Flower and Hollow
Kanji 花とホロウ
Romanji Hana to horō
Episode Number 13
Manga Chapters Chapter 41, Chapter 42, Chapter 43, Chapter 44
Arc Agent of the Shinigami arc
Previous Episode A Gentle Right Arm
Next Episode Back to Back, a Fight to the Death!
Japanese December 28, 2004
English December 2, 2006
Theme Music
Opening *~Asterisk~
Ending Life is Like a Boat
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Flower and Hollow is the thirteenth episode of the Bleach anime.

Orihime Inoue gains a new power to protect Tatsuki Arisawa.



Orihime hurries Tatsuki and Chizuru.

At the high school, Tatsuki and Chizuru Honshō are cleaning up a mess of broken glass on the school grounds. Tatsuki mentions that there was something odd about the boys that were accused of breaking the glass. Chizuru notices Orihime gazing into the distance and tries to catch her attention suggestively, though Tatsuki counters Chizuru's advances. Orihime, who seems suspiciously positive, mentions that there's a TV show she wants to watch and pushes the girls along, telling them to stop cleaning and to come with her to watch it. She keeps telling them to hurry. The memory of the octopus-like Hollow (known as Numb Chandelier) sitting atop the school gym keeps haunting Orihime's memory, and she tells herself not to panic, to act calm, and to get everyone out of danger. She glances back once and notices the Hollow is no longer where she last saw it. Tatsuki escapes from her push and apologizes, telling her that she has to change out of her karate gear. Orihime yells after her, worried that Tatsuki might be heading in the direction of the vanished Hollow. But just as she calls after her, Orihime senses the purple Hollow's presence looming above and behind her. Her heart pounds. Orihime swallows nervously. The Hollow, with a female voice, speaks to Orihime and squints at her through two heart-shaped holes in the white Hollow mask.

Elsewhere, Ichigo Kurosaki and Uryū Ishida are still pummeling Hollows left, right and center. Uryū is confident that he will win as he releases spirit arrow after spirit arrow.


Chizuru struggles against the control of Numb Chandelier as she is forced to attack Orihime.

Chizuru notices Orihime's panic stricken face, but cannot see anything in the direction of her stare. Orihime pleads with her to run away. But just then, Numb Chandelier, who will not let anyone escape, releases tiny pods from its rounded head that shoot out against everything around them, breaking more windows of the school and splattering into green goo as they hit a surface. One of them hits Chizuru right on the left shoulder. Orihime runs to her worriedly. The girl is in pain, but appears fine for a few moments, even taking some opportunities to flirt with Orihime. But suddenly, her right arm grasps Orihime's arm high above them, refusing to let go. Chizuru has lost control of the attacked limb. Orihime demands to know what has happened, and Numb Chandelier explains that it does not like to fight, and it often takes control of humans to make them fight among themselves. It then takes control of a sizable amount of students, all splattered with green blotches, who come to attack the two girls. Then, to their rescue, Tatsuki shows up fully dressed in her school uniform and kicks many of her possessed classmates. Orihime finds out that Tatsuki can see Hollows to some extent, like a faint outline or distortion.


Numb Chandelier stands over Tatsuki.

Tatsuki warns the Hollow that anyone who picks on Orihime will get kicked by her. But just as Tatsuki pounds a few more classmates, an arm holds her back. She turns around to fight the next adversary when she notices it's Chizuru who is grabbing her shoulder and she is slow to fight off a friend. As she is held down, Numb Chandelier fires another pod at Tatsuki. Tatsuki is hit by the green substance. Numb Chandelier appears in front of her and teases her a bit, but Tatsuki is still able to keep enough control to stand herself and bite one of the Hollow's tentacles. Numb Chandelier becomes angry and shoots multiple pods at her. Orihime, who was being held captive by a few possessed classmates, escapes from their grasp and runs to Tatsuki's aid. But as she reaches her, the now-possessed Tatsuki takes control and kicks Orihime in the gut. Orihime falls to her knees and remembers something as she stares at her lost friend. She remembers her late brother complimenting her long, orange hair, and how she had been teased profusely by her classmates because of how it looked. In her childhood, she decided to cut her hair to the disappointment of her brother, lying about her reasons. Even so, Orihime still didn't have any friends at school, until Tatsuki invited her to walk home with her. With Tatsuki protecting her, Orihime knew that she would never have to cut her hair again. Orihime considers her long hair to be a symbol of her friendship with Tatsuki. Back in the present, she stares at her possessed friend, who returns her glance with the same look of memory. She reaches out a hand to thank her for protecting her. Tears fill Tatsuki's eyes. Orihime stands up and embraces her friend, unafraid. "This time," she says, "I'll protect you."


Orihime meets her Shun Shun Rikka for the first time.

