End of hypnosis
"Those who do not know what love is
liken it to beauty.
Those who claim to know what love is
liken it to ugliness."
Cover Gin Ichimaru
Volume 20
Pages 224
Anime Episodes 60 - 62
Release Data
Print (J) December 2, 2005
ISBN (J) 4-08-873883-7[1]
Print (US) August 7, 2007
ISBN (US) 1-4215-1044-8[2]
Chapter List
Shueisha -12.5. 寒月に咲く[3]

169. end of hypnosis
170. end of hypnosis2 [the Galvanizer]
171. end of hypnosis3 [the Blue Fog]
172. end of hypnosis4 [Prisoners in Paradise]
173. end of hypnosis5 [Standing to Defend You]
174. end of hypnosis6 [The United Front]
175. end of hypnosis7 [Truth Under My Strings]
176. end of hypnosis8 [the Transfixion]
177. end of hypnosis9 [Completely Encompass]
178. end of hypnosis10 [No One Stand On the Sky]

Viz Media -12.5. Blooming Under a Cold Moon

169. End of Hypnosis
170. end of hypnosis2 (the Galvanizer)
171. end of hypnosis3 (the Blue Fog)
172. end of hypnosis4 (Prisoners in Paradise)
173. end of hypnosis5 (Standing to Defend You)
174. end of hypnosis6 (The United Front)
175. end of hypnosis7 (Truth Under My Strings)
176. end of hypnosis8 (the Transfixion)
177. end of hypnosis9 (Completely Encompass)
178. end of hypnosis10 (No One Stand On the Sky)

end of hypnosis is the twentieth volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary

The shocking truth behind the collapse of the Soul Society is finally revealed! The magnitude of the conspiracy is far-reaching, and the perpetrators wield staggering power. Is this the end of the Soul Society?

Bleach All Stars

狛村 左陣
Sajin Komamura
Ep38TosenCharaPic 藍染 惣右介
Sōsuke Aizen
Ep215KomamuraCharaPic 東仙 要
Kaname Tōsen

Ep262RangikuCharaPic 市丸 ギン
Gin Ichimaru
松本 乱菊
Rangiku Matsumoto
Ep153GinCharaPic 黒崎 一護
Ichigo Kurosaki


-12.5. 寒月に咲く

Hinamori, Matsumoto, and Aizen celebrate Hitsugaya's birthday.

Summary :


Cover of -12.5. 寒月に咲く[3]

Lieutenant Momo Hinamori goes to the 10th Division holding a card, which Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto thinks is for her birthday, despite having celebrated it months ago. Momo informs her that it's actually Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya's birthday, which has her thinking. Sometime later, Tōshirō receives a letter telling him to meet Rangiku that night, but he simply wonders where she went without finishing her work.

That evening, he goes to the meeting place, and finds Rangiku, Momo, and Captain Sōsuke Aizen there. It is revealed that for his birthday, Rangiku got fireworks to shoot off, though she comments that it'd be better if it was snowing. However, he dismisses this, saying that then, it'd be too cold. Aizen wishes him happy birthday, but he comments that growing up in the Rukongai, he doesn't really know when his birthday is, and those who grow up there simply have to trust what someone else told them.

This prompts Rangiku to remember a time when her childhood friend, Gin Ichimaru, asked her when her birthday is. When she says she doesn't know, he decides that her birthday will be the day she met him. Presently, Aizen dismisses Tōshirō's comment, and says that just by having a birthday is a sign of happiness. Tōshirō thinks to himself that people are like fireworks, and thanks Momo, Aizen, and Rangiku.

Characters in order of appearance :

169. end of hypnosis

Izuru and Rangiku release their Zanpakutō, while Momo finds Aizen alive, only to be stabbed by him.

Summary :


Cover of 169. end of hypnosis

Izuru asks if Rangiku knows anything about Wabisuke. She then replies saying he hasn't told anyone about it. He then negates this by saying only Lieutenants Renji Abarai and Momo Hinamori know about Wabisuke, and soon, she will know too. He unleashes an assault on Rangiku and having cut her sword eight times, it becomes exponentially heavier until she can no longer lift it. Rangiku then ponders on Gin and on what he wants with Izuru and her. Rangiku releases her own Zanpakutō, Haineko, which turns itself to ash, to defeat Izuru.

