Friendship? Hatred? Haineko & Tobiume
Kanji 友情?嫌悪?灰猫&飛梅
Romanji Yūjō? Keno? Haineko & Tobiume
Episode Number 238
Manga Chapters None
Arc Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc
Previous Episode Suì-Fēng, Surround the Zanpakutō
Next Episode The Awakening Hyōrinmaru! Hitsugaya's Fierce Fight
Japanese September 22, 2009
English January 22, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Shōjo S
Ending Mad Surfer
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Friendship? Hatred? Haineko & Tobiume is the two hundred and thirty-eighth episode of the Bleach anime.

10th Division Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto and 5th Division Lieutenant Momo Hinamori battle their Zanpakutō Spirits, and 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya tells Hyōrinmaru what his name is while Muramasa limps through the Forest of Menos.


238Shinigami greets

A Shinigami greets Unohana before reporting to her.

In the Seireitei, at the 4th Division barracks, 4th Division Captain Retsu Unohana walks down the hall with her lieutenant, Isane Kotetsu, as a Shinigami greets her before stating they will need more help because many new patients have been arriving.

238Unohana asks

Unohana asks Isane what her question is.

Unohana admits that she knows they are short-staffed and states they will make do before turning to Isane, whom she tells to do what she can to help them. Agreeing, Isane begins to walk forward before stopping and turning to face Unohana. When Isane says she has one question, Unohana smiles and asks her what it is, only for Isane to look down before telling Unohana to forget about it.

238Shunsui fiddles

Shunsui fiddles with a card while sitting with Ukitake.

As a surprised Unohana grows serious, Isane asks Unohana to forgive her and states she should go before walking away. Meanwhile, 8th Division Captain Shunsui Kyōraku and 13th Division Captain Jūshirō Ukitake sit at a table, with Ukitake reading a paper while Shunsui fiddles with a card. Saying they missed their chance to capture two Zanpakutō Spirits at once, Ukitake states this is unfortunate, prompting Shunsui to admit the Zanpakutō Spirits are tricky beings as Ukitake says there is an interesting pattern emerging in the field reports they have received so far.

238Shunsui says

Shunsui says they will all do their best to end this.

When Ukitake reveals no one has fought a Zanpakutō Spirit belonging to a captain, Shunsui sighs and sarcastically states this is uplifting information before thanking him. Ukitake agrees and says Shunsui knows they must prepare themselves. Standing up, Shunsui states Ukitake is right and tells him to not worry about battles which have not even happened. When Shunsui says they will all do their best to end this, Ukitake smiles and agrees before looking down and revealing there is one more thing, prompting Shunsui to ask him if it concerns the 6th Division.

238Ukitake wonders

Ukitake wonders what happened to Byakuya.

Ukitake confirms this and reveals the members of the 6th Division are anxious and not performing to their full potential because of their missing captain, Byakuya Kuchiki, despite 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai's best efforts. As Shunsui says this is the worst time Byakuya could have gone missing, Ukitake stands up and wonders what happened to Byakuya. Looking down at his card, Shunsui notes Byakuya has never been easy to read. Elsewhere, Rangiku thanks Momo for waiting while running down the steps of the 10th Division barracks.

Ep238Rangiku with Hinamori

Rangiku states it is her and Momo's turn for a break after her shift ends.

When Rangiku asks Momo how everything is on her end, Momo says everything is fine before revealing that she ordered the division members to get some rest, which prompts Rangiku to state it is their turn for a break. As Rangiku says they should hurry, Momo agrees, and the two move away with Shunpo. Meanwhile, Ichigo Kurosaki runs through a corridor and wonders where Byakuya is going. Recalling how he deflected the blade petals and saw Byakuya on top of a nearby tower, Ichigo wonders if this was really Byakuya and curses before proclaiming that he must figure out what is going on as he runs towards a forest.

238Hollow is bifurcated

Muramasa bifurcates the attacking Hollow.

Elsewhere, Muramasa limps through the Forest of Menos while panting heavily. As a winged Hollow flies overhead and shrieks, two Hollows with glowing red eyes watch Muramasa from behind two nearby trees while another Hollow emerges and walks behind him. When the Hollow leaps into the air and attempts to attack him, Muramasa bifurcates it, causing the Hollow to fall to the ground as it dissipates. Upon seeing several Gillians roaring in the distance, Muramasa stops as his eyes narrow. Meanwhile, Haineko and Tobiume walk through the forest.

