Galvano Blast
582Galvano Blast
Kanji ガルヴァノ ブラスト
Rōmaji Garuvano Burasuto
Technique Type Quincy
User Candice Catnipp

Galvano Blast (ガルヴァノ ブラスト, Garuvano Burasuto) is a technique of The Thunderbolt used by Sternritter "T" Candice Catnipp.


Forming her Heilig Bogen, Candice fires a powerful, 5 gigajoule blast of electricity at her opponent. She claims this attack possesses enough power to turn a target to dust.[1] This technique is powerful enough to destroy Ōken clothing,[2] which Yhwach praises as possessing outstanding defensive capabilities and being the greatest clothing a Shinigami can wear.[3]


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