Battle against Hō & Ban


Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Ryō Utagawa

Bounts & Quincy

Bount Invasion


Karakura Town, Human World

  • Yoshino Sōma explains the Bounts advantage and weakness.
  • Jin Kariya explains to the Bount his grand plan involves a Quincy.
  • Captain Kenpachi Zaraki realizes that former 11th Division member Maki Ichinose is still alive.
  • Gō Koga kidnaps both Yoshino and Uryū Ishida.
  • Ichigo's group use the Mod Souls to track the Bount.
  • Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi calls a meeting to explain that there's a traitor among them.
  • Kariya tries to recruit Ishida to his side.

Bounts & Quincy is an event that involves the Bounts capturing Uryū Ishida and trying to use his Quincy powers for their own purposes.



Uryū collapses.

After the battle with Hō and Ban, Ichigo Kurosaki and the others look for Uryū, who has walked off somewhere. Uryū is walking through Karakura Town, but he ends up collapsing because of his injuries. The Bount, Yoshino Sōma, suddenly walks up to Uryū and she takes him to where she lives. At her home, Yoshino explains to Uryū that she saved him because of something she saw in his eyes. Yoshino then tells him that he's being targeted by the Bounts and remarks that Uryū's situation is sad because he's in danger whether or not he's with his friends. Uryū remarks that he didn't know Yoshino was the sentimental type and Yoshino states that there was a time where she did have that personality, but that personality of hers is gone now. Bells suddenly ring outside and Uryū remarks that the sounds of them just go right through him and Yoshino states that she has lived for so long that she stopped being effected by its sound. Uryū asks Yoshino if she has been watching over this town as time passes all alone, but Yoshino tells him that she doesn't feel lonely just by watching people go about their lives. Uryū then asks Yoshino why she has chosen not to live with the other Bounts and Yoshino tells him that she used to think living with the other Bounts was the right thing to do, but that was a long time ago. Uryū then asks Yoshino why she would live right next to a clock despite the fact that she hates time so much. Yoshino states that he asks a good question and then remarks that if at all possible she would like to die. She then states that one of the curses to eternal life is that after a while you start to believe that you can do anything you want.[1]


The Bounts gather.

In the Bount Mansion, all of the Bounts have been called into a single room and Jin Kariya tells the other Bounts that for a long time they have been forced to cling to the shadows of history and that they've endured cruelty far worse than any other civilization, but because they have persevered, this is now all behind them. He states that the time for them to be released from the darkness has finally come. Gō Koga suddenly gets up and tells Kariya to stop stalling and to tell them why they were called down here. Kariya tells him that they've completed their first objective and Mabashi remarks that a Quincy must have been found then. Kariya then tells the Bounts that he's going to need all of their help so he can capture this Quincy. Kariya states that it's time for the glorious era of the Bounts to begin.[1]


The 11th Division discuss Ichinose.

At the 11th Division barracks in Soul Society, Ikkaku Madarame informs Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi and Captain Kenpachi Zaraki that Maki Ichinose is somewhere in the Human World. Makizō Aramaki continues to confirm this and Yachiru asks him if he thinks that this is really true, while referring to him as Maki-Maki while referring to Ichinose as Maki. As this annoys Aramaki, Kenpachi tells everyone to leave Ichinose alone for now. Yachiru then asks Kenpachi if he feels responsible for Ichinose leaving and Kenpachi states that it doesn't matter. Kenpachi and several other Shinigami are then shown walking somewhere and Yachiru remarks that she's glad that Ichinose is alive and Kenpachi states that someone must be keeping him alive. Meanwhile, Ichinose is shown walking outside the mansion and Ryō Utagawa walks up to him. He asks for his opinion on what Kariya's true objective might be, but Ichinose states that it's not his place to question him. Ryō tells Ichinose that he must have an easy time not thinking for himself and Ichinose asks Ryō what he's thinking right now. Ryō simply tells him that he'll let him know when he figures it out himself.[1]


Ichigo thinks he's found Uryū.

As this happens, Ichigo is looking for Uryū. He eventually finds someone who resembles Uryū from behind, but when he goes up to him, it's shown to be a different person. Back at Yoshino's house, Uryū remarks that the room is getting dark, but Yoshino tells him that possessions complicate things. Yoshino then remarks that the day is about to end and states that when she looks down on the Humans from here, she sometimes thinks how shortsighted Humans are compared to the Bounts. However, she points out that this may be a blessing for the Humans because they can respect things more due to their short life span. Yoshino then decides to explain part of her past to Uryū. She states that when she was young she felt that she was different from everyone else and she tried desperately to keep her eternal life a secret. However, over time it became impossible for people not to notice and she states that time had abandoned her because everything around her kept changing. Eventually, people started to fear and hate her and because of that Yoshino felt like doing nothing, but dying. Yoshino states that she eventually decided to commit suicide, but she was stopped by another Bount, Kariya.[1]


Yoshino explains things to Uryū.

