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Deadly Battle of Tears! Rukia vs. Orihime
Kanji 涙の死闘!ルキアVS織姫
Romanji Namida no shitō! Rukia VS Orihime
Episode Number 85
Manga Chapters None
Arc The Bount arc
Previous Episode Dissension in the Substitute Team? Rukia's Betrayal
Next Episode Rangiku dances! Slice the invisible enemy!
Japanese June 13, 2006
English October 25, 2008
Theme Music
Opening Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
Ending Hanabi
Episode 85 Screenshots

Deadly Battle of Tears! Rukia vs. Orihime is the eighty-fifth episode of the Bleach anime.

Mabashi uses his Doll, Ritz, to take control of Rukia Kuchiki's body.



Maki Ichinose apologizes for letting Mabashi slip past him and leave the cave.

In the cave on the outskirts of Karakura Town, a Bitto enters the cavern and flies up to Jin Kariya as he sits on a chair in his private room next to Maki Ichinose. After forcefully grabbing the Bitto, Kariya pulls out the vial within its sac and drinks its contents, causing him to glow with light-blue Reiatsu while Ichinose apologizes for letting Mabashi slip out while he was not looking. With the Bitto flying away, Ichinose muses on Mabashi's change of heart regarding the consumption of living Souls.


Jin Kariya tells Ichinose that trust is more important than concern.

Kariya asserts that no Bount can resists the allure of devouring living Souls, meaning that Mabashi is no different from the rest, and when Ichinose asks him if he believes Mabashi can control his power, Kariya wonders if Ichinose is worried, prompting Ichinose to clarify that he is a friend of the Bount even though he is not one of them. Hearing this, Kariya informs Ichinose that trust is more important than concern among friends and gets out of his chair to walk to the nearby window and look out at the full moon between the clouds.


Mabashi explains the power of his Doll, Ritz.

As he states that it does not matter if Mabashi goes berserk and loses control of his power so long as he gets stronger, Kariya concludes that a battle without risks is even less interesting than a fight between children. Meanwhile, at the set of warehouses, Rukia Kuchiki holds Orihime Inoue aloft by her collar while possessed by Mabashi's Doll, Ritz, causing Orihime to question why she is doing this as Kurōdo expresses concern. Darkly chuckling at this, Mabashi explains that Ritz allows him to control people by entering their bodies and declares that Rukia will do whatever he wants her to because she is now a subordinate with no free will of her own.


Orihime Inoue's Shun Shun Rikka save her from falling.

Upon being ordered by Mabashi to kill Orihime and Kurōdo, Rukia turns and throws a screaming Orihime high into the air, which prompts Mabashi to revel in the power granted to him by consuming living Souls. Suddenly, before Orihime hits the ground, the Shun Shun Rikka burst out of her hairpins and grab her shirt in order to lift her back up into the air, where Shun'ō observes that it has been a while and Lily claims that Orihime is a handful. Though Orihime is overjoyed to be flying through the air, Tsubaki warns her that now is not the time to be happy while Mabashi instructs Rukia to attack them, resulting in Rukia firing Hadō #31. Shakkahō at Orihime.


Orihime cushions her fall with Santen Kesshun.

With Kurōdo frantically telling Orihime to get away, the blast explodes right next to her, sending Orihime hurtling toward the ground. However, Orihime manages to cushion her fall with Santen Kesshun, which dissipates as Orihime thanks Lily, Baigon, and Hinagiku, only for Kurōdo to draw her attention to Rukia slowly approaching her. Despite Orihime begging Rukia to stop, Mabashi dismissively reveals that Rukia cannot hear anything she or Kurōdo say, and when Rukia prepares to fire Hadō #33. Sōkatsui, Kurōdo tells Orihime that they need her Santen Kesshun for defense, leading Orihime to form another Santen Kesshun just in time to block Rukia's blast.


Orihime blocks Rukia's Hadō #33. Sōkatsui with Santen Kesshun.

Orihime is sent flying back upon being overpowered by the blast, but assures Kurōdo she is alright as the latter runs to her side and observes Rukia has extraordinary power to be able to attack with such force. Mabashi insults Orihime and Kurōdo for not realizing this sooner and orders Rukia to keep going, which prompts Rukia to fire another Hadō #33. Sōkatsui at Orihime and Kurōdo. While Orihime shields them from the energy with Santen Kesshun, Kurōdo asserts they need defense before being blasted back alongside Orihime when the energy breaks through Santen Kesshun, where Orihime sees she has landed on top of Kurōdo's crotch and apologizes to him.


Ritz forces Rukia's Soul out of her body.