Suddenly, the blue flower hairpins that her brother had given her break out into their separate petals. A great spirit force swirls around Orihime. She echoes the words Tatsuki had used to threaten the Hollow before, only this time, Orihime inverts the protected and the protector: "I won't forgive anyone who hurts Tatsuki-chan!" Orihime stands in a ring of smoke and wind, with a few mysterious flying objects swirling around her. The Hollow cannot figure out Orihime's power, and suddenly, Orihime notices the flying objects. They speak to her, asking if she has realized they were there, saying that she must've, for they have always been closest to her. They look like the silhouettes of flying birds in the sky. But as one lands on her shoulder, Orihime notices that the bird-shape came from a folded paper-like glider attached to the backs of six, small people. A tiny blonde dressed in red, armed with a green wing-glider, stands on her shoulder, and introduces the six of them as the Six Flowers of the Hibiscus Shield, born to protect her. The others all show their true forms: a timid-looking, black-haired girl in pink Chinese garb, sheltered underneath her big, red wing-glider; a raunchy-looking girl with pink hair, a blue bathing-type suit, yellow goggles, a tattoo on her right butt-cheek, and a pink patterned wing-glider; a burly round man with a metal mouth-mask and a grey wing-glider; and a creepy old man with a striped, purple bodysuit, a half-face mask with what seems to be a monocle piece and a blue and yellow-polka-dotted wing-glider. Orihime stares at them with much surprise, thinking of them as flying fairies. The blonde, red-clothed one assures they are not fairies, but the power of her soul, a part of Orihime that can only be seen by her. But the girl also mentions that someone like Ichigo might be able to see them, because they were born because of him. Suddenly, a flying black one attacks the other girl, yelling that she takes too long. The sixth "flower" shows himself to be a cocky male with a tan scarf hiding half his face, a scar by one eye, and a black and red bodysuit with a black and red wing-glider. He tells Orihime to learn how to control them. The big burly one tells her it requires the intentions of the heart and the Magic Words (or incantation).

Numb Chandelier reappears in front of them and the red and blonde girl tells Orihime not to worry. She tells her to repeat a sort of summoning chant: "Hinagiku, Baigon, Lily!". Numb Chandelier spits out its green goo pods from its head. Orihime timidly repeats the words, which actually reflect the three "flowers". They fly forwards together and shout out: "Santen Kesshun - I REJECT!". Orihime repeats the same words. The three flower-fairies then produce a yellow-orange triangle aura between themselves, each acting like a corner of the triangle which fully protects Orihime. The pods are thus blocked and do not harm her.

The red clothed, blonde explains that those three have the power to reject what's outside of the shield. He further explains that he and the black-haired girl can reject what's inside the shield, restoring the injured up to a limited space. He introduces herself as Shun'ō, which means Hibiscus Cherry Blossom (his name may signify that he is the leader of the Six Flowers of the Hibiscus Shield). The black-haired girl is Ayame. Orihime summons the two of them, and utters the incantation: "Sōten Kisshun - I REJECT!" The two flowers then get to work healing Tatsuki, taking a position behind her head and the other behind her feet, forming a yellowish aura around the patient that connects to their glider-wings.


Urahara finds Orihime.

The final flower, the black and red cocky one, tells her not to lose focus, and explains that he can reject both sides of the shield. He can be fired at the enemy, forming a shield within the enemy to thus split them in half. She calls out his summon, "Tsubaki, Koten Zanshun - I REJECT!" Tsubaki launches forward and pierces Numb Chandelier, splitting her into two. The exhausted Orihime passes out from all of her efforts, and Shun'ō comments that it must have been a lot for her, especially since it is the first time she has ever tried fighting with them. They disappear back into her two hairpins. Out of nowhere, sandal-clad feet come upon the passed-out Orihime. It is Kisuke Urahara, who arrives on the scene with his large handyman, Tessai Tsukabishi, bearing a passed-out Yasutora Sado on his shoulders. The scene fades to black.

Elsewhere, Karin Kurosaki and Yuzu Kurosaki return to the soccer field only to find that Chad is missing. Isshin Kurosaki, the family father, doctor, and clown, manages to annoy Karin as usual. Kon watches over them from above. At the Urahara Shop, Orihime comes to and realizes that Chad is sitting in the same room as her. They both have no clue where they are. Suddenly, Urahara appears before them in his usual mysterious way.

Uryū and Ichigo are still pounding Hollows as a part of their battle. Ichigo is getting mad because of it though, and Uryū wonders to himself why there are so many Hollows. He feels there are too many around even for Hollow bait, as if some other stronger force is attracting them. Rukia Kuchiki, who has been wandering the streets since she left Urahara's place, tries to fight a Hollow, but her powers are too weak. She is saved by someone whom she thinks is Ichigo, but turns out to be a rather flirtatious Kon. Uryū appears behind them, and speaks to Rukia seriously for the first time. He assures her that he doesn't intend to let any people die because of his doing. He aims his bow at the Hollow that had first attacked Rukia.


Urahara explains about Shinigami and Hollows to Sado and Orihime.

At the Urahara Shop, Urahara finishes explaining to Chad and Orihime about everything that has happened with them and Ichigo. They are not sure whether to believe him, but Urahara says it is up to them whether they can take on the challenge of the lifestyle and knowledge that Urahara has just talked about. Tessai then interrupts and tells Urahara that the "sky crests" have begun converging and preparations are complete. Urahara walks out of the Japanese dojo-styled room, and tells them that he can show the two "what's beyond the door."

The Hollow that Uryū is aiming at is suddenly destroyed by Ichigo instead, who bounds into the scene. The two are nearly smiling as they have finally run into each other since the battle begun, and the competition is fierce. Ichigo grins as the black holes that fill the sky loom above them.

Next Episode Preview

Isshin Kurosaki claims it is time for his "Fatherly Love 101" segment and describes fatherly love as being strong, victorious, and beautiful before he is cut off by Ichigo, who angrily reminds him that this is a next episode preview. Isshin meekly describes the next episode as being great.

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