Dark History! The Worst Shinigami is Born
Kanji 闇の歴史!最凶の死神、誕生
Romanji Yami no rekishi! Saikyō no shinigami, tanjō
Episode Number 251
Manga Chapters None
Arc Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc
Previous Episode That Man, For the Sake of the Kuchiki
Next Episode Byakuya, the Truth Behind his Betrayal
Japanese December 22, 2009
English April 29, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Anima Rossa
Ending Sakurabito
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Dark History! The Worst Shinigami is Born is the two hundred and fifty-first episode of the Bleach anime.

6th Division Captain Ginrei Kuchiki and Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto are forced to seal Kōga Kuchiki away. In the present, 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki stops Kōga from killing Muramasa.


251Men sit

The three men sit in a room.

In the past, the three men sit in a room. Laughing, the glasses-wearing man states Kōga probably feels very frustrated at being locked away in a dark prison cell. Saying it is a shame, the fat man states it serves Kōga right. Laughing, the glasses-wearing man says this is true.

251Man states

The fat man states this is a mean thing to say.

Asking the fat man if he remembers how Kōga used to boast to everyone about his power, the glasses-wearing man states Kōga likely is not boasting anymore and says he wishes he could see Kōga's defeat with his own eyes. Laughing, the fat man states this is a mean thing for the glasses-wearing man to say as all three men laugh.

251Man looks

The man with the sideburns looks outside.

Stating he must tell the other men something, the man with the sideburns admits he had serious doubts about this plan working when he first heard about it and says Kōga fell for it completely. When the man with the sideburns states Kōga will not be bothering them anymore, the glasses-wearing man confirms this and says Kōga is now irrelevant as all three men laugh once more. When someone approaches the entrance to the room, the man with the sideburns expresses surprise and sets his cup down. As the man with the sideburns looks outside, the glasses-wearing man asks him what the problem is.

251Koga raises

Kōga raises his sword.

Expressing horror, the man with the sideburns stands up and falls back on one of the doors, which collapses. As the other two men express surprise, Kōga steps forward as Muramasa materializes behind him. As the glasses-wearing man begins to ask him how he escaped from the prison, Kōga raises his sword and steps forward. As the three men attempt to run away, Kōga kills them. Meanwhile, a Shinigami runs down the hall and knocks on the door of 6th Division Captain Ginrei Kuchiki's office. When Ginrei expresses confusion, the Shinigami opens the door.

251Ginrei expresses

Ginrei expresses surprise.

Asking Ginrei to pardon the interruption, the Shinigami steps inside his office and closes the door behind him. When Ginrei asks him what it is, the Shinigami reveals Kōga broke out of the jailhouse in the barracks. Revealing Kōga killed the three men who had him arrested, the Shinigami states he cut them into pieces. Turning around, Ginrei expresses surprise and recalls the woman sitting on the porch before walking away. Elsewhere, in an abandoned building, Kōga sits on the floor as Muramasa stands next to him. When Muramasa asks him if he is satisfied, Kōga does not answer.

251Muramasa fades

Muramasa fades.

When Muramasa asks him if it was not enough, Kōga confirms this and says thinking about what the three men did still makes his blood boil. Stating it is time to forget, Muramasa steps forward and says the three men are no longer around to torture Kōga. When Muramasa states they should use this opportunity to forget the past and live their lives while looking forward, Kōga grabs his sword and stands up. As Kōga walks out of the building and down the road, Muramasa looks away as he fades. Stopping at the gate outside, Kōga sees Ginrei standing before him.

251Koga says

Kōga says he was wrong.

As Kōga greets him, Ginrei tells him to stop and says Kōga knows why Ginrei has come looking for him. When Ginrei asks him why he had to kill the three men, Kōga looks away. When Ginrei states he presumes Kōga had a reason, Kōga clenches his hand into a fist and reveals he killed the three men because they purposely betrayed him. Looking at Ginrei, Kōga says he believed the three men were misguided and states he thought they were feeling guilty about their behavior because they made a mistake about his intentions. Saying he was wrong, Kōga states they knew what they had done.

251Koga expresses

Kōga expresses sadness.

Saying the three men were laughing about what they had done, Kōga states killing them was the only option and says it did not help. Stating it did not make the empty feeling go away despite it being just, Kōga says he still feels like an outcast and asks Ginrei what he is supposed to do now. When Ginrei states Kōga has lost any chance of proving his innocence before a tribunal with his actions, Kōga looks at him and expresses sadness as Ginrei says Kōga may have had a chance if he had reflected on his situation and remained in his cell until a proper investigation could be conducted.

251Ginrei admits

Ginrei admits Kōga did not do anything wrong at first.

