"There is no meaning in our world
neither is there any meaning in us, the ones who live in it.
It is then meaningless
for us, who are equally meaningless, to conceive the world in our thoughts
despite knowing there is no meaning to be found"
Cover Ulquiorra Cifer
Volume 22
Pages 208
Anime Episodes 111 - 115
Release Data
Print (J) May 2, 2006
ISBN (J) 4-08-874049-1[1]
Print (US) February 5, 2008
ISBN (US) 1-4215-1179-7[2]
Chapter List

190. Conquistadores
191. Conquistadores 2 “Screaming Symphony”
192. Conquistadores 3 [Hounded Priestess]
193. Conquistadores 4 [Ebony&Ivory]
194. Conquistadores 5 [La Basura]
195. Death & Strawberry(Reprise)
197. The Approaching Danger[3]

Viz Media 188. Crush the World Down

189. Resolve
190. Conquistadores
191. Conquistadores 2 (Screaming Symphony)
192. Conquistadores 3 (Hounded Priestess)
193. Conquistadores 4 (Ebony&Ivory)
194. Conquistadores 5 (La Basura)
195. Death & Strawberry (Reprise)
196. Punch Down the Stone Circle
197. The Approaching Danger

CONQUISTADORES is the twenty-second volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary

The noose is tightening around Ichigo Kurosaki. His inner Hollow can't wait to consume him, the sinister transfer student has him tapped for a mysterious job, and now powerful new enemies have landed in his home town to destroy him.

Bleach All Stars

Ulquiorra Cifer
Ep268YammyCharaPic 平子 真子
Shinji Hirako
Ep267UlquiorraCharaPic ヤミー・リヤルゴ
Yammy Llargo

Ep158SadoCharaPic 井上 織姫
Orihime Inoue
茶渡 泰虎
Yasutora Sado
Ep215OrihimeCharaPic 黒崎 一護
Ichigo Kurosaki



Isshin Kurosaki and Kisuke Urahara talk about the Arrancar and Visored.

Summary :


The Cover of 188. CRUSH THE WORLD DOWN

The Grand Fisher is defeated and Kon looks on in shock that Isshin was able to defeat him in one hit, and questions if it really could be Ichigo Kurosaki's goofy father. Urahara arrives and asks Isshin if he's had his revenge and Isshin asks him why he's so serious. Urahara states that if he became weaker, he wouldn't want Isshin blaming him, but Isshin tells him he would never blame him and that he would just accept it if he became weaker. Urahara then asks how it feels to be a Shinigami again after 20 years and he tells him it's okay. He then asks Isshin if his heart is free of guilt now and he says somewhat, but that he never even hated Hollows like the Grand Fisher. Isshin then tells him that the only thing he hasn't been able to get over these past 20 years was being unable to save Masaki Kurosaki that night. Urahara states that with that attitude he really resembles his son, which Isshin denies.

He then tells Isshin that he was correct in thinking that the Visored would contact Ichigo. Isshin talks about the Visored being a criminal group of ex-Shinigami that use forbidden spells to acquire Hollow powers. He then states he was never able to find their base nor figure out their goals, and Urahara says that since they contacted Ichigo, they must be preparing for the battles ahead, just like they're doing. Isshin then states they must have sensed the sudden growth of the Arrancar and Urahara realizes the Arrancar that attacked just now was a Hollow. Isshin tells him that compared to other Arrancar, this one was at a completely different level and states the person behind this must be Sōsuke Aizen. He says that he must be creating stronger Arrancar with the Hōgyoku, and that the Grand Fisher was a prototype to see how strong they can be. He then predicts that Aizen will make an army of Arrancar and eliminate the Menos Grande immediately, and then emerge from the darkness and destroy the world. He then asks Urahara what they'll do, and he tells him he'll think of something and that the Visored, Isshin, himself, and the Gotei 13 will do battle against Aizen.

The captains of the Gotei 13 are shown going somewhere and Captain Kenpachi Zaraki begins complaining.

Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya tells a messenger that he'll be "right there" and leaves.

Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto greets all of the captains and they begin their meeting.

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Shinji and Ichigo continue their talk.