Back in the Central 46 chamber, Momo is told by Gin to follow him. He leads her to Seijo to Kyorin, the living quarters of the Central 46, where she meets Sōsuke Aizen, her former captain and partner whom she believed to be deceased. Aizen apologizes to Momo for hurting her by staging his death. As she weeps tears of joy, he holds her and apologizes again, then bids her farewell before impaling her with his own Zanpakutō. Aizen and Gin leave as Momo lies, dying on the floor.

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:

170. end of hypnosis2 [the Galvanizer]

Hitsugaya confronts Aizen, but is defeated by him.

Summary :


Cover of 170. end of hypnosis2 [the Galvanizer]

Aizen and Gin begin to walk out, but are confronted by Hitsugaya. He is shocked to see Aizen still alive and asks what's going on. Aizen tells Gin that he came back sooner than expected and not as injured as he should be. Gin apologizes, since he thought Kira would be a better distraction and Hitsugaya asks what they're talking about. Aizen tells him that they're simply discussing strategies about spreading out the enemy's forces and Hitsugaya asks him where Momo is. He doesn't give an answer, so Hitsugaya runs past them and sees a dying Momo. Aizen apologizes to him and says that he should have cut her up into unrecognizable pieces. Hitsugaya asks them when they became allies and Aizen tells him he never thought of anyone else but Gin as his lieutenant since he was a captain. Hitsugaya yells at Aizen for deceiving them all and Aizen tells him that he never deceived anyone and that they simply couldn't see his true face. Hitsugaya tells him that Momo had admired him and Aizen counters saying that admiration is the furthest thing from understanding. This angers Hitsugaya enough to activate his Bankai, Daiguren Hyōrinmaru. He tells Aizen that he's going to kill him and Aizen tells him not to use such strong words since it makes him look weak. In an instant Aizen appears behind Hitsugaya and causes a deep cut in his right shoulder.

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171. end of hypnosis3 [the Blue Fog]

Aizen explains to Unohana about his Shikai and that Tōsen was always his subordinate. Aizen, Gin, and Tōsen then teleport to Sōkyoku Hill to retrieve Rukia.

Summary :


Cover of 171. end of hypnosis3 [the Blue Fog]

As Captain Hitsugaya falls to the ground unconscious, Aizen and Gin decide to leave, but are confronted by Captain Retsu Unohana and Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu, and they call him a traitor. Aizen asks them if it was easy to figure out where he was and Unohana tells him that if he made such a well detailed corpse doll to hide his presence, then obviously he would hide in the safest place in Seireitei. Aizen corrects her saying that he did not come here to hide, and that he didn't make a corpse doll. The "corpse doll" is then held up by Aizen and Unohana and Isane look on in shock. They ask him when he took the "corpse doll" out and Aizen says he always had it in his hand, but that he just decided not to show it to them. They are confused by this and Aizen shows them what he means by this and releases his Zanpakutō, Kyōka Suigetsu. The "corpse doll" disappears and he explains that his Zanpakutō's ability is complete hypnosis. Isane doesn't believe it though, since Aizen showed everyone his Zanpakutō's release, which was a fog that caused the enemy to fight among themselves. Unohana figures it out though and says that when he showed everybody his released Zanpakutō, it was actually the ritual for the hypnosis. Aizen tells her she's correct and that his complete hypnosis is able to control all five senses and that every time he releases his Zanpakutō, after they see it once, they succumb to his ability. He then explains that if you cannot see then you are immune to its ability and tells them that Kaname Tōsen was his subordinate the entire time.

Tōsen is then shown stopping Renji, who asks him what he's doing here. Tōsen then teleports them away from the scene.

Aizen and Gin begin to teleport themselves away as well and Aizen congratulates Unohana on being able to figure him out. Isane tries to stop them, but fails.

Renji is teleported back to Sōkyoku Hill and is shocked by this. Aizen and Gin then appear right behind him and Aizen asks him to put Rukia Kuchiki down and leave.

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:

172. end of hypnosis4 [Prisoners in Paradise]

Isane tells everyone about Aizen and it is revealed that Aizen wants Rukia executed.

