Kanji 伝令神機
English Divine Messenger Machine
Item Statistics
Use Communication; Hollow detection
Used By Shinigami

The Denreishinki (伝令神機, Divine Messenger Machine) is an electronic inter-dimensional communications device used by Shinigami while on an assignment in the Human World. The Denreishinki looks nearly identical to the cellphones found throughout the Human World, and comes in many different designs.


The Denreishinki is a device used by numerous Shinigami stationed in the Human World. It allows direct two-way communication between a Shinigami in the Human World and a person in Soul Society.[1] Shinigami can receive orders via the device in text form, which they are alerted to by the device's distinctive beeping.[2][3] The device contains a system similar to a radar[4][5] or GPS tracking system for Hollow detection. Hollows located within a given area will be indicated in a mapping function of the device.[6] It can detect nearby Shinigami and inform the user of whether they are geographically the closest to their target.[7]

Other functions of the Denreishinki include recording of a Shinigami's bounty rewards for purifying Hollows. These logs can be accessed by connecting a larger handheld device to the Denreishinki.[8] Rukia Kuchiki can access and print off the history of the Hollow Grand Fisher using her Denreishinki.[9] Its ringtone can be customized. For example, Ryūnosuke Yuki uses a recording of Shino humming as his ringtone.[10]


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