Flower and Hollow
Kanji 花とホロウ
Romanji Hana to horō
Episode Number 13
Manga Chapters Chapter 40 (from page 15), Chapter 41, Chapter 42, Chapter 43, Chapter 44, Chapter 45
Arc Agent of the Shinigami arc
Previous Episode A Gentle Right Arm
Next Episode Back to Back, a Fight to the Death!
Japanese December 28, 2004
English December 2, 2006
Theme Music
Opening *~Asterisk~
Ending Life is Like a Boat
Episode 13 Screenshots

Flower and Hollow is the thirteenth episode of the Bleach anime.

Orihime Inoue gains a new power in order to protect Tatsuki Arisawa.



Kon meets up with Ichigo Kurosaki in the latter's body.

As he runs along a riverbank in Karakura Town, Ichigo Kurosaki wonders where Karin Kurosaki and Yuzu Kurosaki are. Suddenly, Kon runs up to Ichigo in his body, prompting Ichigo to demand to know where he has been. While Kon points out that he is the one who ran off without them, Ichigo grabs him by the collar and inquires if Kon knows where Karin and Yuzu are, leading Kon to assure him that he just saw them at the Kurosaki Clinic, to Ichigo's relief.


Chizuru Honshō and Tatsuki Arisawa clean up the broken glass.

While Kon wonders where Ichigo has been looking this whole time, Ichigo notes that he can start looking for Uryū Ishida now and tells Kon to take care of his sisters before shoving him down and running off, leaving Kon to sit up with a bump on his head. Meanwhile, at Karakura High School, Chizuru Honshō and Tatsuki Arisawa clean up the broken glass on the ground as Chizuru admits that she would not have come to see what happened if she knew that they would make her stay and clean it up.


Tatsuki and Chizuru argue over Orihime Inoue.

Chizuru asserts that they should be making the students who broke the glass clean it up, but Tatsuki points out that Chizuru was chosen because she made such a fuss about it. As Tatsuki notes that those students were acting strange, Chizuru stands up and wonders what Orihime Inoue is doing upon seeing her standing silently and looking at something several feet away. Sidling up to Orihime, Chizuru claims that she will have no choice but to kiss her if she keeps staring off into space, prompting Tatsuki to angrily demand to know what Chizuru is saying all of a sudden. With Tatsuki and Chizuru glaring at each other, Orihime suddenly claims there is a television show she wants to watch.


Orihime pushes Tatsuki and Chizuru away from the school.

Encouraging them to leave early so they can watch it together, Orihime begins pushing the surprised Tatsuki and Chizuru away from the school grounds despite Tatsuki's protests. As Numb Chandelier drapes a tentacle over the side of the roof she is sitting on, Orihime recalls thinking only that she wish she had not seen it and that she needed to get away from there upon first seeing the Hollow. Admitting that she knows nothing about the situation other than that Numb Chandelier is dangerous, Orihime observes that every cell in her body is screaming at her to run away and asserts that she must act like nothing is wrong so she does not scare her friends and cause panic.


Numb Chandelier appears in the air above Orihime.

When she gets near the exit with Tatsuki and Chizuru, Orihime looks back and is surprised to see that Numb Chandelier is gone as Tatsuki apologizes and reveals that she needs to change out of her karate gi before encouraging them to go on without her as she runs off. Though a worried Orihime calls out after her, Tatsuki continues running and promises to catch up soon. As Orihime tries to think of an excuse to call Tatsuki back, she suddenly realizes that Numb Chandelier has suspended herself in the air above her and instinctively looks back at her, prompting Numb Chandelier to note that Orihime can see her as Orihime gasps in shock.


Sōken Ishida trains Uryū Ishida as a child.

Elsewhere in Karakura Town, Ichigo decapitates a Hollow with his Zanpakutō and cuts another in half before continuing to cut through the horde in front of him as he curses and screams Uryū's name. Meanwhile, on a bridge, Uryū kills his 20th Hollow with a Heilig Pfeil through the head and draws back his Heilig Bogen, Kojaku, as he mentally declares that this is for his master while recalling Sōken Ishida teaching him to form a Heilig Bogen as a child. Declaring that he will win, Uryū fires another Heilig Pfeil. Back at Karakura High School, a confused Chizuru asks Orihime if something is up there, only for Orihime to suddenly tell her to run.