Summary :


The Cover of 189. RESOLVE

Ichigo sits in the class thinking about what Shinji said about being a Visored and how Shinji is just like Ichigo. At the same time, Uryū is remembering his father's words about having nothing to do with the Shinigami from now on. Ichigo's thoughts are interrupted when Orihime greets him cheerfully. Shinji does the same as he arrives just after Orihime. As Ichigo thinks on how Shinji has returned to school as if nothing as happened, Orihime cheerfully greets Shinji. Happy that Orihime remembered his name, Shinji hugs her causing Keigo's eyes to pop-out. Keigo then berates Shinji for becoming over familiar with Orihime, a person he barely knows. Shinji protests that if Orihime was uncomfortable, she would just say something. As he says this he proceeds to place his hand on her shoulder.

Keigo continues to insist that he is the person in the right here. It is then that Chizuru intervenes and tells Keigo that he is indeed right and that Orihime is too gentle a person to express her discomfort in a situation like that. Chizuru then threatens to massacre Shinji, as Keigo reminds her that she isn't generally any better then Shinji. Ichigo suddenly stands-up. Collaring Shinji, Ichigo walks out with him, saying they needed to talk. As Chizuru and Keigo wonder about Ichigo's behavior, Chad and Orihime share a look as Uryū calmly watches on.

Ichigo slams Shinji into the railing of the second-story veranda, prompting Shinji to wonder why he is so mad about his pass at Orihime. Pointing out that Orihime is not his girlfriend, Ichigo tells him to apologize to her later and then demands to know why he is still here given that Ichigo has already said no. Shinji tells him that he does not give up so easily. Shinji tells him that sooner or later Ichigo will beg to join them because, according to Shinji, his friendship with Orihime, Chad, Uryū, and even the other Shinigami are only transitory. If he continues to be a Shinigami, he will eventually be swallowed by his inner Hollow and when that happens, he will no longer be himself. Shinji asks Ichigo to come with him and that he will teach Ichigo how to control his inner hollow. As they have their conversation, Tatsuki watches from ground floor.

At the end of the school day, Keigo asks Ichigo if he wants to hangout. Ichigo says he wants to be alone. As the hurt Keigo goes to Mizuiro for comfort, Uryū is seen walking away alone.

As Shinji walks down the road complaining about school work, he is kicked from behind by Hiyori. As the two of them argue over Shinji's lack of progress concerning Ichigo, they are interrupted by Chad and Orihime. Orihime asks Shinji and Hiyori what is going on, saying that she would ask Ichigo, but knows that Ichigo wouldn't tell them. Hiyori tells her that it was presumptuous of her to think that they would just give her the answers.

Elsewhere, Uryū arrives at the Karakura General Hospital and visits the director: his father. Ryūken asks if Uryū has made up his mind. Uryū replies that he has and swears to have no further dealings with the Shinigami or their allies.

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190. Conquistadores

The Kurosakis try to figure out what's wrong with Ichigo.

Summary :


The Cover of 190. Conquistadores

Hiyori introduces herself and tells Chad and Orihime to do the same. When they do, she tells them their names mean a princess and tiger and is jealous, since her and Shinji's names mean monkey and hira. Shinji gets mad that he's the only one that isn't a living thing and tells her not to include him if it doesn't make sense, and Hiyori responds by hitting him. She then decides to kill Chad and Orihime, prompting Shinji to grab her and take her away. Orihime tries to go after them, but Chad stops her and says that they would never be able to catch up to them with their speed and even if they could, they would just get killed.

Hiyori yells at Shinji to let her go and Shinji reminds her that their target is Ichigo, not them. She doesn't care though and they start arguing again. He is able to calm her down and Hiyori states that she really hates humans and Shinigami. Shinji says that's why he told her to wait.

Isshin welcomes Ichigo back by elbowing him in the face and manages to knock Ichigo into a wall. Isshin is shocked that it actually worked and tells Ichigo that he looks depressed. Yuzu asks Ichigo if it's because he got bad grades on the start of the semester exam and Isshin states that Isshin "the man" Kurosaki would never get depressed over bad grades and tells Ichigo that it doesn't matter if he didn't do good on a test. He tells him that he should focus on "difficult to speak of things," like love. Yuzu asks if love is really a difficult to speak of thing. Isshin tells her that 90% of relationships during "estrus" are like that and Karin corrects him that it's puberty. Ichigo decides to go up to his room until dinner and Yuzu thinks it's because Isshin didn't apologize correctly.

