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This article contains information from anime sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Bount and Quincy is an event taking place during the Bount Invasion, revolving around the Bount abducting Uryū Ishida in an effort to use his Quincy powers for their mysterious plan.



Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends search for Uryū Ishida in the streets of Karakura Town.

Following the conclusion of the battle against Hō & Ban, a bandaged Uryū Ishida walks down a side street in Karakura Town at night and wavers from side to side while Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, Orihime Inoue, and Yasutora Sado frantically call out for him and run around in search of him. With Uryū stepping barefoot in a puddle, Ichigo slams his hand against a wall and angrily berates Uryū for acting tough and assuming that he is a burden to them, only for Rukia to comment on how harsh it is for him to throw away his own friends like this.[1]


Yoshino Sōma finds Uryū collapsed in the street and unable to move.

When Orihime furiously concurs with this since it is not even trash day, her friends are left perturbed by her unusual emotional state as she asserts that she will find Uryū and treat his injuries. Elsewhere, as he continues walking, Uryū suddenly collapses in a puddle and lies motionless for several seconds before hearing footsteps, which leads him to look forward and see Yoshino Sōma walking down the street toward him. Upon reaching Uryū, Yoshino puts her hand on her hip and stares down at him somberly.[1]


Yoshino makes tea for herself and Uryū in her apartment after rescuing him.

The next day, in one of the rooms of an old apartment building, Uryū looks out the window in a bathrobe and ruminates on how he could have thrown Yoshino off his trail if he had used the last of his strength as he turns his attention to Yoshino, who boils and pours tea for the two of them. Uryū begins to question why Yoshino saved him, only for Yoshino to complete his sentence and reveal that she did so because he had lonely eyes while holding out a mug of tea and inquiring if this is good enough for him. As Uryū takes the tea from her, Yoshino drinks from her own mug and brings up how the Bount targeting Uryū led him to run away so his friends would not be in danger.[1]


Uryū is shocked by the loudness of the bell echoing through Yoshino's apartment.

With Yoshino concluding that this is a sad story where no one is happy, Uryū asks her if she felt sorry for him and points out how she does not seem to be the sentimental type for such a reaction, which leads Yoshino to approach the window and clarify that she once had sentimental dreams, but that those feelings have been frozen and worn away by the mind-numbing passage of time. Suddenly, a loud bell begins ringing to mark the hour, shaking the room and causing Uryū's tea to ripple in his mug. When Uryū expresses shock at the intensity of the sound and claims that he can feel it echoing through his body, Yoshino explains that this is the result of Uryū not being used to the sound, unlike her.[1]


Yoshino explains why she watches others live their lives.

Looking down on the citizens of Karakura Town walking through the streets below, Yoshino elaborates that she no longer feels the ringing of the bell or the passage of time. Upon hearing this, Uryū wonders if Yoshino has watched the town while uninvolved with anyone and completely alone this whole time. However, Yoshino admits she does not feel lonely when watching others restlessly living their lives from above, and when Uryū questions if she does not live with the rest of the Bount, Yoshino clarifies she did so a long time ago. Meanwhile, at the Bount Mansion, Jin Kariya asserts the Bount have lived in the shadow of history for an impossibly long time.[1]


Jin Kariya addresses his fellow Bount.

As he stands before Maki Ichinose, Gō Koga, Ryō Utagawa, Ugaki, Sawatari, Yoshi, and Mabashi, Kariya details how countless Bount have endured harsh experiences and suffered indescribable treatment before walking to the side of the room while promising them that the time when they can be released from the darkness is finally approaching. Back in the apartment, Yoshino speculates that this long lifespan might be what plants fleeting dreams and foolish ambition in the Bount. With Yoshino expressing frustration at how time ruins everything, Uryū sets down his mug and observes that Yoshino lives next to a clock despite hating the passage of time.[1]


Yoshino informs Uryū that she simply wants to die.