Orihime shields herself from the seeds of Bulb Scatter

However, Numb Chandelier declares that she will not let them run before using Bulb Scatter, raining seeds all over the school and the ground below. As Orihime cries out and shields herself with her arms, Chizuru sees the windows shattering and asks Orihime if she is alright before being hit with a seed in the back of her left shoulder, causing her to fall over. Calling out to Chizuru, Orihime runs over to her while the green splotch on her shoulder spreads and grows darker. Though Orihime is not sure what she should do, Chizuru quickly gets up and expresses pain before caressing Orihime's chin and claiming that she is cute when she cries.


Numb Chandelier forces Chizuru to grab Orihime's arm.

Standing up, Chizuru assures Orihime that she is fine even though she does not know what happened. However, as Chizuru claims that she likes Orihime better when she is smiling instead of crying, her left hand suddenly grips Orihime's right arm by the wrist and lifts it into the air, hurting Orihime. While a confused and frightened Chizuru asserts that her arm is moving on its own and wonders why this is happening, Numb Chandelier appears above them. Elsewhere in Karakura Town, Rukia Kuchiki runs along a road and looks at her Denreishinki, which is displaying multiple Hollow signatures, as she wonders what is going on before continuing to run.


Tatsuki defeats several possessed students at once.

Back at Karakura High School, Orihime demands to know what Numb Chandelier did to Chizuru, prompting her to chuckle and state that she just used some of her power before explaining that she does not like to fight, which is why she uses seeds generated from her forehead to take control of others and make Humans fight among themselves. With Orihime shocked by her methods, Numb Chandelier tells the other students to begin, leading Orihime to stare in fright as dozens of possessed students swarm her and Chizuru. Suddenly, Tatsuki runs up and demands to know what they are doing before rapidly defeating several of the possessed students in a single blow each.


Tatsuki is shocked to see Chizuru grabbing her.

Apologizing to Orihime, Tatsuki asserts that she did not see Numb Chandelier earlier, and when Orihime asks her if she can see the Hollow, Tatsuki admits that she can only tell where it is by seeing a faint shimmer. As she turns to face Numb Chandelier, Tatsuki declares that she picked a fight with the wrong person because Tatsuki has always beaten up anyone who made Orihime cry, to Numb Chandelier's amusement. Upon being surrounded by several more possessed students, Tatsuki rapidly defeats them all with a single blow each as well and prepares to continue her assault when a hand grabs her shoulder, only to pause in shock when she sees it belongs to Chizuru.


Tatsuki is shot with a seed by Numb Chandelier.

As Chizuru tearfully begs for Tatsuki to run because something is happening to her body, the reach of the seed in her shoulder reaches her head, prompting her to grip Tatsuki's shoulder with increased force. With Tatsuki crying out in pain, Orihime calls out to her and is restrained by two possessed students as Numb Chandelier fires a seed into Tatsuki's shoulder, sending her and Chizuru flying back. While Tatsuki lies panting on the ground, Numb Chandelier asks her how it feels and details how the seed in her body will soon take root and control it before landing next to her as she proclaims that Tatsuki's body is hers to manipulate and tells her to cry.


Tatsuki bites hard on Numb Chandelier's tentacle.

However, Tatsuki merely tells her to shut up, to Numb Chandelier's surprise, and begins to get up while demanding that she let Orihime go. A bemused Numb Chandelier questions if Tatsuki understands what position she is in right now and rubs a tentacle on her face while pointing out that she can barely control her body anymore, only for Tatsuki to suddenly bite hard on her tentacle. Shrieking in pain, Numb Chandelier demands to know what Tatsuki is doing and repeatedly whips her with a larger tentacle while commanding her to let go, but Tatsuki keeps biting it as Orihime tries to call out to her, leading Numb Chandelier to declare that she has no need for Tatsuki.


Tatsuki is completely possessed by Numb Chandelier's seeds.

Generating more seeds on her forehead, Numb Chandelier fires all of them at Tatsuki, who is hit in multiple parts of her body and lets go of Numb Chandelier's tentacle as she falls backward. As she manages to free herself from the possessed students restraining her, Orihime calls out to Tatsuki and runs over to her as Tatsuki mentally tells her to not cry while her vision fades. Suddenly, Tatsuki kicks Orihime hard in the abdomen, causing her to fall to her knees and cough up liquid as Tatsuki stands up in a flailing manner, revealing that Numb Chandelier's seeds have taken complete control of her body. Looking up at her, Orihime recalls Sora Inoue complimenting her hair.


Orihime has her hair forcefully cut by other students.