238Haineko wonders

Haineko wonders where Hyōrinmaru went.

Noting Hyōrinmaru is nowhere to be found, Haineko wonders where he went, prompting Tobiume to state he probably ran away because Haineko was so pushy. A blushing Haineko says Tobiume does not know what she is talking about and claims Hyōrinmaru is very shy. When Tobiume says she does not believe this at all, Haineko smiles and chuckles. Stopping, Tobiume expresses surprise and points something out to Haineko. As Haineko and Tobiume see a bright light in another part of the forest, Tobiume walks towards it.

238Haineko and Tobiume arrive

Haineko and Tobiume arrive at a waterfall.

Haineko tells Tobiume to hold on and wonders what is going on before running after her. Elsewhere, Hyōrinmaru stands atop a rock pillar surrounded by large chunks of rock as snowflakes fall past him. Meanwhile, Haineko and Tobiume arrive at a waterfall with the bright moon reflected in its stream. Looking down, Tobiume states she was sure she saw Hyōrinmaru standing here, prompting a disbelieving Haineko to claim Tobiume is letting her eyes play tricks on her before sighing and wondering where Hyōrinmaru could have gone.

238Haineko says Tobiume's breasts are flat

Haineko berates Tobiume for having a petite body in comparison to her own.

An irritated Tobiume states she can find him much faster than Haineko can because this might shut her up. When Haineko says Tobiume will be finding imaginary people again if she does not get her eyes checked, Tobiume states her eyesight is fine and says she is not the one referring to Hyōrinmaru as "my little darling". Tobiume claims Haineko may need to get her brain checked, but Haineko proclaims high-minded people like Tobiume have boring personalities, prompting Tobiume to proclaim overbearing people like Haineko are usually petty and do not have any personality at all. An angered Haineko claims Tobiume's breasts are flat.

Ep238Three Zanpakuto

Senbonzakura appears before Haineko and Tobiume.

When Tobiume states she is fat, Haineko denies this and proclaims that Tobiume does not know what a decent body looks like before telling Tobiume to not bother looking in her mirror. As Tobiume says Haineko would not know anything about her breasts because she has never seen them, Senbonzakura appears in front of them, shocking Haineko and Tobiume, who leap back. Haineko states Senbonzakura scared her as Tobiume asks him how long he has been there. When Senbonzakura asks them where Muramasa is, Tobiume reveals she has not seen him.

238Tobiume bites

Tobiume bites Haineko's hand.

Haineko asks Senbonzakura why he is looking for Muramasa and what is going on, Senbonzakura turns and walks away before disappearing. When Haineko wonders what Senbonzakura's problem is, Tobiume admits she has never figured it out either. Grabbing Tobiume's breasts, Haineko proclaims Tobiume has not seen them either, prompting Tobiume to bite Haineko's hand. As Haineko cradles her injured hand and states this hurt, an irritated Tobiume floats over the river and proclaims she is petite. Telling Tobiume to come back, Haineko leaps to the other side of the river.

238Haineko and Tobiume see

Haineko and Tobiume see Ichigo running along a path.

As Haineko lands beside her, Tobiume wonders who is approaching, prompting Haineko to express surprise. When they see Ichigo running along a path, Haineko recognizes him as Tobiume says Muramasa was very interested in him. Haineko asks Tobiume what she said, only for Tobiume to state they should play a game with Ichigo for fun before moving away, which surprises Haineko. As Ichigo runs along the path, Tobiume's sash floats in front of him, prompting Ichigo to wonder what it is. Wrapping around Ichigo's throat, Tobiume's sash pulls him back before unwrapping, leaving Ichigo sprawled on the ground.

238Haineko states

Haineko states she will take care of Ichigo.

Getting up, Ichigo sees Tobiume standing in front of him. As Tobiume greets Ichigo, Haineko appears beside her and says Tobiume is a cheater because she was trying to get a head start. Ichigo stands up and grabs the tang of Zangetsu before demanding to know who Haineko and Tobiume are. When Haineko states he must be Ichigo, Ichigo confirms this and asks her what she wants. As Tobiume smiles, she and Haineko walk to either side of Ichigo, who asks them if they are Zanpakutō Spirits. Saying men like this are her specialty, Haineko states she will take care of Ichigo.

238Ichigo fires

Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō at Haineko's ash to disperse it when Haineko attempts to enclose him with it.

