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GOODBYE PARAKEET, GOODNITE MY SISTA is the second volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary

Immediately after checking into the Kurosaki Clinic with a mysterious scar on his back, the muscle-bound Chad goes AWOL. Accompanying Chad is a talking parakeet imbued with the soul of a young boy named Yūichi. It doesn't take newbie Shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki long to surmise that a Hollow must be involved--the strongest spirit he's faced to date. Ichigo is about to discover that not every soul is bound for the Soul Society, especially if it's tainted with innocent blood.

Bleach All Stars

有沢 竜貴
Tatsuki Arisawa
Ep329UraharaCharaPic.png 茶渡 泰虎
Yasutora Sado
Ep2TatsukiCharaPic.png 浦原 喜助
Kisuke Urahara

Ep215OrihimeCharaPic.png 朽木 ルキア
Rukia Kuchiki
井上 織姫
Orihime Inoue
Ep320RukiaCharaPic.png 黒崎 一護
Ichigo Kurosaki


008. Chase Chad Around

Yasutora Sado hides from the Hollow hunting him and the parakeet, as well as his friends.


The cover page of 008. Chase Chad Around.

In the Kurosaki Clinic, while a television broadcast details the previous day's five car collision in the third district of Karakura Town with zero casualties, Yuzu Kurosaki calls her brother Ichigo Kurosaki down for breakfast. Entering the dining room, Ichigo asks where Karin Kurosaki is, prompting Yuzu to explain that she does not want to eat because she is not feeling well, which surprises Ichigo. Suddenly, Isshin Kurosaki bursts through the door and frantically informs Ichigo that Yasutora Sado is no longer in his room. Soon afterward, at Karakura High School, Ichigo runs through the halls to his classroom and is greeted by Mizuiro Kojima, whom he asks about Sado's location. Mizuiro confirms that Sado has not shown up at school yet, and Keigo Asano notes this is strange because he is usually here ten minutes early and is not the type to miss school over something like being sick. As Keigo asks him if he wants to play with Sado's parakeet Yūichi, Ichigo rushes out of the classroom just as the bell rings, to Keigo's shock. Walking in, Misato Ochi tells the class to get ready to study contemporary literature before noticing Ichigo running down the hall, and after failing to call him back and learning that he is looking for Sado, Misato brushes his absence off and prepares to take attendance, leaving Keigo bewildered.

At Karakura South Elementary School, in the women's bathroom, Karin vomits and groans loudly inside a stall while a concerned Yuzu stands outside and asks if she is okay. While Karin tells her to go away and get to class before continuing to vomit, Midoriko Tōno walks up and asks how Karin is doing, only to comment that it does not sound good as she hears what is happening. As Yuzu and Midoriko notice Karin has finally stopped, Karin slams open the stall door and bluntly orders Yuzu to get her bag from the classroom because she is going home. Midoriko tries to assure Karin that it seems like the worst is behind her, but Karin angrily tells her to get lost, prompting an intimidated Midoriko to do so while noting that Karin is scary when she is sick.

Meanwhile, as he runs through the streets, Ichigo is met by Rukia Kuchiki, who leaps down off a wall as she asks if he has found any clues. When Ichigo denies this, Rukia admits that she has not either and explains how Soul Society cannot detect Hollows until they show up in the Human World to pursue Souls, as until that time they hide in a space between the two worlds, which is why they wait for orders from Soul Society to hunt them. Noting with frustration that Sado is in serious danger and they cannot wait for the Hollow to attack him, Ichigo asks if they can use Sado's parakeet to detect the Hollow's presence, which Rukia claims is impossible. However, Ichigo begins to concentrate and focus his spiritual perception, leading a shocked Rukia to realize Ichigo is actually homing in on Yūichi's soul despite it being weak, far away, and partially eclipsed by the parakeet's soul as dozens of Reiraku suddenly appear around them. Grabbing onto one of the ribbons, Ichigo declares that he has found Yūichi and runs off, with Rukia following as she notes that technique is usually reserved for veteran Shinigami and wonders if Ichigo is really developing this quickly.