In the past, after crying as her hair is forcefully cut by older students who accused her of being a show-off, Orihime tells Sora that she just cut it because she felt like it. Though she feels alone and isolated in her classroom, Orihime is approached by Tatsuki, who offers to walk her home, greatly cheering up Orihime. In the present, Orihime mentally notes that Tatsuki is the reason she was able to grow her hair long again and asserts that she will never cut it because her long hair is proof of her trust in Tatsuki. Thanking Tatsuki for protecting her until now, Orihime reaches out and tells her to not cry as tears spill down Tatsuki's cheeks.


Orihime awakens her power, the Shun Shun Rikka.

As she gets to her feet, Orihime hugs Tatsuki and begs her to not cry before promising to protect her this time. Suddenly, Orihime's hairpins glow brightly and separate into individual pieces that shoot outward from her head, creating a powerful whirlwind around her and Tatsuki that shocks Numb Chandelier and blows away all the other possessed students. Asserting that Numb Chandelier picked the wrong person to hurt instead of the wrong person to fight, Orihime declares that she will never forgive anyone who hurts Tatsuki as the Shun Shun Rikka whirl around her, leading a stunned Numb Chandelier to wonder what Orihime is and what the things whirling around her are.


Orihime meets the manifestation of her power, the Shun Shun Rikka.

Upon hearing this, a surprised Orihime looks around as Tsubaki incredulously asks her if she did not notice them until now. However, as the whirlwind disperses, Shun'ō asserts that she noticed they exist because they have always been closest to her and lands on her shoulder as she greets Orihime. While the other members of the Shun Shun Rikka fly around a confused Orihime, Shun'ō explains that they are the Shun Shun Rikka who were born to protect Orihime as her power as Baigon, Lily, Ayame, and Hinagiku gather around him. When Orihime mistakes them for flying fairies, Shun'ō clarifies that they are powers born from her soul.


Shun'ō explains that only Orihime and Ichigo can see them.

After explaining that only Orihime can see them, Shun'ō corrects herself and notes that Ichigo could probably see them too, and when Orihime wonders why, Shun'ō reveals that he is the reason they were born. However, before Shun'ō can further explain this, Tsubaki crashes into her with a dropkick and declares that she talks too much before asserting that Orihime does not need to know who they are or where they came from, leading Orihime to observe that he seems arrogant despite his small size. Irritated by this, Tsubaki tells her to shut up and demands that Orihime learn how to use the Shun Shun Rikka right now, further confusing her.


Hinagiku explains that he, Baigon, and Lily create a shield.

Hinagiku declares that he, Baigon, and Lily have the power to create a shield that rejects, and Baigon elaborates that Orihime must use her heart and a kotodama in order to properly use them, leaving Orihime bewildered. Suddenly, Tsubaki notes that it is coming as Numb Chandelier lands on the ground nearby and angrily asks Orihime what she has been talking to herself about as more seeds begin to protrude from her forehead. Though Orihime is startled by this, Hinagiku tells her to call out their names and introduces himself as Baigon and Lily follow suit, leading Shun'ō to explain that Orihime must summon them with her kotodama and ask that she repeat after her.


Orihime protects herself from Bulb Scatter with Santen Kesshun.

As Shun'ō calls out the three names, Numb Chandelier fires her seeds at Orihime, who repeats the names and the kotodama that the three spirits declare, allowing her to use Santen Kesshun, which creates a triangular yellow energy shield between Hinagiku, Baigon, and Lily that intercepts and blocks the seeds. With both Numb Chandelier and Orihime surprised by this, Shun'ō details how the three spirits reject what is outside the shield by putting up a shield between Orihime and her enemy to reject any attacks aimed at her. Flying over to the unconscious Tatsuki with Ayame, Shun'ō reveals that their power is to reject what is inside the shield.


Orihime begins healing Tatsuki with Sōten Kisshun.

Explaining how she and Ayame create a limited space within their shield and reverse any damage which has been inflicted inside this space, Shun'ō tells Orihime to call out their names and introduces herself alongside Ayame, leading Orihime to do so before calling out their kotodama and using Sōten Kisshun, which creates a half-oval barrier around Tatsuki that begins healing the damage to her body. As Orihime tearfully watches this, Tsubaki flies over to her and asserts that there is no time for tears before explaining that he rejects both sides of the shield by putting up a shield inside the enemy and rejecting their matter, effectively cutting them in half.


Numb Chandelier is defeated with Koten Zanshun.