However, Tobiume claims Haineko does not have a specialty and states she is beginning to despise Haineko before noting that she always does this. When Haineko asks Tobiume what she is talking about, Tobiume states Haineko tries to claim every man she sees and says she is indecent. Expressing irritation, Haineko states Tobiume is right and asks her why this matters before extending her hand. Haineko says her release command, causing a large amount of ash to swirl around Ichigo, and giggles before asking Ichigo if he wishes to know what will happen if the ash touches him as she gestures with her hand. As the ash begins to obscure him from view, Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō, which disperses the ash.

238Haineko says Tobiume is lacking

Haineko claims Tobiume is lacking in terms of appearance.

Seeing this, Haineko states she likes Ichigo's "little thingy". When Tobiume says she hates Haineko talking in such a vulgar manner, Haineko claims that Tobiume hates how she is lacking in terms of appearance, prompting Tobiume to angrily ask her who is lacking. Haineko points at Tobiume and says she is before stating that Tobiume needs to admit she is jealous of her beautiful body, only for a blushing Tobiume to demand to know how she can be jealous of something stuck to an empty head, which prompts Haineko to ask Tobiume what her gripe really is.

238Ichigo attempts

Ichigo attempts to draw Haineko and Tobiume's attention.

As Ichigo attempts to draw their attention, Tobiume proclaims she has a list of gripes with Haineko, starting with how Haineko does not play fair. When Haineko says the winner is the first one to make Ichigo squeal, Tobiume states she agrees despite not liking how Haineko puts it. Haineko claims it is about who is the strongest as an incredulous Ichigo wonders if they are serious. Proclaiming that he does not have time to listen to Haineko and Tobiume argue, Ichigo runs off, prompting Haineko to tell him to come back as Tobiume says they are not through with him.

238Tobiume tells

Tobiume tells Ichigo to keep running.

Haineko proclaims Ichigo should be ashamed of running away from a beautiful woman like this before saying her release command, causing a large amount of ash swirls in front of her. Looking back, Ichigo leaps away as the ash crashes into the area where he was standing. Tobiume tells Ichigo to keep running because it makes this even more fun before hurling two fireballs at him. The fireballs hurtle past Ichigo, who curses. When Haineko lands in front of him and grins, Ichigo stops as a smiling Tobiume lands behind him.

238Momo and Rangiku appear

Momo and Rangiku interrupt the battle.

Stating that Haineko and Tobiume leave him no choice, Ichigo assumes a battle stance, only to be startled when Rangiku says this is enough. As Momo tells Haineko and Tobiume to stop this immediately, she and Rangiku appear on a tree branch, shocking the three combatants, before moving to them with Shunpo. Rangiku asks Ichigo if he minds them trading places, surprising Ichigo, as Momo states Haineko and Tobiume need to be personally dealt with by herself and Rangiku. Momo says she hopes Ichigo understands and assumes a battle stance.

238Gillians stand

Several Gillians stand in front of Muramasa.

Agreeing, Ichigo moves away with Shunpo as Rangiku and Momo face Haineko and Tobiume. Elsewhere, Muramasa continues to limp through the Forest of Menos. Stopping at the edge of the cliff, he notes it is as he predicted as several Gillians stand in front of him. As one of the Gillians turns toward Muramasa and roars, the other Gillians turn towards Muramasa as well. As the Gillian charges and fires a Cero, Momo and Rangiku continue to face Tobiume and Haineko, who sighs and states this is annoying because Rangiku made her lose her "boy toy".

238Rangiku states

Rangiku states Haineko has become a blathering monster.

As Rangiku expresses surprise, Haineko says Rangiku is very lame, prompting Rangiku to ask Haineko what she is trying to say. Stating this is very boring, Haineko says Rangiku is still an annoying old lady. Stating Haineko has become a blathering monster, Rangiku says she cannot believe she never saw this in Haineko. When Haineko asks her what she means, Rangiku states Haineko is enjoying her newfound freedom. Saying it is amazing to be free, Haineko states she begins to feel old when she is around an old lady like Rangiku, who expresses irritation.

238Haineko asks

Haineko asks Rangiku what she means.

Asking Tobiume if this is really her, Momo says she missed Tobiume, who states she was glad to get away from Hinamori. Expressing surprise, Momo says Tobiume was always there for her when she was most needed while they were united.

238Momo says

Momo says she is taking Tobiume back with her.

