Clash! Hisagi vs. Kazeshini
Kanji 激突!檜佐木VS風死
Romanji Gekitotsu! Hisagi vs Kazeshini
Episode Number 235
Manga Chapters None
Arc Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc
Previous Episode Renji Surprised?! The Two Zabimaru
Next Episode Release! The New Getsuga Tenshō
Japanese September 1, 2009
English December 18, 2011
Theme Music
Opening Shōjo S
Ending Mad Surfer
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Clash! Hisagi vs. Kazeshini is the two hundred and thirty-fifth episode of the Bleach anime.

9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi fights his Zanpakutō spirit while Hollow Ichigo fights Muramasa and 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai regains the ability to release his Shikai, Zabimaru.


235Hollow Ichigo slashes

Hollow Ichigo slashes at Muramasa.

In Ichigo Kurosaki's inner world, Hollow Ichigo points Zangetsu at Muramasa and grins before moving to Muramasa and slashing at him. When Muramasa blocks, Hollow Ichigo attacks him again.

235Muramasa slashes

Muramasa slashes at Hollow Ichigo when the latter prepares to attack him.

Blocking once more, Muramasa notes that this is impressive as a laughing Hollow Ichigo pulls back before attacking Muramasa several times. Muramasa blocks each attack while noting that enlisting Hollow Ichigo will not be easy. When Hollow Ichigo raises his blade over his head to attack, Muramasa slashes at him.

235Hollow Ichigo proclaims

Hollow Ichigo proclaims Muramasa is not bad after clashing with him a few times.

Muramasa strikes Hollow Ichigo's blade, sending Hollow Ichigo flying several feet back. When Hollow Ichigo proclaims Muramasa is not bad, Muramasa states he is not here to play with him and tells Hollow Ichigo to prove he is Ichigo's true power and to not waste any more of his time. Hollow Ichigo says they will have some fun as Ichigo lies on the ground nearby while cursing and wondering why Hollow Ichigo and Muramasa have to fight in his inner world. Meanwhile, in the Seireitei, at the 4th Division barracks, 8th Division Captain Shunsui Kyōraku expresses surprise at the possibility of the Zanpakutō Spirits being lost forever.

235Shunsui frowns

Shunsui frowns in concentration upon hearing Ukitake's theory.

Confirming this is possible, 13th Division Captain Jūshirō Ukitake states a broken Zanpakutō would normally regenerate once its master fully heals and points out how their Zanpakutō Spirits have left their bodies and now exist as entities which are completely independent from them before stating that this means the rules may have changed from what they once were. Asking Ukitake if he is theorizing that killing the manifested Zanpakutō Spirits could cause them to lose their Zanpakutō forever, Shunsui frowns in concentration before stating they have no actual proof despite this sounding logical.

235Renji blocks

Renji blocks Hebi's attack with his Zanpakutō.

Shunsui says he would hate to jump to the wrong conclusion, prompting Ukitake to admit this is true before stating he is not sure the Shinigami could defeat their Zanpakutō Spirits if they confronted them with this question in mind. Meanwhile, Saru spins her chain over her head before throwing Hebi at Renji, who blocks Hebi's attack before being pushed back by the force of the blow. Regaining his footing, Renji pushes Hebi away. As Zabimaru disappears from his hand, Hebi lands and asks Renji if he is ready before spinning his chain over his head, causing Saru to hurtle toward Renji.

235Renji stands

Renji stands in the hole in the wall after being knocked through it.

As Zabimaru manifests in her hand, Saru attacks Renji, who attempts to block, only to be sent flying back into a building. Saru reattaches the segments of Zabimaru as Hebi walks up and notes this is not good before telling Saru that he thought Renji would be better than this. When Hebi says Renji is very weak, Saru tells him there is no need for this attitude and states they cannot have Renji give up yet. The dust clears to reveal a panting Renji standing in the hole in the wall. When Hebi happily notes that Renji stood up, Saru tells him to cut it out and to not overreact before slapping the back of his head.

235Saru and Hebi look

Saru and Hebi look at Renji when he tells them to stop.

Expressing pain, an angry Hebi says Saru does not have to hit him and slaps her in return, prompting Saru to clutch her backside before angrily restraining Hebi. Saru stretches Hebi's mouth and tells him to shut up as Hebi tells her to let him go. As Saru and Hebi continue to bicker, a dazed Renji watches before telling them this is enough, prompting Saru and Hebi to look at him in surprise. When Renji tells them to not argue like this and states they are fighting him, Saru pushes Hebi's hand away and stands up before saying Renji does not understand anything.