After introducing himself, Tsubaki flies toward Numb Chandelier as Orihime calls out his name and the kotodama, resulting in her using Koten Zanshun, which vertically bifurcates Numb Chandelier with a shield generated from within her body. Asserting that this is ridiculous, a screaming Numb Chandelier disintegrates, prompting a panting Orihime to declare that she did it before collapsing. As the concerned members of the Shun Shun Rikka gather around the unconscious Orihime, Shun'ō observes that using all of them at once was too much for her, but praises her performance as the spirits return to their hairpin forms, which fall on the ground.


Kisuke Urahara finds Orihime after she collapses.

Seeing this, a smiling Kisuke Urahara steps forward as Tessai Tsukabishi carries Yasutora Sado behind him. Meanwhile, Karin brings Yuzu and Isshin Kurosaki to the field where she left Sado, only to find that he is gone. When Yuzu asks her if she is sure that this is the place, Karin asserts that Sado was beaten up and lying here when she left, only to be interrupted by Isshin declaring that she lied to him. However, when Karin attempts to repeat her story, Isshin silences her with a wagging finger and claims to understand that she lied to him because she was desperate for attention after he had neglected her for so long due to being busy with work.


Kon confirms that Ichigo's family is okay.

Isshin tears open his shirt and encourages Karin to jump into his arms and hug him as hard as she can, only for Karin to punch him in the jaw and call him an idiot as Yuzu proposes that they just go home because this place gives her a weird feeling. Watching this from atop a telephone pole as Isshin rolls around on the ground in pain, Kon notes that everything is fine here and leaps away. Soon afterward, Orihime wakes up inside the Urahara Shop, where she finds Sado sitting nearby. After the two greet each other, Orihime asks Sado what this place is, prompting him to admit that he does not know as Urahara observes that they are finally awake.


Uryū observes that he can no longer kill Hollows in one shot.

Seeing Urahara standing before them, Orihime questions who he is, and Sado admits that he does not know that either before noting that it seems he saved their lives, which Urahara confirms as he wonders where to begin. Elsewhere in Karakura Town, Ichigo purifies a Hollow with a single slash and curses Uryū as he promises to make him cry, while Uryū manages to kill another Hollow with three Heilig Pfeil to the chest and observes that he is no longer able to kill them in one shot as blood drips from the fingers of his arrow hand. As Uryū notes that there are far too many Hollows for the small amount of Hollow Bait he scattered, two more Hollows emerge.


Kon kicks the large Hollow away from Rukia.

Uryū theorizes that the Hollows are being lured here by an even greater force, but asserts that it does not matter and thinks of Sōken, whom he swears to avenge the death of as he draws back another Heilig Pfeil. Meanwhile, Rukia fires Hadō #4. Byakurai at a large Hollow, who merely deflects it back at her with one of its tentacles. As Rukia curses her inability to deal with even basic Hollows and wonders if her powers have not returned at all, she sees Kon running toward her as he leaps into the air and kicks away the Hollow. Though Rukia believes it is Ichigo, she quickly concludes that it is Kon when he turns around and pushes his head into her chest while declaring that he missed her.


Rukia restrains Kon as he tries to caress her.

When Rukia pushes her foot against his chin and pulls back his arms, Kon claims that it feels good to be kicked like this as well as Rukia realizes that him being in Ichigo's body means that Ichigo entered his Shinigami form. Suddenly, Kon directs Rukia's attention behind her as Uryū walks up and expresses relief that she is alright before observing that it is their first time speaking one-on-one, which leads Kon to feel ignored. Kicking Kon away, Rukia gets up and asks Uryū if this is his doing, which he confirms as he explains that this is a battle between him and Ichigo, to Rukia's confusion, and declares that he will not let anyone in town die.


Urahara finishes filling in Orihime and Sado.

Promising to give his life to protect the citizens of Karakura Town even if Ichigo is defeated, Uryū asserts that Ichigo will watch as he protects everything and everyone from the Hollows while Rukia expresses shock upon seeing his bloody fingers. When Uryū states that this battle is meaningless if he cannot do that, Rukia wonders what he means before being alerted when the large Hollow reappears behind her and Kon, which prompts Uryū to summon Kojaku once more. Back at the Urahara Shop, Sado tells Urahara to hold on as Orihime expresses disbelief about his story of Shinigami and Hollows, only for Urahara to ask them if they will deny that they were attacked earlier.


