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FEAR FOR FIGHT is the thirty-eighth volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary[]

The Shinigami must guard the four pillars that are protecting Karakura Town from destruction at the hands of Sōsuke Aizen's minions. Standing guard are assistant captains Yumichika Ayasegawa, Izuru Kira, Shūhei Hisagi and Ikkaku Madarame! But when Ikkaku goes down, will Karakura Town fall with him...?!

Bleach All Stars[]

Choe Neng Poww
Ep219FindorrCharaPic2 アビラマ
Abirama Redder
Ep216PowwCharaPic2 フィンドール
Findorr Calius

Ep237IkkakuCharaPic 檜佐木 修兵
Shūhei Hisagi
斑目 一角
Ikkaku Madarame
Ep216HisagiCharaPic 吉良 イヅル
Izuru Kira


323. Gloomy, Ghastly and Full of Despair[]

3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira fights Abirama Redder and explains the motto of his Division.

Summary :


Cover of 323. Gloomy, Ghastly and Full of Despair

Abirama Redder explains that his Aguila resurrection wings are not ordinary. They are wings of steel, which are heavier than stone and can crush anything that they touch. Kira comments on his good choice of name, but remarks that it doesn't change the fact that they are still wings. Kira then casts Hadō #58: Tenran, a spell that creates a tornado. Abirama assumes that Kira believes the tornado created by his Kidō would negatively affect his wings, Abirama tells him that the spell will not work and beats back the tornado to discover that Kira had taken the moment of distraction to retreat by making a hole in the roof of the building he was standing on and had hidden inside. Abirama tells him that being a sneaky rat won't help him and unleashes his "Devorar Pluma" attack, which sends the feathers of his wings hurtling into the building.

Kira curses the fact that the force of the feather projectiles can pierce right through the building and jumps out of a window. Seeing him, Abirama sends his feathers hurtling at Kira who protects himself by cutting down some electrical poles and creating a barrier between him and the barrage of projectiles. As Abirama yells at him to stop hiding, Kira deduces that Abirama is probably regrowing the feathers with high speed regeneration as the number of feathers on his wings is not decreasing. Kira starts to think of a plan, but Abirama tells him that he is not going to give him leisure to do that. Abirama cuts into the tattoo patterns on his chest with his talons and draws blood, making Kira wonder what he is doing. Abirama then focuses on Kira and comes at him at high speed. Abirama crashes into the building on the roof of which Kira was standing. When the dust clears, Abirama wonders where Kira is.

Kira is revealed to be hanging off Abirama's wings with the hook of Wabisuke. Abirama mocks Kira, wondering if he managed to get his legs smashed. Kira answers that he is relieved that Abirama chose to attack him the way he did. Saying Abirama's long ranged attacks were a real problem, Kira explains that it is useless to cut anything with his Zanpakutō that is not attached to his opponents body. Abirama questions what Kira's strangely shaped sword can cut anyway. Just then Abirama suddenly becomes very heavy and crushes the multi-story building beneath him as he falls all the way to the ground.

Abirama finds himself completely immobile due to his wings suddenly being extremely heavy. Kira then reveals the power of Wabisuke, explaining that he had cumulatively doubled the weight of Abirama's wings four times. As a result, Abirama's steel wings are now so heavy that Abirama can no longer fly. Abirama accuses Kira of cheating and demands to know how this is a fight between warriors. Kira wonders at the comment, saying that if warriors are supposed to act like how Abirama did before the start of their battle, shouting things to inspire each other, then that is something Kira does not understand at all. Kira goes onto explain that symbol of the 3rd Division is the Marigold, it's meaning is despair. That is the creed of the 3rd Division. Fighting must not be heroic, nor can it be exhilarating. Fighting is despair and that is why people choose to avoid it. Kira goes onto explain that he believes that his Wabisuke, that doubles the weight of an opponent till they fall to the ground, as if bowing in apology, is the Zanpakutō that conforms most to the ideals of the 3rd Division. He then reminds Abirama that he wanted to know what Kira's strangely shaped Zanpakutō could cut. Kira puts Abirama's neck in the hook of Wabisuke and reveals how it can be used as a reverse guillotine. Abirama tells him to wait, but Kira replies that warriors do not beg for their life and decapitates the Fracción.

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324. The Reaper[]

As 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira finishes off Abirama Redder, Findorr Calius forces 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi to release his true strength.