Having had her right hand left slightly burnt by this last attack, a sweating and fatigued Rukia falls to her knees as Orihime inquires if everyone is okay and Kurōdo notes that they will not be able to keep taking hits even if they defended themselves this time. Upon being ordered by Mabashi to draw out more of Rukia's power, Ritz complies and exerts Rukia's white Reiatsu through her body before pushing Rukia's Soul out of her Gigai, where Ritz is attached to her chest by several purple root-like veins. While Orihime reacts in shock and Mabashi praises this, Rukia opens her eyes and her Zanpakutō appears on her hip, leaving Kurōdo greatly concerned.


Rukia begins attacking Orihime with her Zanpakutō.

After detailing how Ritz is drawing out Rukia's power to the limit and plans on using it until her body falls apart, Kurōdo concludes that Rukia's body is in danger at this rate, and as Rukia begins fiercely attacking with her Zanpakutō, Orihime blocks the strikes with another Santen Kesshun formed in front of her hands and pleads with Rukia to stop. With Orihime tearfully begging her to open her eyes, Rukia leaps back from her last strike, leaving the Santen Kesshun to shatter, and yells before rushing forward, which leads Lily and Hinagiku to call out to Orihime in concern. Upon seeing this, Orihime forms another Santen Kesshun at the last second.


Orihime is pulled away from Rukia's attack by her hair.

Rukia's slash is blocked by the formation of the Santen Kesshun and she is sent crashing on her back by the resulting energy burst. Though Orihime is worried by this, Tsubaki admonishes her for wasting time and instructs Orihime to attack with Koten Zanshun while Shun'ō reminds Orihime that they cannot do anything without her making the decision due to being the embodiment of her will. As Hinagiku points out that Rukia is getting up to attack again, Orihime refuses to use Koten Zanshun, to Tsubaki's irritation, and is pulled out of the way of Rukia's subsequent attack by Tsubaki, Lily, and Hinagiku pulling her to the side by her hair despite her protests.


Tsubaki reprimands Orihime for not attacking Rukia.

Embracing Orihime when she is pulled into his arms, Kurōdo asks her if she is alright, which Orihime affirms, while a laughing Mabashi inquires how it feels for Orihime to know she must hurt her friend in order to survive. As he descends behind Orihime, Tsubaki kicks her in the back of the head and angrily dismisses Orihime's pained reaction before demanding to know how long she is going to keep fighting defensively. With Orihime asserting she cannot fight Rukia, the latter raises her hand and fires Hadō #33. Sōkatsui once more, resulting in a large explosion. Elsewhere in Karakura Town, Ichigo Kurosaki runs down the street while carrying Keigo Asano on his back.


Izuru Kira offers to help Ichigo Kurosaki carry Keigo Asano.

Suddenly, Ichigo's injuries and fatigue cause him to drop to his knees in the middle of the street, leading 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira, who had been running alongside him, to kneel beside Ichigo and offer to take turns carrying Keigo. Though he thanks Izuru for this, Ichigo explains that Keigo is a friend of his who got caught up in the situation despite having nothing to do with it, but Izuru counters that Ichigo does not need to feel responsible for this since the Bount seem to be attacking Humans at random. However, Ichigo insists that he does and that he cannot let a friend like Keigo die, but finds himself unable to get up and resume running.


Ichigo agrees to let Izuru help him share the load.

As he steadies an apologetic Ichigo, Izuru reminds him that the Bount are their enemy and that there is no point in them arguing before revealing that he has also lost someone important to him despite not exactly being friends with them. After concluding that he understands Ichigo's feelings because of this, Izuru shifts Keigo onto his back and assures a surprised Ichigo that he is not as weak as he looks while extending his hand toward Ichigo and pointing out that it does not matter who is carrying Keigo if they intend to save him. Agreeing with this, a smiling Ichigo takes Izuru's hand. Back at the warehouses, an injured Orihime and Kurōdo lie on the ground.


Orihime and the Shun Shun Rikka discuss their injuries.

Shun'ō flies down next to Orihime and asks her if she is alright, and as Orihime affirms this, a cackling Mabashi claims he cannot get enough of this. With Lily expressing concern over the severity of Orihime's wounds, Orihime inquires how the Shun Shun Rikka are doing, leading Tsubaki to complain about how his injury will not stop bleeding prior to ordering Orihime to use Koten Zanshun while he still has power. Despite this, Orihime refuses to hurt Rukia because she wants to save her and recalls how her friends and the Shinigami went to great effort and suffered severe injuries in order to rescue Rukia, a sentiment which she shared even though she could not do anything.


Kurōdo reveals that he has a plan for Orihime to use.

