Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip!
Kanji ぶらり霊場突撃の旅!
Romanji Burari Reijō Totsugeki no Tabi!
Episode Number 10
Manga Chapters Chapter 27, Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 32
Arc Agent of the Shinigami arc
Previous Episode Unbeatable Enemy
Next Episode The Legendary Quincy
Japanese December 7, 2004
English November 11, 2006
Theme Music
Opening *~Asterisk~
Ending Life is Like a Boat
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Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip! is the tenth episode of the Bleach anime.

While grudgingly attending Don Kanonji's show with the rest of his family, Ichigo Kurosaki is forced to fight a Hollow inadvertently created by Don Kanonji himself.



Yasutora Sado and his friends watch from the crowd.

At an abandoned hospital in Karakura Town, an announcer informs the audience of the location they are broadcasting this week's Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip episode from and claims that ghostly screams can be heard from within the building. While Orihime Inoue, Tatsuki Arisawa, Yasutora Sado, Keigo Asano, Mizuiro Kojima, Isshin Kurosaki, Karin Kurosaki, Yuzu Kurosaki, and Ichigo Kurosaki watch from the assembled crowd, a woman on-stage wonders what they will see tonight.


Don Kanonji leaps out of a helicopter.

Telling the audience to welcome the charismatic medium of the new century and messenger of the underworld to the stage, the announcer points to the sky and shouts out Don Kanonji's name as Don Kanonji himself leaps out of a helicopter, where he declares that spirits are always with the audience before deploying a large parachute and falling to the ground safely. Earlier, at Karakura High School, Orihime performs Don Kanonji's signature pose and laugh, to Ichigo's surprise and disappointment.


Tatsuki stops Orihime from performing Don Kanonji's pose.

Seeing this reaction, a confused Orihime questions it and asks Ichigo if he knows what the pose signifies, prompting him to reluctantly admit that it is from Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip. Pleased by this, Orihime declares that it is a fun show and tries to get Ichigo to join her in performing the pose, only for Tatsuki to come up behind her and grab her arms. While Orihime asks her what she is doing, Tatsuki gently but firmly pushes her away and promises to perform Don Kanonji's pose and laugh with her, leaving a perplexed Ichigo standing in the doorway to the classroom. When Keigo greets him from behind, Ichigo turns to see him, Mizuiro, and Sado performing the pose and laugh as well.


Ichigo Kurosaki refuses to attend the show recording.

Shortly afterward, an incredulous Keigo demands to know why Ichigo does not want to go to the episode of Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip that is being recorded live in Karakura Town when it is the most popular TV show around. As Keigo claims that the only citizens of Karakura Town who are not going are dead, Ichigo sarcastically claims to be a zombie and tells Keigo to get lost, leading the latter to reveal that he even invited Rukia Kuchiki, who greets an embarrassed Ichigo. While watching Rukia decline to perform Don Kanonji's pose and laugh with Keigo out of embarrassment, an annoyed Ichigo notes that she has added to her repertoire of tricks.


Ichigo is annoyed by Don Kanonji and the crowd's antics.

In the present, Ichigo stands in the crowd with the same look of annoyance as those around him cheer for Don Kanonji, who asks the crowd how they are doing tonight before promising to let them listen to the cries of spirits tonight, to their delight. When the woman asks him what he thinks of the location, Don Kanonji notes that the place reeks of spirits and performs his signature pose and laugh while the crowd utters his catchphrase of "Smells like bad spirits!", further annoying Ichigo. As smoke fills the air around Don Kanonji, obscuring him from the view of the crowd, a crew member shouts that they are cutting to commercial while Ichigo notes that he hates shows about spirits.


Orihime apologizes for her behavior the other day.