When Kōga asks him why he should have remained locked in a cell if he did not do anything wrong, Ginrei admits Kōga did not do anything wrong at first and asks him to think about the situation with his recent actions in mind. As Kōga expresses shock, Ginrei states Kōga committed the grave crime of killing men whose swords were not drawn despite having good cause and says Kōga being put to death is likely. Recalling Ginrei telling him about his responsibility as a member of the Kuchiki Clan, Kōga remembers Ginrei telling him his overconfidence caused the events which led to this situation.

251Muramasa materializes

Muramasa materializes in front of Kōga.

Envisioning laughing mouths around him as he falls into darkness, Kōga says Ginrei's name. Looking up, Ginrei expresses surprise as Kōga states Ginrei possesses the same attitude and says he is just like the three men. Stating Ginrei has befriended him and put him off-guard, Kōga says this is not how Ginrei truly feels and states Ginrei hates him before proclaiming Ginrei and the others are jealous of his power. As Ginrei expresses shock, Kōga releases his Zanpakutō, Muramasa, causing waves of purple energy to radiate outward from his sword as Muramasa materializes in front of him.

251Muramasa passes

Muramasa passes through Ginrei.

When Muramasa attacks him, Ginrei glows with green Reiatsu as Muramasa passes through him. As Muramasa turns around and expresses surprise, Kōga curses and tells Ginrei he cannot escape so easily. As Kōga tells him to undo his barrier, Ginrei remains silent, prompting Kōga to say he can wait. Proclaiming he will kill Ginrei last, Kōga states he has big plans and says there are others he needs to kill. Cutting off the hair attached to his kenseikan with his sword, Kōga throws his kenseikan at Ginrei. As Kōga turns around and walks away, Muramasa fades away.

251Koga impales

Kōga impales a Shinigami through the chest with his sword.

As the green Reiatsu around him fades, Ginrei expresses anger and bends down before picking up the kenseikan and looking at it. Later, a Shinigami holds back his Zanpakutō and wonders what happened to it. Standing in front of him, Kōga raises his sword over his head and cuts the Shinigami down. When two more Shinigami step forward, waves of purple energy radiate from Kōga, who cut down one of the Shinigami and impales another through the chest with his sword before slicing a third across the back. As several pairs of eyes float past him in his subconscious, Kōga laughs and cuts down another Shinigami asks Muramasa calls out to him.

251Muramasa states

Muramasa states he will help Kōga create a new world.

In Kōga's inner world, Muramasa asks him why his soul is in such an agitated state. Stating he is surrounded by enemies, Kōga says everyone hates him and states he will have to kill all of them. As Kōga says he has to do whatever is necessary in order to survive, Muramasa states Kōga should try to forget about the past and says it is better for Kōga to live his life looking forward. Wondering why everyone hates him so much, Kōga wonders if they hate him because they are jealous of his power. Telling Kōga they can create a new world, Muramasa states he will help Kōga do it.

251Koga states

Kōga states they wish to bring him down.

Saying this has to be the reason, Kōga states they wish to bring him down and says he will have to strike back at them first. As a surprised Muramasa calls out to him, Kōga states there is only one way to deal with these people as Muramasa stands up. As Kōga continues to talk, his inner world fades to black as Muramasa realizes he cannot hear Kōga's voice. In the real world, Kōga yells before laughing. As the Shinigami around him express surprise, a female Shinigami runs toward him, only for Kōga to cut her down. When another Shinigami runs toward him, Kōga cuts him down as well.

251Shinigami kneels

A Shinigami kneels before Yamamoto.

Stepping on the dead female Shinigami's back, Kōga laughs as the other Shinigami express fear. Raising his sword, Kōga attempts to release Muramasa. When nothing happens, Kōga expresses surprise and tells Muramasa this is an order. As waves of purple energy radiate from the sword, Muramasa materializes in front of Kōga, who expresses irritation. Later, in Captain-Commander Yamamoto's office, a Shinigami kneels before Yamamoto and says he has news before revealing Kōga has killed several dozen Shinigami as of yesterday.

251Ginrei states

Ginrei states there is one defense against Kōga's power.

Stating even veteran division members have no defense against Kōga's assaults because of the unique abilities of his Zanpakutō, the Shinigami says they lose control of their swords and are unable to fight back. When Ginrei states there is one defense, the other Shinigami present express surprise as Ginrei reveals the only way to overcome Kōga's illusion-type Zanpakutō is to understand the nature of his power and close one's heart to the assault at the moment Kōga takes control of one's Zanpakutō before saying one must possess considerable Reiryoku and an unyielding mental fortitude in order to effectively block his attack.

251Koga looks

Kōga looks at his sword.