While Rukia raises her Zanpakutō, Orihime laments this conflict coming to pass and apologizes for repeating herself as she proclaims Rukia is her friend whom she wants to eat lunch and study with, meaning she cannot use Koten Zanshun on her. Approaching Orihime from behind and placing his hand on her shoulder, Kurōdo tells her he has another plan they can use and grins broadly. Meanwhile, at the Urahara Shop, Ichigo and Izuru enter with Keigo, prompting a concerned Tessai Tsukabishi to alert Kisuke Urahara. Upon being asked about his identity, Izuru introduces himself as Ichigo approaches Urahara and pleads with him to save Keigo before collapsing.


Hanatarō Yamada prepares to treat Ichigo and Keigo.

After being invited into the shop by Urahara, Izuru helps lay Keigo and Izuru down in the back room on bedspreads before 4th Division 7th Seat Hanatarō Yamada, who expresses concern over the low power of Keigo's Soul and suggests that they directly inject Ichigo's Reiryoku into Keigo in order to save him. Hanatarō asks Tessai to fetch his first, third, and sixth Reishi injection tools, and with Tessai leaving to get them, Izuru questions where 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai is, leading Urahara to detail how he is resting in the next room and will likely recover quickly due to how tough he is, though the same cannot be said for the child he saved.


Kurōdo suggests that he and Orihime attack Mabashi instead.

As Tessai returns to the room with the Reishi injectors, Hanatarō thanks him and prepares to begin connecting Ichigo and Keigo. Back at the warehouses, Kurōdo explains that he and Orihime should attack Mabashi rather than Rukia, since he is the one controlling the Doll that is controlling Rukia, and revels in how good his plan is, only for Orihime to refuse to do this as well because Bount are still Human and she does not want to attack Humans. However, Kurōdo insists that she cannot be worried about that right now since they will be killed along with Rukia if they do not defeat Mabashi here, which will lead to the whole world being thrown into chaos.


Orihime accidentally cuts Rukia with Koten Zanshun.

Though Orihime is still hesitant, Kurōdo assures her they only need to injure Mabashi enough to prevent him from using his Doll any further, then catch and heal him afterward rather than outright kill him. With Mabashi inquiring what they are going to do now that they have finished their strategy meeting, a determined Orihime calls down Tsubaki, who observes she finally feels like doing it and transforms into his attack mode as Mabashi orders Rukia to deal with them. Seeing Rukia rushing toward him and Orihime, Kurōdo urges the latter to hurry and restrains Rukia, but when Orihime fires Koten Zanshun at Mabashi, Rukia moves in front of him and has her leg cut.


Shūhei Hisagi protects Orihime from Rukia's attack.

While Orihime and Kurōdo gasp in shock, Rukia falls to her knees on the shipping container and props herself up with her Zanpakutō, followed by a laughing Mabashi declaring that he remains unprotected because Rukia will fight for him until she dies. See Rukia stand up once more, Orihime remains standing still in astonishment as Mabashi instructs Rukia to attack once more. However, when Rukia appears in front of Orihime and slashes at her, 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi moves between them and intercepts the strike with his own Zanpakutō, leading a confused Orihime to wonder who he is while a concerned Hisagi stares down at Rukia.


Kariya decides to rest and leave his responsibilities to Ichinose.

Simultaneously, in his room in the caves, Kariya drinks more concentrated Souls from a Bitto out of a wine glass, and after the Bitto flies away, Kariya decides to lie down for a while and leaves his responsibilities to Ichinose, whom he thanks as he walks upstairs. Back at the warehouses, Mabashi demands to know who Hisagi is, which leads Hisagi to introduce himself and force Rukia's Zanpakutō aside before slashing at her, resulting in Rukia dodging his strike and leaping back to the ground near Mabashi. Though Mabashi does not believe the presence of a Shinigami matters, Hisagi asserts that he has come to destroy the Bount, which Mabashi takes as a challenge.


Hisagi evades several rapid attacks from Rukia.

Upon being attacked by Rukia at Mabashi's command, Hisagi moves behind her with Shunpo and questions what is going on, and when Orihime informs him that a Doll is controlling Rukia, Hisagi sees Ritz on her chest and realizes that this is Mabashi's ability while blocking and evading several subsequent strikes from Rukia. Hisagi attempts to attack a grinning Mabashi directly, only for Rukia to appear between them and push Hisagi back to Orihime and Kurōdo with a powerful blow. With Hisagi concluding that he has no choice but to cut Rukia as well, Orihime protests this and Mabashi invites him to do so since there are many other hosts for Ritz to possess.


Rukia regains partial control of her body.

