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Dolls (ドール, dōru) are the primary weapons of the Bount.


Guhl and Günther are sealed within bottle caps when not released.

A Doll is a representation of the power within a Bount, similar in concept to a Zanpakutō representing the physical manifestation of a Shinigami's power; this is due to the accident that created the Bount using Shinigami Souls as a template for the Artificial Souls which eventually became the Bount.[1] Initially, all Dolls are dormant inside their Bount and can only be summoned and controlled when a Bount is ready to wield the power of their Doll .[2] When not in use or in combat, Doll are usually sealed within a specific object known as a Bount Crest (バウントの紋章, Baunto no Monshō) which is often unique to the individual Bount wielding it, just like the Doll itself; to summon their Doll , a Bount calls out the phrase "Zeige Dich!" (ツァイゲディッヒ!, Zaige Dihhi!; German for "Show Yourself!"), followed by the name of their Doll .[3]

Ritz betrays and attacks Mabashi, her Bount master, after he receives fatal injuries in battle.

A Bount and their Doll generally have a master-servant relationship, but this is almost always tenuous with no strong bond between the two; if a newly-summoned Doll senses that its Bount master is not strong enough to wield its power, then it will turn on the Bount and kill them.[2] Also, if a Bount is severely injured or weakened during a battle, their Doll can turn on the Bount and destroy both of them.[4] This can also occur if the Doll is injured enough in battle, which will cause them to go berserk and attack their master while no longer listening to the latter's orders.[5] When the crest of a Doll is destroyed, it can kill both the Doll and the Bount that controls it; in the case of Hō and Ban, who simultaneously controlled the identical Dolls of Guhl and Günther, Ban being knocked out prevented Hō from fully controlling his Doll , who stopped responding to some of his commands.[6] However, some Bount and their Dolls, like Yoshino Sōma and Goethe, have developed a deeper level of respect for each other than most do, such that even when either party is severely injured or the Doll crest is broken, the two will remain loyal to one other and continue to fight alongside each other.[7] Additionally, when a Bount consumes a living Soul, their Doll gains a power increase exponentially greater than their own.[2]

Nieder takes the form of two distinct weapons wielded by Yoshi.

Sufficiently powerful Bount can merge with their Dolls, which causes the Bount crest to form on their own bodies instead of a separate object; doing so drastically changes the appearance of a Bount, primarily their hair and eye colors, but also greatly enhances the power of both the Bount and their Doll by creating a stronger being.[8][7] While many Dolls are dormant in their sealed state, some, like Gesell and Baura, are never fully sealed by their Bount and provide functions outside of combat like transportation and surveillance.[9][10] Most Dolls act and attack independently of their Bount, who usually issue commands to them, but some can transform themselves into weapons and shields that can be wielded by their masters in combat[11][12] while others exist as specialized weapons and must rely on their Bount to wield them in combat or initiate any special abilities that they may possess, though they still retain some control over their functions.[13][14] Non-weapon Dolls take various shapes and sizes, ranging from small rodent-like creatures[15] to enormous humanoids.[5]

Eugene Currier summons Messer with the aid of Ran'Tao's amulet.

There are multiple ways to summon a Doll; some Bount are naturally strong enough to summon their Doll without any aid from outside sources. Additionally, though the creation of the Bount was an accident, Ran'Tao's study of them and their inherent abilities allowed her to develop an amulet-like device that can be used to both draw out the dormant power of a Bount or channel their active power into the user's body. Jin Kariya, who was already recognized as a child prodigy within Bount society, unconsciously used the amulet that Ran'Tao gave him to simultaneously summon his Doll, Messer, and fuse it to himself, greatly enhancing his body and allowing him to use its powers without releasing it first.[8]

Cain uses Kariya's elaborate ritual to call forth Waineton, his Doll.

After resolving to take revenge on Soul Society, Kariya decided to find another way to summon Dolls for Bount who could not do so naturally and enlisted the help of Ugaki to spend years developing a ritual that would allow a Bount to summon a Doll on their own if they felt ready. The ritual requires the use of a table emblazoned with a Bount emblem and a large candle surrounded by six smaller candles as a point of focus, where the Bount must carefully lay out small portions of sulfur, phosphorus, carbon, water, fat, magnesium, and lime before reciting a chant known as the Zauberspruch für die Ladung to complete the ritual. Following this, the Doll is born within the flames of the center candle before being fully summoned into the world, where it can initially be tired and desire rest.[2]


Several Bitto attack a Human and drain his Soul.

Bitto (ビット, Bitto) are a unique form of Doll created by Jin Kariya and Ugaki. They are large, mosquito-like beings which drain the Souls of Humans and condense the energy into a purified elixir, which takes the form of a glowing orange liquid, for the Bount to drink from a small vial stored in their lower bodies. After the soul elixir has been ingested, the Bount who took it immediately experiences the empowering effects of consuming a living Human Soul, with veins popping from their skin and their mouths stretching into ecstatic smiles; according to Kariya, this method empowers them even more than consuming Souls normally does due to how purified the contents of the Bitto are.[16] However, should the liquid be left unconsumed, the Soul comprising it turns rancid and becomes poisonous, allowing it to be used against the enemies of the Bount by throwing the inert Bitto into their bodies stinger-first like a dagger.[17][4] Kariya created the Bitto by sacrificing Yoshino Sōma, the only Bount able to reproduce, in an elaborate ritual that produced a large swarm of them.[7]

