Cursed Parakeet
Kanji 呪いのインコ
Romanji Noroi no inko
Episode Number 4
Manga Chapters Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9
Arc Agent of the Shinigami arc
Previous Episode The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish
Next Episode Beat the Invisible Enemy!
Japanese October 26, 2004
English September 30, 2006
Theme Music
Opening *~Asterisk~
Ending Life is Like a Boat
Episode 4 Screenshots

Cursed Parakeet is the fourth episode of the Bleach anime.

When Yasutora Sado receives a parakeet that contains the soul of a boy, it is up to Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki to protect him from the Hollow that is after them.



Sado protects his friends from a falling girder.

Sado and his friends are hanging out at night. One of his friends has a bird and is talking about how everyone who's owned it has died. He offers it to one of his friends, who declines and then his friend tells him to just leave the bird somewhere. He says that that would be too cruel and asks Sado if he wants it. The friend who doesn't have the bird tells him to stop because he knows Sado has a weak spot for cute things. A metal beam starts to fall right above them and the bird goes crazy.

In Hueco Mundo, a Hollow talks about consuming souls, saying that Shinigami souls are the most delicious.

Sado stops the beam with his back saving his friend and the beam is bent on his back. His friends stare at him confused and ask him if he's okay. He says yes and then the bird thanks Sado. The bird introduces himself and asks Sado his name. His friends comment on the bird talking like a real person and it asks Sado his name again. He answers with blood dripping from his head wound and the beam still on his back. One of his friends says that Sado is interested in the bird.


Ichigo introduces Mizuiro.

Ichigo says that his wound from his fight with Orihime Inoue's brother healed quickly and Rukia brags that she received the best grades at Kidō in the class. He asks if there is a school for Shinigami. Rukia says, "You could call it that. Now, how do I drink from this thing?" Ichigo teaches Rukia how to drink from the juice box. One of Ichigo's friends, Mizuiro Kojima, comes over and makes a remark about how Rukia and Ichigo are together again. Ichigo tells him to shut up and his friend says that people will think they're a couple. Ichigo tells him that if he cared about what people thought he would've dyed his hair black and his friend says that is true. Rukia is still fascinated by the straw and Ichigo's friend asks her how she is. She says hello and then Ichigo tells Rukia to be careful because his friend's a player. His friend says that that isn't cool and tells Ichigo that older women are more his style anyway. Ichigo adds on to what he said earlier and Rukia is still preoccupied with opening her juice pack.


Sado feeds the bird.

Keigo Asano comes over with his lunch and asks how Rukia, the "hot" transfer student is with them. Ichigo's friend says that Ichigo picked her up. Ichigo denies it and Keigo compliments him. Ichigo tells him it's no big deal and then Keigo introduces himself to Rukia. Rukia says hello and Keigo gets excited and says, "Lunch Party! Right here, right now!" Keigo tells her if she needs anything he's there for her and she asks him to open the juice box. Sado comes over next, and Ichigo says hi and asks Sado why he had bandages. Sado explains that a steel beam fell on his head and that a motorcyclist ran into him. Some of the friends comment and Ichigo asks what he's made of. Keigo asks where Sado got the bird and the bird introduces himself. Ichigo and Rukia both notice something suspicious about the bird. Keigo is amazed and talks to the bird. Ichigo asks where he got the bird and Sado says that someone gave it to him. Keigo complains that Sado cut his story short and Sado sits down. Keigo keeps going on and Rukia tells Ichigo that he's right there is something in the bird.


Ichigo notices the bird.

Rukia tells Ichigo that she does not think it is evil, and tells him that they'll have to perform a Konsō (soul burial) tonight. Ichigo complains about having another sleepless night and Rukia tells him that it doesn't help to complain. Rukia thinks to herself about how Ichigo is acting like a Shinigami and he opens a juice box for her. She thanks him and asks how he met Sado. He says that because of his hair he'd get into fights and that he was in a fight where the guys beating him up meant business. Sado stops the guy from punching Ichigo and then takes a bunch of hits without even trying to defend himself. Ichigo says how Sado never fights back and Rukia says that he is odd. Rukia says that the juice is good.


Karin and Yuzu support the injured Sado when he arrives at the Kurosaki Clinic.

Ichigo gets home and Karin Kurosaki pushes him out of her way telling him to move. Ichigo asks what's going on. His little sister, Yuzu Kurosaki, tells him that there was a big car wreck and his father, Isshin Kurosaki, is in another room talking on the phone. Ichigo greets his dad and asks if he can help. Isshin says, "No, just assume the fetal position and stay out of the way." Isshin later calls for him to help. Yuzu and Karin are holding up Sado who is wounded. Isshin comments on his size and tells Ichigo to get to work. He notices that it's Sado and remembers the bird. Isshin is analyzing Sado's wound and fixing it up. Ichigo senses something strange. Sado tells his dad that it is fine and thanks him for the help. Isshin tries to tell him that he's lost blood, but in the middle of his explanation Sado falls to the ground. Isshin tells Yuzu and Karin to get a bed. Ichigo goes to Rukia and asks if she felt it. She tells him she felt it all the way in the other room and says that it reeks of a Hollow.