Soon afterward, a staff member directs members of the crowd to follow a guide to the spirit purification area as Orihime runs up to Ichigo and apologizes to him for what she did the other day. As Ichigo wonders what she is talking about, Orihime explains that Tatsuki told her about how Ichigo does not like this kind of program and that she did not know prior, prompting Ichigo to assure her that it is alright before pointing out Keigo and Mizuiro, who are performing the pose and laugh at him even though they know he does not like it. When Orihime questions why he came anyway, Ichigo reveals that his father and sister are big fans of the show while Isshin and Yuzu pose and laugh with each other.


Orihime leaves Ichigo after Tatsuki calls out to her.

A surprised Orihime wonders if this is why he came, which Ichigo confirms on the grounds of not being able to just let them come alone. When a pleased Orihime claims that this is kind of him, a confused Ichigo states that it is just normal behavior, which Orihime agrees with after reconsideration. From the crowd, Tatsuki calls out to Orihime and asserts that she is being left behind, prompting Orihime to tell her to wait and bid Ichigo farewell before running off. Looking over the crowd, Ichigo disparages all the people caught up in this show, only to be shocked when Rukia appears behind him and performs Don Kanonji's signature pose and laugh as well.


Rukia reveals that she does not know what this event is about.

As she notes the irritated look on his face, Rukia tells Ichigo to take advantage of the event and enjoy it, only for Ichigo to claim that he is always like this. Observing that Ichigo must be exhausted from school and his Shinigami work, Rukia points out that there will be tough battles ahead and encourages Ichigo to use this opportunity to relax, surprising him with her compassion, before bluntly asking him what this event is about, to Ichigo's chagrin. Ichigo asks Rukia if there are really Souls trapped in this abandoned hospital, and when she wonders why he is questioning this, he notes that the Shinigami should have helped it cross over by now.


Rukia explains what a Jibakurei is to Ichigo.

However, Rukia admits that this is not necessarily true and details how Souls that inhabit locations like this hospital are fixed-location Jibakurei and assimilate into the earth, which largely prevents Shinigami and Soul Society from detecting them. As Rukia notes that Jibakurei will only show themselves when Humans invade their territory, a crew member approaches the hospital with a large spotlight on a tripod and steps onto the area in front of the steps to the front door, causing a Hollow-like howl to emanate from within the hospital. Startled by this, Sado asks Keigo and Mizuiro if they heard something, leading Keigo to nervously claim that Sado is creeping him out.


Orihime and Tatsuki hear the unearthly howl.

As Mizuiro tells him that it is probably just his imagination, Sado agrees and apologizes as he continues to listen to the howl. Hearing the howl elsewhere, an agitated Karin notes that she should not have come here, only to dismiss her trouble when Isshin asks her what is wrong. While Orihime and Tatsuki look at each other in concern over the unearthly howl, Rukia asserts that this is the cry of a Jibakurei and that one is present after all. When Ichigo expresses surprise at it not being the cry of a Hollow, Rukia reminds him that the occurrence of a Hollow follows several patterns as the Jibakurei manifests in front of the hospital, to which he is attached by several chains.


The Jibakurei screams in rage as he manifests.

Rukia explains that one such pattern involves a Jibakurei who feels a strong attachment to part of the Human World being left alone and eventually becoming a Hollow as this one is, and as Ichigo realizes what this means, Rukia confirms that he is a Plus on the verge of becoming a Hollow and refers to him as a Demi-Hollow while the Jibakurei screams. Admitting that the Jibakurei feels like a Hollow to him, Ichigo observes that he is not wearing the white mask of one and that the hole in his chest is not fully open yet, prompting Rukia to detail how the hole in a Hollow's chest signifies that their heart is lost and that they have become a mass of instincts.


Rukia explains Demi-Hollows to Ichigo with her illustrations.

Elaborating on how the skull-shaped mask of a Hollow shields those bared instincts from the outside world, Rukia reveals that neither of those is necessary if the heart is still intact and explains that a Human's Chain of Fate is severed from their body when they die before noting that they normally wait for Shinigami to come along and help them pass over. As she reveals that lost Souls can become bound to certain objects if they have regrets and cannot let go of their life, Rukia illustrates this to Ichigo with her drawings, only to be shocked and disappointed when Ichigo disapprovingly looks away from her work, causing her to hit him with her sketchpad.


