Futen Taisatsuryō
610Futen Taisatsuryo
Kanji 不転太殺陵
English Slaughterous Mausoleum of Halted Reincarnation
Technique Type Zanpakutō
User Ichibē Hyōsube

Futen Taisatsuryō (不転太殺陵, Slaughterous Mausoleum of Halted Reincarnation; Viz "Magnificent Death Mausoleum") is a technique used by Ichibē Hyōsube's Zanpakutō, Ichimonji.


Ichibē brings forth a massive amount of blackness from his surroundings with a swing of Ichimonji and fills a sake cup with it before drinking from the cup. While chanting an incantation, Ichibē creates concentric circles of darkness on the ground by swinging Ichimonji around him before stabbing Ichimonji into the floor, creating a large mausoleum with a fence in front on top of shattered gravestones out of the blackness. This technique takes away all of the darkness in his opponent, including their flesh, blood, and bones, until nothing is left; their destruction is so absolute that their soul will not even reincarnate in the Human World. Ichibē claims to create the gravestones by "stealing a hundred nights from Soul Society a hundred years in the future".[1]


"Oh Twilight, and everlasting darkness, come to me, come and have a drink, and once you do, your life will fade. The flowers will bloom along the road to hell. Where are the fish, let me paint them black, cut them into eight, and cook them well atop a flame of black, and then enjoy the meal. All that's left are bones of white, make them a gravestone, and pay respect. May they never be reborn again, so that you won't be sacrificed as food."


Yoiyamiiyo, tokoyamiiyo, choitokoi... Choitokaomise nondeike... Nomeba inochi tondeiku... Shide no michinimo hanagā sakū... Sakana dokoja makuroni somete yasshini saite makurona honoode makuroni obutte perorito kuraō kurōte nokotta mashirona honede bohyō o tatete tomurōute yarō onshiga nidoto umarete konuyō washirano nieni narameyō.


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