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Cinderella (シンデレラ, Shinderera) is one of the seven Märchens of Reverse London. She was found and formerly adopted as a pet by Macy Baljure, who had nicknamed her Elly (エリー, Erī).


Cinderella's molted and fully-grown form.

Cinderella achieves her true, fully grown form by molting (羽化, uka) under the moonlight. After doing so, she appears as an enormous Dragon with brilliant-white feathers, blue (and occasionally red-glowing) eyes with thick lashes, and a bird-like beak topped by a flat, bone-white outgrowth that covers the upper portion of her snout, partially encircling her eyes to curve down and end at her cheeks. A distinctive golden, diadem-like protrusion sits on her brow with five tall, symmetrically rising points, which is known as the Crown-Shaped Horn (冠状のツノ, Kanmurijō no Tsuno; Viz "Crown Artery") and provides her a regal appearance. Otherwise, Cinderella has a long and serpentine neck, a massive pair of feather-edged, leathery wings with a talon at each thumb and spikes protruding from each digit, proportionally thin hindlimbs bare from the thigh downward with four talon-bearing digits on the front and two on the back of each hand, and a long, flowing tail divided into multiple separate plumes.[1]

Prior to molting, Cinderella is a large, pink-skinned Dragon with four long, slender limbs ending in six-digit, talon-bearing hands, long bone wings with tufts of white fur covering the joints and reaching partway down the spines, a serpentine neck and tail covered in fur at the bases, and a bald head with an elongated snout and blue eyes covered by a carapace resembling the skull of a bird with five protrusions extending past the face.[2]

As an infant, Cinderella was much smaller, approximately the size of a cat, with a shorter and rounded beak. The protrusions on her mask were short and stubby, her tiny wings were completely covered in feathers, and her tail was thin and only a few inches long.[3]


In her pre-molted form, Cinderella is in tune with Macy Baljure's thoughts and feelings, allowing her to feel angry on Macy's behalf at "The Realist's" false story about Ninny Spangcole hating her former co-singer.[4] When Macy was forcibly taken away from her, Cinderella was left roaring in anger.[5] She is obedient to Macy and will attack whomever the latter desires her to.[6] Cinderella prefers to eat fruit and vegetables when fed.[3]

However, in her full-grown and molted form, Cinderella is highly and casually destructive, damaging large swaths of buildings with her Star Ash seemingly by accident and out of agitation.[7] She also no longer holds any regard for Macy, having attempted to attack her despite the latter's pleas for her to stop her assault; Ninny Spangcole concludes from this that Cinderella can no longer be communicated with.[8]


Macy Baljure finds an infant Cinderella in the rain after encountering Balgo Parks.

As one of the Märchen, Cinderella is rumored to have existed even before the formation of Reverse London and to be a progenitor of Dark Dragons.[9]

Two months ago, as an infant, Cinderella was found sleeping on a rock in the rain by Macy Baljure, who initially believed her to be an illusion until she began drinking water when brought home. With a preference for fruits and vegetables as well as no need to use the bathroom, Cinderella kept growing bigger to resemble a proper Dragon, and because only she could see Cinderella, Macy felt special and believed that Cinderella was giving her strength to eventually take her somewhere special, so she named Cinderella "Elly".[10]


Cinderella is shot and incapacitated by Noel Niihashi after attempting to attack Ninny Spangcole.

After Macy Baljure departs from her band, Cecile Die Twice, Cinderella angrily fires a flame blast at a monitor displaying a discussion on footage purportedly showing Ninny Spangcole disparaging Macy, who thanks Cinderella for doing so.[4] The next day, Macy has Cinderella blow up part of "The Realist's" office building in Reverse London.[11] After Cinderella destroys a window with a flame blast, Ninny flies in and confronts Macy. Shortly afterward, Cinderella makes herself visible and is introduced to Ninny by Macy. Though Ninny attempts to have her hand over Cinderella because she is committing a felony, Macy refuses to listen and has Cinderella attack Ninny, only for Noel Niihashi to incapacitate Cinderella.[12]

Cinderella attacks Bruno Bangnyfe from above.

