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Fall of the Soul King
611Yhwach stabs

Quincy Blood War


June 18th


Soul King Palace & Seireitei, Soul Society


Yhwach completely absorbs the Soul King.


Fall of the Soul King is an event that takes place during the Quincy Blood War. It revolves around the Emperor of the Wandenreich, Yhwach, reaching the Soul King and enacting his plan to kill him and destroy existence. While Ichigo Kurosaki and his group arrive to combat the Father of the Quincy, the remnants of the Gotei 13 and the Visored enact a plan to get to the Soul King Palace themselves.


611Soul King is stabbed

The Soul King is stabbed in the chest.

After activating The Almighty and defeating Ichibē Hyōsube, Yhwach tells the Soul King he is next[1] and makes his way to the central palace, where he slaughters the Soul King's guards before confronting the king himself. Telling the Soul King he is about to end the humiliation he has suffered for so long, Yhwach notes the king may have already foreseen this day before stabbing him through the chest and bidding his father farewell.[2]

612Shinji and Renji discuss

Shinji and Renji discuss the former's injuries.

Meanwhile, in the Seireitei below, Rukia Kuchiki and Renji Abarai leap between buildings before arriving at a building, where they are greeted by Shinji Hirako. When Renji points out his injuries, Shinji claims they are not too severe, only to be interrupted by Marechiyo Ōmaeda, who explains how Shinji saved him, Mareyo Ōmaeda, and Suì-Fēng by using the power of Sakanade on Bazz-B, causing the latter's Burner Finger 3 to miss them. When Renji asks Marechiyo why he brought Mareyo with him, Suì-Fēng reveals that the wounds she and Mareyo sustained have only just been healed by Momo Hinamori before asking Renji to forgive Marechiyo for not leaving his sister in the middle of battle.[3]

612Urahara's laboratory

Urahara, Byakuya, Nanao, and Yūshirō stand within the laboratory.

Agreeing to do so, a startled Renji notes Suì-Fēng seems kinder than usual. As Shinji notes that it is rare to receive a message telling all captains and lieutenants to abandon their battles and meet at a specific location, Suì-Fēng opens the door to the building, revealing a laboratory with Kisuke Urahara, Byakuya Kuchiki, Nanao Ise, and Yūshirō Shihōin inside. Seeing the group, Yūshirō greets them, prompting an overwhelmed Suì-Fēng to note he is Yoruichi Shihōin's little brother, before giving him some pocket money.[4]

612Shinji and Urahara discuss

Shinji and Urahara discuss the current locations of the captains and lieutenants.

Shinji expresses disappointment at how few people have shown up before asking Urahara what is going on. Revealing that the 7th Division will not be joining them because of Sajin Komamura's injuries and that the 4th Division denied their request for assistance, Urahara notes that Byakuya has informed them that Kensei Muguruma and Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi will be moving alongside the 12th Division and that Mayuri Kurotsuchi should arrive eventually before explaining how Kenpachi Zaraki, Shūhei Hisagi, Ikkaku Madarame, and Yumichika Ayasegawa are currently undergoing emergency treatment in a separate room. Urahara states that Shunsui Kyōraku has important business with Central 46 before admitting they have been unable to make contact with Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Rangiku Matsumoto.[5]

Operation: Enter the Royal Palace

613Ukitake reveals

Ukitake completes his treatment of the wounded.

When Shinji asks him what he is planning to do after tracking down everyone who has been scattered, Urahara reveals they will be breaking into the Soul King Palace, shocking those present. Shinji wonders if this is even possible, but Urahara claims it will be with the Tenshiheisō brought by Yūshirō, the pedestal constructed by Mayuri, and the massive amount of spiritual power resulting from having all the captains and lieutenants together in one place.[6] Soon afterward, Jūshirō Ukitake completes his treatment of the wounded Shinigami and emerges from the treatment room with them.[7]

613Nanao confronts

Nanao confronts Kenpachi over his attempt to leave in order to search for Yachiru.