Ichigo is disgusted by the greed of the Jibakurei.

Rukia asserts that the heart of the Jibakurei is being held by this hospital as the Jibakurei declares that the hospital belongs to him and that no one else can have it. While the Jibakurei claims that he will make lots of money off of it and drive a pink Cadillac, Ichigo expresses disgust at his greed. Suddenly, a crew member announces that they are coming back from commercial break and the lights change color, prompting Rukia to realize that something is happening as Ichigo looks at her in disappointment. While Don Kanonji tells the crowd that spirits are forever with them, the crowd performs his pose and laugh with him as Rukia joins in.


Rukia promises that they will perform Konsō later.

When an angered Ichigo demands to know if this is okay, Rukia tells him to calm down and assures Ichigo that it usually takes several months for a Jibakurei to become a Hollow. As the announcer declares that it is time for Don Kanonji to purify the spirit, Rukia notes that they would not want the Jibakurei to become agitated around this many people and promises that they will perform Konsō on him after the event is over. With Ichigo still unsure of this plan, Rukia explains that a Soul lets out a frightening scream right before it becomes a Hollow due to how much pain it is in and asks Ichigo if the Jibakurei looks to be in pain.


Don Kanonji jams his Super Spirits Stick into the Jibakurei.

While Don Kanonji inspects him up close, the Jibakurei demands to know who he is and if he is going to taint his hospital as well before proclaiming that he has guts to do so and insulting Don Kanonji's hat, leading Ichigo to admit that he does not appear to be in pain as Rukia asserts that it will take another half a year for him to become a Hollow unless the hole in his chest is damaged in some way. Suddenly, Don Kanonji jams the end of his Super Spirits Stick into the hole of the Jibakurei, who begins screaming in pain as Ichigo and Rukia watch in shock. Pushing the Super Spirits Stick further into the Jibakurei, Don Kanonji promises to let him cross over peacefully.


Ichigo is pinned down by the security team.

The announcer excitedly identifies the Super Spirits Stick' and notes that it is unusual for Don Kanonji to use it so early as the crowd cheers. While Ichigo questions what Don Kanonji is doing, Rukia calls him a fool and asserts that this will only speed up the process of the Jibakurei becoming a Hollow. As the Jibakurei continues to howl in agony and begins to let out a Hollow's roar, Don Kanonji chants fervently. Suddenly, Ichigo leaps over the rope barricade in front of the crowd and runs toward Don Kanonji while demanding that he stop it, prompting one of the crew members to order the security team to step in as Ichigo is suddenly pinned down by several uniformed men.


The chains of the Jibakurei suddenly break apart.

Telling Ichigo to come back so she can turn him into a Shinigami as she dons her Gokon Tekkō, Rukia is swiftly pinned down by several more uniformed men as Ichigo demands that they get off. As the Jibakurei continues to scream in extreme pain, visibly unnerving Orihime, Karin, and Sado, his chains begin breaking apart, shocking Rukia while Ichigo continues to struggle. Suddenly, Kisuke Urahara pushes Ichigo's soul out of his body with the tip of his cane, giving him access to his Shinigami form as he is sent flying away. Ichigo sits up and demands to know who did that before seeing Urahara, who stands with Tessai Tsukabishi and greets him.


Ichigo separates Don Kanonji from the Jibakurei.

As Urahara tells him to get going, Ichigo gets up and runs off while Rukia questions why Urahara is here and Tessai takes Ichigo's unconscious body from the confused security team. Running up to Don Kanonji, who is surprised by his sudden appearance, Ichigo pushes him back from the Jibakurei, leading the crowd to see Don Kanonji sent flying back as the announcer details what just happened. When Don Kanonji demands to know what he is doing, a puzzled Ichigo asks him if he can see him too, leading Don Kanonji to confirm that he can do so because he is the charismatic medium of the new century before assuming that Ichigo is a dead fan of his, to Ichigo's irritation.


