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DEATH IN VISION is the sixty-fourth volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's Summary

As the battle between the Shinigami and Quincy continues to heat up, both sides start experiencing casualties. Yachiru now joins the battlefield and prepares to show her true powers for the first time. However, standing in her way is an opponent whose abilities may defy imagination...

Bleach All Stars

Gremmy Thoumeaux
更木 剣八
Kenpachi Zaraki
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Ch571Pg1IsaneCharaPic.png Ch571Pg10YachiruCharaPic.png
虎徹 勇音
Isane Kotetsu
草鹿 やちる
Yachiru Kusajishi


571. a Devilish Perspective

Yachiru and Isane are attacked by Guenael, who himself is attacked by Yachiru in turn. Yachiru cuts Guenael with her sword and reveals the name and ability of her Shikai.


Cover of 571. a Devilish Perspective.

When Isane asks her what happened, Yachiru states she does not know. Guenael appears behind them and introduces himself again before saying they cannot perceive him. When Yachiru punches him again, Guenael disappears once more and thinks about the extent of his power before slashing Yachiru's shoulder. As Isane asks her why she was wounded, Yachiru continues to attempt to hit the Quincy.

He continues to toy with them while noting Yachiru's reflexes and her rashness in attacking despite not knowing who he is. Somewhat calmed when Isane asks Yachiru why she attacks someone when she does not know who it is, Guenael is angered when Yachiru reveals she is acting on instinct and notes she is dangerous before resolving to kill her as quickly as possible. As Yachiru draws her sword while stating she can fight without Kenpachi being made because he is not there, Guenael appears behind her with the intention of stabbing her, but is cut across the nose. Confused by how she could cut him, Guenael listens to Yachiru's explanation of her sword's abilities before being attacked by Sanpo Kenjū.

Characters in order of appearance:

572. The Blaster

Guenael is killed by Gremmy, who proceeds to attack Yachiru before being interrupted by the arrival of Kenpachi Zaraki.


Cover of 572. The Blaster.

As Yachiru plays with the creatures manifested by her Shikai, Isane notes how strange Yachiru's Shikai is. Meanwhile, Guenael steps forward, causing Yachiru to state she thought he was dead. Explaining how he survived through focusing his Reiatsu on sliding backwards, he moves forward, but has a large chunk of his shoulder blasted off. Seeing Gremmy within the barrier which is healing the wounded captains, Guenael pleads for his life, prompting Gremmy to say he is just a creation of his imagination and he will now vanish from his mind. This enrages Guenael, who tries to attack him, but is immediately killed by Gremmy, who says he cannot imagine a future for Guenael.

Telling Gremmy to get away from the wounded, Isane is shocked when Gremmy reveals he has already killed the captains. She rushes to confirm this, only to notice they really are dead. When Yachiru tries to strike him, Gremmy dodges and makes note of how easy to dodge it was. Seizing her hand, Gremmy makes Yachiru drop her sword. As Yachiru is surprised by how brittle her arm feels, Gremmy reveals the bones in her arm are now made of cookies.

Elaborating on how anything he imagines turns into reality and imagining all of the bones in Yachiru's body are made by cookies, he is interrupted by Kenpachi breaking through the wall behind him and wondering what is happening.

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Kenpachi Zaraki confirms the death of Retsu Unohana and begins to fight Gremmy.


Cover of 573. I AM THE EDGE.

As Yachiru notes Kenpachi's arrival, he jumps down to them. Wondering where Unohana is, Isane is saddened to learn that Kenpachi killed her. Kenpachi says that she is welcome to try to kill him if she hates him. Isane expresses relief at Zaraki having inherited Unohana's name. Gremmy suddenly speaks up, stating that the new arrival is Kenpachi Zaraki and noting how strong he seems, just like he expected.

The ground begins to tremble, leaving the Shinigami confused. A large structure rises, making the two dead captains fall. Isane immediately rushes after and catches them. Declaring a stage worthy of Kenpachi is now set, Gremmy explains his powers and introduces himself as the strongest Sternritter. Kenpachi ignores this and slashes at the Quincy, but his blade is stopped. Gremmy explains how he imagined his body is stronger than steel, but he is interrupted by Kenpachi forcing his blade through his shoulder. Saying it's just the same as cutting through steel, Kenpachi states there is nothing he can't cut through because he is the Kenpachi.

Characters in order of appearance:


Kenpachi Zaraki and Gremmy Thoumeaux begin to fight, with the latter using his imagination to attack Kenpachi.