An incredulous Shinji points out that Ukitake should be one of the people being healed, but Ukitake states that he was feeling well enough to apply his great knowledge of healing techniques. When Ukitake claims that everyone except Kenpachi has been healed to the point where they can move about, Kenpachi emerges from the treatment room and demands to know whom Ukitake is claiming cannot move before asking Urahara where Yachiru Kusajishi is. When told that the rest of the 11th Division is out looking for her, Kenpachi attempts to leave, but Urahara blocks his path with a Kidō barrier. Kenpachi expresses anger at this, but Nanao confronts him.[8]

613Urahara explains

Urahara explains what the Shinigami need to do.

When Kenpachi tells her to move, Nanao firmly tells him that there is no time for the Shinigami to fight among themselves and states that it is far more efficient to have a full squad of Shinigami search for Yachiru than for Kenpachi himself to do so before claiming that no amount of regular Shinigami can do what they need Kenpachi here for. Upon being told that his duty should take priority here, Kenpachi stares at Nanao for a moment before admitting she is correct and backing off, to the relief of Nanao and Urahara, who decides to get begin the procedure before Kenpachi changes his mind again. Urahara begins handing out orbs to the Shinigami present while instructing them to stand on the pedestal and fill the orbs with their Reiatsu. Opening the ceiling hatch, Urahara notes it is going to get somewhat wet within the laboratory.[9] However, the Shinigami present are shocked when Hiyori Sarugaki, Love Aikawa, Lisa Yadōmaru, and Hachigen Ushōda arrive, with Hiyori carrying a large, teapot-shaped container and asking the Shinigami if they are ready for this.[10]

614Hiyori pours

Hiyori pours a clear substance into the pedestal.

A shocked Shinji asks Hiyori why she is here, prompting Hiyori to proclaim Shinji gave them all the hard work after becoming Urahara's servant, which Shinji claims he does not understand. After telling Shinji that she will be ignoring him from now on, Hiyori begins pouring a clear substance out of the container into the pedestal as Rukia notes it does not feel wet despite resembling a liquid. Urahara clarifies that it is a substance created in the distortions present between the realms that they will use to facilitate their travel to the palace. Stating that they will be fusing it with the Reiatsu of the captains, Urahara tells the Visored to change into the shihakushō in the treatment room, which they comply with.[11]

614Doorway appears

Urahara explains his plan of creating a doorway to the palace using the Reishi substance.

When Kenpachi asks him if they are going to fly to the palace once their orbs are charged, Urahara reveals they will be creating a doorway to the palace instead and notes this method can only be used because of how Ichigo destroyed the barriers between the Royal Realm and Soul Society. Urahara notes there may be no way back and apologizes for revealing this so late, but Suì-Fēng berates him for thinking they might hesitate upon learning this and claims he should know better than to doubt them as a former member of the Gotei 13. As Ukitake states they all carry the same pride as members of the Gotei 13, Kenpachi admits he does not care about these things as long as he can fight the Wandenreich. Smiling, Urahara states they are right before noting it is time they began.[12]

Ichigo's Group Arrives

613Yhwach is confronted

Ichigo and his friends confront Yhwach.

Meanwhile, in the Royal Realm, Ichigo, Orihime Inoue, Yasutora Sado, Yoruichi Shihōin, and Ganju Shiba reach the palace, where they confront Yhwach. Cursing Ichibē, Yhwach tells Ichigo is he simply a fly atop the wheel of fate before proclaiming he will crush Ichigo with his own hands.[13] Ichigo tells Yhwach they have come here to stop him, prompting Yhwach to note that he has seen them trying to prevent him from killing the Soul King. When Ichigo questions what he means, Yhwach explains that he saw how Ichigo and his friends revived Ichibē and were told to come here by him before revealing they are too late to save the Soul King. Shocked by this, Ichigo leaps forward and grabs the sword embedded in the Soul King's chest.[14]

614Ichigo slashes

Ichigo attacks the Soul King.