Elsewhere, in an abandoned warehouse, Sado sits under a tarp with Yūichi as he notes that they managed to ditch "him". When Yūichi tells him that he is in danger, Sado assures him that he is very sturdy before quickly leaping away with Yūichi as a rafter suddenly crashes into where he was sitting. Realizing that they have been found, Sado tells Yūichi that they will make it and promises to save his mother. As he runs onto the street, Sado is seen by Ichigo and Rukia, who run toward him as he swiftly changes direction and begins fleeing them. Ichigo tells Sado to stop running because he needs Ichigo's help, only to stop when a fatigued Karin calls out to him while leaning on a nearby telephone pole. Expressing concern over Karin's appearance, Ichigo is shocked when she collapses, which prompts Rukia to order him to take her home while she keeps pursuing Sado. When Ichigo protests, Rukia points out that Ichigo will be worrying about her when fighting the Hollow if they leave her here, which will get both of them eaten, and Ichigo acknowledges this before reminding Rukia that she cannot take any chances because she does not have the strength to fight a Hollow by herself at the moment. Promising that a veteran Shinigami never takes risks, Rukia runs off as Ichigo picks up Karin and begins taking her home. However, as Ichigo runs with her in his arms, a distraught Karin explains that Yūichi's strongest memory flowed into her mind yesterday because they are the closest in age and reveals that Yūichi saw his mother get murdered right in front of him before begging a stunned Ichigo to help him. Behind them, as Rukia catches up to Sado, a shadowy presence appears behind her.

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:

009. Monster and a Transfer [Struck Down]

Yasutora Sado and Rukia team up to fight the Hollow, Shrieker.


The cover page of 009. Monster and a Transfer [Struck Down].

Karin Kurosaki begs Ichigo Kurosaki to tell Yūichi Shibata that he can be with his mother again if he goes to the other side and to make sure he does not have to be alone anymore. Elsewhere, as she runs after Yasutora Sado and Yūichi, an out-of-breath Rukia Kuchiki angrily curses the weakness of her Gigai for lacking the muscle and flight capabilities needed to catch up to Sado while making a mental note to confront Research and Development over this. Suddenly, Shrieker appears behind her and declares that Rukia smells like lunch before deciding to eat her soul, prompting Rukia to realize she forgot to watch her back in the midst of her pursuit as Shrieker attacks. Meanwhile, having put Karin to bed at the Kurosaki Clinic, Ichigo runs down the street while noting that he has not seen Karin cry in years and that she and Yuzu stepped up to take care of themselves and the family after their mom died. Recalling how Karin did not cry when she was beat up by a sixth grader while in first grade, when she was berated for throwing a ball through the principal's window when she was seven, or when she broke her leg during a third grade field trip, a solemn Ichigo promises to reunite Yūichi with his mother.

Back at Sado's location, Rukia is sent flying away by Shrieker's attack, but quickly recovers and gets back on her feet, prompting a surprised Shrieker to note that she is tougher than she looks and can see him before asking what she is. Rukia responds by kneeing Shrieker in the jaw, flipping onto his back, and reciting the incantation for Hadō #33. Sōkatsui before firing it point-blank at the back of his head, which leads her to believe that her powers have finally returned. However, Shrieker withstands the explosion unscathed, shocking Rukia as she barely dodges a bite from him and sustains a scratch on her arm. Shrieker reveals that he recognizes that spell and identifies Rukia as a Shinigami before mocking her as being weak. While Rukia notes that she can use spells but not put any strength into them, Shrieker reveals that he has already consumed two Shinigami who tried to send Yūichi to Soul Society, prompting a surprised Rukia to ask why he is pursuing Yūichi so relentlessly. Shrieker promises to tell her if she lets him have a bite, to her disgust.

Elsewhere, Sado hears the ongoing battle and wonders what is happening, prompting Yūichi to inform him that Shrieker is attacking Rukia and will hurt her as well. Placing Yūichi's cage on the ground, Sado tells him to wait here and prepares to go help Rukia. When Yūichi tries to warn him against going, Sado moves his cage to the top of a nearby fence and runs off as a concerned Yūichi reminds him that he cannot even see Shrieker. Meanwhile, as he pins Rukia against a wall, Shrieker mocks her low fighting capability and asks why she does not exit her Gigai to fight effectively, only for Sado to suddenly run up and punch him in the face, freeing Rukia from his grasp. As Sado notes that he got him, a surprised Rukia wonders if he can see Shrieker, only to realize he cannot upon seeing Sado punching the empty air nearby. Shrieker admits that he was briefly scared by Sado's attack and scoffs at him for being unable to see Hollows, only for Sado to punch him solidly in the face once more, sending Shrieker flying back. Watching this, a stunned Rukia notes that normal Humans cannot touch, see, or even hear Shinigami and Hollows before wondering if Sado has any fear in attacking a deadly enemy that he cannot even perceive. Angered by this, Shrieker spreads his wings and takes to the sky while daring Sado to hit him now, and Rukia frantically tells Sado to run because of this, prompting him to ask in surprise if she can see ghosts. Rukia claims that this is not the time to talk, but Sado merely asks her where Shrieker is in the air, confusing Rukia, who wonders why this matters. While Shrieker gloatingly wonders how he should strike next, Sado walks over to a nearby telephone pole and, with effort, breaks it off at the base with his arms, to the shock of both Shrieker and Rukia. As Rukia confirms that Shrieker is directly in front of him, Sado slams the telephone pole down into Shrieker, sending him crashing into the ground.