Stating they may have a chance to defeat Kōga if there is one other person in their ranks who could cross swords with Kōga while holding off the effects of his powerful Zanpakutō, Ginrei asks those present if there are any volunteers. As the other Shinigami hesitate, Yamamoto looks around and stands up before saying they have no choice and proclaiming he shall personally help Ginrei seal Kōga away. Elsewhere, in a cave, as drops of water fall from a stalagmite, Kōga looks at his sword and laughs. When Muramasa says his name, Kōga expresses surprise as Muramasa materializes next to him.

251Muramasa asks

Muramasa asks Kōga why he wanted to send this message.

As Kōga expresses disappointment, Muramasa asks him why he killed so many innocent people in Rukongai, prompting Kōga to state he wished to send a clear message to Soul Society. When a confused Muramasa asks him why he wanted to send this message, Kōga proclaims he wished to do so in order to show Soul Society the hopelessness of ostracizing him from this world and to show everyone how helpless the Shinigami are before his power. As Kōga laughs, Muramasa asks him how this will be accomplished by killing innocent people on the street.

Koga mocks Muramasa for believing that they are equals

Kōga grabs Muramasa's collar.

Saying he does not see why this is necessary in order to create their vision of an ideal new world, Muramasa states it seems very excessive. Expressing irritation at Muramasa referring to this vision as theirs, Kōga stands up and grabs Muramasa's collar. Asking Muramasa what he means by referring to this vision as theirs, Kōga says Muramasa has a lot of nerve and asks him if he considers himself Kōga's equal. As Muramasa says his name, Kōga states Muramasa is his sword and tells him to not get too cocky before proclaiming Muramasa should do as he is told and keep his mouth shut.

251Koga states this does not appear to be the reason

Kōga states this does not appear to be the reason.

When Kōga lets go of his collar, Muramasa falls to his hands and knees and says Kōga is obviously exhausted before stating Kōga should get some rest. Telling him to stop talking, Kōga says Muramasa should not try to give him orders because he is Kōga's sword before kicking him repeatedly. Later, as rain falls on the Seireitei, Kōga asks Yamamoto and Ginrei what brings them put in the rain. When Kōga asks them if they came to kneel down before his power, Yamamoto and Ginrei remain silent, prompting Kōga to state this does not appear to be the reason.

251Ginrei tells

Ginrei tells Kōga he is greatly misguided.

When Ginrei points out Kōga was always planning to use his power to make his ideals come true, Kōga tells him to not make him laugh and says there are no ideals in this world. Walking to the side, Kōga states they are all left with the despair of not being able to make these ideals come true and says he has discovered how despair releases his true power. As Kōga states despair is the force which breaks his shackles and frees his heart to do as it truly wishes, Ginrei tells Kōga he is greatly misguided, prompting Kōga to say those with power are the ones who impose order on this world.

251Yamamoto and Ginrei assume

Yamamoto and Ginrei assume battle stances.

Stating this order prevails in the midst of chaos regardless of whether it is right or wrong, Kōga says black will become the color of what is right if this power is victorious regardless of whether or not it is light. As Ginrei says Kōga's name, Yamamoto tells him he is wasting his time and states Kōga is completely consumed by power before saying Kōga can no longer hear what Ginrei is saying. As the wood on his cane peels off, Yamamoto draws his sword and assumes a battle stance as Ginrei does the same. Stating this is interesting, Kōga proclaims he has always wished to have the chance to cut Yamamoto and Ginrei down to size.

251Ginrei uses

Ginrei uses Bakudō #4. Hainawa.

Raising his sword, Kōga yells and rushes forward before stabbing at Ginrei, who blocks with his sword. Asking Ginrei if he plans to close off his mind again in order to fight him this time, Kōga proclaims Ginrei will not be able to use all of his strength this way and kicks Ginrei away before attacking Yamamoto, who blocks with his sword. Expressing surprise upon seeing Yamamoto's eyes, Kōga laughs and begins to reach toward him, prompting Ginrei to use Bakudō #4. Hainawa. As a rope of yellow Reishi wraps around his wrist, Kōga expresses surprise and leaps back.

251Koga attempts

Kōga attempts to release Muramasa.

As Kōga looks at the yellow rope of Reishi coiled around his wrist, Ginrei asks Kōga if he has forgotten how Ginrei knows the extent of his powers better than anyone else in Soul Society. Cursing, Kōga raises his sword and attempts to release Muramasa, prompting Yamamoto and Ginrei to express surprise. When nothing happens, Kōga looks at his sword and asks Muramasa what is wrong with him before commanding him to appear. As Ginrei expresses surprise, Kōga proclaims he is Muramasa's master and orders Muramasa to release before saying he knows Muramasa can hear him.

Yamamoto Prepares to Seal Koga

Yamamoto grabs two of the halberds.