As Ichigo's friends call out to him, Yhwach notes Ichigo is drawing his sword to save the Soul King and tells him to do so in order to destroy Soul Society with his own hands. As soon as Ichigo pulls the sword out, Blut Vene veins spread across the right side of his upper body before a shocked Ichigo slashes the Soul King across the torso, cutting him in half. Yhwach claims the Quincy blood within Ichigo could never permit the Soul King's existence before telling Ichigo that they shall witness the final moments of Soul Society together as the wall around the Seireitei begins to crack.[15]

615Ichigo and Yhwach clash

Ichigo and Yhwach clash.

The bottom half of the Soul King falls to the ground as Ichigo falls to his knees. As Yhwach tells him once more that he was destined to kill the Soul King himself upon coming here, Ichigo wonders why the sword he is holding will not let go of his hand, prompting Yhwach to explain how The Almighty lets him look upon all futures and how he can grant Ichigo the Reiatsu within his blade, which is what forced him to attack the Soul King. Hearing Yhwach proclaim that the Soul King cannot be forgiven, Ichigo drops the blade, draws Zangetsu, and attacks Yhwach, who effortlessly blocks him.[16]

615Urahara watches

The laboratory begins to crumble.

Demanding to know if Ichigo still has any reason to fight him, Yhwach points out how Soul Society is already crumbling. Meanwhile, in the Seireitei below, Urahara watches as the ceiling of his laboratory begins to crumble, causing the other Shinigami to wonder if it is an enemy attack. However, Urahara realizes that the Soul King has died and theorizes that the Royal Guard fell and Ichigo arrived too late. As Urahara notes Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the Human World will all be destroyed at this rate, the grassy area around the Seireitei begins to crumble as well.[17]

615Soten Kisshun shatters

Sōten Kisshun shatters around the Soul King when Orihime tries to heal him.

In the palace, Yhwach informs Ichigo that the Soul King was created to stabilize Soul Society by protecting it from the instability caused by the souls flowing through it before proclaiming that Soul Society and all the realms it is in contact with will collapse now that this protection is gone. However, he is interrupted when Yoruichi traps him in a maze of razor wire before telling Orihime to return the Soul King to his previous state, but Orihime's Sōten Kisshun shatters around the Soul King as Yhwach claims a mere Human could never resurrect the Soul King.[18]

Advent of Mimihagi

616Ukitake prays

Ukitake begins praying to Mimihagi.

As Renji wonders if there is anything they can do about this, Ukitake reveals he will be taking the place of the Soul King as darkness begins rising from his back. Taking off his haori to reveal the Kamikake on his back, Ukitake draws his sword and begins praying to Mimihagi, whom he tells to unleash the power stored within his organs as a large, shadowy entity rises from his body and looms over the other Shinigami, who can only express shock. Ukitake tells the other Shinigami that he developed a severe lung disease at the age of three, which is what caused his hair to turn white, before admitting that it should killed him then and asking Urahara if the name "Mimihagi" sounds familiar.[19]

616Ukitake completes Kamikake

Ukitake becomes the right arm of the Soul King.

Urahara notes it is a guardian deity that is worshiped in East Rukongai, but Ukitake reveals that it is a one-eyed deity that is said to grant protection to those who offer everything but their eyes to it and that it is supposedly the right arm of the Soul King that fell from the heavens long ago. Noting that his parents were very superstitious, Ukitake reveals that they carried him to Mimihagi's shrine and offered his lungs as a sacrifice when the local doctors were unable to help him, which saved his life and allowed him to join the Gotei 13. When Ukitake coughs up blood, Rukia calls out to him, but Ukitake tells her to stay back because his internal organs are being offered to Mimihagi through the process of Kamikake, which will make his body the vessel of Mimihagi and thus make him the right arm of the Soul King.[20]

616Shunsui visits

Shunsui visits Aizen in Muken as Soul Society continues to crumble.