Summary :


Cover of 324. The Claws[7]

Lieutenant Kira completes the beheading of Abirama. As he returns his Zanpakutō to its sealed state, Kira bids Abirama farewell and hopes that Abirama can not forgive him.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Hisagi and Findorr Calius continue their fight. Findorr taunts Hisagi for being exhausted and wondering why Hisagi is the only one exhausted given that Findorr says he is also fighting at a lieutenant's level. Hisagi asks if Findorr is saying that he is not up to a lieutenant's level. Findorr replies "Exacta" and that unless Findorr had miscalculated the strength of the Gotei 13, Hisagi is not up to scratch. Hisagi tells Findorr not to address him as "lieutenant" as he had given Findorr his name. Findorr says that it was rude of him, but states that introducing himself goes against his own code of manners. However, he introduces himself anyway and then introduces his Zanpakutō: Pinza Aguda.

Hisagi asks if that is an Arrancar's Resurrección. Findorr replies with "Exacta" and says that he is surprised that Hisagi knows so much. Hisagi tells Findorr to not think that he was the only ones with intelligence on the enemy. Findorr replies that he never said that he was. Findorr proceeds to cut the portion of the building on which Hisagi was standing and the two begin to fight in earnest. As they are, Hisagi asks why Findorr keeps saying "Exacta". Findorr replies that life is nothing but a series of difficult problems and the one who makes the most correct choices survives and therefore everybody wants to know the correct answer. Hisagi asks if that means that Findorr is giving himself the correct answers, he then compliments Findorr on this great speech before unclasping his armlet, which explodes and distracts Findorr. Hisagi then casts Bakudō #62 Hyapporankan and uses it to pin Findorr to a building. Hisagi tells Findorr it's over, but Findorr tells Hisagi not to underestimate him and releases a high pressure stream that Hisagi barely dodges. Hisagi takes his eyes off Findorr to survey the damage the high pressure stream caused; Findorr berates him for that before unleashing a barrage of high pressure streams that envelop Hisagi. This forces Hisagi to finally release this Shikai: Kazeshini.

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325. Fear For Fight[]

9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi and Findorr Calius conclude their fight, just as a pillar comes down.

Summary :


The Cover of 325. Fear For Fight

Findorr asks Hisagi about his Zanpakutō. Hisagi explains to Findorr that he does not like his Zanpakutō, Kazeshini, because it is shaped liked something meant to take lives. This information disturbs Findorr as Hisagi begins to attack him using the deadly abilities of Kazeshini. Findorr barely dodges the long range movement of Kazeshini. Hisagi manages to get into melee range of Findorr with one blade, while the other blade is used for a long range attack. Findorr counters Hisagi, forcing him to drop down towards the ground from the building tops to dodge. Findorr tells Hisagi he can't get away, but gets caught in the downwards sweep of Kazeshini. Hisagi then observes that Findorr cannot predict the movement of Kazeshini and asks him if he is scared. Findorr replies that he is not, Hisagi tells Findorr that he himself is scared. Findorr demands to know if Hisagi's power is so great that it scares him. Findorr tells the lieutenant that he is deluding himself and tells Hisagi that he will wake him up. Saying this, Findorr removes more of his mask and tells Hisagi that he is now at the level of a Gotei 13 captain and therefore a lieutenant has no chance of beating him. Hisagi calmly tugs on the chain of Kazeshini and cuts off Findorr's pincher.

Findorr is shocked as Hisagi tells him that as Findorr is not scared of his own power or that of his opponent he can see right through him. Hisagi goes on to say that he had been taught that those who do not fear their sword are not worthy to hold it. He was taught this by Kaname Tōsen. Findorr panics and tries to run away. Hisagi asks him if he has finally remembered his fear, telling Findorr that they are finally equal. Hisagi then sends Kazeshini after Findorr, killing him while the latter screams. Hisagi then tells Findorr that he was no where near equal to a captain. Just then a pillar comes down, surprising Hisagi.

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326. Knockdown Monster[]

The Shinigami react to the destruction of the pillar and rush to help the defeated 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame.

Summary :


The Cover of 326. Knockdown Monster

The Shinigami are shocked that one of the pillars been destroyed and that Ikkaku was defeated. Yumichika rushes to Ikkaku, but is stopped by Hisagi. When he refuses to back down, Kira uses Shinten, a tranquilizer, to subdue Yumichika, telling him that that is no way for an fifth seat to act. Kira and Hisagi notice that the Real Karakura Town is beginning to reappear following the destruction of the pillar. Poww feels that Ikkaku was holding back some power and press him to use it. Ikkaku denies he has any hidden power and says that even if he did, he would not waste it against Poww.

As the Arrancar prepares to kill Ikkaku, he is punched in the face by Captain Sajin Komamura and knocked into a building. Komamura orders his lieutenant, Tetsuzaemon Iba, to stop the reappearance of the town. Iba places poles in the ground around the remains of the pillar, which stabilize and halt the transference of Karakura Town. He says that it is an emergency measure, but that it should hold as long as they are not caught up in any fighting. Poww emerges from the rubble and compliments Komamura on his punch. He punches the captain, sending him flying. He then draws his Zanpakutō and releases it, becoming much larger.