Summary :


Cover of 172. end of hypnosis4 [Prisoners in Paradise]

Renji is surprised that Aizen is alive and can't believe what he just said. Aizen tells him that he's always been troublesome and reiterates that he should put Rukia down.

Isane uses Bakudō #58: Kakushitsuijaku and is able to locate Aizen at Sōkyoku Hill. Unohana tells her to transmit a message to all the captains, lieutenants, and Ryoka about everything that Aizen has done and his location. She then begins to heal Hitsugaya and Momo. Isane uses Bakudō #77: Tenteikūra and tells everyone what has happened. Everyone is shocked to hear this news except Mayuri, who's now out of his makeup, and tells Nemu that he has no interest in this.

Ichigo and his friends are confused about this and don't really know what's going on. Ichigo remarks that it's odd for them to tell them this, since this should be a problem for Soul Society, not them. Ishida tells him that they probably felt they should know and explains that the Central 46 is probably a high standing government institute, and that Aizen probably murdered them to make Soul Society follow his orders while still thinking they were following orders from Central 46. Ishida then remarks that since the execution date kept moving up, Aizen must want Rukia killed. Ichigo then immediately heads back to Sōkyoku Hill.

Renji tells Aizen that he refuses to put Rukia down. Gin begins to draw his Zanpakutō. Aizen tells Gin to stop and says to Renji that if he wants to hold on to Rukia it's okay and to just leave his hands behind. Aizen then draws his Zanpakutō.

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:

173. end of hypnosis5 [Standing to Defend You]

Ichigo arrives to save Renji and Rukia.

Summary :


Cover of 173. end of hypnosis5 [Standing to Defend You]

Renji is able to dodge Aizen's attack, but his right arm is injured in the process. Aizen congratulates him on learning how to dodge successfully, but warns him that he shouldn't be so stubborn or he might accidentally kill him, which is something he wouldn't want to do to his former commanding officer. Renji tells him that if he doesn't want to do something like that, then why did he kill Momo. Aizen realizes that Isane has contacted everyone, but doesn't think much of it. He explains to Renji that since she couldn't live without him, he was doing her a favor by putting her out of her misery. He admits though that he didn't want to kill her himself and tried to get Kira and Hitsugaya to do it for him, but the plan didn't go so well and he was forced to do it himself. Renji realizes that he used Kira and Momo as puppets and Aizen tells Renji that he is a puppet as well.

Renji tells him that he's not the same Aizen he knew and that he'll never hand Rukia over to him. Aizen claims he's delusional, since the Aizen he knew never existed to begin with. Renji then releases his Zanpakutō and goes to attack Aizen. He commends Renji on being able to do Shikai in his damaged state, but that won't even delay the inevitable for a second. Aizen then blocks the attack by simply holding up his Zanpakutō. Renji attacks again and Aizen blocks the blow with his bare hands and tells Renji that he was always the most dangerous of the three. Aizen then breaks Renji's Zanpakutō and deals a major wound to Renji's back. As Renji kneels down, helpless to do anything Aizen explains that when he put the three of them in his division, the most useful of them would be his and Gin's subordinates. He tells Renji that he was the most dangerous one and kicked him out to another division immediately. He then reiterates once again for him to put Rukia down and Rukia attempts to go with him, but Renji doesn't allow it. He tells Aizen that he will never let her go and Aizen attempts to finish him off. However, his blow is blocked by Ichigo, who tells Renji that he's come to help. Aizen simply smiles at this.

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174. end of hypnosis6 [The United Front]

Ichigo and Renji are easily defeated.

Summary :


Cover of 174. end of hypnosis6 [The United Front]

Ichigo greets Renji and the two, along with Rukia, move away from Aizen's immediate range. Ichimaru apologizes for allowing the Ryoka through, but Aizen replies that while cleaning the house, there is no difference between one piece of dirt or two. Renji and Ichigo make the decision to stay and fight, as running will be futile. They decide to coordinate a joint attack on Aizen using Renji's Higa Zekkō technique, however, Aizen dodges it and blocks Ichigo's attack with a single finger in yet another show of strength. He slashes Ichigo's body with the intent to cut him in half, yet is unsuccessful, since his attack is too shallow. He then slashes Renji's body a second time and walks towards Rukia, who is overwhelmed by his Reiatsu.