Tessai reveals that the Kūmon have begun converging.

With Orihime and Sado unable to respond to this, Urahara explains that Ichigo is fighting Hollows as a Shinigami right now and that the strong Reiryoku he has released while doing so has affected them, which is all he meant to explain. As Urahara assures Orihime and Sado that it is up to them to decide if they wish to open the door that has appeared before them, Tessai slides open the screen behind Urahara and reveals that the Kūmon have begun converging before confirming that the necessary preparations have been completed. Stating that they will depart, Urahara begins to walk out of the room before turning back to ask Orihime and Sado if they will come with him.


Ichigo confronts Uryū.

Promising to show them what is beyond the door, Urahara walks out of his shop. Meanwhile, the large Hollow prepares to attack Rukia, Kon, and Uryū, but is suddenly cut in half vertically and dissipates as Ichigo leaps overhead and lands behind Uryū, who smiles. As he stands up, Ichigo declares that he finally found Uryū, who affirms this as Rukia and Kon watch in surprise.

Next Episode Preview

Isshin Kurosaki claims it is time for his "Fatherly Love 101" segment and describes fatherly love as being strong, victorious, and beautiful before he is cut off by Ichigo, who angrily reminds him that this is a next episode preview. Isshin meekly describes the next episode as being great.

Characters in Order of Appearance


Powers and Techniques Used

Kidō Techniques:

Hollow Techniques:

  • Bulb Scatter (バルブスキャッター, Barubusukyattā)

Quincy Techniques:

  • Heilig Pfeil (神聖滅矢, Holy Arrow (神聖滅矢 (ハイリッヒ・プファイル) is German for "Holy Arrow" and Japanese for "Sacred Destruction Arrows"))

Other Techniques:

Spirit Weapons:

Other Powers:


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18:54 Bleach 5th Anniversary Box CD 1 - 11 - BL_995
19:38 Bleach OST 1 - 21 - Number One

Anime Notes

  • Chizuru Honshō observing that Orihime Inoue seems to be even more distracted than usual.
  • Orihime Inoue internally noting that only she can see Numb Chandelier.
  • Orihime recalling how only two thoughts were racing through her brain when see first saw Numb Chandelier.
  • Orihime concluding that she has to get her friends out of here while acting like nothing is wrong.
  • Orihime running ahead of Tatsuki Arisawa and Chizuru Honshō while encouraging them to follow as Tatsuki comments on how unusual it is for her to skip performing chores before punching Chizuru in the gut when the latter expresses her admiration for some of Orihime's traits, leading Orihime to call out to them in exasperation.
  • Orihime wondering where Numb Chandelier has gone while Chizuru asks Tatsuki if she is going to wear her karate gi home, prompting Tatsuki to admit that she forgot she was wearing it.
  • Orihime mentally noting that Numb Chandelier is behind her.
  • Chizuru's confused reaction to Orihime telling her to run away.
  • Orihime realizing that none of the seeds hit her.
  • Orihime asking Chizuru if she is okay and Chizuru claiming to be, only for Orihime to point out that she is bleeding.
  • Chizuru demonstrating that her left arm is still capable of movement and asking Orihime to not look sad.
  • Numb Chandelier proclaiming that it has been a long time since she saw an attractive girl like Orihime be slaughtered by her classmates.
  • Tatsuki punching one of her classmates in the face.
  • The students defeated by Tatsuki being sent flying away from her.
  • Tatsuki being assaulted by Chizuru and the other students prior to being shot by Numb Chandelier.
  • Numb Chandelier asserting that Tatsuki must suffer for interrupting the fun she was having with Orihime and contemplating methods of torturing Tatsuki and having her kill herself before having one of the students slam Orihime's head into the ground when she calls out to Tatsuki, followed by Numb Chandelier claiming that it is hard to devise wicked tortures and deciding to let Tatsuki plan her own death.
  • Orihime's internal narration about Sora Inoue complimenting her hair and how good it made her feel after she had grown it since she was a baby, only to cut most of it after an upperclassman took scissors to it when she was in middle school and lie to Sora about the reason why, followed by her noting that she became lonely and withdrawn at school after Sora died before being befriended by Tatsuki, who yelled at Orihime and protected her.
  • Orihime being sent flying by another kick from Tatsuki.
  • Numb Chandelier repeating Orihime's vow to not show any mercy toward her and questioning where her confidence comes from before demanding to know why she looks so stern.
  • Shun'ō declaring that the Shun Shun Rikka were awakened by something Orihime responded to and are part of her, only to be caught off-guard when Orihime clasps her hands around Shun'ō, who claims that not understanding the explanation is no reason to do this.
  • Orihime expressing surprise at no one else being able to see the Shun Shun Rikka and Shun'ō questioning if she intended to show them off to others.
  • Shun'ō asserting that Orihime should know why Ichigo Kurosaki would be able to see the Shun Shun Rikka.
  • Tsubaki insulting Shun'ō and declaring that the latter is saying idiotic things.
  • Orihime celebrating as she loses consciousness.
  • Shun'ō noting that the Shun Shun Rikka must return to their sealed forms.
  • Karin Kurosaki berating and hitting Isshin Kurosaki for going the wrong way as she leads him to Yasutora Sado's location.
  • Isshin observing that no one is in the field.
  • Orihime noting that she is no longer at Karakura High School.
  • Ichigo mentally asserting that he and Uryū Ishida have cleared out most of the Hollows between Karin and the Kurosaki Clinic.
  • Ichigo envisioning Uryū tauntingly wondering if Ichigo can find him and declaring that he will as he urges Kon to get Rukia Kuchiki's Denreishinki.
  • Uryū admonishing himself for whining and asking Sōken Ishida for assurance that he is not wrong.
  • Kon noting that Ichigo wanted him to get something from Rukia, who begins pushing her foot even harder into Kon's chin after he suggests she let go of his wrists so he can remember, causing him to warn her that this will break Ichigo's body.
  • Kon accusing Uryū of starting the duel with Ichigo in order to kill everyone in Karakura Town as Uryū greets Rukia.
  • Kisuke Urahara questioning if his story is unbelievable, which Orihime and Sado confirm.
  • Urahara identifying the creatures that attacked Orihime and Sado as Hollows before asserting that they will have to deny the pain and fear they experienced earlier if they wish to reject his story.
  • Orihime expressing shock and confusion at Urahara's statement of her and Sado's latent powers awakening, prompting Urahara to assure her that their powers are not a disease and that they were simply given the key to the door in front of them, meaning that there is no need to know the cause or feel sorrow.
  • Urahara assuring Orihime and Sado that they can choose to not pass through the door even if they open it.
  • Urahara acknowledging Tessai Tsukabishi's statement of the Kūmon converging.
  • Orihime protesting as Urahara begins to leave.
  • Jinta Hanakari and Ururu Tsumugiya standing with Tessai outside the Urahara Shop as Urahara departs.