Kon comes out of the drawer he's hiding in and is glad to see Ichigo, but doesn't admit it. He attempts to tell Ichigo about Isshin being a Shinigami, but remembers that Urahara told him not to say anything and retracts his statement. Ichigo simply ignores him, however, and goes to bed. Kon asks him if something is wrong and Ichigo tells him everything's fine. Kon doesn't believe him though, and gets mad at him for being worried about something. He then decides to take a walk outside and thinks to himself that living with others isn't easy. After Kon leaves, Ichigo thinks to himself that ever since he kicked his Hollow out during his fight with Byakuya, the mask that kept appearing disappeared, but he can now hear the Hollow's voice in his head. The Hollow's voice keeps getting louder by the minute and he realizes that eventually his Hollow will devour him. He is caught by surprise when someone knocks on the door asking if they can come in. Karin enters the room and asks him what he's thinking about. Ichigo tells her there's nothing to worry about. However, Karin tells him to stop lying since she figured out he is a Shinigami.

The Shinigami Research and Development Institute is shown to be working on something and they yell at Rin to stop eating and get them some tea. All of a sudden, Rin gets a reading on something. Akon enters the room at the same time and asks what's happening. Hiyosu tells Akon to come check what's happening and states,"they're here."

In the Human World, something falls from the sky and the people around that area look to see what happened. The dust from the crash clears up and two mysterious people are shown wearing just white. The shorter of the two pulls down a zipper around his neck and reveals a Hollow hole.

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191. Conquistadores 2 “Screaming Symphony”

Chad and Orihime try to fight off two Arrancar that have arrived in the Human World.

Summary :


The Cover of 191. Conquistadores 2 “Screaming Symphony”

Ichigo tries to convince Karin that he isn't a Shinigami, but it doesn't work as she has already seen him as a Shinigami before. She admits that she didn't know what it was at first and then attempts to tell him that she figured it out because of Kanonji, but is interrupted by an enormous Reiatsu.

Chad, Orihime, Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin all sense the spiritual pressure as well.

Ichigo attempts to leave, but Karin grabs the back of his shirt and asks where he's going. Ichigo apologizes to her and leaves in his Shinigami form.

A messenger tells Yamamoto that the Twelfth Division detected Arrancar in Karakura town and that because of their stability and spiritual pressure, they must be completed Arrancar.

The taller Arrancar complains about how thin the Reiatsu around them is and the shorter Arrancar tells him to stop whining, since he came along, even though he told him he would be fine alone. He addresses the taller Arrancar's name as Yammy. Yammy apologizes and notices a bunch of Humans gathered up questioning what fell down there. Yammy is confused as to why they're staring at him and states that he's going to eat now. He sucks up their spirits, killing them, and then spits them out disgusted at what he just ate. The shorter Arrancar tells Yammy that it was obvious that such weak spirits wouldn't taste good and Yammy tells him that he did it because they kept staring at him. He tells Yammy that there's no way they were staring at him, since the Humans can't see them and Yammy states that he knows, but he still didn't like it. He then asks how many people they're going to kill and he tells Yammy that it's just one, to leave the others alone. Yammy complains that it will be impossible to find a single person out of everyone here and the other Arrancar states that only three humans have noticeable spiritual energy and it shouldn't be too difficult to find him. All of a sudden, one of the humans gets up and it's revealed to be Tatsuki, who notices that everyone's dead. Yammy goes up to her and congratulates her on being able to survive his Gonzui. Tatsuki is barely able to stay conscious and feels as if she's going to faint. Yammy yells to the shorter Arrancar, addressing him as Ulquiorra, and asks if she's the one they're looking for. Ulquiorra tells him that she's about to die just by being around them and states that she's trash. Yammy believes that it was just a coincidence she survived then, and attempts to kill her by kicking her, but Chad appears and blocks the blow as Orihime goes to help Tatsuki. Chad realizes how powerful they are and tells Orihime to run away with Tatsuki like they planned and she does so. Yammy asks Ulquiorra if Chad is the one they're looking for and Ulquiorra tells him had he trained on his observational and reasoning skills, he would realize that he is just trash as well. Yammy attacks him and breaks his armored arm in half, which causes Chad to fall down unconscious and as Orihime goes to help him, Yammy asks if she's trash as well.