When Rukia asks him if he invoked the Kamikake ritual while knowing it might come to this, Ukitake confirms this and admits he had always known this day would come from the moment he learned of why he survived. Ukitake states he has no regrets if he can offer his life after he was saved from death as the shadowy colossus turns into a hand that reaches toward the sky, causing Ukitake to scream in pain. Meanwhile, in Muken, Shunsui notes that the tremors can even be felt down here and that he cannot go any further before asking Sōsuke Aizen if he can hear him.[21]

617Mimihagi grabs

Mimihagi grabs the two halves of the Soul King.

The darkness begins pouring out of Ukitake's eyes, ears, nose, and mouth as the hand ascends further into the sky. Shortly afterward, a shocked Urahara notes the shaking has stopped. In the Soul King Palace, those present express shock upon seeing the shadowy Mimihagi grabbing the two halves of the Soul King. Noting that Mimihagi must be part of the Soul King if it managed to escape his eyes, Yhwach angrily demands to know if Mimihagi developed some sort of affection for Soul Society after protecting it for so long as Mimihagi's eye begins to close. In the laboratory, Suì-Fēng asks Urahara how long Ukitake will survive and points out how this balance will only last so long as Ukitake remains alive, only for Urahara to admit he has no way of estimating how long this will last.[22]

617Doorway disintegrates

The door to the palace disintegrates.

Telling the others that they must use this time to find a way of stabilizing Soul Society on their own, Urahara states they will open the door to the palace. Meanwhile, in Muken, Shunsui stands before a set of keyholes with a set of keys and notes Aizen has not responded to him before wondering if he cannot converse with his Reiatsu in this place. Shunsui tells Aizen that he has been given permission to unlock three of his seals and decides to start with the mouth. Back in the laboratory, the door to the palace begins to disintegrate, shocking the Shinigami. Nanao notes that the absence of Ukitake's vast amounts of Reiatsu is causing this, but she is interrupted by Lisa, who has arrived with the other Visored in shihakushō.[23]

617Aizen emerges

Aizen emerges from the darkness after releasing the rest of his seals himself.

Mayuri and Nemu Kurotsuchi appear on the rooftop, with Mayuri stating that Urahara is messing up a laboratory that does not even belong to him. Jumping into the laboratory, Mayuri notes that Urahara is gathering a large quantity of Reiatsu in order to create the door before revealing a machine behind a nearby wall and asking him why he did not use the Reiatsu Amplifier for this, but Urahara rebuts that Mayuri never told him about it. The door begins to coalesce once more, prompting Hisagi to exclaim that they can do this. Meanwhile, in Muken, Shunsui unlocks the seal on Aizen's mouth, but is shocked when he realizes Aizen has released the rest of the seals himself as Aizen emerges from the darkness.[24]

618Aizen's Reiatsu destroys

Aizen's Reiatsu destroys the hands of the attendant trying to further bind him.

When Aizen points out how he still has two keys left to use, Shunsui uses them to "unlock" Aizen's left eye and ankles, which prompts Aizen to note he has not changed at all. Shunsui asks Aizen if he wishes to leave, but Aizen counters by stating Shunsui would not have buried a key in his own body if he did not intend to release Aizen. Conceding this, Shunsui reveals the key to Muken is embedded in his own heart, leading Aizen to realize that the door to Muken will be permanently closed if Shunsui dies. Shunsui reveals a chair with several attendants behind him for Aizen to sit in, but one of the attendants attempts to bind Aizen, only to have his hands destroyed.[25]

618Ichigo grabs

Ichigo prevents Yhwach from attacking the Soul King and Mimihagi.