As Kōga proclaims Muramasa must do what he says because he is Kōga's sword, Ginrei notes something has gone wrong with Kōga's powers and tells Yamamoto they must strike at once. As Yamamoto confirms this, two Shinigami each set down a large box near him and Ginrei. As blue fire burns away the boxes to reveal four long halberds, Yamamoto grabs two of them and tells Ginrei they can begin when he is ready. Holding the other two halberds in his hands, Ginrei assumes a battle stance and confirms he is ready, prompting Yamamoto to throw one of the halberds at Kōga.

251Koga sees

Kōga sees the tip of his sword has been broken off.

When Kōga raises his hand to block, yellow energy extends from the tip of the halberd and attaches itself to Kōga's wrist. As Kōga expresses surprise, Ginrei throws another halberd at him. Knocking the halberd away with a slash of his sword, Kōga expresses surprise upon seeing the tip of his sword has been broken off. As the other two halberds attach themselves to his feet with yellow energy, Kōga floats into the air as he attacks the halberd attached to his wrist. Running up to the halberd embedded in the ground, Ginrei grabs it and throws it at Kōga, whose other wrist the halberd attaches itself to.


A circle of electricity crackles around Kōga.

Clasping his hands in front of him, Yamamoto uses Shisō Kekkai. As a circle of electricity crackles around Kōga, Yamamoto yells as Kōga screams in pain. As Ginrei recalls giving Kōga's kenseikan to the woman and asking her to forgive him as she cried, darkness begins to envelop Kōga, who screams Muramasa's name as the darkness covers him and forms a box. As several chains wrap around the box, the halberds impale it. In Kōga's inner world, Muramasa expresses surprise and says Kōga's name. In the present, Muramasa falls to his knees and looks up at Kōga.

251Muramasa wonders

Muramasa wonders how this is possible.

As Muramasa asks Kōga why he did this to him, Ichigo Kurosaki expresses confusion as Rukia Kuchiki wonders what is going on. When Kōga states Muramasa never answered him when he called, Muramasa expresses shock as Kōga says he called for Muramasa when he was on the verge of being sealed away. As Muramasa states he never heard this call, Kōga says Muramasa never came to his aid despite him calling several times. Wondering how this is possible, Muramasa looks at his hands and states he did not hear Kōga before telling Kōga his voice did not reach him even once.

251Muramasa reaches

Muramasa reaches out to Kōga.

Saying he was waiting patiently to receive Kōga's call, Muramasa states he would have come to Kōga at any time if he had heard a single word and says he would have assisted Kōga with all of the power within him. Stating this is how he felt, Muramasa leans over and says he never heard Kōga's voice for a long time. Revealing he eventually learned Kōga had been sealed away, Muramasa asks Kōga to believe him and states he has been trying to break the seal since he learned of Kōga's imprisonment. As Muramasa reaches out to him, Kōga proclaims he would not have been sealed away if Muramasa had been there for him.

251Blood pools

Blood pools under Muramasa.

Pulling his sword out of Muramasa's stomach, Kōga kicks him away. As blood pools under Muramasa, Kōga says he is the one who gave birth to Muramasa's power because he is Muramasa's owner and states Muramasa only had to obey him after this. When Muramasa says they are both of one spirit, Kōga states Muramasa has never been anything more than a sword to him and raises his sword over his head. Saying Muramasa has been a tool of his, Kōga proclaims a tool should not be so conceited and slashes at Muramasa, who closes his eyes.


Byakuya blocks Kōga's sword.

As Ichigo and Rukia express surprise, Muramasa opens his eyes and expresses shock upon seeing Captain Byakuya Kuchiki blocking Kōga's sword with his own. Stating Kōga calls his own Zanpakutō Spirit a tool and tries to kill it, Byakuya says this is disgraceful and states Kōga has no right to call himself a Shinigami.

Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book

251Ginrei explains

Ginrei explains kenseikan to Byakuya.

In the Seireitei, Captain Ginrei Kuchiki tells a young Byakuya Kuchiki that he is going to explain kenseikan to him today. Stating kenseikan are hair pieces which only the upper nobility are allowed to wear, Ginrei says Byakuya will be able to wear them as well one day and states he should start thinking about how he is going to wear them while he is young. Agreeing to do so, Byakuya asks Ginrei where he wears his kenseikan, prompting Ginrei to move away with Shunpo without answering as Byakuya expresses surprise.



Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. 3 Shinigami Elites
  2. Kōga Kuchiki
  3. Muramasa
  4. Ginrei Kuchiki
  5. Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto
  6. Unnamed Kuchiki
  7. Ichigo Kurosaki
  8. Rukia Kuchiki
  9. Byakuya Kuchiki

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