Ichigo is shown rushing as fast as he can to help.

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192. Conquistadores 3 [Hounded Priestess]

Ichigo arrives to fight the Arrancar.

Summary :


The Cover of 192. Conquistadores 3 [Hounded Priestess]

Orihime has a flashback of what she and Chad were doing just before they got here. Orihime notices someone on the ground and attempts to help, but Chad tells her it's no use as he's already dead. Chad then tells her that the people's souls in the area have been completely sucked out and Orihime wonders why this had to happen. As they're running towards the scene, Chad asks Orihime to take any survivors they find there and run. At first she objects since Chad would be alone, but Chad states that she is the one who will be able to heal the survivors.

As Yammy asks Ulquiorra if she's trash as well, Orihime thinks to herself that Chad must have known how strong these two were and that the reason why he decided to fight alone was to protect her and Tatsuki. Ulquiorra tells Yammy that she's trash as well and Yammy happily attempts to kill her. Orihime uses Santen Kesshun to protect herself, but Yammy easily breaks through the barrier. She then uses Sōten Kisshun on Chad's arm. Yammy realizes she can heal and that Chad's still alive as well. Ulquiorra thinks to himself that it isn't a healing ability and speculates that it's an ability to reverse time or spatial renewal, and states that Orihime is a strange woman. Orihime thinks to herself on how to bide time until Ichigo arrives, but regrets it since she doesn't want to trouble Ichigo any further. She then thinks to herself that as long as she'll be able to take care of these two it would give Ichigo some peace of mind She then uses Koten Zanshun to attack Yammy. However, the attack is easily blocked and Yammy destroys Tsubaki, the one who was doing the attack. Yammy asks Ulquiorra if he should tear off her limbs and bring her back to Aizen, since she has strange abilities. Ulquiorra, however, tells him to simply kill her. Yammy punches at her, but the attack is blocked by Ichigo, who apologizes to Orihime for being late. Orihime apologizes for her weakness and Ichigo tells her not to do that, since everything will be fine once he kills these two. Ichigo then activates his Bankai.

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193. Conquistadores 4 [Ebony&Ivory]

Ichigo releases his Bankai.

Summary :


The cover of 193. Conquistadores 4 [Ebony&Ivory]

Ichigo releases his Bankai. Orihime notes that while this is her first time seeing it up-close, Ichigo's Reiatsu is not the same as it was before and does not feel as if it belongs to Ichigo at all. Ichigo tells her to step back, as Yammy asks Ulquiorra if Ichigo is it. Ulquiorra confirms that Ichigo is it and Yammy attacks. Ichigo stops Yammy's punch with his Zanpakutō and asks if Yammy was the one who broke Chad's arm. When Yammy confirms this, Ichigo slices off Yammy's right arm. As Ulquiorra observes the fight, he comments on Ichigo's ability and states that while they are impressive, he does not believe Ichigo to be any threat to Aizen.

Ulquiorra asks if Yammy wants him to take over. Yammy tells him to shut-up and starts to unsheathe his Zanpakutō. Ichigo starts to wonder why Yammy has a broken Hollow mask and a Zanpakutō. Ichigo wonders if Yammy is the same as Shinji and himself when, suddenly, he feels the presence of his inner Hollow. Ichigo starts to panic and stop the Hollow from resurfacing. Taking advantage of the opening, Yammy kicks him. The surprised Orihime starts to come forward, causing Ichigo to yell at her to stay back. It is too late, however, and Orihime is backhanded by Yammy. As Ichigo tries to fight back, he suddenly finds he cannot. He realizes that his inner Hollow is sabotaging him, as Ulquiorra wonders about the oddities of Ichigo's Reiatsu. Noting that at its peak, Ichigo's power is greater then his own, but at its lowest point it is just garbage.