Aizen explains how that binding would only prevent his Reiatsu from straying too far from his body and that making contact with it has obvious results before asking Shunsui if he believes Aizen will lend them his power if he is carried to the surface. However, Shunsui states that he simply believes their interests will coincide on this particular matter, leading Aizen to ask him if he is going to breathe the fresh air of a Soul Society being crushed by Yhwach. Meanwhile, in the palace, Yhwach attempts to grab Mimihagi, but is stopped by a dark barrier. Noting that he did not expect Mimihagi to stand in his way, Yhwach wonders if it is no longer aligned with the will of the Soul King before deciding to destroy both of them, only for Ichigo to grab his arm to prevent him from doing so.[26]

618Unnamed Barrier

Yoruichi creates a barrier around the Soul King after Mimihagi stabilizes it in order to protect both of them.

As Yhwach tells Ichigo to step aside, Yoruichi leaps forward and places several seals around the Soul King before drawing a maze-like pattern on the ground, resulting in a protective barrier appearing around Mimihagi and the king. Noting that Yhwach is claiming Mimihagi is the right hand of the Soul King, Yoruichi points out how it has managed to stabilize Soul Society before proclaiming that they will have to make it the new Soul King. Yhwach asks Ichigo why he is obstructing him when Ichigo was the one who killed the Soul King, prompting Ichigo to state he is here to protect all the realms by defeating Yhwach. After blasting Yhwach out of the palace with a Getsuga Tenshō, Ichigo states that having Yhwach's blood in him will not influence his actions, but Yhwach claims his eyes will decide this.[27]

619Uryu arrives

Uryū Ishida arrives on the battlefield after shooting Yoruichi in the shoulder.

Yhwach claims that he has never attempted to force Ichigo to do anything for him because Ichigo's will has always been connected to his own. When Ichigo questions what he is saying, Yhwach states that Ichigo has been fighting for him all along and that all of Ichigo's battles up until this point have been preparing him for killing the Soul King. Yoruichi tells Ichigo that this is false, but Yhwach proclaims that Ichigo has always been working toward Yhwach's goals because the same blood flows through their veins, prompting Ichigo to tell him to shut up before firing another Getsuga Tenshō at Yhwach. After Yhwach effortlessly blocks the blast with his forearm, Ichigo attacks him and tells Yhwach once more that he is going to stop him, only for Yhwach to claim Ichigo's weakness lies in his inability to say he will kill him. However, they are interrupted when Uryū Ishida appears and shoots Yoruichi in the shoulder.[28]

619Yhwach rips

Yhwach rips Mimihagi off of the Soul King after the barrier is shattered.

Due to Yoruichi's momentary lapse in concentration, the barrier around the Soul King shatters. As Ichigo demands to know what Uryū is doing, Yhwach blasts him away before moving to the Soul King, only to be interrupted by Yoruichi throwing spheres at him. Yoruichi informs Yhwach that two hits in the same area will disintegrate the target, but Yhwach simply has Pernida Parnkgjas warp Yoruichi's arm before throwing her off the palace. As Yhwach places his hand on Mimihagi, Ichigo attempts to attack him, but Uryū fires a Heilig Pfeil at him, distracting Ichigo long enough for Yhwach to rip Mimihagi off of the Soul King. As the palace begins to crumble, Uryū tells Ichigo to not interfere with Yhwach's plans.[29]

620Schutzstaffel arrive

The Schutzstaffel confront Ichigo's friends.

As the palace continues to crumble, Uryū moves between Yhwach and his friends, whom he tells to not move. When Ichigo attempts to move, Uryū fires another Heilig Pfeil at him, but Ichigo destroys it and demands to know if Uryū is aware of what will happen if Yhwach is not stopped. Uryū confirms that he does know, and when a shocked Ichigo asks him why he is still in Yhwach's side, Uryū claims he is siding with Yhwach because he is a Quincy. Suddenly, the rest of the Schutzstaffel arrive and deactivate their Quincy: Vollständig while surrounding Ichigo's friends, with Gerard Valkyrie noting that he expected more people to have shown up.[30]

620Yhwach decides

Yhwach decides to take everything that once belonged to the Soul King after absorbing Mimihagi.