Yoshino states that she decided to live with Kariya because he promised to show her a reason to live. She then states that at the time she had believed that eternal love was actually possible, but then she had come to realize that the word eternal is meaningless and that it's only meaningful to Humans who have limited life spans. Uryū asks if their love eventually ended, but Yoshino tells him that most likely there was never any love between her and Kariya to begin with. She then states that Kariya was the one who gathered all the Bounts and she thinks that he intends to go to Hueco Mundo, the world of the Hollows, to become a god along with the rest of the Bounts. Uryū is shocked by this and Yoshino tells him that this was the reason she saved him and that she'll stop Kariya at any cost. Uryū asks Yoshino if she still holds any love at all for Kariya, but Yoshino tells him that she doesn't because he took the soul of a Human. Yoshino then remarks that it's ironic because she got the will to live due to Kariya's lies and now she has the will to live because she figured out those lies. Uryū asks Yoshino how she's going to stop Kariya and she states that she has hope of winning alone and that she wants Uryū to stay here and heal up. However, Uryū tells her that she's lying, but she assures him that she isn't and then tells him not to get captured because for some reason Kariya’s entire plan revolves around him. Yoshino then prepares to leave, but Uryū tells her to stop and he states that before when Yoshino found him he could have ran away, but he didn't for some reason. He states that he just figured out the reason and it's because Yoshino's eyes have some hope in them. Uryū then states that he will help her no matter what. Meanwhile, the Bount, Koga, is shown to have arrived near Yoshino's home.[1]

Quincy Captured


Koga confronts Yoshino and Uryū.

Uryū and Yoshino talk with each other until the lights suddenly go out. Koga then breaks into the room and tells Yoshino that she has to come back with him, but she refuses. Yoshino summons her Doll, Goethe, causing Koga to summon his own Doll, Dalk. Dalk calls her master pathetic for calling her out, but decides that it doesn't matter because she loves battling. She then attacks Uryū and Yoshino, forcing them out onto the roof. The Doll chases them up there and she begins battling against Goethe. As this happens, Uryū finds a metal pipe and uses it to attack Dalk, but he is easily overpowered. Dalk goes to finish him off, but Goethe protects him and he fires a huge burst of flames at Dalk, causing her entire body to heat up. Uryū and Yoshino use this opportunity to run for the stairs, but Koga gets in their way. Dalk then gets back up and she begins attacking Goethe again, causing the Doll to run away. This ends up angering Dalk though, so she decides to take her anger out on Uryū and Yoshino. She begins firing small metal marbles at them and the two run away, until Goethe comes back to battle again. However, Dalk turns her body into small metal marbles and she attacks Yoshino, causing her to call Goethe back. Koga tells his Doll to hurry up with the job, but Dalk tells her that she shouldn't hurry these things. She decides that she wants to enjoy this, but Koga tells her that she isn't to harm the Quincy. The Doll takes this wording as meaning that she can do whatever she wants with Yoshino, but Uryū protects her before she can do anything. Yoshino tells Uryū that he shouldn't be protecting her, but Uryū points out that he wasn't protecting her, but that he was deciding not to run away anymore, but this causes Dalk to attack him.[2]


The Mod Souls search for the Bounts for Ichigo and friends.

Meanwhile, Ichigo and his friends, along with the Mod-Souls, walk down a street. Ririn states that while the traces have disappeared now, there were definitely two Bounts around here. Ichigo tells her that he believes them, but remarks that she should do more to keep out of sight, because someone might find it strange to see four stuffed animals walking around. Ririn tells him that she never chose to take on this appearance, but it's something that they'll all have to deal with. Ririn suddenly finds traces of the Bounts and points to the top of a roof and Rukia Kuchiki remarks that she can sense Uryū's reiatsu as well. They all head up to the roof, but find no one there. They are able to deduce that Yoshino must have been here due to the flames around the area, but the other damage caused is by someone they don't know. They also believe that there were two sides fighting over Uryū, but Kon complains over the idea of him being treated as a "princess". Yasutora Sado finds Uryū's bandage on the ground and Ichigo asks Rukia if they can track Uryū's spirit ribbon, but Rukia states that they can't because Uryū is purposely hiding his reiatsu. As this angers Ichigo, Ririn states that she can track down the Bounts if she were put in a Gigai, but she can't put herself in one all alone. Ichigo points out that they can just do it themselves and the Mod-Souls, surprised from not realizing this, do so immediately.[2]


An officer meeting is held to discuss the disappearance of Mayuri's data.