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327. Knockdown Monsters[]

As 7th Division Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba drags 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame away from Choe Neng Poww, his captain Sajin Komamura returns to finish the giant Arrancar.

Summary :


The Cover of 327. Knockdown Monsters

Kira and Hisagi, who is carrying Yumichika, are rushing to the destroyed pillar when they notice Poww's huge form. Seeing Poww's size, Iba decides to grab Ikkaku and run. Iba explains that they cannot do anything against an opponent capable of sending Komamura flying. As Poww swings his fist at them, Ikkaku realizes that Iba cannot dodge while dragging him. Komamura blocks the attack, however, and launches Poww into the air. Komamura tells Iba not to retreat, and stand right behind him.

Poww gets back up and says that while he was not hurt, he was surprised by the Shinigami, calling him a pathetic insect. He charges a Cero, but when Komamura activates his Bankai, he stops charging it. He demands to know who the captain is and attacks Komamura with a punch instead. Komamura responds by identifying himself to the Arrancar and agrees with him that he is a pathetic insect, as his Bankai crushes Poww into the ground.

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328. The Knuckle Debate[]

7th Division Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba lectures 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame over how he lost due to holding back, while the main group of Shinigami and Arrancar begin to fight.

Summary :


The Cover of 328. The Knuckle Debate

Witnessing Komamura's Bankai crushing Poww, Captain Suì-Fēng comments that it is good that he shows no mercy. Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto wonders if the damage he caused will put the Seventh Division in debt for the current fiscal term. Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya says that some captains pay for damage caused by their subordinates during battles out of their own pockets, and that Komamura is not the type of person to pass it on to the division. When Matsumoto says that she does not have to worry about damaging anything, Hitsugaya tells her that any damage she causes will be deducted from her wages. Faced with the sight of Komamura's Bankai, Hisagi and Kira remark that they are glad they did not reach the pillar in time to help.

As Komamura reseals his Bankai, Ikkaku describes it as amazing. Iba responds that the difference between the captain's Bankai and Ikkaku's is like night and day. Ikkaku is shocked that Iba knows about his Bankai. Tetsuzaemon tells him that he will not reveal his secret, but that he must think hard about how he failed in his duty to protect the pillar because he hid his power. Iba says Ikkaku is free to hide his power and die, so long as he does not ignore his orders and hurt the Shinigami's cause in the process. So long as he is in the Gotei 13, Ikkaku should be prepared to suppress his pride and stubbornness to uphold his orders. When Ikkaku responds that he knows all that, Iba punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Tetsuzaemon tells him that he loses with a carefree look on his face because he feels that there are others who can replace him. Ikkaku attacks him with his shattered Shikai, which Iba grabs hold of. Iba says that there is no point in attacking from the front when you cannot win, and that how he wins is unimportant, so long as he does win. When Ikkaku says that he will not fight like that, Tetsuzaemon tells him to use his true power. Komamura appears behind Iba, but reassures him that he did not overhear their conversation.

Baraggan reacts angrily to the defeat of his "Dragons". One of his remaining Fracción, Ggio Vega, apologizes for their failure and promises to dispose of the Shinigami. Suì-Fēng interrupts him, asking if he intends to kill Komamura or all of the Shinigami. She then tells him that she will dispose of him, even if he does not reply and the remaining Shinigami and Arrancar face off with their new opponents.

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The Shinigami and Arrancar armies chose their opponents and begin fighting.

Summary :


Cover of 329. RAGING RAMPAGE

Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto orders his troops to place their entire spirits on the line and to crush the Arrancar in the Fake Karakura Town, no matter what the cost. They cannot allow the Arrancar to set foot in Soul Society. Captain Shunsui Kyōraku comments that Yamamoto is all fired up and that he has stiff shoulders. Captain Jūshirō Ukitake replies that they should give him a shoulder massage after the battle, but Shunsui says that he meant he himself had stiff shoulders. Suì-Fēng complains that she can hear Lieutenant Marechiyo Ōmaeda's teeth chattering and asks if he is afraid of his first real fight in a long time, suggesting that he use the opportunity to die. Ōmaeda denies he is scared and swears he will not get killed. Hitsugaya tells Matsumoto not to lose focus.