Uryū suggests that Yoshino is still expecting something and wants to live instead of simply observe the passage of time, but Yoshino instead reveals that she simply wants to die, startling Uryū, and explains that eternal life makes one feel like they can do anything as though they are a god, which she considers foolish. At the Bount Mansion, Koga requests that Kariya tell him and the other why he gathered them here, prompting Kariya to reveal that they have found a Quincy, to Mabashi's intrigue, and declare that he wants the Bount to help him because they must capture this Quincy to gain greater absolute power for their upcoming shining era.[1]


The Eleventh Division learns of Maki Ichinose's location.

In the Eleventh Division barracks within the Seireitei in Soul Society, Captain Kenpachi Zaraki stands before 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame, 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa, Makizō Aramaki, and the rest of his division with his lieutenant, Yachiru Kusajishi, who expresses astonishment at the mention of Ichinose. Stating that he was undeniably confirmed to be residing in the Human World, Ikkaku turns to a startled Aramaki for affirmation, which leads him to explain how they have never been able to find Ichinose prior to now and that he overheard 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya and 13th Division Captain Jūshirō Ukitake discussing how they can suddenly track his Reiatsu.[1]


Makizō Aramaki is annoyed by his nickname.

Upon being asked by Yachiru if Ichinose is in the Human World, Aramaki confirms this, only to be perturbed when Yachiru addresses him by his nickname while expressing excitement at this. With Aramaki asking her to not use his nickname when talking about Ichinose because it is confusing, Yachiru denies this since they are two separate people, resulting in an annoyed Aramaki claiming it really is confusing as Ikkaku comments on how strange it is, further irritating the latter. When Kenpachi inquires about what Ichinose is doing, Yachiru admits she does not know, and when Ikkaku wonders what they should do, Kenpachi orders his division to leave Ichinose alone.[1]


Kenpachi muses on Ichinose's return with his subordinates.

However, Yachiru asserts she feels somewhat responsible for this and questions if Kenpachi does as well, though Kenpachi claims to not care and looks away while reflecting on the past, where Ichinose witnessed him killing Kenpachi Kiganjō in their duel and attempted to protest the outcome, only to be restrained and later leave the Gotei 13. In the present, as she clings to Kenpachi's shoulder while he walks down a hallway with his subordinates, Yachiru expresses relief at Ichinose still being alive due to how close to death he seemed the last time she saw him, but Kenpachi muses he is likely being forced to stay alive and wonders who could do this to him.[1]


Ryō Utagawa discusses Kariya's intentions with Ichinose.

Meanwhile, back at the Bount Mansion, Ichinose walks through the courtyard with his hood covering his head, and when Utagawa approaches him and inquires about what he thinks Kariya truly plans to do once he captures the Quincy, Ichinose denies knowing and asserts he simply serves Kariya without asking such questions. Bemused by this, Utagawa assumes he does so because it is easier to always agree or disagree without thinking, which leads Ichinose to wonder what Utagawa is thinking, though Utagawa claims he is still thinking. Elsewhere, Ichigo walks through a crowd of people and looks around before seemingly spotting Uryū several meters away.[1]


Ichigo mistakes another man in a crowd for Uryū.

However, when Ichigo runs up and puts his hand on the man's shoulder, he discovers that the latter is not Uryū and apologizes while the confused man walks away. Looking down despondently, Ichigo clenches his fists and mentally questions where Uryū went as he yells the latter's name, startling the people around him. Later that day, as the sun begins to set, Uryū looks over Yoshino's apartment and criticizes how sparsely decorated it is, only for Yoshino to state that she tries not to own things due to the burden it brings, which Uryū admits is true as he observes that the things one should be thankful for sometimes feel like a burden, only to blush and adjust his glasses.[1]


A young Yoshino looks down from a balcony.