In the Soul Society, several Gotei 13 captains and lieutenants gather together in a single room, to have a meeting held by Captain Jūshirō Ukitake. However, Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi reveals that he's the one who's holding the meeting and he tells them that if they were his subordinates then he would have killed them for their insubordination. Ukitake tells everyone that this stuff would normally be held by Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, but he's away for now, forcing them to do the meeting this way. He states that Mayuri has the details on what has happened, but Mayuri angrily yells that there are no details and that his data-bank has been breached into by someone. Yachiru asks what information has been read and Mayuri states that it was on the Bounts. Mayuri continues to explain that the intruder put a trap deep into the data-bank, which would destroy all of his data if it was to be disturbed. He states that this is a deep insult to him and he tells everyone that if someone in here did this, then they should come forward now. Ukitake tells him that he shouldn't be so quick to put the blame on them, especially since they're high-ranking members of the Gotei 13, but Mayuri reminds him that they just had 3 captains betray them. Ukitake tells him that they should still avoid from acting rashly and Mayuri reluctantly agrees. After the meeting, Kenpachi tells Yachiru that he has a bad feeling about this incident and the return of Ichinose and she asks him why that is. Kenpachi states that he doesn't know and Yachiru tells him that he must be worried about Ichinose, but Kenpachi tells her that this isn't what he's worried about and that it's something else.[2]


Ichigo's group discovers Jin's mansion.

Orihime Inoue informs Ichigo and the others that she found out some info about a mansion. She states that there's a man living there who's incredibly rich, but no one has ever actually seen him. As this happens, at the Bount Mansion Ryō throws Yoshino into a cell and tells her that Kariya has forgiven her for the last time. He begins mocking the Bount and warns her that she shouldn't use her Doll in her condition, unless she wants to die. Ryō then leaves the room and closes the door to the cell. Ichigo and the others arrive at the entrance of the mansion and the Mod-Souls state that Uryū is definitely in there. Ichigo tells everyone that they're going to split up now. Ryō enters Kariya's room and he asks him if he would like to see the Quincy now. Kariya tells him that he does and the two leave the room. As Kariya and Ryō walk to where Uryū is being held, Ryō asks if he should put the plan into motion, but Kariya tells him not to yet. Ryō asks him why he's holding back and Kariya explains that all of his memories have been clouded in gray and that this is the first time he has been able to see color in a long time. He asks Ryō if it's so wrong for him to enjoy this a little longer and Ryō tells him that he understands, but still tries to convince Kariya. This ends up angering Kariya and he yells at the Bount.[2]


Uryū imprisoned by Bounts, bound by Dalk.

Rukia tells Ichigo that now that they’re here, she can tell that there's at least 7 Bounts in the mansion. She states that since they don't know what their up to, they have to act now. The two of them then head closer to the mansion. Yoshi goes up to Uryū, who is being held down by Koga's Doll and asks him if he's afraid. Kariya suddenly enters the room and goes up to the Quincy. Uryū asks Kariya who he is and the Bount introduces himself. Kariya explains to Uryū that he brought him here because he's interested in his Quincy powers and Uryū asks him if this is because he wants to gather the power of Hueco Mundo. Kariya doesn't answer him though and tells Uryū that their very similar because they've both suffered rejection because of their unique abilities. Kariya then proposes to Uryū that they join forces and explains that there's a chance that he can bring back his Quincy powers. Uryū asks him why he even wants him in the first place if he knows that he doesn't have any powers, but Kariya reiterates that it's because they are similar in many ways. Uryū tells him that he sees no reason in trusting him, but Kariya tells him to give it time and that he's sure that he'll come around to his side eventually. Kariya then tells Uryū to make himself at home here and Uryū asks him if he's being held captive here. Kariya simply tells him to think of himself as an important guest and he has the Quincy put into a room. Uryū remarks that his room isn't too bad for a prison cell and Koga tells him that Kariya is a nice person, but also very dangerous. He then leaves the room and locks the Quincy in there.[2]



Ichigo and friends meet Kariya for the first time in his mansion.

Orihime tells Sado that since they've gotten here, it feels as if she has lost her sense of direction and Sado states that it's the same for him too. They then begin to walk away and Kon chases after them, telling them to wait for him. As this happens, a small round object floating in the air is shown to be following them. Ichigo and Rukia explore the rooms of the mansion, but find nothing and Rukia states that something is messing up their senses. All of a sudden, the small object reveals itself to Ichigo and Rukia and Ichigo asks what it is. It suddenly reveals that it has a mouth and begins attacking them. Rukia uses Hadō #31 Shakkahō and is able to defeat the mysterious enemy. All of a sudden, more of the enemies begin attacking and the two of them run away. However, they come to a dead end, but Ichigo simply breaks the window in their way. They then jump out of the mansion and continue to run away until they re-meet with the Mod-Souls. Noba uses his powers to make the enemies disappear and Rukia asks them what they're doing up here. Ririn states that they had to go out here because they encountered the same enemies inside of the mansion as well. Kurōdo states that no matter how many Noba erased, they would continue to come and attack them. All of a sudden, the enemies return and begin attacking them again, forcing Ichigo and the others to run away. They eventually arrive in another room and Kariya, as well as the other Bounts, come out to greet them.[2]


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