The Jibakurei begins his transition to a Hollow.

Upon hearing a loud cracking sound from behind him, Ichigo turns to see the body of the Jibakurei cracking and bulging outward as he wonders if he is too late. Shining brightly, the Jibakurei suddenly shatters, leaving a cloud of smoke as a stunned Ichigo expresses his belief that the Jibakurei has disappeared. However, while Don Kanonji declares that the soul purification mission is complete to the cheering crowd, a shocked Rukia realizes that the Jibakurei did not disappear and opens her Denreishinki while noting that a Demi-Hollow like the Jibakurei disperses and reforms in another location the instant it becomes a Hollow.


The Demi-Hollow forms on top of the hospital.

Rukia's Denreishinki scans the area as she recalls that the heart of the Jibakurei was held by this location before looking up in shock at the moon, which is obscured by a bright orb of light that begins to move toward the roof of the hospital. As the crowd continues to cheer for Don Kanonji, who thanks them, Rukia tells Ichigo to look up, prompting him and Don Kanonji to look at the roof of the hospital, where the orb of light begins drawing green Reishi from the surroundings that proceeds to form The Demi-Hollow's body from the limbs up. The head of the Jibakurei pops out of the neck stump and screams before emitting a white substance that forms into a mask.


Don Kanonji pushes Ichigo out of the way.

As the Demi-Hollow roars, a stunned Don Kanonji wonders what it is, and as Ichigo begins to explain what a Hollow is, Don Kanonji notes that it reeks of a dangerous spirit before declaring that it must be an evil boss that has come to avenge the Soul he just purified, to Ichigo's consternation. When the Demi-Hollow voices his desire to devour Don Kanonji, Ichigo moves to protect him, but Don Kanonji pushes Ichigo out of the way and tells him to run before telling the Demi-Hollow to come on and proclaiming that he will be his opponent as the charismatic medium of the new century with his Super Spirits Stick held out horizontally in front of him.


Ichigo clashes with the Demi-Hollow.

The Demi-Hollow runs down the side of the hospital toward Don Kanonji, prompting Ichigo to demand to know what Don Kanonji is doing before drawing his Zanpakutō and blocking the Demi-Hollow's bite with it. Briefly struggling with the Demi-Hollow, Ichigo pushes it back, causing it to crash into the ground a few meters away while Don Kanonji asks Ichigo why he did not run away. While Ichigo tells Don Kanonji that he is the one who should be running away, the dust behind him clears as the Demi-Hollow stands up and roars, leading Ichigo to curse and assume a battle stance. After slashing at the Demi-Hollow when it charges in, Ichigo blocks its subsequent attack with its other hand.


Ichigo pulls Don Kanonji away from the Demi-Hollow.

As he watches this, Urahara notes that this is proceeding just as he imagined and praises Ichigo's performance despite the conditions before wondering what he will do. The Demi-Hollow charges toward a blocking Kanonji, whom Ichigo pulls out of the way right before the Demi-Hollow crashes into the wall behind where he was standing and begins struggling to free itself. Seeing this as an opportunity, Don Kanonji moves in to attack, only for Ichigo to grab him by the collar and pull him into the hospital through the glass front doors, which shatter. While the announcer wonders what is going on, Urahara observes that this is how Ichigo will fight.


Urahara stops Rukia from following Ichigo into the hospital.

Detailing how Don Kanonji has disappeared into the hospital, the announcer points out how the glass has shattered and part of the wall is destroyed before concluding that Don Kanonji is battling with an unknown force. When a concerned Rukia tries to follow Ichigo into the hospital, Urahara stops her and assures her that Ichigo will not have trouble with a Hollow of that level. With Rukia protesting, Urahara reminds her that it would not be good to create too much of a disturbance and notes that Don Kanonji seems to have some power of his own as he asserts that they should let them handle it. Inside the hospital, Ichigo drags Don Kanonji down a hallway.