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:

010. Monster and a Transfer pt.2 [The Deathberry]

Shrieker turns the tables on Yasutora Sado and Rukia Kuchiki.


The cover page of 010. Monster and a Transfer pt.2 [The Deathberry].

As Shrieker hits the ground after being slammed with a telephone pole by Yasutora Sado, Rukia Kuchiki tells him to give up and wait for another Shinigami to arrive and purify him. However, Shrieker merely chuckles in response, and when Rukia wonders what is so funny, Shrieker asks if she is not curious how he managed to eat two Shinigami before declaring that this is why he is able to do so as dozens of Targets suddenly surround Rukia and Sado. The Targets quickly latch onto Rukia and Sado and force them to the ground as Shrieker declares this to be a reversal of fortune while pointing out how they never suspected he might have allies. As Shrieker ponders who to eat first and decides Rukia will be dessert, a yelling Sado shoves all the Targets off his body with a flex of his muscles, prompting a shocked Shrieker to call him crazy for believing he can win with muscle alone before narrowly dodging a punch from Sado. With an unnerved Shrieker commenting on Sado's luck, Rukia tells Sado to kick above her, prompting Sado to kick off the Targets pinning her down. After giving some instructions to his Targets, Shrieker takes to the air once again while Rukia informs Sado, who is punching at the air again, of this development.

Revealing that she has an idea, Rukia has Sado pick her up and prepare to throw her like a projectile. When Sado asks if she is sure about this, Rukia claims that they need to combine his strength and her senses, prompting Sado to note that this does not seem very mature. Rukia sarcastically takes note of this and gives Sado the position of Shrieker, who mocks them as being unable to hit him with anymore telephone poles, before giving the order to launch her as Sado throws Rukia directly at Shrieker, who is surprised by this course of attack and claims that he gives up. However, Shrieker quickly drops this act and reveals a Target sitting on his shoulder that launches dozens of leeches at Rukia, who is knocked out of the sky. Catching Rukia, Sado asks her what happened while Rukia, admitting she was caught off-guard, tries to pull the leeches off her body. Shrieker lands before them and states that the leeches do not come off easily before declaring that they have other talents as his tongue vibrates, causing the leeches on Rukia's head to explode. As a stunned Rukia bleeds from her head, Shrieker explains that the leeches are bombs triggered by the sound his tongue makes and mocks them for thinking his ability to fly was his greatest asset.

Shrieker moves aside to reveal one of his Targets holding Yūichi's cage with him in it, prompting Rukia to realize he sent the Target away to retrieve it. As Sado asks why Yūichi is here, Yūichi apologizes and tells Sado that Shrieker caught him, shocking Sado, while a laughing Shrieker says Sado is not as dumb as he looks. While Shrieker tells her to run so he can have the pleasure of chasing her down, the Target leans over Yūichi's cage and readies itself to drop a leech onto it, prompting Rukia to order Sado to not move in order to avoid Shrieker blowing up Yūichi. Promising to defeat Shrieker, Rukia begins running and avoids streams of leeches from two Targets running alongside her before being hit by a third stream from a Target sitting on a fence next to her. As Rukia lands with leeches on her arm, Shrieker detonates them with his tongue, which ruptures her arm. With Rukia continuing to run from him, Shrieker proclaims that watching her do so while dripping blood gets him off before throwing a Target at her that splatters against a telephone pole near her head. When Shrieker points out that she could attack instead of run, Rukia stops in her tracks, prompting a confused Shrieker to ask if she is giving up. However, Rukia simply says that there is no longer a reason for her to run and points out how Shrieker said she could attack before declaring that she will do so as Ichigo Kurosaki arrives and lands on Shrieker's head. Ichigo berates Rukia for being a bloody mess despite promising not to take unnecessary risks, prompting Rukia to claim that she had to say this and that they were not unnecessary, and leaps off of an annoyed Shrieker's head before introducing himself and challenging Shrieker, who curses him.

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:

011. Back. [Leachbomb or Mom]

As Ichigo Kurosaki fights Shrieker, the Hollow reveals details of his life and how he is connected to Yūichi Shibata.


The cover page of 011. Back. [Leachbomb or Mom].

Noting Ichigo Kurosaki's identification of himself as a Substitute Shinigami, Shrieker claims his soul smells good and realizes that he should have gone after Ichigo first when he and Rukia Kuchiki split up. As she puts on her Gokon Tekkō, Rukia pushes Ichigo out of his body while Shrieker's Targets fire streams of leeches at them. However, Ichigo swiftly evades them and lands on top of Shrieker with Rukia and his body in tow before slashing Shrieker's shoulder with his Zanpakutō. While Ichigo and Rukia land further away, a chuckling Shrieker notes Ichigo is a real Shinigami while Ichigo details to Rukia how he got rid of the Targets on Yūichi Shibata's birdcage on the way over here since he figured they belonged to Shrieker. When Rukia reveals that the leeches spit out by the Targets are bombs, Ichigo realizes that this is why Yasutora Sado would not move and why Rukia was by herself before declaring Shrieker is a piece of garbage for his actions against his friends, which Shrieker takes as a compliment.