Uryū tells the Schutzstaffel that he does not need their help before destroying the ground beneath Ichigo's feet with more Heilig Pfeil, causing Ichigo to fall off the palace as well. When Lille Barro aims his rifle at the falling Ichigo, Uryū fires an arrow at Ichigo before he can shoot him and predicts that Lille wants to tell him that properly serving Yhwach means killing Ichigo and his friends before they can fall in order to eliminate any possibility of them returning, prompting Gerard to voice his approval of Uryū's reasoning. Meanwhile, Mimihagi attempts to grab Yhwach, who claims he is superior in power to it before absorbing the darkness into his body. As the tremors resume in Soul Society, Yhwach decides to take everything that once belonged to the Soul King before firing a beam of darkness downward.[31]

624Orihime catches

Orihime catches herself and her friends.

Meanwhile, as Ichigo falls, he catches and crushes the Heilig Pfeil that Uryū fired at him as Orihime catches him, Sado, and Ganju with Santen Kesshun. Ichigo and Ganju knock their heads together as two stringed arrows are fired into the shield, causing everyone present to look up and see Yoruichi standing on one of the floating cities with two ropes tied to a pillar. As Yoruichi promises to pull them up, Kon bursts out of Ichigo's robe in his muscular body and notes he thought he was going to die. Shocked by this, Ichigo leans back and hits his head against Orihime's, causing him to fall unconscious.[32]

621Darkness hits

The beam of darkness hits the Shakonmaku.

In the laboratory, Mimihagi is forcibly pulled out of Ukitake, who collapses on the pedestal as his 3rd Seats rush over to him. As Urahara notes that Mimihagi appears to have been absorbed, Yhwach's beam of darkness hits the Shakonmaku above the Seireitei and begins spreading out, forming a veil of darkness. Meanwhile, in the palace, Lille notices Yhwach staggering and voices his concern, only to be shocked when Yhwach begins dissolving into a mass of black creatures that swarm the Schutzstaffel. However, Jugram Haschwalth appears and reveals that the creatures are merely the manifestation of the Soul King's unrestrained power and that their only enemy is the Shinigami. The creatures begin pouring out of the palace and heading for the Seireitei below.[33]

621Shinigami fight

The Shinigami fight back against the creatures.

In the laboratory, Hisagi wonders why it appears to be night-time, only for Suì-Fēng to tell him that this is clearly the work of the Quincies and that they are going to use the hole in the Shakonmaku as an entry point. Suì-Fēng leaps onto the roof and activates her Bankai, Jakuhō Raikōben, in an attempt to destroy the veil of darkness, only to suddenly be swarmed by the creatures. As Marechiyo destroys some of the creatures with Gegetsuburi, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Hisagi, and Byakuya leap out and release their Zanpakutō as well before helping fight off the creatures. However, the creatures are suddenly crushed as Aizen tells the Shinigami to crush them with their Reiatsu.[34]

Return of Sōsuke Aizen


Aizen destroys the remaining creatures with Hadō #90. Kurohitsugi.

The Shinigami present all express shock at Aizen's appearance as Aizen greets Rukia, whom he congratulates on being promoted to lieutenant. When Rukia demands to know who let him out of Muken, Shunsui claims responsibility before stating that he believes they will need Aizen's power, prompting many of the Shinigami to voice their dissent with his decision based on what Aizen has done in the past. However, Shunsui counters them by pointing out how they cannot save the world with honor and dignity and that there are worse things than letting evil fight evil. As the Shinigami fall silent, another swarm of creatures descends from the sky, but Aizen destroys them with Hadō #90. Kurohitsugi, shocking those present. After admitting that he only did this as an attempt to destroy his chair, Aizen begins focusing his Reiatsu in preparation for bringing down the Soul King Palace.[35]

The Rebellion

623The Underbelly

Aizen is covered by NaNaNa's "Morphine Pattern".

