Kanji 解空(デスコレール)
Rōmaji Desukorēru
English Spanish for "Drawing Back/Opening"

Japanese for "Loosed Void"

Technique Type Arrancar Technique
User Arrancar

Descorrer (解空(デスコレール), Desukorēru; Spanish for "Drawing Back/Opening", Japanese for "Loosed Void")[1] is a technique used by Arrancar to travel between Hueco Mundo and the World of the Living.


Arrancar and Hollows use special, spiritual pathways to travel between Hueco Mundo and other worlds. These pathways are called Garganta.[2] Espada-level Arrancar can easily open these pathways between the World of the Living and Hueco Mundo with a simple hand gesture. The Garganta created using Descorrer are a lot more stable than those produced by lower-level Hollows, and allow the Arrancar to simply walk into the void created. These Garganta neatly close around them before opening at their destination.[3][4]


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