Running up with Yūichi's birdcage in hand, Sado sees Ichigo's body lying on the ground and asks Rukia what happened, Rukia tells him to hide Yūichi somewhere safe and assures him that Ichigo is fighting the monster. Meanwhile, Ichigo cuts apart three Targets, causing them to spill out the leeches in their bodies, and Shrieker commends the logic of this action before pointing out that the leeches are still bombs regardless of whether they are fired. As Shrieker vibrates his tongue once more, the leeches erupt in a sizable explosion, leading him to declare victory before being taken aback when Ichigo emerges from the smoke only lightly damaged and swings his Zanpakutō at him. However, Ichigo stops his swing at Shrieker's neck and asks him if he killed Yūichi's parents. As Yūichi claims Rukia and Ichigo got hurt because he wanted to bring his mother back to life and apologizes, an unnerved Rukia demands to know who told him that his mother could be brought back to life, and Shrieker confirms that he did kill Yūichi's mother.

Shrieker reveals that five years ago, as a Human, he was a serial killer who murdered eight people and was talked about on television, and his last victim was Yūichi's mother, whom he stabbed a dozen times yet continued to protect her son. Shrieker goes on to detail how after he chased her onto the balcony and killed her, Yūichi grabbed his shoelaces, which caused him to lose his balance and fall through the nearby railing to his death. Declaring that this spoiled the moment for him because Yūichi killed him instead of the other way around, Shrieker explains how he decided to make Yūichi suffer by ripping out his soul, putting it in a parakeet, and promising to bring his mother back to life if Yūichi could evade him for three months. When Ichigo asks if it is possible for him to revive Yūichi's mother, Shrieker gleefully asserts that it is not and that he only told Yūichi this so he would go along with it before recounting how he killed everyone who tried to help Yūichi and repeatedly convinced him to keep going by claiming that his mother was counting on him. Seeing Ichigo seemingly waver, Shrieker pushes his Zanpakutō away and declares that Ichigo's defense is pitiful before throwing two of his Targets at Ichigo. As Ichigo blocks one with his hand, causing the leeches within to spill out, Shrieker sticks out his tongue and attempts to detonate them, but Ichigo shoves the leeches through his teeth and back inside his mouth, to Shrieker's surprise. Asking Shrieker if he is not going to use his tongue now, Ichigo angrily declares that it is now his and rips Shrieker's tongue out of his mouth.

Characters in order of appearance :

  1. Shrieker
  2. Ichigo Kurosaki
  3. Rukia Kuchiki
  4. Yasutora Sado
  5. Yūichi Shibata (parakeet)
  6. Shrieker's Human form
  7. Yūichi's mother

Episodes adapted from this chapter:

012. The Gate of The End

Ichigo Kurosaki discovers not all Souls go to Soul Society as Shrieker is defeated and sucked into Hell.


The cover page of 012. The Gate of The End.

Crashing into the ground as Ichigo Kurosaki holds his severed tongue, Shrieker curses him for ripping out his tongue as Ichigo leaps forward and drives his Zanpakutō into Shrieker's leg. As Shrieker screams in pain, Ichigo notes that he is now helpless before declaring that this is what his victims felt. When Shrieker severs his injured leg and begins to fly away, Ichigo asserts that fear is a terrible thing that drives people to go to such lengths and leaps into the air after him. Telling Shrieker to drive this fear deep into his brain and disappear, Ichigo slashes him across his mask, only to be surprised when Shrieker does not disappear and energy begins crackling out of his wound. As Shrieker begs for his life, two large gates with skeletons on the doors appear behind him, and Rukia Kuchiki identifies these as the Gates of Hell. Rukia elaborates that a Zanpakutō cleanses a Hollow of its crimes so it can enter Soul Society, but it does not cleanse them of crimes they committed while alive, and Hollows who committed atrocities in life are handed over to Hell. As the Gates of Hell swing open, Shrieker screams in agony before being impaled on an enormous blade, which is wielded by a tattooed monster that laughs ominously as it pulls Shrieker inside. The Gates of Hell close and shatter into small pieces as Ichigo and Rukia watch.