  • Ichigo and Kon meeting up on a path near a riverbank, where Ichigo decides to pursue Uryū after learning that Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki are safe.
  • Orihime encouraging Tatsuki to go home while pushing her away from the school grounds.
  • Ichigo purifying several Hollows and cursing Uryū, who destroys his twentieth Hollow and thinks of Sōken teaching him to use a Heilig Bogen as he promises to win.
  • Chizuru reacting to the windows being shattered by Numb Chandelier's seeds before being hit in the shoulder by one.
  • Rukia running through Karakura Town and looking at her Denreishinki as she wonders what is going on.
  • Chizuru wondering what is happening as she continues to grip Orihime's arm.
  • Orihime questioning what is happening as she sees the other students approaching her.
  • Tatsuki kneeing and punching two more students after kicking down the first two.
  • Chizuru warning Tatsuki that something has happened to her.
  • Orihime hugging Tatsuki, who says her name in shock.
  • Shun'ō telling Orihime to hurry while instructing her on the usage of Santen Kesshun.
  • Numb Chandelier expressing disbelief as she disintegrates.
  • Yuzu asking Karin if she is sure that this is where Sado was located and Karin asserting that he was lying here with injuries the last time she saw him.
  • Yuzu suggesting that they leave the field since it gives her a bad feeling and Isshin rolling around on the ground in pain as Kon watches from the top of a nearby telephone pole and leaps away after confirming that they are safe.
  • Rukia kicking Kon down and getting to her feet.
  • Rukia noticing Uryū's bleeding fingers.
  • Rukia calling out to Ichigo after he arrives.

  • Numb Chandelier's seeds do not draw blood from their points of contact, instead spreading a green liquid over the portion of the body.
  • Orihime does not get pinned to the ground and have some of her clothing ripped off by her classmates.
  • Tatsuki is not left bleeding from the nose by the other students.
  • Tatsuki is not shot in the head and left bleeding down the left side of her face by one of Numb Chandelier's seeds.
  • Orihime does not vomit after being kicked in the stomach by Tatsuki.
  • Numb Chandelier does not have one of her mask's appendages bloodily severed by Orihime's Shun Shun Rikka.
  • Ichigo slashing through the Hollow does not draw blood.
  • Rukia's knee is not left bleeding by her confrontation with the pig-like Hollow.