Rukia's illustration of how Hollows can hide between the Human World and Seireitei.

Ichigo comes down and Yuzu says that breakfast is ready. Ichigo asks if Karin is up yet and Yuzu answers that she said she wasn't feeling well. Isshin bursts in and announces that Sado is missing. Rukia asks Ichigo if he has any idea where Sado would be. He says no and asks if there is any info on the Hollow. Rukia says no and explains through drawings that Hollows can hide in a world between the Human World and the Soul Society (Hueco Mundo). Ichigo asks how he could understand by the kindergartner drawings and Rukia hits him. He says that he understands that the Hollow is searching for Sado to eat his soul. Ichigo asks if they could use Sado's bird and Rukia says that it's impossible. Ichigo starts searching for Sado's bird and Rukia asks him what the sensation she's feeling is.

Sado is with his bird at a construction site and his bird is telling him that everyone who has ever owned him has had bad luck. Sado says that he knows and the bird says that he's sorry for not telling him. Sado says that it's okay and the bird tells him to abandon him because he's in danger. He tells the bird that he can't do that.


The bird warns Sado.

Karin gets out of bed and says that she has to tell Ichigo something.

Rukia explains how impressive it is to hone in on the bird's spirit from so far away and Ichigo grabs a spirit ribbon. Rukia is impressed by Ichigo being able to see spirit ribbons and wonders if he's really developing that quickly.

The bird tells Sado that he is in danger and Sado tells him that he can handle it. The Hollow jumps down and Sado runs away with the bird in his hands. He tells the bird not to worry and he jumps out of the window.


Karin calls out to Ichigo.

Ichigo and Rukia see Sado and he tries to stop him. Karin calls to Ichigo and he asks her what she's doing there. Karin falls to her knees and Ichigo goes to Karin. Rukia tells him that he needs to get Karin home so that he'll know she'll be safe and that she will handle the Hollow. Ichigo tells her that she can't do that and she tells him that if he didn't take her home he'd be distracted when fighting the Hollow. Ichigo tells her that she isn't strong enough to fight a Hollow alone and she tells him that a veteran Shinigami never takes unnecessary risks.

Ichigo is carrying Karin and tells her that she'll be fine. She explains to him that the boy in the cockatiel has been through too much pain and that his mother was murdered.

Rukia is running and thinking to herself how bad her Gigai is. She stops and hears a Hollow say that she smells good. The Hollow is holding her leg and he says that she smells delicious. She frees herself and the Hollow says that she's tougher than he thought. He says that her seeing him clearly makes him curious and she knees him in the chin. She swings around on to his back, jumps off into the air, and chants a spell. She says she got her powers back.

Sado's bird tells him that the Hollow is attacking Rukia and that it's going to hurt her. Sado tells the bird to stay because he's going to help her. The bird tells him not to go, but Sado goes anyway.


Rukia is confronted by a Hollow.

Rukia is facing the Hollow, who that the spell didn't even hurt. The Hollow knows by the spell that she is a Shinigami and says that hers was so weak that it had no bite to it. Rukia tells herself that her powers haven't returned yet and the Hollow realizes that she's lost her power. He tells Rukia that he's already eaten the souls of two Shinigami who tried to help the boy in the bird pass on and that they were "mighty good eating." She asks him why he pursues the kid and he says, "I might be more inclined to give you an answer if you were to give me a little nibble." Rukia calls him Hollow scum and the Hollow starts laughing.

Karin is shaking in Ichigo's arms and is telling Ichigo to help the boy and to tell him that if he passes on he'll be able to see his mother.

Next Episode Preview

Kisuke Urahara pops up to advertise his store, frequently visited by Shinigami, and himself, the shop owner who carries a scent of danger, before noting that what is bought from the store will invite tragedy, only for Ichigo to berate him for being a week early and claim that the story is not that sad before realizing they are out of time once again.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Harutoki Ide
  2. Yūichi Shibata (parakeet form)
  3. Yasutora Sado
  4. Gitano Shigeo
  5. Shrieker
  6. Ichigo Kurosaki
  7. Rukia Kuchiki
  8. Mizuiro Kojima
  9. Keigo Asano
  10. Karin Kurosaki
  11. Yuzu Kurosaki
  12. Isshin Kurosaki


Powers and Techniques Used

Kidō used:

  • Hadō #33 Sōkatsui (蒼火墜, Blue Fire, Crash Down) (erroneously dubbed as "Bakudō #33" in the English version)


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