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175. end of hypnosis7 [Truth Under My Strings]

Aizen explains his plan but is interrupted by Komamura.

Summary :


Cover of 175. end of hypnosis7 [Truth Under My Strings]

With Ichigo and Renji lying defeated before him, Aizen tells Rukia to get up, but upon realizing that she has been paralyzed by his overwhelming power, he drags her to her feet, saying that he only wanted her to walk as it would be less effort for him. When Ichigo begins to move, Aizen compliments his stamina, but tells him not to push himself too much as his spine is nearly completely severed. He tells Ichigo that he has been very useful and that his job is now done. Aizen explains that they knew the Ryoka would arrive in western Rukongai. Because of this, there was tighter security there and the gate was closed immediately upon their arrival. The Third and Ninth Divisions were sent to the gate, while Ichimaru dealt with the intruders personally. With the gate closed and protected by a captain, the only alternative was Kūkaku Shiba's cannon. With the bold entry and the intruders being good enough to evade captains, the Shinigami naturally focused their attention on the Ryoka. Aizen says that thanks to their performance, the death of a captain did not raise much suspicion and he was able to move around fairly easily.

Ichigo questions how Aizen knew they would arrive in West Rukongai. Aizen explains that it is the only place that a Senkaimon created by Kisuke Urahara could access Soul Society. Surprised that Ichigo does not know this, Aizen asks if he came to rescue Rukia on Urahara's orders. Realizing that Ichigo had not been told much, Aizen offers to explain the situation to him. Aizen says that there are four Shinigami fighting styles, and that each of them has a limit. No matter which technique is mastered, every soul has a limit that cannot be surpassed. The captain then states that there is a way to overcome these limits — for a Shinigami to become a Hollow or for a Hollow to become a Shinigami. Aizen reveals that he has attempted to create such beings, focusing primarily upon transforming Hollows into Shinigami. But while he had succeeded in creating creatures close to Shinigami, such as Hollows that could hide their Reiatsu or destroy Zanpakutō and merge with Shinigami, he had not been able to create a new being. Urahara, however, succeeded in doing this by creating something that defied all logic within Soul Society - the Hōgyoku. Urahara had tried to destroy his creation, but was not able to. Instead, he sealed the Hōgyoku inside a barrier and buried it deep inside the soul of Rukia in order to hide its location.

Sōsuke reveals that he only discovered this after Rukia had gone missing in the Human World. Knowing that Urahara had been banished for creating untraceable Gigai, he reasoned that her disappearance was his doing. Aizen also reveals that the Gigai Urahara created also devours the Reiryoku of the Shinigami inhabiting it, preventing the user from regaining their powers and eventually turning them into a Human. Upon hearing this, Rukia remembers Urahara offering her a Gigai. Aizen continues his explanation, stating that he killed the Central 46, but he is interrupted by the arrival of Sajin Komamura, who attacks Aizen.

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176. end of hypnosis8 [the Transfixion]

Aizen defeats Komamura and continues his explanation.

Summary :


Cover of 176. end of hypnosis8 [the Transfixion]

In the past, Tōsen and Komamura meet for the first time, both of them joining the Gotei 13, with Tōsen serving in the 5th Division under Aizen's command as a lieutenant.

Komamura releases his Tenken and swings a blow at Aizen, who jumps clear of the hit, using the dust cloud to release his Kyōka Suigetsu and appears to land near Tōsen. Komamura follows him, demanding Tōsen to explain his actions. Receiving no answer, he is about to summon his Bankai, but is flabbergasted to find Aizen standing right beside him. As the illusion Aizen dissipates, Aizen uses Kurohitsugi to attack Komamura, severely injuring and incapacitating him.

Gin Ichimaru compliments Aizen's ability to use a level 90 Kidō without an incantation, but Aizen replies that the attack only had a third of its potential power, and is therefore a failure. When Aizen is about to continue his explanations, Uryū Ishida, Orihime Inoue, Yasutora Sado, Ganju Shiba, and Makizō Aramaki arrive at the scene. Seeing Rukia being held by Aizen, Inoue cries out her name and is about to act, but Ichimaru stops her and the others cold by releasing his Reiatsu.