That night, Ichigo, Rukia, and Yasutora Sado stand around Yūichi Shibata as Rukia confirms that Yūichi's Chain of Fate is completely gone and it is too late to return Yūichi's soul to his body. When Yūichi expresses sadness at this, Rukia assures him that Soul Society is a place better than the Human World where he will be happy and never go hungry, which Ichigo notes sounds like a sales pitch. Ichigo promises Yūichi that he can see his mother if he goes to Soul Society and that she really is waiting for him this time, which cheers Yūichi up. As Ichigo prepares to perform Konsō, Yūichi thanks Sado for saving him from Shrieker, only for Sado to claim it was nothing. However, as a somewhat disappointed Yūichi prepares to go, Sado asks if he can carry Yūichi around one more time when he dies and goes to Soul Society, which Yūichi happily agrees to. Seeing this, a smiling Ichigo performs Konsō on Yūichi. Back at the Kurosaki Clinic, as she dreams in bed, Karin Kurosaki realizes Yūichi has crossed over and thanks Ichigo.

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:


Rukia Kuchiki goes shopping for items from Soul Society at Kisuke Urahara's Shop.


The cover spread of 013. BAD STANDARD.

At nighttime, as she holds up her Kikanshinki, Rukia Kuchiki notes that she is running low and sees the left side of her Gigai has weakened, which makes her decide to go shopping. The following morning, Ichigo Kurosaki knocks on his closet door while telling Rukia that he brought her breakfast, and when he does not receive a reply, Ichigo angrily slams open the door, only to see no one is inside. Looking around his room, Ichigo wonders where Rukia went, only to be startled when Yuzu Kurosaki berates him for walking around with food instead of eating at the table.

Meanwhile, outside the Urahara Shop, Jinta Hanakari pretends to play baseball with a broom while Ururu Tsumugiya sweeps nearby and reminds him that Tessai Tsukabishi will be mad if they do not clean the front of the store. Jinta angrily declares that he will not clean because he is scared of Tessai, and when Ururu states that he will clean precisely because he is scared of Tessai, Jinta claims he is not scared of anybody and begins pushing the end of the broom into Ururu. As Ururu tearfully says she can boss Jinta around because she is three years older than him, which Jinta refutes by claiming he is stronger and smarter than her, Rukia grabs the other end of the broom and asks if the manager is in. Inside the shop, Tessai carries around a load of boxes and, upon hearing the door open, tells Jinta it is not yet time to open, only for Jinta to bring in Rukia while claiming she made him do it. Tessai greets Rukia and promises to get the manager, but Kisuke Urahara states that it is too late because he is already awake. Walking into the room, Urahara reveals that he received a shipment from Soul Society yesterday and asks how he can help Rukia.

Rukia buys one cheap-grade power cell for her Kikanshinki and sixty Soma Fixers, which Urahara notes can be bad for her if too much is taken because leaving the Gigai will be hard if she stays in it for too long. Rukia acknowledges this, but reveals that her Gigai is starting to slow down and respond sluggishly, prompting Urahara to offer a full-body checkup for a discount, which Rukia declines. When Urahara asks if this is going on her card, Rukia holds out her Denreishinki to use the bonus money from the Hollows that Ichigo has purified. After stating that Fishbone D, Hexapodus, and Acidwire were not worth any bonus money due to being small fry, Urahara sees that Shrieker was worth 5000 kan and is somewhat surprised to learn he devoured two Shinigami. When Rukia asks if her order arrived, Urahara confirms this and has Ururu fetch it. In the storeroom, Ururu sees a box labeled "Soul" and grabs a wrapped item from it, which she gives to Rukia. Looking at the item, Rukia notes that it is not the one she ordered, but Urahara says it was out of stock and the second-most popular one they did get was not easy to come by, so Rukia agrees to take it.

Later, at Karakura High School, Keigo Asano has Yasutora Sado's parakeet try and say that he and Ewan McGregor are twins, only for the parakeet to instead call him Asano Tadanobu, to Keigo's bewilderment. When Mizuiro Kojima asks him why the parakeet's vocabulary has been so drastically reduced, Sado admits that he does not know and it was like this when he woke up that morning, prompting Ichigo to think to himself that this is the aftereffects of the Kikanshinki at work. Entering the classroom, Rukia greets everyone and dismisses her lateness as being due to family affairs before asking to have a word with Ichigo, who tells her to just say what she needs to there. However, Rukia swiftly hits Ichigo, incapacitating him, and drags him out of the classroom while pretending that he is ill and needs to go to the nurse's office as those watching are not fooled by her act.