While she looks out the window once more, Yoshino notes that another day is about to end and describes how looking down on Humans from up here makes her think that they are short-sighted because they do not live for centuries like the Bount do, but clarifies that this is the result of them only having a few decades to try hard in and that this is why they are happy. After reflecting on her past, where she did not age like her fellow Humans and found herself wanting to die due to the resulting ostracizing, only to be saved by and married to Kariya, Yoshino declares that she no longer believes this because eternity only holds meaning to Humans with limited lifespans.[1]


Yoshino describes Kariya's intention to become a god.

As Yoshino claims the term holds no meaning for Bount, Uryū inquires if her love for Kariya came to an end, but Yoshino muses there may not have been any love to begin with and the light of hope she saw was an illusion before describing how Kariya tricked her eyes with a bright veil of light in order to hide his ambition in its shadow. When Uryū expresses confusion at this, Yoshino mentions the Power Hold and reveals Kariya has gathered the few remaining Bount in order to enter Hueco Mundo and gain limitless power so he can make himself an ultimate god among the Bount, shocking Uryū, who claims he will be deviating from the principles they must all uphold.[1]


Yoshino explains why she can never forgive Kariya.

Despite this, Yoshino simply states that God has no rules to follow because He makes them, and as Uryū protests this, Yoshino clarifies that she brought him here in order to prevent Kariya from doing this. Taken aback, Uryū wonders if Yoshino still loves Kariya, leading a startled Yoshino to demand that he stop this and look away as she vows that she can never forgive Kariya. With Yoshino elaborating that she can never forgive Kariya for losing his Human heart in order for her to remain even a little bit Human herself, Uryū is left perplexed by this, prompting Yoshino to recount how Kariya took a living Human's Soul and express her intention to kill him, though Uryū questions how.[1]


Yoshino instructs Uryū to avoid being captured by Kariya.

With Uryū admitting he would help her if he had the power to do so, Yoshino praises his kindness in wanting to help her, but asserts she will be doing this on her own without relying on him and instructs Uryū to stay in this room until his wounds heal. A disheartened Uryū inquires if she has any hope of winning, and as a smiling Yoshino assures him she does, Uryū recalls her expressing a desire to die and declares this is a lie, though he is unable to explain himself when Yoshino questions what he means. Approaching Uryū and placing her hands on his shoulders, Yoshino requests he avoid being captured by Kariya and the Bount since he is a key figure in their plans.[1]


Uryū reveals why he did not run away from Yoshino.

Though Uryū points out how he no longer has powers, Yoshino counters that he cannot be sure of this and speculates that Uryū's Quincy powers still lie deep within him. After requesting that Uryū live, Yoshino begins to walk away, prompting Uryū to tell her to wait as he explains how he realized why he did not run away from Yoshino when she found him despite being able to do so. When Yoshino wonders why he did not, Uryū reveals that he saw a small ray of hope within her lonesome eyes and promises her that she has not fallen completely into despair because she has a beautiful light that seeks out hope before blushing as he expresses a desire to help her if possible.[1]


Gō Koga approaches the building.

Admitting that he does not know what he can do in this condition, Uryū vows to go with Yoshino regardless, leaving Yoshino to smile and observe that Uryū is kindhearted despite his attitude. Outside, as the bell begins to chime once more, Koga approaches the apartment building and grins as he looks up from an alley on the other side of the street.[1]

Quincy Captured and Intrusion Discovered[]


Koga summons his Doll, Dalk, after Yoshino summons her Doll, Goethe.

Uryū sits on the bed across from Yoshino herself, who stares back at him from a table near the wall and smiles as she assures him that he does not need to watch her since she will not leave without telling him. Suddenly, the lights in the room turn off, prompting Uryū and Yoshino to stand up in alarm before the door is destroyed, which leaves Uryū to demand to know who is there while Koga enters the room. Upon being told by Koga that he has come for her, Yoshino refuses to go, but Koga asserts that she has no choice since Jin is waiting. However, Yoshino refuses again and dares Koga to try to take her if he can as she summons her Doll, Goethe, only for a smiling Koga to summon his own Doll, Dalk.[2]


Dalk separates her forearm into spheres and fires them.