After deciding to put Ritz in Hisagi's body next, a cackling Mabashi orders Rukia to attack, only to be confused and repeat himself when Rukia remains stationary. Rukia's eyes regain focus as she utters Orihime's name, shocking those present, and Mabashi deduces that she is fighting Ritz, who expresses disbelief alongside Mabashi at Rukia being able to do this. Upon being told to fire at her by Rukia, a tearful Orihime wonders what she is talking about and refuses to do so, but Rukia continues to insist that she attack, which Hisagi commends her for. Though Orihime protests this, Hisagi details how painful it is for Rukia to be controlled by Mabashi and forced to hurt her friends.


Orihime decides to deliver the final blow herself.

While Hisagi concludes killing Rukia while she can still hold onto her pride as a Shinigami is the greatest form of mercy they can give her and this is what she also wishes for, Rukia begs them to fire at her once more prior to screaming in pain and falling back under the control of Ritz. A relieved Mabashi comments on Rukia causing him unnecessary trouble and Hisagi vows to put Rukia to rest right now as Tsubaki assures Orihime he can go at any time, Hinagiku encourages her to finish it, and Kurōdo apologetically asserts there is no other way. Wiping away her tears, Orihime tells Hisagi she will do this, which he acknowledges while lowering his Zanpakutō.


Orihime gains resolve and protects herself from Rukia.

With Orihime slowly walking toward her with the Shun Shun Rikka, Rukia raises her right hand and begins reciting the incantation for Hadō #33. Sōkatsui. However, Orihime calls on Shun'ō and Ayame, to their surprise, and as Rukia fires the blast, Orihime immediately and silently shields herself with Santen Kesshun, astonishing an initially amused Mabashi who believed she was killed, before resuming her approach and glowing with golden-yellow Reiatsu while Shun'ō notes they are the power of Orihime's heart and grow stronger when her feelings become stronger. When Orihime fires Koten Zanshun at him, Mabashi narrowly evades it and leaps to the ground.


Orihime separates Ritz from Rukia with Sōten Kisshun.

Angered by Rukia's inaction, Mabashi demands she fire again, prompting Rukia to unleash several more Hadō #33. Sōkatsui, all of which are blocked by Orihime's Santen Kesshun without it suffering any damage. Upon seeing Rukia draw her Zanpakutō, Orihime embraces Rukia and initiates Sōten Kisshun, forming a barrier around the two of them that successfully separates a screaming Ritz from Rukia, who regains control of her body. Exiting Rukia's body and bouncing back into Mabashi's hands, Ritz expresses disgust at Orihime and her actions, leading Mabashi to question what her power is. Within Sōten Kisshun, Rukia has her injuries healed and collapses.


Ichinose intercepts Hisagi's attack against Mabashi.

When an enraged Mabashi has Ritz fly forward and attempt to take control of Orihime, Hisagi appears between them and cuts Ritz down with his Zanpakutō, severing one of her petals and forcing her to return to her sealed form, which an astonished Mabashi catches. With Hisagi vowing to finish him off now so he can no longer do this, a yelling Mabashi leaps toward him with the intent to kill Hisagi, but as the latter slashes downward at Mabashi, Ichinose appears between them and intercepts Hisagi's strike with his own Zanpakutō while simultaneously knocking out Mabashi with a strike to the chest using his Zanpakutō sheath, leaving Hisagi shocked.


Rukia thanks Orihime for saving her.

After hoisting Mabashi over his shoulder, Ichinose leaps onto the shipping container and disappears with Shunpo despite Hisagi's protests. Hisagi recognizes Ichinose and muses that the rumor about him joining the Bount was true as he looks over at Orihime and Rukia, the former of whom lets Sōten Kisshun dissipate and joyfully grasps Rukia by the shoulders. As Rukia thanks her, Orihime tearfully expresses her happiness and a pleased Kurōdo begins sniffling as well.

Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book[]


Ganju Shiba uses Seppa on the interior of the convenience store.

In the convenience store he is working at, Ganju Shiba tries to deal with a long line of customers by himself. When he asks a girl if she wants her packed lunch warmed up, she declares that she cannot eat cold food and calls him an old man. While Ganju calls for 4th Division 7th Seat Hanatarō Yamada to help him, the girl tells him that his lower eyelashes are gross, prompting an angered Ganju to turn the interior of the store to sand with Seppa.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


Powers and Techniques Used[]

Hohō Techniques:

Kidō Techniques:

Doll Techniques:

Other Techniques:


  • Brazo Derecha de Gigante (巨人の右腕 (ブラソ・デレチャ・デ・ヒガンテ), Buraso Derecha de Higante; Spanish and Japanese for "Right Arm of the Giant") (flashback)

Zanpakutō released:


Dolls summoned:

  • Ritz (リズ, Rizu; German for "Scratch")
  • Bitto (ビット, Bitto)

Other Powers:


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