Burner Finger 1
623NaNaNa is shot
Kanji バーナーフィンガー 1(ワン)
Rōmaji Bānā Fingā Wan
Technique Type Quincy
User Bazz-B

Burner Finger 1 (バーナーフィンガー 1(ワン), Bānā Fingā Wan) is a technique of The Heat used by Sternritter "H" Bazz-B.


Pointing his finger at his opponent, Bazz-B launches a narrow beam of fire. It is strong enough to easily pierce through a captain-class Shinigami like Tōshirō Hitsugaya.[1] He can also change the thickness of the beam to some extent, ranging from smaller than a man's eyeball[2] to approximately the size of a fist.[3]

While his Quincy: Vollständig is active, Bazz-B can fire multiple Burner Finger 1 beams in rapid succession.[4]


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