Kanji コルミージョ
Rōmaji Korumījo
English Spanish for "Fang"
Technique Type Arrancar
User Coyote Starrk

Colmillo (コルミージョ, korumījo; Spanish for "Fang")[1] is a technique used by Coyote Starrk while in his Resurrección, Los Lobos.


After materializing a portion of his own Reishi from either of the bandoliers along his arms, Starrk solidifies it into a sword, which is durable enough to clash with Shunsui Kyōraku's released Zanpakutō.[1] While the blades formed by this technique vaguely resemble the katana Starrk wields in his sealed form, they possess a curved, fang-like prong hanging from each corner of their guard.[2] Starrk can manifest and wield two of these swords simultaneously.[3]


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Coyote Starrk Techniques
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