235Saru proclaims

Saru proclaims it is their true instinct.

Renji asks Saru what she means by this, prompting Saru to yawn before stating that they feel like they are wasting their time by fighting a weakling like Renji. When Hebi enthusiastically agrees with her, Saru prepares to attack him again, prompting Renji to tell them to stop once more. As a surprised Saru and Hebi look at him, Renji says they are insulting him before wondering what is behind them acting like this. Standing up, Saru states there is a lot behind it and proclaims it is their true instinct, prompting Renji to ask Saru what this means before claiming she is not making any sense.

235Renji glows

Renji glows with red Reiatsu while trying to release his Zanpakutō.

When Hebi states they do not wish to be weak, Saru confirms this and states they wish to be stronger before revealing that they have grown tired of Renji's weakness and clarifying that they wish to leave Renji because of this. Raising his Zanpakutō, Renji tells Saru to keep talking and yells as he glows with red Reiatsu before trying and failing to release Zabimaru, prompting Saru to ask him how he intends to fight them. Elsewhere, Hisagi runs through a forest as Kazeshini laughs and proclaims that the only defense left for Hisagi is running away as one of his kusarigama hurtles past a tree towards Hisagi.

235Hisagi jumps

Hisagi jumps to avoid the kusarigama.

Jumping to avoid the kusarigama, Hisagi moves to a tree limb with Shunpo and notes Kazeshini is anticipating almost every move he makes. As Kazeshini asks Hisagi if he believes it is wise to rest in an area which is open for attack, another kusarigama cuts through the tree limb as Hisagi leaps away, only to be surprised when his arm is cut in midair. Landing on the ground, Hisagi proclaims Kazeshini is a dirty fighter for hiding and attacking him from the shadows, prompting Kazeshini to ask him what is wrong with fighting dirty before proclaiming it does not matter in a life-or-death situation.

235Kazeshini proclaims

Kazeshini proclaims that he does not care how Hisagi fights.

When Hisagi states he prefers to look his opponents in the eye, Kazeshini proclaims he does not care about how Hisagi fights because he is a Zanpakutō Spirit whose sole aim is to reap as many lives as possible. Saying he believed he and Kazeshini had a mutual understanding, Hisagi states they formed a relationship through communication and became a synergistic unit as a kusarigama smashes through a tree behind him. Hisagi turns and blocks the kusarigama, only for the other kusarigama to smash through a tree next to him and cut his back.

235Kazeshini stands

Kazeshini stands up behind a surprised Hisagi.

Crying out in pain, Hisagi gets up as Kazeshini proclaims he exists to reap lives, which was the only thing he was responsible for in their relationship. Hisagi asks Kazeshini if this is so and says Kazeshini leaves him no choice before stating he is willing to kill Kazeshini even if he loses his Zanpakutō because of it. When Hisagi says he has realized that he does not like him, Kazeshini stands up behind him and Kazeshini states this is fine with him before claiming that he feels the same way. Hisagi turns around in surprise as Kazeshini's kusarigama moves towards his face.


Muramasa effortlessly blocks Hollow Ichigo's attack with his sword.

Meanwhile, Hollow Ichigo runs towards Muramasa and attacks him. When Muramasa blocks his attack, Hollow Ichigo kicks his blade away before slashing at Muramasa's legs, prompting Muramasa to jump in order to avoid the slash. Hollow Ichigo attacks Muramasa again and knocks him several feet back. As Muramasa lands and muses on Hollow Ichigo's speed, Hollow Ichigo leaps towards him and slashes at him again. Blocking, Muramasa thinks about Hollow Ichigo's power as Hollow Ichigo spins Zangetsu by the cloth while proclaiming that this feels good because it has been a long time since he has used his power without holding back.

235Hollow Ichigo appears

Hollow Ichigo appears behind a surprised Muramasa without any warning.

As Muramasa notes Hollow Ichigo acts purely on instinct and that there are no mistakes, Hollow Ichigo appears behind him before smashing Zangetsu into him. Muramasa smashes into a skyscraper as Ichigo notes Hollow Ichigo is overpowering him. Telling Muramasa to come out, Hollow Ichigo states he knows there is more to Muramasa than this as Muramasa emerges from the dust. Muramasa says this is impressive and admits he did not expect Hollow Ichigo to be so capable before stating he truly is a Hollow and theorizing that Hollow Ichigo was able to control Ichigo because of Zangetsu's removal from his body.

235Muramasa leaps

Muramasa leaps toward Hollow Ichigo.