Outside, Rukia tosses Ichigo a container with a duck head on the end and explains that it contains a Gikongan, a pill which forces the Soul out of the body that Shinigami use to evict corpses. When Ichigo if this is why Rukia was not home this morning, Rukia confirms this and details how the Gikongan will force Ichigo's Soul out of his body and replace it with a temporary Soul to look after his body, allowing him to fight Hollows when she is not around. Ichigo notes that the container says "Soul Candy", which Rukia admits is due to the Shinigami Women's Association's having the name changed from the more clinical-sounding Gikongan, and when he asks why it has a duck's head, a flustered Rukia tells him to not worry about it and claims that she tried to get the rabbit-themed Chappy. When Ichigo flatly notes that she wanted the bunny, an embarrassed Rukia defensively states that she likes bunnies and angrily tells him to just take one, prompting Ichigo to put the Gikongan into his mouth, which causes his Soul to leave his body. As a surprised Ichigo notes that it worked, Rukia smugly declares that now his body will be animated and no one will know he was gone. Turning around, Kon, now in control of Ichigo's body, introduces himself as Ichigo and claims his motto is "early to bed, early to rise", which Rukia claims is the ideal personality designed by one hundred and eight of Soul Society's best scientists. A bewildered Ichigo proclaims that this personality will utterly ruin his image, but Rukia receives a Hollow alert on her Denreishinki and states that Kon will take Ichigo's place while they deal with this Hollow before dragging Ichigo away as he tells Kon to get to class and lay low. However, as Ichigo and Rukia leave his sight, Kon drops the act and tells them to take their time as Urahara discovers that the box he was pulled from was actually labelled "Defective Soul".

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:

014. School Daze!!!

The defective Gikon sold to Rukia Kuchiki wreaks havoc with Ichigo Kurosaki's body.


The cover page of 014. School Daze!!!

Jinta Hanakari has Ururu Tsumugiya read the side of the box that she pulled Kon from and berates her for selling Rukia Kuchiki a damaged Gikongan. While Jinta tugs on Ururu's hair, Kisuke Urahara tells them to stop because it is his fault for not disposing of it. When Tessai Tsukabishi notes that Soul Society will not be happy if they find out and this could be bad for business too, Urahara states that they will have to find and neutralize Kon before he causes any trouble while in a Human body.

At Karakura High School, Kon stretches his legs and arms before kicking a section of the nearby fence, which is left heavily damaged and almost broken in half. As Kon revels in finally being in a Human body after being imprisoned for so long, a groundskeeper approaches him while mistaking him for Ichigo Kurosaki and asking if he broke the fence. Kon approaches the groundskeeper with a flat look on his face, which makes the groundskeeper panic and ask that they simply talk this over, before leaping over his head and landing on a section of the roof several meters away. With the groundskeeper looking on in disbelief, Kon mocks him before leaping away. Meanwhile, in the school, Orihime Inoue excitedly announces that it is lunch time, prompting Tatsuki Arisawa to remind her that it is a fairly mundane occasion, which leads Orihime to claim that girls only come to school to eat lunch. When Orihime reveals that she brought sweet bean paste and bread, Tatsuki states that she simply brought normal food while Michiru Ogawa wonders how Orihime can eat such food and not get fat. Chizuru Honshō asks if she can eat with Orihime, who agrees, and is enraptured by Orihime not caring about the food on her face before telling Orihime that she is hungry for more than food, prompting an irritated Tatsuki to tell her to back off and not corrupt Orihime. Chizuru criticizes Tatsuki as being too masculine for her tastes, which enrages Tatsuki further, and claims that she would open Tatsuki's love horizons if she were a bit more feminine, leading Tatsuki to angrily attack her.

However, the two are interrupted when Orihime suddenly stands up and goes to sniff the windowsill. When Orihime claims that she can smell Ichigo, a confused Tatsuki reminds her that this is the third floor and Ichigo could not reach the window even if he were near, only for Kon to leap onto the windowsill while asking if this is class 1-3. As the girls scream in surprise, Tatsuki demands to know how Kon got up here, prompting Kon to nonchalantly state that he jumped and bask in the attention of the girls, who discuss his sudden appearance among themselves. Looking over the girls in the room, Kon notes they are all attractive before zeroing in on Orihime and her chest, which he is overjoyed to see. Kon leaps over to Orihime and asks for her name while kissing her hand, which shocks Chizuru and Michiru. When Tatsuki puts him in a headlock and claims Ichigo has lost his mind, Kon notes she is pretty cute as well and gives her a kiss, which completely stuns Chizuru and Michiru.

Outside, Ichigo and Rukia Kuchiki run back to the school as Ichigo claims he has damage control to do. Rukia asserts that everything is probably fine, but Ichigo notes that he has a bad feeling as a window suddenly breaks above them. Watching the glass fall, Ichigo realizes that is his classroom as Rukia states they should hurry. Inside the classroom, Tatsuki throws a desk at Kon, who chastises her for getting so mad over a small kiss, before smashing the desk he is crouching on. Watching the chaos unfold, Michiru tells Chizuru to do something, but a shaken Chizuru reminds her that she is not Bruce Willis. When Rukia appears in the doorway and tells him to freeze, Kon frantically runs toward the window, only for Ichigo to appear there with the intention of cutting him off. However, Kon leaps past Ichigo and falls to the ground below, to Ichigo's horror, before landing safely and running away at high speed, prompting Rukia to realize he is a Modified Soul.