As Aizen's concentrated Reiatsu destroys the remainder of the veil of darkness, the Shinigami look on in shock, only to be surprised alongside Aizen himself when the Reiatsu suddenly dissipates. Shunsui steps forward and notes that the power required to restrain Aizen's power is incredibly strong. Noting that an individual possesses Reiatsu as long as their heart beats, Mayuri explains how all the prisoners in Muken cannot die and thus cannot have their Reiatsu extinguished, which is why the technology of Soul Society is instead devoted to restraining it. Mayuri notes that Aizen likely thought his power exceeded Mayuri's technological prowess before mocking him as a naive man. Hearing this, Aizen attempts to test the limits of his restraints against his own power, but is interrupted by NaNaNa Najahkoop, who uses The Underbelly to cover Aizen with his "Morphine Pattern".[36]

623Bazz-B reveals

Bazz-B reveals that he, Liltotto, and Giselle will aid the Shinigami in return for being taken to the palace.

NaNaNa points out the holes in Aizen's Reiatsu before blasting them, leaving Aizen incapacitated but still conscious. Expressing surprise that Aizen did not even pass out, NaNaNa tells the Shinigami to sit back and watch as Bazz-B, Liltotto Lamperd, and Giselle Gewelle arrive behind him. When Nanao informs him that they will have to start the gateway formation process all over again, Shunsui tells Urahara to focus on forging the gate as several zombified Shinigami surround the Gotei 13. Shunsui asks NaNaNa if they will join them, but NaNaNa denies this and prepare to incapacitate the Shinigami, only for Bazz-B to shoot him through the chest with Burner Finger 1. As Shunsui notes this was unexpected, Bazz-B reveals they will help the Shinigami in exchange for going to the palace with them.[37]

624Sternritter help

The Sternritter help the Shinigami create the doorway to the Soul King Palace by infusing the orbs with their Reiatsu.

Five minutes later, Aizen recovers, surprising Shunsui. When Aizen tells him this is the perfect chance to kill him because he can barely move, Shunsui notes that it is not so easy to kill him before admitting he feels sorry for NaNaNa because Aizen was only rendered immobile for five minutes despite having his Reiatsu suppressed. Aizen points out how no one has ever done this to him before, and Shunsui acknowledges this before asking Aizen to sit there for a bit longer as the Sternritter aid the Shinigami in creating the doorway to the palace. Seeing this, Aizen notes they are working together to defeat a common enemy before expressing irritation that Ichigo has set foot in the palace before he could.[38]

624Grimmjow arrives

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez emerges from a Garganta on Yoruichi's command.

Meanwhile, as a shadowy figure ascends a set of stairs, Yoruichi wakes Ichigo up by kicking his back. Asking the others if they are alright, Ichigo wonders why he was the only one to fall unconscious. Orihime attempts to remind him, but Ichigo begins remembering on his own. After fully remembering what happened, an incredulous Ichigo realizes Kon is responsible and finds him hiding behind some rubble. As Ichigo torments Kon, Yoruichi, having had her arm restored by Orihime, asks the group if it is time for their counterattack. Ichigo wonders how they will get to the palace, but Yoruichi tells him to not worry about it as Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez emerges from a Garganta.[39]

625Nelliel appears

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck appears in her adult form.

Greeting Ichigo, Grimmjow leaps out of the Garganta to stand before him and states it has been a long time since they last saw each other before noting Ichigo's scars have healed quite well. When Ichigo observes that he is not looking too bad himself, Grimmjow wonders if Ichigo thought he died before drawing his sword, prompting a surprised Ichigo to grab Zangetsu. As Grimmjow claims he will not die before settling things with Ichigo first and that he has been waiting to do so for a long time, he is interrupted by Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, who leaps over him in her adult form and crashes into Ichigo. Nelliel explains to a flustered Ichigo that Urahara created a wristband which allows her to switch between her forms at will.[40]

625Modified Valley of Screams

A set of stairs leading to a large box with a voice emanating from it appears in the Garganta.