Baraggan Louisenbairn tells his two remaining subordinates that there will be no place for them to return to if they lose, and that he should not have to walk down a road that is not bathed in the blood of his enemies. The two Arrancar reply that they will pulverize Suì-Fēng and Ōmaeda. Elsewhere, Shunsui asks Starrk to send to send Lilynette away, saying that they cannot fight at full power with her there. Starrk replies that if Ukitake and Shunsui do not want to fight at full power, then he will not either. He says that fighting is not in his nature and asks if they can just pretend to fight until the other battles are over. Shunsui responds that while he would like to be able to do that, this time he cannot.

Meanwhile, Matsumoto tells Hitsugaya that she can handle Cyan Sung-Sun, Franceska Mila Rose, and Emilou Apacci on her own, and that he should fight the Espada behind them. Apacci refuses to let him through, but Tier Harribel tells her to wait and draws her sword. All the Shinigami and Arrancar clash blades with their opponents.

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10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Tier Harribel begin fighting, his lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto battles her three Fracción and 2nd Division Captain Suì-Fēng gains the upper hand against her opponent, Ggio Vega.

Summary :



Harribel draws her Zanpakutō and clashes blades with Hitsugaya. Apacci complains about Hitsugaya attacking her Espada master, but Mila Rose tells her to worry about it later. She says that Hitsugaya has no chance of winning, especially now that Harribel has drawn her sword. Mila Rose says that they should defeat Matsumoto quickly if they want to help Harribel. Matsumoto taunts Apacci and Mila Rose. Sung-Sun gives out to them for being angered so easily, and the three Arrancar end up standing beside each other. Matsumoto says that they had an advantage when they had her surrounded, but their superior numbers mean little when they are all standing so close together.

She releases her Zanpakutō and surrounds them in its ash-cloud. When she touches the ash, Matsumoto injures Apacci, explaining Haineko's power at the same time as closing the gaps in the cloud, which begins to whirl around the three Arrancar. All three of the Fracción fire a Cero into the ash, breaking through it and nearly hitting Matsumoto, who narrowly dodges the attack.

Meanwhile, Ōmaeda is smashed into the roof of a building by his opponent. Suì-Fēng's opponent, asks her if it is okay that her subordinate is being beaten around a bit. Suì-Fēng replies that it will be a good eye-opener for him and that she does not care for a division where everyone gets along well. Some hostility is better suited for training her troops. When the Arrancar tries to kick her head, she dodges and kicks him in the face, breaking part of his mask. She then pins him against the wall of a building with Kidō. She remarks that she did not even have time to ask his name and releases her Zanpakutō.

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331. Don't Believe The Hide[]

2nd Division Captain Suì-Fēng continues to fight Ggio Vega who escapes her Kidō and releases his Resurrección, Tigre Estoque. 2nd Division Lieutenant Marechiyo Ōmaeda continues his fight against the now released Nirgge Parduoc.

Summary :


Cover of 331. Don't Believe The Hide

Suì-Fēng explains that her Zanpakutō's ability is to kill in two hits and darts towards her trapped opponent. The Arrancar fires a Cero at the building he is pinned against, allowing him to break free. He attacks Suì-Fēng, telling her that if she was truthful about her power, then she should have used her Shunpo to attack him sooner. Recognizing that she is from the Second Division due to her uniform, he asks if this is all that an assassin from Soul Society is capable of. He introduces himself as Ggio and releases his Zanpakutō, Tigre Estoque.

Meanwhile, Ōmaeda repeatedly attacks his opponent, but is unable to cut through his Hierro. The Arrancar slaps him in the face, sending him flying onto a nearby rooftop. After the pair trade insults, the Arrancar releases his Zanpakutō, Mamut and attacks Ōmaeda with his trunk. As they descend to street-level, the Fracción admits that he may be slower in this form, but that he is still fast enough to beat Ōmaeda, who replies that in urban combat, quick thinking is more important than speed. Thinking that he would not be able to ascend quickly, Ōmaeda scales the side of a building, but the Arrancar jumps up to the top, telling him that he should not judge others by their appearances. He attacks Ōmaeda, who vanishes and reappears on his shoulder. Telling him that he is the leader of the Patrol Corps of the Onmitsukidō, Ōmaeda says that there is no way he would be that slow. He releases his Zanpakutō and strikes the Arrancar's head, commenting that one should not judge others by their appearances.

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Author's Notes[]

Volume 38 Intro Image
I've been going to the dentist's office a lot since New Year's. It's nothing like a hospital. It's very clean and the treatments don't hurt at all. It's almost the ideal place, except for the dentist's eyeglasses. They're super funny. That's the only problem.

-Tite Kubo


  • The cover page of chapter 327 was originally printed in All Colour But The Black two years prior, where Kubo specifically drew and included Komamura in a series of redrawn covers from the Soul Society arc featuring the Gotei 13 captains because he had not featured him on one yet.[8]


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