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:

015. Jumpin' Jack' Jolted

Ichigo Kurosaki learns about Mod-Souls as he chases the Modified Soul inhabiting his body.


The cover page of 015. Jumpin' Jack' Jolted.

As he, Mizuiro Kojima, and Yasutora Sado walk through the hall, Keigo Asano wonders why Ichigo Kurosaki did not show up and theorizes that he is alone with Rukia Kuchiki when Mizuiro suggest that he went out to eat. Mizuiro points out that Keigo already has a crush on Orihime Inoue, which he confirms, and notes that his heart belongs to the nearest cute person, prompting a flustered Keigo to claim that he is a respectable young man with natural feelings while pointing out that Mizuiro also gets with a lot of girls. When Keigo berates him for always getting the attractive girls because he is rich and popular, Mizuiro apologizes and cries to Sado about Keigo picking on him, which Keigo dismisses. Opening the door to their classroom, Keigo is startled by all the desks on the ground and sees an enraged Tatsuki Arisawa standing in the wreckage, which intimidates him and Mizuiro. A teacher enters the classroom and demands that Tatsuki tell him what happened, but is similarly intimidated when she turns around to face him. As Michiru Ogawa tells him that a stranger came through the window and Tatsuki was simply protecting them, the teacher does not believe her because they are on the third floor, but Ryō Kunieda backs up her story, prompting the teacher to acquiesce before ordering the students to clean up the mess as he leaves to alert the staff of the intruder. As Ryō notes that Ichigo was acting weird, the other girls agree, but Orihime asserts that it was not Ichigo, to the confusion of those present.

Meanwhile, a frantic Ichigo realizes that they lost Kon and stresses over him apparently having kissed Orihime in front of their classmates. Rukia brushes this off under the assumption that modern teenagers do much more than kissing normally according to what she has read, but Ichigo declares that it is in fact a big deal and wonders how he is going to go to school tomorrow after having the image he spent years building in people's minds shattered, leading Rukia to realize he looks and acts so rough on purpose. Calming down, Ichigo asks Rukia what exactly a Modified Soul is, prompting Rukia to explain how there was once something called Project Spearhead that aimed to inject fighting spirits into corpses for use as soldiers against Hollows, which would supercharge part of the host's body for combat purposes. Noting that the enhanced leg strength Kon displayed makes him an Underpod type, Rukia notes that Project Spearhead was scrapped because some thought it was morally wrong to use dead bodies as soldiers, which meant all the Modified Soul that had been created were supposed to have been destroyed, and admits she is not sure how Kon survived, prompting Ichigo to ask if Kon is really being condemned just for being what Soul Society designed him to be. Rukia confirms this, and when Ichigo asks if this seems right to her, states that it is not for her to judge before reminding Ichigo that the laws condemning Kon exist to protect Humans and Souls. As he departs with Rukia, Ichigo wonders how Kon feels now that he has a body after surviving a destruction that he did nothing to deserve.

Elsewhere, Kon bounds down a street in front of several pedestrians and basks in the attention while proclaiming that he feels great and noting that he must have personal magnetism in addition to his special powers. At Karakura Elementary School, Yuzu Kurosaki sees Kon and calls out to him as Ichigo, prompting Karin Kurosaki to ask what she is doing. Learning that Yuzu saw Ichigo jump over the wall, Karin dismisses this as daydreaming because the wall is eight feet high, only to watch in shock as Kon leaps fifteen fight into the air above the wall. As Yuzu tries to wave to Kon, Karin pulls her back and declares that is not Ichigo before telling Yuzu to not tell anyone about this because Ichigo may be in trouble again. Upon seeing that Midoriko Tōno saw Kon leaping about, Karin grabs her by the collar and threateningly proclaims that neither of them saw anything. At another part of the schoolyard, Kon comes across Ino, Hashigami, and Kaneda sitting behind a shed and playing video games on their handheld consoles. As Kon sits on top of the gate nearby, Hashigami complains about P.E. while Ino states that Karin gets mad at him whenever he misses the ball, prompting Kaneda to claim Karin annoys him. When Hashigami loses a battle in his game, he expresses annoyance at the character who lost, and when Kaneda suggests he delete the character, Hashigami agrees while declaring that characters who will not obey their masters should die. While Kon looks on with a stunned expression, Hashigami deletes the character and states he will just make a better one while laughing.

At the Urahara Shop, Kisuke Urahara finishes preparations for capturing Kon as Ururu Tsumugiya apologizes to him for causing this situation before asking if he is mad. However, Urahara pats her head and reassures her that accidents happen and they are friends before hugging her as he promises to take care of everything. When Tessai Tsukabishi informs him that everything is ready, Urahara tells his employees to move out and commence "Operation Recall".