List of Dolls

Name Owner Information Picture
Messer Jin Kariya Messer takes the form of a large, metallic pata sword hilt encasing Kariya's right hand and partially resembling the Bount emblem. It has the ability to manipulate wind and merged with Kariya when it was first summoned, allowing him to use its power without summoning its true form and enhancing his physical capabilities to superhuman levels, to the point where he can fight Shinigami with equal strength and speed.[18] While Messer is in its true form, Kariya can generate lightning through atmospheric friction using its base wind powers.[19] Its crest is Kariya's body, with the Bount emblem covering the left side of his torso.[7] Ep107KariyaDollMesser.png
Dalk Gō Koga Dalk initially takes the form of a metallic humanoid with limbs tapering off to sharp points;[9] after Koga was empowered by the consumption of purified Human Souls, Dalk gained a large lower body and four extra limbs to resemble a spider.[13] She can manipulate her metallic body to create weaponry like firearms and spears,[15] as well as pelt her enemies with the hundreds of spheres comprising her body[20] and turn her own body into a large metal web to trap an enemy.[12] Her crest is a metal sphere.[9] Ep92KogaDollDalk.png
Waineton Cain Waineton initially took the form of a small, green, eggplant-shaped creature with round black eyes and vestigial limbs, but her true form resembled a large mantis with talons over ten feet long and sinister red eyes on a jaggedly-furred head. The power and sealed form of Waineton remains unknown due to her killing her master, Cain, and consequently herself shortly after being summoned by him.[2] Ep83WainetonProfile.png
Guhl and Günther Hō and Ban Guhl and Günther have no physical form of their own after being summoned; instead, they gather large quantities of water around their crests to become towering liquid creatures. They can manipulate water both comprising and outside their bodies, giving them a nearly unlimited attack resource and allowing them to drown victims by either encasing them in water or invading their bodies through their noses and mouths.[6] Their crests are two small plastic caps on water bottles.[21] Ep73GuhlAndGünther.png
Fried Ryō Utagawa Fried takes the form of a golden snake with black stripes, green eyes, and a two rows of sharp teeth in her mouth.[22] By whipping her around or by simply looking around, Utagawa can turn any inanimate object damaged or seen into a snake that will restrain and attack enemies with a mouth full of fangs.[11] Fried can also track opponents using Snake Net, which automatically generates snakes from the ground to attack anyone perceived as a threat the second they reappear near Utagawa.[23] Her crest is a gold pocket watch.[22] Ep70Fried.png
Ritz Mabashi Ritz takes the form of a small mouse-like creature encased in a yellow flower.[15] She can take control of other individuals by phasing into their chests and causing the flower on her body to grow out from their Soul's chest. Once Ritz has possessed someone, they will follow Mabashi's commands and will not respond to other voices, though their mind remains intact; Mabashi can also force them to use spiritual techniques like Kidō.[24] Her crest is a gem-like seed on a choker around Mabashi's neck.[15] Ep99Ritz.png
Baura Sawatari Baura takes the form of a whale covered in rock-like protrusions everywhere but his underbelly that Sawatari usually rides on top of. In addition to his tough hide, Baura can move through an alternate dimension by phasing into his surroundings, leaving only a shadow to indicate his movement;[10] in the Reishi-rich Soul Society, Baura can even phase into this dimension in midair, adding an extra layer of unpredictability to his attacks.[4] The stomach of Baura is a separate alternate dimension for everything he consumes.[10] Ep101BauraEmerges.png
Gesell Ugaki Gesell normally takes the form of hundreds of flying eyeball creatures that can split apart to reveal fanged mouths,[9] but its true form is a huge, eyeless, muscular, red-and-black humanoid creature.[5] By using the light emitted from the flying eyeballs, the limbs of Gesell can emerge in the form of large weapons like swords and buzzsaws, with large enough shadows allowing the full upper body of Gesell to come forth; both Gesell and Ugaki can also see through the flying eyeballs. Ugaki controls Gesell through a deck of tarot-style cards on an intricately-decorated mat lit with candles; each card displays a different weapon or form of Gesell, who will create and extend the corresponding object through a shadow near a target to attack them with.[25] Ep90GesellFullBody.png
Nieder Yoshi Nieder takes the form of a Chinese jian and war fan linked by a long chain, both with a mouth sporting an eyeball on its tongue.[13] In its base form, the fan can fire thin blade projectiles at its target and be used for defense against regular attacks, while the jian is used for regular offense;[15] however, Yoshi can increase the size of both to armored forms that offer their maximum capabilities by focusing solely on offense or defense.[14] Its crest is a closed fan-like object.[20] Ep93Nieder.png
Goethe Yoshino Sōma Goethe takes the form of a muscular humanoid glowing with internal fire and lacking legs, instead floating in midair with jets of flame from the bottom of his torso. He can manipulate fire in the form of fireballs and tendrils of flame, and no matter how many times he is cut apart or stabbed, Goethe will always regenerate, with even a stab through the heart only temporarily inconveniencing him.[3] When his crest was destroyed, Goethe displayed the ability to produce even hotter flames that were blue in color and merged with Yoshino, granting her increased physical abilities and power great enough to allow her to briefly match Kariya in close combat.[7] His crest is a claw and bracelet that Yoshino strikes together to summon him.[3] Ep69GoetheFullBody.png


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