Dalk rotates her head around and asks Koga if he needs her help, which he confirms. Admonishing him as being hopeless, Dalk turns her head back around and declares that it is fine because she loves to fight as she separates her left forearm into dozens of small spheres that she proceeds to fire at Uryū, Yoshino, and Goethe. With Uryū stunned and Goethe grunting while the spheres crash into the wall behind them, Yoshino rolls behind the overturned table where Uryū is standing and grabs him before leaping through the skylight and onto the roof, where Goethe follows her as Dalk separates into small pieces, floats into the air, and reassembles on the roof.[2]


Dalk crashes down before Uryū and Yoshino.

While Dalk explains that she will be even more motivated to chase them if they run away, Yoshino orders Goethe to do it, which he acknowledges as Dalk expresses excitement. When Goethe unleashes a large burst of flame at her, Dalk evades it by leaping into the air and crashes down before Uryū and Yoshino, forcing them to leap back at the last second while Goethe throws a fireball at Dalk, who dodges it, leaving a small crater where she was standing, and begins firing hundreds of spheres at Goethe. Seeing Goethe struggling to defend himself from this, Uryū looks around and notices a broken metal bar lying in the wreckage of the skylight.[2]


Uryū clashes directly with Dalk using a broken metal bar.

As Uryū runs over to the skylight and picks up the bar, Dalk stops firing at Goethe and turns to face Uryū before rushing toward him, which prompts Uryū to swing the metal bar down at her. However, Dalk intercepts the bar with her left forearm and grins before kicking Uryū with her right leg, resulting in him flying back and bouncing off the rooftop entrance while groaning in pain. Before Dalk can approach Uryū, Yoshino has Goethe fly between them and blast Dalk with a powerful stream of fire, halting her advance and allowing Yoshino to run over to Uryū, whom she pulls to his feet away from the entrance and tells about the stairs leading off the roof on the other side.[2]


Goethe is blasted by the machine gun formed by Dalk.

Within the flames, Dalk shrieks and collapses, leading Goethe to stop blasting fire and leaving her glowing with heat while Uryū and Yoshino run to the other entrance, only for Koga to open the door and walk out onto the rooftop as Dalk gets up and comments on how hot she is. With Uryū stunned at her still being able to move, Dalk claims to be falling in love with Goethe and reforms her left arm into a machine gun that she proceeds to fire at Goethe, who roars in pain and flies upward as Yoshino expresses concern for him. Annoyed by this, Dalk questions what she is supposed to do with these feelings and who will accept them while turning her gaze to Uryū and Yoshino.[2]


Yoshino is hit by the red-hot spheres of Dalk.

Yoshino pulls Uryū away as Dalk begins firing at the area where he was standing and turns to track them with her bullets. Upon being called out to by Yoshino, Goethe flies back down into the air above Dalk, which results in her praising his return and demanding that he accept her feelings before separating into dozens of spheres and firing herself at Goethe, who shields himself. Down on the rooftop, Yoshino sees some of the spheres hurtling toward her and pushes Uryū back right before they hit her right thigh and both shoulders, bouncing off to crash through the roof's water tank in multiple places as Goethe bursts apart in a torrent of flame that quickly dissipates.[2]


Uryū shields Yoshino from Dalk with his body.

Expressing disappointment at Goethe disappearing, Dalk cools down her body underneath the pouring water and responds to Koga uttering her name by acknowledging that he wants her to hurry and asserting that it is not good to be hasty, since she wants to take her time with this. Upon being told by Koga to not harm Uryū, Dalk interprets this as meaning she can do whatever she wants to Yoshino, startling Uryū, and separates her left arm into dozens of tiny spheres which she fires at Yoshino, leading Uryū to frantically run over to Yoshino and leap on top of her, which forces Dalk to stop the spheres in midair and let them fall harmlessly to the ground.[2]


Ririn leads Ichigo and his friends through the streets.