As Nelliel notes she does not have any reason to return to her child form, Sado notices Orihime's flustered expression and assures her that Urahara only had good intentions when doing this, prompting Orihime to claim she would not worry about this. An irritated Grimmjow demands that Nelliel leave, but Nelliel tells him that he should do the same if he intends to start a fight while they are already in the middle of a conflict before noting that the 6th Espada should not be giving orders to the 3rd. Hearing this, Grimmjow points out how these positions no longer mean anything because Aizen is no longer around before challenging Nelliel to find out which one of them is stronger. However, they are interrupted when a voice emanating from a large box in the Garganta tells them to get inside.[41]

625Valley of Screams

Yoruichi explains the structure and formation of the Valleys of Screams to Ichigo.

A confused Ichigo ascends the stairs, only to be greeted by Riruka Dokugamine and Yukio Hans Vorarlberna, who points out how the box is one of his abilities. Once everyone is inside, Yoruichi asks Ichigo which part he would like her to explain first, only for Ichigo to demand that she explain everything to him because he is the only person who has been left out of the loop. Claiming that there was no prior opportunity to explain things to Ichigo because he was so busy, Yoruichi turns on an image display and reminds Ichigo that Soul Society and the Human World are connected by the Dangai before revealing that the Dangai is surrounded by small pockets of escaped Souls known as Valleys of Screams.[42]

625Yhwach fully absorbs

Yhwach completely absorbs the Soul King.

Noting that the Valleys of Screams reside in the Garganta, Yoruichi reveals that the Valleys of Screams somehow continue to exist despite the instability of the Reiatsu present in the Garganta. Yoruichi states that Urahara sought out Riruka and Yukio to exploit this; by using their individual powers, he put a small Valley of Screams into a box and modified it into a room and rails, which will allow them to sneak into the palace without exerting any Reiatsu. Meanwhile, in the palace, the Schutzstaffel sit around as Askin tells Lille that they cannot even go near Yhwach because he may swallow them up too. Noticing Uryū's expression, Gerard assures him that Yhwach will be fine. Elsewhere, Yhwach completely absorbs the Soul King.[43]


626Valley of Screams moves

The Valley of Screams begins moving toward the palace.

As the modified Valley of Screams begins moving toward the palace, Yoruichi reveals to the others that she placed a stake near the Soul King when she saw the barrier set up around him collapsing, so they should be able to sneak in undetected if no one has noticed it yet. When Sado asks her what powers Pernida has because he and the others were too far away to see it clearly, Yoruichi admits that she only knows her arm was broken before cautioning them to keep their distance from it. Orihime notes they should have asked Ichibei about the powers he witnessed when they had the chance, but Riruka scolds her for being depressed about things that have already happened. When Ichigo asks Grimmjow why he is helping them, Grimmjow claims he will not be able to kill Ichigo if Yhwach destroys all the realms.[44]

626Yhwach reveals

Yhwach reveals his appearance after absorbing the Soul King.

Meanwhile, in the palace, Haschwalth informs Uryū and the Schutzstaffel that Yhwach has finished absorbing the Soul King before claiming that a new world awaits them. As the Quincy approach Yhwach, who is oozing darkness, an unnerved Askin notices the darkness covering the floor and wonders what it is, only to be shocked alongside Uryū, Lille, and Gerard when Yhwach turns around to reveal he has gained a mask of eyes. Askin tries to back away, but is stopped by Haschwalth, who tells him to calm down. Asking the Quincy if they are afraid of him, Yhwach states they will soon become accustomed to it before noting he never expected to have too much power as the top of the palace shatters.[45]

626Haschwalth kneels

Haschwalth kneels before Yhwach.

The Schutzstaffel are sent flying, each one moving to a piece of rubble, as Askin begs Haschwalth to do something about Yhwach. However, Haschwalth kneels before Yhwach and praises his power before noting that the world can no longer exist without him. When Haschwalth asks him to lead them, Yhwach addresses him as his first son and states he will begin with remaking their nation as the buildings in the Wandenreich city that replaced the Seireitei begin to crumble.[46]


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