Muramasa notes this would explain the strange transformation which Ichigo underwent during their battle before asking Hollow Ichigo if he is correct. As Hollow Ichigo says it does not matter if he is correct, Muramasa states there is no need for him to waste any more time because he knows the secret behind Hollow Ichigo's tricks. Leaping toward Hollow Ichigo, who prepares to fight, Muramasa lands in front of him and says Zanpakutō Spirits and Shinigami come together through communication and synergy before stating he now knows there are exceptions to this like Hollow Ichigo.

235Hollow Ichigo asks

Hollow Ichigo asks Muramasa what he is planning after Muramasa notes his relationship with Ichigo.

When Muramasa notes some forces must remain suppressed and states Hollow Ichigo is a very interesting subject, an indignant Hollow Ichigo claims Muramasa is putting him down after Hollow Ichigo allowed him to speak his mind. Pointing at Ichigo, Hollow Ichigo asks Muramasa if he said Ichigo was keeping him suppressed. Muramasa asks Hollow Ichigo if he is wrong, which Hollow Ichigo confirms, prompting Muramasa to ask Hollow Ichigo to explain it to him. Asking Muramasa why he should do this for him, Hollow Ichigo asks him why he is so interested in Ichigo before noting Muramasa is interested in both of them.

235Hollow Ichigo explains

Hollow Ichigo explains his true instinct of wanting to devour Ichigo to Muramasa.

Hollow Ichigo asks Muramasa what he is planning, prompting Muramasa to state Hollow Ichigo will know in time. Asking Muramasa this is so, Hollow Ichigo says he does not know or care what Muramasa is planning before proclaiming Muramasa will not get his way while he is here. Hollow Ichigo points Zangetsu at Muramasa before proclaiming that his true instinct is to devour Ichigo and take control of his body. Saying he understands, Muramasa notes Hollow Ichigo intends to stand in his way and raising his sword before saying he has no choice and proclaiming that he will completely destroy Hollow Ichigo, who grins.

235Zabimaru grinds

The segments of Zabimaru grind across Renji's blade.

Elsewhere, Saru leaps back and swings her chain around before throwing Hebi at Renji, who leaps into the air. As Hebi crashes into the ground, Saru leaps towards Renji and manifests Zabimaru in her hand before slashing at Renji. The segments of Zabimaru grind across Renji's blade before the pick-like protrusion on the end catches onto Renji's sword and propels him downward. As Renji lands, Zabimaru disappears from Saru's hand and reappears in Hebi's hands as Hebi swings Zabimaru at Renji, who blocks, only to be sent flying back as Zabimaru cuts off part of his left sleeve and injures his left arm.

235Saru states

Saru tells Hebi that he needs to remain focused.

As Renji pants, Saru walks up and calls him a coward. Looking up, Renji lists the names they have called him and demands to know what he has done to deserve these names, prompting Saru to state she is calling Renji a coward because he is one before claiming this is the only way to describe him as Hebi yawns and states he has had enough. When Hebi says he quits, Saru hits him on the head and tells him that he needs to remain focused. Hebi asks Saru why he needs to do so and says Renji still refuses to fight seriously even after all they have done before stating that nothing about this is fun.

235Saru moves

Saru moves in front of Renji after claiming he no longer has confidence in himself.

Saru turns to Renji and asks him if he has forgotten they know everything about them. Noting Renji once gave up something very dear to him, Saru states that they saw how desperately he tried to get it back and says Renji fought for it before claiming that he does not have confidence in himself despite what he did. When she asks him if killing Rukia Kuchiki and holding her severed head in front of Renji's face will get him to take this seriously, Renji curses and points his blade at Saru and Hebi. Renji's blade shakes as Saru says they can see Renji is angry and states they know why he cannot muster up the courage to kill them before moving in front of Renji.

235Saru tells

Saru tells Hebi they will go after seemingly killing Renji.

Claiming this is why Renji is weak, Saru slashes at him, prompting Renji to block, only to be sent flying back as Zabimaru cuts him, causing him to scream in pain. As Renji crashes into a building, Hebi walks up and states Saru has finally killed Renji, prompting Saru to say it does not matter because Renji was not half the man they had wanted him to be. Saru turns and tells Hebi they will go because Renji is hopeless, only for Renji to tell them to wait before asking Saru and Hebi where they think they are going, which prompts Saru to look over her shoulder.

235Renji leans

Renji leans on his sword for support after revealing he is still alive.