Yammy moves to crush Ichigo, but his blow is blocked by Urahara's blood mist shield. He cheerfully greets Ichigo as he and Yoruichi stand protectively over him. Yammy dismisses them as mere bugs.

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194. Conquistadores 5 [La Basura]

Ulquiorra and Yammy return to Hueco Mundo

Summary :


The Cover of 194. Conquistadores 5 [La Basura]

Yammy moves to fight Urahara, but Yoruichi steps-in and flips him down with one hand. Yammy tries to crush Yoruichi and Urahara, but they dodge. Yoruichi then asks for Orihime's medicine and goes to treat her. Yammy goes after her, but she kicks him then takes him down as Ulquiorra watches on. As Yoruichi tends to Orihime, she asks him how Ichigo is doing. Yoruichi tells her that he is fine. Suddenly, Yammy reappears and fires a Cero at Yoruichi and Orihime, stating that no one can dodge his Cero at such close range, but the smoke clears to reveal Urahara standing between Yammy and Yoruichi with his Benihime pointed at Yammy.

When a confused Yammy demands to know what Urahara had done, Urahara explains that because it would have been too risky to deflect it, he neutralized it with a similar attack. He then uses the same attack on Yammy, but his attack is deflected by Ulquiorra, who chastises Yammy for getting ahead of himself. Ulquiorra tells him that Urahara and Yoruichi are not people he can go up against at his current level. Ulquiorra tells Yammy that they are leaving and opens a Garganta. When Yoruichi taunts him by saying that they are running away, Ulquiorra replies that they both know what would happen if Yoruichi and Urahara tried to fight him while protecting the trash, Orihime and Ichigo. Ulquiorra says that he has achieved his objective: the so called Shinigami he had his eyes on, is just trash and not worth killing. With that, Ulquiorra and Yammy leave.

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195. Death & Strawberry(Reprise)

Shinigami arrive in the Human World to help defend against the threat of the Arrancar.

Summary :


The Cover of 195. Death & Strawberry(Reprise)

Urahara gets back to the shop after buying juice, and asks Jinta and Ururu how Yoruichi is. Yoruichi is shown recuperating from an injured left arm and leg. When Urahara expresses concern about her state, Yoruichi admits that she was foolish to fight him without using Shunkō, though she didn't think the Arrancar's skin would have such dense Reiatsu. She confirms that the Arrancar are tougher than either her or Urahara had anticipated.

Chizuru asks Orihime how she got her injuries, to which Orihime lies and tells her she fell down the stairs. Ichigo calls her, but when Orihime asks him what is it, he doesn't say anything. Orihime then leaves for the bathroom, recalling when she was at home and Ichigo apologized, which she told him that it's not his fault. It doesn't hurt one bit, so he shouldn't be sorry nor give her that look. Ichigo thinks that Chad got hurt bad and Tatsuki almost died because he's weak. Aside from apologizing, there's nothing he can do. Suddenly, Ichigo feels something. There's a group of strange people outside the hallway, arguing about finding a room and controlling their Reiatsu. They get to Ichigo's class and open the door. It's Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Rangiku, and Hitsugaya. Ichigo calls them by their first names, which annoys Hitsugaya because he wants Ichigo to call him "Captain Hitsugaya". Ichigo asks what they are doing here. Renji says that it's an order; to prepare for a direct confrontation with the Arrancar, they were to go to the Human World and meet up with the acting-Shinigami group. Ichigo asks what the "Arran-something" is, which Renji tells him that they were the ones that kicked his ass a few days ago. Suddenly, someone appears at the window: Rukia. She smiles and greets Ichigo.

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Rukia takes Ichigo out of his depression.

Summary :



The students in the class are surprised because Rukia climbed through the window. Rukia rushes inside and kicks Ichigo. Then Renji grabs him and Rukia slaps him. She asks him what's with that wimpy look on his face. She uses her glove to pull his soul away and take him some place. After she leaves, the Shinigami team start arguing again, and the students in the class wonder if Ichigo is okay because now his body is limp. Someone calls Ikkaku "bald" and he intends to chop them up with his wooden sword. Hitsugaya is tired of them, and asks someone to please switch with him.