Stating they always trusted each other, Momo raises her sword and says she is taking Tobiume back with her. When Tobiume states she refuses, a surprised Momo asks her why she will not come back. Saying she is stronger on her own, Tobiume states she cannot continue to stay with someone as weak as Momo is. Manifesting her Zanpakutō, Haineko slashes at Rangiku. Blocking, Rangiku clashes with Haineko several times before slashing at her, prompting Haineko to leap back.

238Rangiku attacks

Rangiku attacks Haineko.

When Rangiku says Haineko will be defeated if she does not come back voluntarily, Haineko proclaims there is no way Rangiku can beat her because she is young and beautiful while Rangiku is old and washed up. Running towards Haineko, Rangiku attacks her, forcing Haineko to block. Asking Momo if she is going to attack, Tobiume asks her if she believes Tobiume will come back to her by standing there with a pathetic look on her face. When Tobiume asks Momo how she thinks everything will work itself out if she does not do anything about it, Momo expresses anger.


Momo slashes at Tobiume.

When Tobiume states Momo would not harm a fly and allows people to walk all over her, Momo recalls Sōsuke Aizen and expresses shock. Saying Momo will be waiting forever if she believes Aizen will return and beg for her forgiveness, Tobiume states Aizen does not wish to be around Momo because she is weak. Expressing anger, Momo appears in front of Tobiume, who expresses surprise, and slashes at her, prompting Tobiume to leap into the air to avoid the attack.


Haineko's blade cuts off some of Rangiku's hair.

Landing behind Momo, Tobiume stands up as Momo turns around to face her. Leaping into the air with her Zanpakutō raised above her head, Haineko chuckles and attacks Rangiku, who blocks. Slashing at Rangiku several times while Rangiku blocks, Haineko stabs at her. As Rangiku leans to the side, Haineko's blade cuts off some of Rangiku's hair. As Rangiku pulls out the loose hair and looks at it, Haineko laughs and tells Rangiku to give up before she goes bald.

238Rangiku runs

Rangiku runs away from the ash.

Telling Haineko to make note of her perfectly-shaped head, Rangiku says she will look fabulous even without her hair. Stating Rangiku should give up and run away, Haineko asks her if the size of her bottom prevents this, prompting Rangiku to say it is hard to believe what comes out of Haineko's mouth. When Rangiku states it should be wired shut, Haineko expresses irritation and sends a cloud of ash towards Rangiku, who runs away as the ash slams into the ground where she was standing.

238Tobiume crashes

Tobiume crashes into Haineko.

When Rangiku jumps away, Haineko gestures with the hilt of her Zanpakutō. Landing, Rangiku leaps away once more as the ash crashes into the ground where she landed. When the ash follows her into the air, Rangiku looks back in surprise as the ash approaches her. As Haineko proclaims Rangiku will not be able to run away for much longer, Momo uses Bakudō #37. Tsuriboshi, which sends Tobiume crashing into a surprised Haineko.

238Haineko tells

Haineko tells Tobiume to stay out of her way.

As the ash behind Rangiku disperses, she lands as Momo calls out to her and runs up to her. Standing up, Tobiume tells Haineko to watch where she is going, prompting Haineko to tell Tobiume to stay out of her way. Telling Haineko to stay out of her face, Tobiume says there is somewhere else Haineko could be. When Haineko states Tobiume is the one who crashed into her, Tobiume says Haineko could have jumped away if she were not so flabby.

238Rangiku wonders

Rangiku wonders if they really have to take them back.

As Haineko and Tobiume continue to argue, Rangiku states there is something wrong with them, prompting Momo to agree. As she and Rangiku stand up, Momo notes Haineko and Tobiume do not seem to get along. Turning to them, Haineko and Tobiume demand to know if Rangiku and Momo have a problem, prompting Rangiku to wonder if they really have to take them back. Meanwhile, Ichigo runs through the forest as he wonders where Byakuya is and why he has concealed his Reiatsu.

238Ichigo looks

Ichigo looks toward a nearby cluster of rocks.

Stopping, Ichigo expresses surprise and notes there is some sort of presence nearby. Wondering where it is, Ichigo notes he cannot tell how close it is and wonders what it is. Seeing snowflakes, Ichigo expresses surprise and looks toward a nearby cluster of rocks. Running forward, Ichigo leaps to the top of a cliff and says something is not right here. As Ichigo states he knows this presence, icy mist forms around the cliff he is standing on, surprising Ichigo.

238Ichigo destroys

Ichigo destroys two ice spikes.