A panting Renji stands in the destroyed building while leaning on his sword for support. As Hebi notes Renji still wishes to fight, Renji states they are not leaving until they have beaten him. Claiming she and Hebi are through with him, Saru states Renji does not have the will to fight them before pointing out how they know him better than anyone else does. Turning to Renji, Saru asks him what he would do if beating them meant losing his own power and reveals she knows this is why Renji did not attack them. Saru admits that they do not know what will happen either because they are now separate from Renji and are likely capable of dying like Shinigami can.

235Saru asks

Saru asks Renji if she is wrong about his reasoning.

Noting that Renji refuses to destroy his Zanpakutō, Saru says this means he refuses to destroy them. Saru asks Renji if she is wrong and if he can really blame her for calling him a weakling before proclaiming true strength is not simply about having the ability to fight. Meanwhile, Hollow Ichigo and Muramasa clash several times before crossing blades. As Muramasa steps to the side, Zangetsu crashes into the ground where he was standing. Hollow Ichigo and Muramasa continue to clash as Hollow Ichigo slashes Muramasa away.

235Muramasa appears

Muramasa appears behind Hollow Ichigo after evading his attacks.

As Muramasa performs a handspring and lands on his feet, Hollow Ichigo asks him what is wrong and if this is all Muramasa has got. Appearing behind Hollow Ichigo, Muramasa slashes at him, prompting Hollow Ichigo to leap away before landing behind Muramasa and throwing Zangetsu at him. When Muramasa deflects the attack, Hollow Ichigo runs towards him and rolls underneath a slash from Muramasa before leaping forward and attacking him once more. Muramasa jumps to avoid the attack, only for Hollow Ichigo to move behind him before throwing Zangetsu at him once more.

235Blade dissipates

Muramasa's blade dissipates as he prepares to use his other abilities.

Muramasa bends over to avoid the attack, but Hollow Ichigo slashes at him and knocks him several feet away. As Muramasa lands, Hollow Ichigo states Muramasa moving so slowly means he is less likely to get to him. Saying he is aware of this, Muramasa raises his sword and states he is not concerned as his blade dissipates, surprising Hollow Ichigo. When Muramasa extends his hand and uncurls his fingers, Hollow Ichigo moves away while noting he is not sure what Muramasa is doing before stopping in midair. Wondering what is happening, Hollow Ichigo is slammed into the ground.


Dozens of tentacles constrict Hollow Ichigo in the reflection of the skyscraper.

As Ichigo expresses surprise, Hollow Ichigo struggles to get up and states he cannot move. Muramasa walks toward Hollow Ichigo while asking him if this is all that he has got, prompting Hollow Ichigo to tell him to shut up. Noting Ichigo notes this is what happened to him, Ichigo looks up to see dozens of tentacles constricting Hollow Ichigo in the reflection of the skyscraper above him and wonders what it is. As Ichigo wonders if this is how Muramasa is restraining Hollow Ichigo, Muramasa manifests his sword and says Hollow Ichigo is nothing but a Hollow before noting Hollow Ichigo does not possess the power he is seeking.

235Hebi slaps

Hebi slaps Renji with his tail while mercilessly beating him.

Raising his sword above his head, Muramasa proclaims Hollow Ichigo is expendable. Elsewhere, Hebi holds Renji by the throat and slams him against a wall. As Hebi slaps him with his tail, Renji wonders what he will do. When Hebi slaps him again, Renji tells himself he is too weak. Hebi slaps Renji once more as Renji wonders if this is the end for him. Renji wonders what he has been doing all this time as Hebi slaps him again before wrapping his tail around Renji's head. Telling him to do something, Hebi slams Renji into the ground as Renji looks up to see Saru standing in front of him.

235Hebi manifests

Hebi manifests Zabimaru in his hand.

Renji thinks about how his Zanpakutō Spirit has deserted him after all this time and wonders what he should do. As Hebi whips him with his tail, Renji realizes the pain he is feeling is coming from his damaged soul and not his injuries. Knocking Renji away, Hebi walks over to Saru and says Renji has been beaten. When Hebi asks her what to do now, Saru looks away and tells Hebi to kill Renji, prompting a smirking Hebi to manifest Zabimaru in his hand before raising it above his head as Renji opens his eyes and recalls his fight with 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki.

235Getsuga Tensho hurtles

A Getsuga Tenshō hurtles toward Muramasa.