Don Kanonji explains why he cannot run away.

A confused Don Kanonji asks Ichigo why they are running, prompting Ichigo to remind him that he said they should run. When Don Kanonji clarifies that he only meant for Ichigo to run away, an irritated Ichigo throws him headlong into a wall and angrily demands to know why he should run away while Don Kanonji stays. Getting to his feet, Don Kanonji asserts that he cannot run away because he is the hero and asks a stunned Ichigo if he is aware of the ratings that his television show pulls in. Though Ichigo declines to answer out of irritation, Don Kanonji proclaims that the figure is 25%, meaning that one in every four Japanese citizens watches his show.


Ichigo is astonished by Don Kanonji's motivation.

While Ichigo grows increasingly irritated by this, Don Kanonji reveals that many of those viewers are children, to his surprise. Don Kanonji details how these children watch his every move on television and are inspired to stand up to evil spirits as they learn what courage is, which is why he cannot run away while they are watching, astonishing Ichigo with his selflessness. When Don Kanonji attempts to return to the crowd outside to fight the Demi-Hollow, Ichigo is snapped out of his reverie and grabs him by the cape while asserting that he cannot do so because it could lead to the crowd being hurt, prompting Don Kanonji to turn around in surprise.


Ichigo gets his Zanpakutō stuck in a wall.

Ichigo explains that the Demi-Hollow is going after individuals with high Reiryoku like the two of them and that no one else will get hurt if they fight inside the hospital. Amazed at how Ichigo thought this far ahead, Don Kanonji tries to approach him, but Ichigo stops him upon hearing the Demi-Hollow roaring. As Ichigo notes that it is here, the Demi-Hollow bursts out of the ground in front of them and demands that they let it eat them. Drawing his Zanpakutō, Ichigo attempts to swing it at the Demi-Hollow, only for the tip to get stuck in the wall, to his surprise. After several seconds of struggling with it, Ichigo manages to free his Zanpakutō and realizes that the hallway is too small to use it in.


Ichigo has his hands bound with Sticker Phlegm.

Suddenly, the Demi-Hollow spits out a wad of Sticker Phlegm, binding Ichigo's hands to the handle of his Zanpakutō. As a surprised Ichigo wonders what this substance is and tries to get it off, the Demi-Hollow moves to bite him, prompting Ichigo to shove his Zanpakutō through the Demi-Hollow's shoulder. While Ichigo notes that he cannot fight effectively like this, the Demi-Hollow begins flailing around in pain, dragging Ichigo with it, and bursts through the wall of the hospital before clambering up the side to the roof with Ichigo still hanging on. On the roof, Ichigo is thrown away from the Demi-Hollow and leaps back as the Demi-Hollow crashes into the area where he was standing.


Don Kanonji saves Ichigo from the Demi-Hollow.

As Ichigo stares down the Demi-Hollow, Don Kanonji opens the door of the roof access point nearby and asks Ichigo if he is okay, to his disbelief. Upon seeing the Demi-Hollow leaping toward Don Kanonji, Ichigo tells him to run, but the Demi-Hollow shoves him into a railing, which is dented by the impact, and uses Sticker Phlegm again to bind Ichigo to it. While Ichigo struggles to free himself, the Demi-Hollow leaps toward him, only to be stopped by Don Kanonji, who props open its mouth with his Super Spirits Stick while asking a stunned Ichigo if he is alright. Ichigo tells him to get out of here because he cannot handle the Demi-Hollow, but Don Kanonji asserts that he knows his own power.


Don Kanonji uses Kan'onji-Style Final Super Attack: Kan'onball.