Rukia takes Ichigo to a Hollow and tells him to beat it, but Ichigo is so scared of his inner Hollow that he can't fight. Rukia asks him what he is afraid of: losing, not being able to protect his friends, or facing the Hollow inside him. Then she tells him that he must gets stronger in order to to win, to protect his friends, and to crush the Hollow inside him. If he doesn't want to listen to her, then he should hold his chin up and yell out those words himself. That's the kind of man Rukia says he is. Ichigo takes out his sword, faces the Hollow, smiling, and tells Rukia that she's noisy.

Rukia takes Ichigo back to school and drags him to Orihime. Then when he's about to say something to Orihime, Rukia interrupts and tells her that he's sorry he's so weak. Ichigo says that he'll get stronger, and then next time he'll definitely protect Orihime. Orihime thinks to herself that she is so glad that Ichigo is back to normal. She then thanks Ichigo and Rukia, and welcomes her back.

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197. The Approaching Danger

The Shinigami explain about the Arrancar.

Summary :


The Cover of 197. The Approaching Danger

On their way to class, Keigo is talking to Mizuiro when they notice that the classroom sounds rather lively. When Keigo rushes in to the class, he meets with Ikkaku, who threatens to turn him into a tempura and eat him. Rangiku then tells him to stop or she will tell Yachiru, frightening Ikkaku. Then she tells the others to leave. Keigo, upon seeing Rangiku's huge breasts, rushes at her, but gets smashed right in the face. The Shinigami group leave.

At Ichigo's house, Kon is excitedly greeting Rukia, but is stepped on as usual. When Ichigo and Rukia are talking inside Ichigo's room, Yuzu and Isshin eavesdrop outside. Karin sees them and comments that she won't be impressed until Ichigo brings home someone of Orihime's level. Ichigo hears that and chases them away. He comes back and asks Rukia what the Arrancar are and why they attacked him. Suddenly, his light fixture falls to the ground. All the other Shinigami, minus Hitsugaya, come out of the ceiling hole and Renji tells Ichigo that they will explain. Ichigo asks them what they did to his ceiling light, and Rangiku replies that they are trying to change the light bulb, referring to Ikkaku's bald head. Kon rushes at Rangiku the moment he sees her because of her breasts, but is beaten up just like Keigo. Then Renji and Rukia explain to Ichigo that Arrancar are Hollows who acquired both Hollow and Shinigami powers by removing their masks. There has always been a small number of incomplete ones, but when Aizen brought the Hōgyoku to them, they were able to completely transform into true Arrancar. Soul Society's original plan was to stay put and keep watch until Aizen attacks, but the fully transformed Arrancar appeared earlier than expected, so they can't just sit back as originally planned. Therefore, they were chosen to come to the Human world. Captain-Commander Yamamoto chose Rukia because she knew Ichigo best, though Rukia claims it was her skills that landed her on the team, and Renji was closest to Rukia, so he was chosen as well. Renji also asked Ikkaku to come with them. Yumichika and Rangiku, upon hearing the task, wanted to come to, but both refused to go if the other went. This led to Hitsugaya accompanying them to supervise. Ichigo comments that it sounds like going on a picnic. Hitsugaya appears at the window, saying that the important thing is Aizen is interested in Ichigo. He also says that an average Hollow removing their mask would not be any problem; if they really want to start a war against Soul Society, the ones removing their mask would need to be Menos or stronger. Then he explains to Ichigo about the 3 classes of Menos: the first, weakest are "Gillian," the second are "Adjuchas," and the third,the strongest are "Vasto Lorde". Hitsugaya then states that the Vasto Lordes are supposedly stronger than the Captains and that if Aizen has more than 10, Soul Society is doomed.

Ulquiorra and Yammy have returned. Aizen tells them to share their findings with their 20 brothers in the room.

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Author's Notes

Volume 22 Intro Image
If anyone asked me which season I like best, I'd tell them I like the time between the seasons. And if I wasn't allergic to pollen, I think I'd like it at least three times more.
-Tite Kubo


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