  • In the manga, after Chizuru complains about being forced to stat behind and clean up the broken glass, she asserts that the judo students clearly broke the windows because they got rowdy and expresses confusion alongside Tatsuki at them claiming that they lost control of their arms before quitting and asking Orihime to go home with her after claiming that Tatsuki is attracted to sweaty men; here, Chizuru instead bemoans how they are being lectured instead of the ones responsible being punished and is told by Tatsuki that this is the result of her making a fuss before wondering what Orihime is doing as Tatsuki notes that the students were acting strangely.
  • In the manga, when commenting on Orihime seeming distracted, Chizuru promises to tickle her into submission if she does not regain her senses; here, she instead promises to kiss her if she continues to look distracted.
  • In the manga, when confronting each other over Orihime, Tatsuki and Chizuru are standing several feet away from her; here, they are instead standing in front of Orihime and in opposite positions.
  • In the manga, Orihime asserts that they have to run away three times; here, she instead only does so once.
  • In the manga, when Orihime notices that Numb Chandelier has disappeared, she is standing several feet away from Tatsuki and Chizuru; here, she is still pushing them.
  • In the manga, when reappearing in the air above Orihime, Numb Chandelier is near the far end of the campus and props herself up on three different, perpendicular areas of the same encircling building; here, she is instead above a hallway and props herself up on two adjacent buildings.
  • In the manga, after Orihime tells Chizuru to run away, Numb Chandelier questions what she means; here, she instead declares that she will not let the two of them run away.
  • In the manga, Chizuru responds to Orihime after the latter inquires if she is alright; here, she only responds to Orihime after the latter wonders what she should do.
  • In the manga, Orihime remains kneeling while talking to Chizuru; here, she instead stands up after Chizuru claims to be fine.
  • In the manga, when Chizuru is forced to grip Orihime against her will, her hand wraps around Orihime's throat and begins choking her as Chizuru realizes something is wrong and that she cannot let go; here, it instead grabs Orihime's right wrist and holds it up in the air with enough force to cause Orihime pain while Chizuru asserts that her hand is acting on its own and wonders why this is happening.
  • In the manga, after forcing Chizuru to grip Orihime, Numb Chandelier orders her to strangle Orihime and drops to the ground as she begins explaining the power of her Bulb Scatter, concluding that she forces her proxies to kill each other while she remains clean; here, Numb Chandelier does not order Chizuru to do anything and instead begins her explanation after Orihime demands to know what she did without dropping to the ground, concluding by stating that she forces Humans to fight each other.
  • In the manga, Orihime is freed from Chizuru's grasp when she is attacked by her classmates; here, she instead remains in Chizuru's grasp due to Tatsuki intervening before her classmates could attack her.
  • In the manga, after incapacitating the second wave of students, Tatsuki gleefully inquires if none of them will give her a fight, prompting Numb Chandelier to observe how spirited she is and declare that it is delightful to see such individuals with their faces contorted in agony before sending more students at Tatsuki, who whirls around and questions if they want more; here, Tatsuki instead admonishes the students she has incapacitated for their low fighting capability and whirls around when Chizuru's hand grips her shoulder.
  • In the manga, after being shot by Numb Chandelier, Tatsuki is held up by the other students; here, she instead falls to the ground.
  • In the manga, when taunting Tatsuki, Numb Chandelier asserts that the former's life is in her hands; here, she instead points out how Tatsuki barely has any control over her body and mockingly asks her how it feels.
  • In the manga, Numb Chandelier begins shooting Tatsuki again while telling her to let go; here, she instead does so after declaring that she has no use for Tatsuki.
  • In the manga, Orihime frees herself from the possessed students by pushing and kicking them away; here, she instead simply wrests herself out of their grasps.
  • In the manga, Numb Chandelier expresses shock at Orihime not noticing the Shun Shun Rikka until they were pointed out to her; here, Tsubaki does so instead.
  • In the manga, Orihime reacts to Shun'ō's assertion that the Shun Shun Rikka have always been by her side by expressing surprise at them talking; here, she instead simply expresses confusion.
  • In the manga, Shun'ō is male; here and in all future appearances, Shun'ō is instead female.