With his Super Spirits Stick beginning to crack from the force of the Demi-Hollow's bite, Don Kanonji admits that he also knows the difference in power between himself and the enemy before declaring that Ichigo has impressed him with how he puts the safety of others first. Asking to call Ichigo his comrade, which a speechless Ichigo declines, Don Kanonji uses Kan'onji-Style Final Super Attack: Kan'onball, forming a small ball of energy in his hand which he proceeds to fire at Ichigo. Watching the ball of energy slowly travel toward him, Ichigo is shocked when it touches the slime covering his chest and explodes, shattering his restraints.


Ichigo defeats the Demi-Hollow with a slash to its mask.

Don Kanonji's Super Spirits Stick shatters as the Demi-Hollow swats him aside, leading Ichigo to call out to him as Don Kanonji notes that he shall die with no regrets if it will protect the children of the future. As Don Kanonji lands on the ground, the Demi-Hollow moves to attack him once more, only for Ichigo to leap in front of it and sends it crashing into another railing with a powerful horizontal slash. While the Demi-Hollow looks up with a cracked mask, Ichigo asserts that this is the end and leaps into the air before slashing through its mask vertically, prompting Don Kanonji to declare that he did it as the Demi-Hollow falls over and Ichigo resheathes his Zanpakutō.


The Demi-Hollow's body dissipates to reveal the Jibakurei.

Running over to Ichigo, Don Kanonji enthusiastically praises his victory, but Ichigo solemnly tells him to not get too excited. As a confused Don Kanonji questions this on the grounds of Ichigo having won, he is surprised to see the Demi-Hollow's body shimmer and dissipate, revealing the Jibakurei lying on the ground underneath. Recognizing the Jibakurei, who dissipates as well, Don Kanonji wonders what is going on as Ichigo explains how a Hollow is a monster without conscience created when a Soul has its chain broken and a hole opens up in its chest, which leads Don Kanonji to recall his earlier actions and realize that he created this Hollow.


Don Kanonji sees the crowd cheering for him below.

A despondent Don Kanonji falls to his knees and wonders what he has been doing all this time before expressing shame in himself as tears run down his face. However, upon hearing the cheers of the crowd below, Ichigo tells Don Kanonji to stop crying because his fans are waiting for him, and Don Kanonji walks over to the railing, where he is stunned to see the crowd cheering for him below. As Ichigo tells Don Kanonji to answer their cheers because it is a hero's duty, the announcer observes that the soul purification seems to be over, and Don Kanonji declares that the mission is complete while performing his signature pose and laugh, which the crowd copies in response.


Ichigo is horrified by Don Kanonji declaring him to be his pupil.

While Rukia smiles at this, the crowd around her cheers for Don Kanonji, who tells Ichigo that this was a magnificent battle as he expresses admiration for his courage and power. When Don Kanonji asks that he lend his strength to him from now on, a smiling Ichigo agrees to do so once in a while and shakes Don Kanonji's hand, only to be shocked and disappointed when Don Kanonji declares that Ichigo is his number one pupil, which he declares to be a demotion.

Next Episode Preview

As Ichigo attempts to give a serious summary of the next episode about him and Rukia confronting a mysterious adversary who has been exterminating Hollows before they can reach them, Don Kanonji introduces himself in the background and performs his signature "Bohahaha!" before asking everyone to do so along with him, prompting Ichigo to demand that he shut up.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Orihime Inoue
  2. Ichigo Kurosaki
  3. Tatsuki Arisawa
  4. Keigo Asano
  5. Mizuiro Kojima
  6. Yasutora Sado
  7. Rukia Kuchiki
  8. Don Kanonji
  9. Karin Kurosaki
  10. Yuzu Kurosaki
  11. Isshin Kurosaki
  12. Fishbone D (flashback)
  13. Shrieker (flashback)
  14. Acidwire (flashback)
  15. Hexapodus (flashback)
  16. Kisuke Urahara
  17. Tessai Tsukabishi
  18. The Demi-Hollow


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