Small Waineton
Kanji ワイネトン
Race Doll
Gender Male
Professional Status
Master Cain
First Appearance
Anime Episode 83
English Philece Sampler

Waineton (ワイネトン, Waineton) is a Doll that was summoned by the Bount Cain.[1]



Waineton transforms.

When summoned, Waineton was a small, glowing green Doll that was shaped much like a large bean with two proportionally large, dark eyes. He had two fin-like set of tendrils at either side of his body; a set hung from his head and a set were positioned where his arms would be. Waineton could transform into a large mantis creature that towered over his master. I this formed he had large, red eyes and six long, pronged legs.[1]


Waineton was very proud. He did not like that Cain refused to let him rest and instead demanded that the Bount prove his strength to the Doll instead. He attacked Cain soon after, which led to his death.[1]


Bount arc (anime only)


Waineton smiles before deciding to "test" Cain.

The Bount Cain was very eager for a Doll of his own as he was enamored with the idea of becoming as strong as his mentor Gō Koga having been impressed with his Doll, Dalk. Without guidance, Cain took the Doll Summoning Instructions book that have been given to Koga by Jin Kariya and started the summoning alone. By the time Koga realized this Cain had already summoned Waineton using the spell. Waineton was tired from the exertion of being summoned and told Cain that he wanted to rest. Despite this, Cain continued to demand that the Doll do something powerful "like Dalk". In retaliation, Waineton decided that Cain should instead prove his strength, desiring to test the inexperienced Bount. The Doll transformed into a large mantis creature and unleashed a wave of Reiatsu at the Bount. This resulted in the Bounts death.[1]

Powers & Abilities


Waineton's Energy Blast.

Energy Blast: Waineton engulfs the area around him and his target in dense Reiatsu that explodes upwards.[1]


  • In the English version, Waineton is portrayed as a female.[1]


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