Cover of 574. DEATH IN VISION.

Several low-ranking Shinigami from the 11th Division see the structure imagined by Gremmy and note enthusiastically that they can sense Kenpachi's Reiatsu. After hearing Kenpachi complaining about the noise made by his subordinates, Gremmy gets up and shows that he's uninjured. Gremmy explains how he can simply imagine that he is already healed. As the Shinigami underneath talk about how they should have sensed Kenpachi's Reiatsu earlier, Gremmy states he will use his imagination to kill the captain without lifting even a finger.

There is suddenly an eruption of lava, which Gremmy explains comes from his mind. Noting how illogical it is, Kenpachi charges forward as he states he doesn't dislike illogical things. Kenpachi cuts away the lava and tells Yachiru to move away from there. Gremmy tells Kenpachi that she can't because her bones have been turned into cookies, prompting the confused captain to ask what a cookie is. He again tries to attack the Sternritter, but he quickly notices that he is surrounded by water.

Telling him he thought he jumped but he was actually in water, Gremmy tells Kenpachi to fall down the large fissure which just appeared in the ground. Once Kenpachi has fallen, Gremmy closes the fissure and states Kenpachi won't die from being crushed but he'll eventually drown. The ground in front of Gremmy suddenly breaks, making huge chunks of it almost hit him, but he simply imagines them away. Kenpachi comes up, holding Yachiru, and charges at Gremmy. Gremmy blocks him by imagining a steel beam in front of him. Kenpachi goes on to say Gremmy's power doesn't affect Yachiru anymore, probably because he shifted his attention away from her.

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As Askin and PePe Waccabrada observe the battle from afar, Gremmy discovers he wishes to destroy Kenpachi.


The cover page of 575. THE KILLERS HIGH.

Observing Kenpachi and Gremmy's fight from afar, Askin notes Kenpachi is fighting equally against Gremmy before wondering why Yhwach let Gremmy run loose. Appearing behind him, PePe notes it would have been better to keep him locked up for all eternity. Askin eventually decides to leave to avoid getting caught up in the battle, and states those who do not do anything are the ones living the most peacefully.

Meanwhile, Kenpachi tells Yachiru to have Isane Kotetsu heal her arm, prompting Yachiru to gleefully scurry down the side of the structure. As Gremmy notes Kenpachi realized how to disable his power, Kenpachi asks him if he is looking to fight him and reminds Gremmy of his claim of being the strongest Quincy before telling Gremmy this will not be a fight if he gets distracted by things other than his enemy. As he surrounds Kenpachi with slabs of stone, Gremmy notes no one has ever been aggressive toward him because of his power before realizing he wishes to destroy Kenpachi right now, something he has never felt before. Creating several dozen guns around himself, Gremmy fires all of them at Kenpachi, who withstands the onslaught with only a few scratches and notes Gremmy is enjoying himself.

Characters in order of appearance:


Kenpachi and Gremmy continue their fight, with Gremmy cloning himself and Kenpachi revealing the name of his Zanpakutō.


The cover page of 576. THE KILLERS HIGH 2.

Gremmy notes that he is feeling very good right now, and is not sure why. When Kenpachi shatters a dome that he had created around himself, Gremmy is slashed down his torso, but Kenpachi notes he cannot pull his sword out as a massive hand and arm smash him into the ground. Gremmy proclaims it is useless to slash him, only for Kenpachi to cut the hand and arm in half before slashing Gremmy several times in rapid succession, with Gremmy noting Kenpachi is taking advantage of his lack of reaction to attack him over and over. As Gremmy tells himself this is impossible, Kenpachi asks him if he is imagining his own death, prompting Gremmy to realize he is doing this, heal his wounds, and thank Kenpachi.

Stating he will thank Kenpachi by using his most powerful ability, Gremmy creates a clone of himself, which Kenpachi attacks. The clone remains uninjured, prompting Gremmy to note it is impervious to harm before revealing his power of imagination is doubled in this state as a huge meteorite hurtles toward them from above. As Gremmy proclaims this meteorite will obliterate both Kenpachi and the entire Seireitei, Kenpachi notes he has not cut a meteorite yet and tells his sword, Nozarashi, that this is great.

Characters in order of appearance:

577. 刃

Kenpachi unleashes the true form of his Shikai and destroys the meteorite.


