Burner Finger 4
587Burner Finger 4
Kanji バーナー フィンガー 4(フォー)
Rōmaji Bānā Fingā Fō
Technique Type Quincy
User Bazz-B

Burner Finger 4 (バーナー フィンガー 4(フォー), Bānā Fingā Fō) is a technique of The Heat used by Sternritter "H" Bazz-B.


Pointing all of his fingers except his thumb forward, Bazz-B creates a large blade of fire with an elongated crossguard around his hand before slashing at his opponent, creating a massive explosion.[1] Between the time Bazz-B uses this technique against Renji Abarai and the time he uses it against Jugram Haschwalth, the blade gains an additional crossguard perpendicular to the first. The sword can also be used to cut through large objects, such as pillars, and will not dissipate even if Bazz-B's arm is cut off.[2]


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