Central 46 Compound
Kanji 中央地下議事堂
English Central Forty-Six Chambers
Location Statistics
Type Government Building
Located In Soul Society
Controlled By Central 46
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 167
Anime Episode 59

The Central 46 Chambers Compound (中央地下議事堂, Chūō Shijūroku Shitsu; lit. "Central Underground Parliament") Building is a highly restricted area in the Seireitei in Soul Society that serves as the headquarters of the Central 46.


Most of the building is underground, with only a small portion visible from the surface.[1] It houses the Central 46, the central government of Soul Society. The Central 46 rules Soul Society on behalf of the Soul King.[2] They make all of Soul Society's laws and try those who are charged with breaking them, whether the crime was committed in Soul Society or in the Human World. Following the massacre of the Central 46 at the hands of Sōsuke Aizen, and Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto subsequently taking over their normal duties, the compound has lost much of its former status as one of the most important places in Seireitei.

Central Underground Assembly Hall


The Central Underground Assembly Hall (exterior)

The Central Underground Assembly Hall (中央地下議事堂全体, Chūōchika Gijidōzentai) is where the Central 46 meets. It is an octagonal structure located in a large open space within the main building,[1] and was also referred to as the Diet Building.[3] Beyond the entrance to this structure there is a staircase leading down into the hall. The benches and high-backed chairs of the 40 wise men are arranged in two concentric rings, one higher than the other, surrounding an open area. In the walls there are recesses with stairs leading up to them, where the six judges are seated. There are large banners on its walls. It has thirteen levels of protection to keep out or at least stall intruders. During Aizen's rebellion, the Assembly Hall was placed under lock down.[4]

Notable events to occur in the Assembly Hall are the massacre of the Central 46 by Aizen, the manipulation of Rukia Kuchiki's execution, the trial of Kisuke Urahara, which took place 101 years before the start of the story, and the sentencing of Sōsuke Aizen. On this occasion, the members of the Central 46 sat behind numbered screens to maintain their anonymity. The Hall was kept in darkness during the trial, with the only lights shining upon Urahara and his co-accused, Tessai Tsukabishi.



The Seijōtōkyorin

The Seijōtōkyorin (清浄塔居林, Tranquil Forest of Residential Towers; Viz "Immaculate Tower Grove") is where the Central 46's members reside. It is the only place in all of Seireitei that is completely off limits to all except the Central 46, no matter what reason they may have.[5] The residences are tall, thin tower-like buildings with the entrance raised off of the ground and accessed via a short stairway, with a wooden walkway surrounding the building. There is a tall, narrow window in the wall starting just above the door that continues to the top of the tower. Little of the interior is seen beyond the entrance, with no furnishings visible. It is unknown if there is only one floor, or if there are multiple levels inside the towers. It is not revealed if there is a difference between the residences of the wise men and the judges.

Notable events to occur here are the reunion of Aizen and Momo Hinamori,[6] and the confrontation between Aizen and 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya.[7]



Great Spirit Library.

Daireishokairō (大霊書回廊, Great Spirit Book Gallery; Viz "Great Archive") is a repository of all the knowledge and history of Soul Society. This is another area to which access is restricted. As a result, few are familiar with its inner workings even among the captains.[8] Ukitake was placed in charge of investigating the library's circuits to identify anything that Aizen may have researched during the time in which he was believed to be dead.[9] Ukitake's investigation discovered that Aizen had accessed much data on the Hōgyoku and the King's Key.


  • The anime depicted the compound as a circular building in the center of a body of water, surrounded by a wall with a single gateway. Access to the main building was via a bridge.[10]


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