Shortly afterward, when Macy is pulled away from the building by Ninny, Cinderella forces her way onto the rooftop and roars angrily at the sight.[6] At nighttime, Cinderella catches up to Macy and attacks Bruno Bangnyfe, who attempts to dispose of her since he no longer needs her for his plan to frame Balgo Parks. However, Cinderella uses Stealth Scale to vanish from sight, shocking those present, and wounds Rickenbacker before ascending into the moonlight and molting into her true form, which leads Bruno and Noel to identify her by her true name as a Märchen. Coming to rest on top of a clock tower, an agitated Cinderella spreads her wings and releases Star Ash that detonates across dozens of buildings, prompting Bruno to decide to kill her both because she is already slated for extermination and for the recognition it will earn him.[13]

Cinderella is attacked by a Hunger Shadow summoned by Bruno, but remains unscathed.

Bruno flies toward Cinderella on Rickenbacker, and while her drifting Star Ash forces Noel and Ninny to fly off on their Broombuggies as well, Cinderella is attacked by a Hunger Shadow summoned by Bruno that leaps onto her head and attempts to damage her Crown-Shaped Horn, prompting her to destroy it with a blast of flame from her beak. After joining Bruno in the air and formulating a plan with him, Noel and Ninny cast Magic #68. Supernal Jail to restrain Cinderella with beams of light while Bruno casts Greedy Curtain to contain any attacks she unleashes. However, Cinderella unleashes a powerful blast that destroys her restraints and injures Noel, Ninny, and Bruno without harming herself.[14]

Cinderella is shot and killed by Billy Banx Jr., who snipes her from several miles away.

Upon seeing Cinderalla flying toward Noel and Ninny on a distant rooftop, Macy attempts to convince them to subdue Cinderella without killing her, distracting them long enough for Cinderella to further injure them with another blast. Though Macy pleas with her to stop, Cinderella releases more Star Ash, which Noel and Ninny detonate before it can fall to the ground. Suddenly, as Balgo fearfully grasps his Pipe, a sword blade comprised of energy emerges from the end, causing Cinderella to stop moving and stare intently at it before being shot through her Crown-Shaped Horn and killed by Billy Banx Jr. Afterwards, her corpse is collected and preserved by the Patchworks.[15]

Powers & Abilities

Cinderella destroys a Hunger Shadow with a blast of fire.

Firebreathing: Cinderella can unleash blasts of flame that vary in power and intensity, ranging from small and concentrated enough to destroy a monitor in a residence without damaging its surroundings[4] to large and wild enough to blow out most of a large window in an office building.[16] In her full-grown and molted form, Cinderella's blasts are even more powerful, allowing her to effortlessly destroy a Hunger Shadow[17] and destroy a full-incantation Magic #68. Supernal Jail and Greedy Curtain simultaneously.[18] She can also unleash a wide, continuous stream of fire that covers a large distance in order to pursue moving foes.[19]

Stealth Scale (透色竜鱗 (ステルス・スケイル), Suterusu Sukeiru; Japanese for "Transparent Colored Dragon Scales"): Cinderella can turn invisible at will, allowing her to lurk stealthily in an area[2] and evade attacks in combat while taking her enemies by surprise.[20]

Cinderella scatters her Star Ash.

Star Ash (星灰 (スターアッシュ), Sutā Asshu; Japanese for "Star Ash"): When agitated, Cinderella scatters small crystals with horn-shaped protrusions[21] in a wide radius around the wake of her movements; upon making contact with surfaces, these crystals detonate, creating powerful explosions that can severely damage buildings.[22]

Immense Durability: In her full-grown and molted form, Cinderella is incredibly durable, having withstood the attacks of a Hunger Shadow,[17] the full brunt of one of her own energy blasts,[23] and the detonations of her Star Ash at close range without suffering any damage or injuries.[8]

Flight: Cinderella can use her massive wings to fly gracefully at high speeds.[24]


Crown-Shaped Horn: Per the legends about her, should the Crown-Shaped Horn on Cinderella's brow be broken, she will die.[25]



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