Bulbous G
Race Hollow
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives None
First Appearance
Manga Volume 5, Chapter 38
Anime Episode 12
Japanese Hisao Egawa
English John DeMita

Bulbous G (バルバス G, Barubasu Jī) is one of the Hollows who came to the Human World following Uryū Ishida's bait. He chased Yasutora Sado and Karin Kurosaki and was subsequently defeated by Sado.


Bulbous G is a large biped Hollow, relying on his brute strength to attack, he has an extremely muscular body. His skin is gray, with dark 'S' markings running from his shoulders to the middle of his back.[1] His mask resembles the face of a guardian lion.


Agent of the Shinigami arc


Bulbous about to attack.

Bulbous initially crosses over to Karakura Town, attracted by the Hollow bait set off by Uryū. Upon arrival, he notices Chad's Reiryoku and makes his way to him. He tries to land on Chad in an attempt to defeat him, but misses and lands right behind him. He gets up taking a swing at Chad, but the Human pushes his two friends, Harutoki and Gitano out of the way and dodges the blow. Bulbous tries another strike, which Chad evades. When he realizes he is the target for the attack, Chad turns back and runs away as Bulbous follows him.[2]

Bulbous catches up to Chad in a football field and attempts another attack, which Chad dodges. To his surprise, Bulbous finds another target with high Reiryoku in the field, Karin Kurosaki.[3] Bulbous tries to sneak up on Chad while he is talking to Karin, but she warns him and he manages to dodge again. Bulbous then tries to blindside Chad, but he is once again warned by Karin and runs away, prompting the Hollow to give chase. Bulbous tries an attack from the left side, but Chad is prepared this time and manages to hit the Hollow's hand with his fist. However, Bulbous' next attack connects, sending Chad flying through the air and leaving a gash in his head.[4]


Chad attacking Bulbous.

When Karin's football friends, Heita, Ryohei, Kei and Kazuya get in his way of his next attack, Bulbous has no hesitation to run them over on the way to his target, but before he can land a hit, Chad gets up and with a single punch, knocks his attacking left hand off and throwing him 50 yards back.[5] Crippled and enraged, Bulbous gets up to attack again. He and Chad lunge at each other, but Chad, wearing his newly formed gauntlet, smashes his mask with a single punch and defeats him.[6]

Powers and Abilities

Spiritual power: Being a Hollow, Bulbous G has some spiritual power.


  • Bulbous G was left unnamed in the manga. His name was only revealed in the SOULs databook.[7]
  • In the anime the markings on his skin are yellow and they extend down to his upper thighs.


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