The cover page of 577. 刃.[2]

Several Sternritter, Soldat, and Shinigami react in confusion and disbelief as the meteorite which Gremmy summoned hurtles toward them. Some Shinigami claim the Shakonmaku will destroy the meteorite on contact, but the meteorite manages to pass though because of its sheer size. Upon seeing this, the Shinigami and Soldat begin fleeing in terror, and Haschwalth orders several soldiers to protect Yhwach.

Gremmy and his clone claim Kenpachi cannot do anything because the meteorite is already in existence, but Kenpachi proclaims they are the ones who cannot do anything and leaps toward the meteorite before releasing the true form of Nozarashi. As Yachiru watches from below and recalls their first meeting in Rukongai, Kenpachi shatters the meteorite with a single attack, causing it to fall around him in small chunks as he stands with his axe-like Shikai.

Characters in order of appearance:


Realizing that Kenpachi can cut through anything, Gremmy attempts to kill him by exposing the captain to the vacuum of space.


The cover page of 578. THE UNDEAD 5.

As the meteorite is destroyed, Gremmy is shocked and calls Kenpachi a monster. Hearing Kenpachi's claim about being able to cut anything, Gremmy surrounds Kenpachi with several copies of himself and envelops him in the vacuum of space. As his body fluids evaporate and his body starts declining, Kenpachi takes advantage of Gremmy's low defense and cuts one of the clones in half. Several of them gather by him and cause a large explosion. Gremmy, exhausted, sees Kenpachi has survived the explosion and starts to increase his strength while proclaiming he will become stronger and win. His body breaks apart due to the pressure of the new muscles and he falls to the ground as Kenpachi comments on his opponent's stupidity in creating a monster in his mind.

Characters in order of appearance:


After Gremmy dies from his own imagination power, Kenpachi searches for Yachiru, but notices she's missing. He orders his subordinates to look for her, but they are confronted by more Sternritter.


The cover page of 579. THE UNDEAD 6.

Thinking about how he was apparently defeated by his own imagination, Gremmy concludes that this is not the case. Kenpachi, heavily injured, approaches Gremmy who explains that he imagined Kenpachi's power correctly and adjusted his own power accordingly, but no body other than Kenpachi's could handle such power. As he declares that he wanted to win, Gremmy's body starts dissolving. He explains his body is only a product of his fantasy and reveals his true nature as a disembodied brain in a protective shell. Stating he actually never used a single finger to attack him. Saying his imagination has reached its limit, Gremmy declares how he feels towards going to the place beyond, where he can't imagine anything.

After Gremmy's death the stage they fought on collapses and Kenpachi's subordinates, noticing his victory, start hurrying towards the scene. Meanwhile Kenpachi starts coughing up blood while noting he sustained severe injuries. As he calls out to Yachiru Kusajishi to come on out, he notices her empty clothes lying on the ground. The 11th Division Shinigami start arriving and Kenpachi immediately orders them to search for Yachiru. Suddenly, thunder strikes the low-ranking Shinigami. Noting how convenient it was to have all Shinigami gathered in one place, Candice Catnipp and her comrades appear in the sky.

Characters in order of appearance:


Candice, Giselle, Meninas, and Liltotto overwhelm Kenpachi and his division members.


The cover page of 580. THE LIGHT.

As several Shinigami are electrocuted by The Thunderbolt, Candice prepares to attack them once more upon realizing she did not hit all of them, only for Kenpachi to attack her from behind. However, Candice moves behind him in a flash of lightning and electrocutes him as Meninas punches Kenpachi into the ground. As Candice comments on Kenpachi still being alive, Liltotto confronts several Shinigami and devours them with The Glutton while remarking that they are not very tasty. As Kenpachi tries to stand again, Candice strikes him once more while ordering him to die. More Shinigami try to run to Kenpachi, only for Meninas to appear overhead and drop a large building on top of them with The Power. She tells them that their captain is about to die and that running to him is useless.

Meanwhile, Giselle tells several Shinigami to ignore her, but one of them slashes her across the chest. However, Giselle merely smiles and points out how all of them are now covered in her blood before forcing the Shinigami to commit suicide with The Zombie. As the four Sternritter crowd around Kenpachi, who wonders if this is the end, and discuss how they should kill them, an explosion occurs in the air overhead.

Characters in order of appearance:

Author's Notes

Volume 64 Intro Image.png
The clock in my living room stopped working, but I didn't get it fixed because I never really used it. Then a month goes by, and it's a big problem.

I didn't think I relied on it, but I actually do.

-Tite Kubo


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