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The Forest of Menos (メノスの森, Menosu no Mori) is an area below the surface of Hueco Mundo's desert where the average Hollow hide from the Arrancar.[1]



Gillian-class Menos, who reside in this forest.

The forest is filled with large trees made of a silvery quartz substance. These trees extend to the surface and dot the landscape of the desert in Hueco Mundo.[1] Aizen and the Arrancar have a considerable amount of influence here, judging by a large group of Hollow bowing down upon seeing an Arrancar.[2] Countless Gillian class Hollow live here and follow the commands of the Guardians of the Forest of Menos. The Adjuchas in charge of the Forest of Menos are under the command of Sōsuke Aizen.

Ashido Kanō, a Shinigami, also resides in this area after being stranded during an assault on some Hollows which had invaded the Soul Society.[2] His current status after helping Ichigo and his friends escape is unknown. There is a long, narrow opening in a cliff side that Ichigo and his friends used to escape which was sealed off right afterwards.[3]


  • The Forest of Menos' original name was to be Arbolada de al Menos (Bosque de los Menos in the English manga).
  • The Forest of Menos along with Ashido Kanō were to be in the Hueco Mundo arc of the manga, but were cut due to time constrictions.[4]


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