Rureaux.[1]


Sonído is an instinctual, high-speed movement performed by Arrancar.[2] Zommari Rureaux can increase the number of steps in his normal movement to increase his speed to the point where he can leave afterimages of himself that can act as clones. The maximum number of clones he can create, using this technique, is five and they are realistic enough to fool opponents as they can bleed when wounded. This technique is often used to distract and subsequently surprise an opponent.[1]


  • Zommari likens the Gemelos Sonído to a game of magic tricks: the trick is used in order to surprise the opponent.[3]


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