  • In the manga, Orihime's observation of Tsubaki being bossy despite his small size is mental; here, it is instead verbal.
  • In the manga, Numb Chandelier is already on the ground when she prepares to attack Orihime; here, she instead drops to the ground first.
  • In the manga, Numb Chandelier fires her seeds at Orihime right before the latter finishes the kotodama for Santen Kesshun; here, she instead fires them before Orihime utters the names of Hinagiku, Baigon, and Lily.
  • In the manga, Numb Chandelier fires nine seeds at Orihime and Santen Kesshun protects her from all of them; here, Numb Chandelier instead only fires four seeds and Santen Kesshun only protects Orihime from two of them, with the remaining two crashing into the ground nearby.
  • In the manga, Numb Chandelier expresses shock at Santen Kesshun protects Orihime after Shun'ō explains how it does so; here, she instead does so beforehand.
  • In the manga, Yuzu is not present when Karin brings Isshin to Sado's former location; here, she instead joins them.
  • In the manga, after punching Isshin in the face, Karin puts him in a Boston crab hold and angrily wonders where Sado went while Isshin futilely attempts to convince her to stop hurting his back; here, she instead remains standing over Isshin and insults his intelligence.
  • In the manga, after being brought to the Urahara Shop, Orihime experiences a strange dream involving Ichigo and bolts up as she awakes in distress, only to smash the back of her head into Sado's face as he looks over her in concern, causing his nose to bleed as he comments on how hard her head is and questions what she was dreaming about, which Orihime declines to answer; here, she instead wakes up normally several feet away from Sado and exchanges greetings with him.
  • In the manga, after Sado reveals that Urahara saved his and Orihime's lives, he asks Urahara to finish explaining why they now have powers and what this has to do with Ichigo; here, Urahara instead wonders where to begin in informing them.
  • In the manga, Ichigo purifies the last Hollow before heading after Uryū by slashing through its mask while it is in midair; here, Ichigo instead slashes through its midsection while it is standing in front of him.
  • In the manga, while ruminating on the situation, Uryū notes that his strength is beginning to wane; here, he instead observes that the large number of Hollows in Karakura Town seem to have been lured by an even greater force.
  • In the manga, when forcing himself to continue fighting, Uryū envisions one of the Shinigami who arrived after Sōken died and runs off after doing so; here, he instead envisions Sōken himself and remains standing on the bridge as he forms another Heilig Pfeil.
  • In the manga, after having her Byakurai deflected by the pig-like Hollow, Rukia notes that her Kidō is too weak and that a pig is deflecting her shots before wondering if this is all the strength she has regained after spending two months in a Gigai; here, she instead questions if her inability to defeat even weak Hollows means her powers have not returned at all.
  • In the manga, when kicked away by Kon, the pig-like Hollow is preparing to attack Rukia, who is focusing on it; here, it is instead standing still, allowing Rukia to see Kon running up.
  • In the manga, Rukia realizes that Kon being in Ichigo's body means the latter has entered his Shinigami form before Kon comments on how nice her kick feels; here, she instead does so afterward.
  • In the manga, Rukia realizes that Uryū is the one who summoned the Hollows after Kon accuses Uryū of engineering this situation to kill everyone in Karakura Town; here, she instead does so after Uryū notes that this is their first time talking alone.
  • In the manga, Uryū confirms that he started the duel; here, he instead asserts that this duel is between him and Ichigo.
  • In the manga, Sado and Orihime react to the information provided to them by Urahara immediately after Ichigo purifies the Hollow confronting Rukia and Uryū; here, they instead do so immediately beforehand.
  • In the manga, Urahara explains that Ichigo only has limited control over his immense Reiryoku, causing it to flow out of him and affect other beings, before reminding Orihime and Sado that they have come into contact with Ichigo in his Shinigami form on several occasions, which has caused their latent powers to awaken; here, he instead explains that Ichigo is currently fighting Hollows and that the powerful Reiryoku he has released in the process has influenced Orihime and Sado.
  • In the manga, Urahara continues his explanation of Orihime and Sado's powers manifesting after Ichigo confronts Uryū; here, he does so after explaining how they manifested and before Ichigo purifies the Hollow confronting Uryū and Rukia.
  • In the manga, when confronting Uryū, Ichigo faces him and Uryū is frowning; here, Ichigo instead looks over his shoulder at Uryū, who is smiling.


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