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016. Wasted but Wanted

Ichigo Kurosaki and the Mod-Soul team up to defeat a Hollow.


The cover page of 016. Wasted but Wanted.

At a marketplace, an old vendor tells Rukia Kuchiki that he has not seen a high-jumping high schooler but might have his memory refreshed if she buys something. Rukia naively agrees to do so, but Ichigo Kurosaki drags her away while telling her to ask someone else, as that is the vendor's favorite scam. When Rukia's Denreishinki beeps, Ichigo asks her to tell him it is not an order, but Rukia confirms that it is and a Hollow has appeared five minutes away.

Meanwhile, at Karakura Elementary School, the P.E. teacher and students on the schoolyard gather around Hashigami, Kaneda, and Ino. When the teacher asks them why they are hiding again, the three boys tell her that a high-school boy with orange hair came in and broke their game consoles, only for the teacher to dismiss this as them probably breaking it while fighting among themselves. As the teacher tells the other students to get back to class and the boys to clean up their mess, Yuzu Kurosaki notes the mention of orange hair while Karin Kurosaki points out that this was definitely an impostor because Ichigo would not pick on kids. Elsewhere, as he runs along a roof, Kon recalls the boys casually deleting their characters and wonders how they could be so cruel before suddenly sensing a Hollow nearby, which he realizes will likely attack the boys. Back at the middle school, Hashigami, Kaneda, and Ino begin sweeping up the pieces of their consoles while complaining about their teacher's treatment of them. Looming over the boys, a millipede-like Hollow dives at them with its mouth open, only for Kon to grab the boys and pull them out of the way at the last second.

As the boys wonder why he has come back, Kon frantically tells them to run before they get killed. Since they cannot see the Hollow, the boys start to make fun of him, but the Hollow lashes out at Kon with a tentacle that cuts his shoulder, terrifying the boy into running away. Some distance away, Ichigo and Rukia see the Hollow atop a building and approach it, only to realize Kon is already fighting it, to Ichigo's chagrin. On the roof of the building, Kon stares down the Hollow, who notes he must believe he is pretty tough to interrupt his lunch before sending another tentacle at him. However, Ichigo arrives and cuts through the tentacle before it hits Kon, to his surprise. While the Hollow screams in pain, Ichigo grabs Kon by the collar and reminds him that it is his body and clothes he is getting damaged before telling him to not fight if he cannot do so without getting hurt. As Kon points out that he only had to fight because Ichigo was late and that he saved kids in doing so, the Hollow rushes at them while declaring that he will eat them both, but Ichigo slashes its mask while Kon kicks it in the face, defeating it. However, as the Hollow flies back, Kon notices something and runs ahead to kick it higher into the air. Seeing the Hollow disintegrate, Kon sighs in relief, only to begin falling off the roof as a result of his jump.

Ichigo manages to grab Kon's shirt and hauls him back up while demanding to know why he did this since the Hollow was already defeated. Noting that it is like Kon did not want it to fall there, Ichigo sees a line of ants on the ground, prompting him to realize Kon wanted to prevent the Hollow from crushing the ants. Kon confirms this and explains how it was decided he would die the day after he was born before revealing that he only survived by accidentally being shipped out with a load of regular Gikongan by mistake. As he states that he was given a lot of time to think and decided that no one has the right to take a life, Kon declares that he exists and has the right to live and die freely just like any Human or bug before refusing to ever take a life. Suddenly, Kisuke Urahara appears on the roof and notes that they brought equipment for nothing because Kon is already incapacitated before pushing his pill out of Ichigo's head with the end of his cane. As Ichigo's body falls to the ground, Urahara declares that the mission is complete and decides to leave, to the chagrin of Jinta Hanakari, but a confused Ichigo asks what he plans to do with him, prompting Urahara to flatly state that he will destroy Kon as there is no other option. When Ichigo realizes Urahara can see him and asks him what he is, Urahara admits that he is not sure how to answer that while Rukia grabs Kon's pill out of his hand and calls him a greedy merchant.

A surprised Urahara tells Rukia she cannot have that, but Rukia asks if it is his policy to confiscate goods that his customers have paid for, and when Urahara offers to give her a refund, Rukia declines because she is satisfied with her purchase before pointing out that it is not Urahara's job to recall Kon, since they are operating outside the law. Urahara notes that this is serious and he will not take the fall for Rukia, who claims that this is fine because she lives in trouble. Giving Kon's pill to Ichigo, who thanks her for saving Kon, Rukia claims she has already been thanked, to Ichigo's confusion. Later, as he and Rukia watch the news reporting on a flying boy being seen in Karakura Town, Ichigo wonders what they should do about this.

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Author's Notes

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  • The Viz publication of this volume changed its title to "GOODBYE PARAKEET, GOOD NIGHT MY SISTER".