Aizen describes to Rukia how he massacred the Central 46 once he found her in the Human World, disproving what was previously believed. He than used his Kyōka Suigetsu to fool everyone into believing the Central 46 was operating normally. He confesses that the orders to arrest Rukia and the decision to execute her were both his and his cohorts' doing. After the two captain meetings, which forced all three captains to leave the Central 46 Compound, Aizen faked his death and hid underground. The execution, he explains, was necessary to remove the Hōgyoku from her body.

Because he knew Rukia's Ryoka friends might save her, he knew the execution might fail, he therefore made a backup plan in the form of a special technique, devised by Kisuke Urahara, which "breaks up the soul's cohesion" and allows separation between the soul and the object within it. Aizen pulls a small capsule and as he opens it six green spikes break out of the ground around Aizen and Rukia. Aizen's right hand is transformed or covered by the same matter as the spikes, and while a pale pink lightning passes between the spikes, Aizen pushes his left hand through Kuchiki's chest. Aizen quickly finds the Hōgyoku and removes it. Kuchiki's body falls to the ground, and a gaping hole in her chest slowly closes and she appears unharmed.

Since Aizen now no longer has use for Kuchiki he orders Ichimaru to kill her. Ichimaru's Shinsō attack is launched and a spray of blood is seen, but to everyone's surprise, the blood comes from Rukia's adoptive brother, Byakuya Kuchiki, who snatched her from Aizen's hand before the attack connected.

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:

177. end of hypnosis9 [Completely Encompass]

The Shinigami arrive at Sōkyoku Hill.

Summary :


Cover of 177. end of hypnosis9 [Completely Encompass]

Ichimaru's Shinsō attack is launched and a spray of blood is seen, but to everyone's surprise, the blood comes from Rukia's adoptive brother, Byakuya Kuchiki, who snatched her from Aizen's hand before the attack connected. Aizen approaches the brother and sister with the intent to kill them, but as he lands he is captured by Yoruichi Shihōin, who grabs his Zanpakutō's hilt, and Suì-Fēng, who holds her sword to his throat. Meanwhile, the three other Gatekeepers appear. Surprisingly, Jidanbō Ikkanzaka and Kūkaku Shiba drop on him from the sky, saying she got bored. Then, Kūkaku attacks with Raikōhō. Ichimaru, pondering his next actions, is apprehended by Rangiku Matsumoto. Tōsen is caught by Shūhei Hisagi. As many other Shinigami pour to the scene, including captains and lieutenants, Shihōin assures Aizen that there is no escape for him.

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178. end of hypnosis10 [No One Stand On the Sky]

Aizen, Gin, and Tōsen escape through a Garganta.

Summary :


Cover of 178. end of hypnosis10 [No One Stand On the Sky]

Laughing at this outcome, Aizen apologizes, but says the time has come. Sensing a trap, Shihōin calls for Suì-Fēng to back away. A column of Negación descends from the sky, enveloping Aizen as Shihōin and Suì-Fēng are thrown back. A huge Garganta opens in the sky above the Sōkyoku, and two Menos Grandes peer out of it, with many more behind them, and soon they pour into Soul Society. Hisagi spots something else behind the Gillians. Two more Negación columns shoot down on Tōsen and Ichimaru, forcing the Shinigami holding them back.

As the three rogue captains ascend into the Garganta, Komamura wakes up and calls for Tōsen, asking him where his sense of justice is. Tōsen replies that he has always and is continuing on the path of least bloodshed, which is where the justice always lies. Jūshirō Ukitake asks Aizen why he has joined with the Menos. Aizen replies that he needs to keep reaching up, and that soon the place at the top, that has never been occupied, will be filled by him. Saying that, Aizen removes his glasses, smashing them in his hand, and by combing his hair back with his hand, he reveals his new appearance. Bidding farewell to Soul Society and to Ichigo, Aizen and his cohorts enter the Garganta, which closes behind them.

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Author's Notes

Volume 20 Intro Image
Bleach is now a musical. I know it sounds weird, but I saw it and it was really cool. There was Ichigo, looking better than he does in the comic, and Rukia, looking exactly like she does in the comic, singing and dancing and fighting. I want people who aren't into musicals to check it out. I'm convinced it will change their minds. Why am I being so serious?
-Tite Kubo


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