As Ichigo leaps into the air, two ice spikes extend out of the mist and stab at the top of the cliff as Ichigo moves away with Shunpo. Appearing on another cliff, Ichigo slashes at and destroys two more ice spikes before destroying a third. As Ichigo looks over the landscape, Hyōrinmaru says something. As Ichigo expresses surprise, four roaring ice dragons hurtle towards him and crash into the cliff Ichigo is standing on as he jumps into the air.

238Ichigo asks

Ichigo asks Hyōrinmaru why this matters.

Slashing at and destroying one of the ice dragons, Ichigo destroys two more before seeing Hyōrinmaru standing on the ground below. Landing on a rock pillar, Ichigo tells Hyōrinmaru to identify himself, prompting Hyōrinmaru to ask him if he is Ichigo. Confirming this, Ichigo asks Hyōrinmaru how he knows this. When Hyōrinmaru states Ichigo is reasonably skilled, Ichigo asks him why this matters.

238Ice dragons appear

Four more ice dragons appear around Ichigo.

Chuckling, Hyōrinmaru reveals Muramasa told him to stay far away from Ichigo. Noting this is interesting, Ichigo asks Hyōrinmaru why Muramasa would do this. Saying this is what he determined to find out, Hyōrinmaru states there is only one way to find out and points his sword at Ichigo. As Ichigo expresses surprise, four more ice dragons appear around him and begin to rotate around the pillar Ichigo is standing on.

238Ichigo demands

Ichigo demands to know who Hyōrinmaru is.

As the ice dragons combine and envelop Ichigo in a single ice column, Hyōrinmaru lowers his sword and turns away as Ichigo activates his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu. As the ice column glows and shatters, Ichigo stands in his Bankai as Hyōrinmaru asks him if he said Bankai. Confirming this, Ichigo demands to know who Hyōrinmaru is. When Hyōrinmaru asks Ichigo if his sword is a Zanpakutō, Ichigo confirms this.

238Hyorinmaru says

Hyōrinmaru says Ichigo is not his master after all.

When Hyōrinmaru asks Ichigo what his Zanpakutō's name is, Ichigo expresses surprise and asks him why he wishes to know this. As Hyōrinmaru looks down, Ichigo demands to know why he is asking so many questions. Looking up, Hyōrinmaru says Ichigo is not his master after all. As Ichigo states he thought this was obvious, Hyōrinmaru says he has no business with Ichigo if this is the case. Turning away, Hyōrinmaru bids Ichigo farewell.

238Hyorinmaru uses

Hyōrinmaru uses Sennen Hyōrō.

As Hyōrinmaru begins to walk away, Ichigo tells him to wait. As Hyōrinmaru stops and looks back at him, Ichigo asks him if he does not know whose Zanpakutō Spirit he is despite being here to look for his master. Looking away, Hyōrinmaru confirms he does not know who his master is and reveals he does not know his own name. As Ichigo expresses shock, Hyōrinmaru uses Sennen Hyōrō, causing ice pillars to form around Ichigo.

Hitsugaya appears before Hyorinmaru

Hitsugaya leaps down.

As the ice pillars begin to rotate around Ichigo, Hyōrinmaru bids Ichigo farewell and begins to walk away once more. As Ichigo attempts to destroy the pillars, 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya says the name of Hyōrinmaru is Hyōrinmaru. As Hyōrinmaru and Ichigo look to the side, Hitsugaya stands on a nearby cliff as Ichigo calls out to him. As Hyōrinmaru narrows his eyes, Hitsugaya leaps down to him and states his name is Hyōrinmaru.

238Bodies dissipate

The bodies of several Gillians dissipate behind Muramasa.

Revealing he is Hyōrinmaru's master, Hitsugaya says Hyōrinmaru is his Zanpakutō Spirit as the two look at each other. Elsewhere, in the Forest of Menos, Muramasa stands up and limps away as the bodies of several Gillians dissipate behind him.

Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book

238Shunsui reveals

Shunsui reveals he received a beating from Unohana.

Walking around the 4th Division barracks, Captain Jūshirō Ukitake finds Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu in the division's water-boiling room. When Ukitake realizes he is lost, Isane decides to help him find his way around. As they are walking, they meet Captain Shunsui Kyōraku, who was also lost. Shunsui tells them how he accidentally wound up in Captain Retsu Unohana's bedroom and received a beating from her, which frightens Ukitake and Isane.

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