Realizing he did not change at all, Renji notes that he simply moved forward without actually thinking even though he boasted about becoming stronger. Renji recalls his fight with Szayelaporro Granz and wonders if this is it before recalling his fight with Ichigo. Noting Ichigo has told him that he only fights to protect others and that this is what makes him strong, Renji wonders what he fights for and thinks of Byakuya. Meanwhile, a Getsuga Tenshō hurtles toward Muramasa, who steps back to avoid it. The Getsuga Tenshō hurtles past Hollow Ichigo, who falls over and gasps for air.

235Ichigo says

Ichigo says Hollow Ichigo is a part of him.

Panting, Hollow Ichigo curses Ichigo, who walks past him with Zangetsu over his shoulder and states he cannot let Muramasa take what he wishes. Muramasa looks at his hand and notes Ichigo escaped his spell within a very short amount of time before wondering how it is possible. When Hollow Ichigo asks Ichigo why he is protecting him, Ichigo asks him if he really needs to ask. Hollow Ichigo stands up as Ichigo says it is who he is before stating Hollow Ichigo is a part of him. Rubbing his chin, Hollow Ichigo grins and claims Ichigo is being arrogant again.

235Ichigo admits

Ichigo admits he does not know what to do with himself.

Ichigo notes that he does not know what Hollow Ichigo plans to do with him with Zangetsu gone before admitting he does not know what to do with himself. When Ichigo states there is one thing which must be done, Hollow Ichigo proclaims he is a pain. Noting this is an interesting sight, Muramasa says Ichigo is choosing to protect the Hollow, prompting Ichigo to ask him what is so strange about it. Ichigo states it does not matter if he is a Hollow and says Hollow Ichigo is a part of him before explaining how he is okay with this because he is the one in charge.

235Ichigo proclaims

Ichigo proclaims he is a Human and not a Shinigami.

When Ichigo states he does not intend to let Muramasa do what he pleases, Muramasa asks Ichigo what he is and says what Ichigo described is definitely not the relationship between a Shinigami and a Hollow. Telling Muramasa he is wrong about one thing, Ichigo states Muramasa has been calling him a Shinigami before proclaiming he is a Human. Ichigo runs toward Muramasa and attacks him. When Muramasa blocks with his sword, Ichigo yells and begins to glow with blue Reiatsu. Expressing surprise, Muramasa asks Ichigo if he intends to push him out of his inner world with his willpower.

235Renji states

Renji states he only wishes to become stronger after regaining his willpower and repelling Hebi with his Zanpakutō.

Noting Ichigo is unusual, Muramasa glows green before vanishing in a burst of green light. Elsewhere, as Zabimaru comes down, Renji blocks it with his sword. As Hebi expresses surprise, Renji begins to force Zabimaru back, surprising Saru. Meanwhile, Ichigo awakens in the real world and sees Muramasa standing in front of him. When Ichigo asks him where they were, Muramasa turns to face him. Elsewhere, Hebi is thrown back as Renji stands up and admits that he and Saru were right about him being weak and that he had forgotten before stating that his mindset is different now. When Renji proclaims he does not have time to argue about stupid things like this, Saru expresses surprise as Renji states he only wishes to become stronger.

235Renji successfully releases

Renji successfully releases Zabimaru after remembering his goal of surpassing Byakuya.

Meanwhile, Ichigo says he will regain control and proclaims he will find a way to reunite with Zangetsu even if he has to destroy him. Stating there is still someone whom he has to surpass in battle, Renji proclaims this is why it is his goal to become even stronger before revealing that facing Saru and Hebi reminded him of this. As Ichigo says this is a choice which he has made, Renji states he cannot afford to lose and must win in order to achieve this goal as Ichigo says the same thing. Putting his hand up to his blade, Renji successfully releases Zabimaru, shocking Saru and Hebi. Renji grins as Ichigo points his blade at Muramasa and tells him to come at him.

Quincy Encyclopedia

235Ryuken looks

Ryūken looks at a photo of Uryū.

Ryūken Ishida reminisces about Uryū Ishida's childhood while looking at his childhood picture. Replacing it with pictures of Karin Kurosaki and Yuzu Kurosaki, Isshin Kurosaki says they are much more adorable because Uryū is now in a rebellious stage, prompting Ryūken to attack him with arrows because he thinks Uryū's rebellion is Ichigo's fault and a father is accountable for his son's sins.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Hollow Ichigo
  2. Muramasa
  3. Ichigo Kurosaki
  4. Shunsui Kyōraku
  5. Jūshirō Ukitake
  6. Kazeshini
  7. Shūhei Hisagi
  8. Renji Abarai
  9. Zabimaru
  10. Zangetsu
  11. Rukia Kuchiki (flashback)
  12. Byakuya Kuchiki (flashback)


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