With Dalk reassembling her arm and observing that this was a close call, Yoshino asks Uryū what he is doing and declares that this is not the time to be protecting her, but Uryū counters that he was not protecting her and that he simply decided to not run because he no longer wants to be a burden or a key person. After gushing about how wonderful and manly she considers this to be, Dalk proclaims that it makes her want to hug Uryū and sprouts two more limbs from her back as she extends them and her arms toward a shocked Uryū. Elsewhere, Ririn leads Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, Sado, Kon, Kurōdo, and Noba through the streets below.[2]


Ririn admonishes Ichigo for his language.

Ririn states she definitely detected two Bount nearby even though they have already disappeared, and when Ichigo requests she and the other Mod-Souls do their best to not be seen by ordinary Humans passing by, Ririn demands to know what he means by this and calls him rude, prompting an exasperated Ichigo to clarify it is just strange for four stuffed animals to be walking around. However, Ririn tells him to stop calling her strange and reminds Ichigo she is only putting up with this appearance which she did not choose due to her inability to leave this plushie. As Ichigo dismisses this, Ririn notices something and runs ahead with Kon, Kurōdo, and Noba.[2]


Ichigo and his friends reach the rooftop of the apartment building.

When Ichigo and his friends catch up to her, Ririn declares that it is here and points at the apartment building, which Kurōdo asserts is unquestionably suspicious while Rukia and Orihime realize that there are traces of Uryū's Reiatsu here, to Ichigo's surprise. Shortly afterward, Ichigo and his friends run onto the rooftop in search of Uryū, where they find a fire burning across from the leaking water tower. As Rukia notes that Uryū was definitely brought here, Ichigo deduces that the fire means Yoshino was here and Sado concludes that the other combatant was someone they do not know. Inspecting the crater left by Goethe, Ririn and Kurōdo state that they were fighting over Uryū.[2]


Ichigo and his friends discover Uryū's head bandage.

Upon hearing this, Kon assumes that Uryū was being fought over like a princess, and as a spark of flame lands on the back of his head, Kon begins to muse that it seems appropriate before crying out in pain as he notices his head is burning, which leads Noba to teleport the flame away. With Ichigo wondering if Noba can suck in flames and Orihime worrying that it is hot, Noba assures them that it is fine before Sado draws their attention to Uryū's discarded head bandage, which he holds in his hand. Though Ichigo suggests one of them use Reiraku to track Uryū, Rukia explains that they cannot do so because Uryū's Reiatsu is very weak and he is suppressing it.[2]


Ririn reveals that the Mod-Souls can track the Reishi residue.

With Ichigo angered that Uryū will not even let them know if he has been captured by the Bount, Ririn and Kurōdo assure them that it is alright as they run up with Noba and Kon before revealing that they may be able to track the Reishi residue of the Bount in this scenario, to Ichigo's astonishment. However, Ririn asserts that her powers would work better if she were in a Gigai and laments that she and the other Mod-Souls cannot move or even speak unless someone puts them into a Gigai since they are simply pills, prompting an embarrassed Ichigo to inquire about why the Mod-Souls do not just put each other into their respective Gigai if this is the case.[2]


Ririn, Kurōdo, and Noba return to their Gigai.

Stunned by this, Ririn, Kurōdo, and Noba quickly run in and out of Ichigo, Sado, and Orihime's houses to put their Gikongan back into their Gigai, with a blushing Ririn claiming to have only pretended to not know this and not needed Ichigo to tell her as Kurōdo admits that this is a case of people not being aware of their surroundings, which he compares to the Copernican Revolution. Asserting once again that she was acting dumb on purpose, Ririn orders Kurōdo and Noba to pursue the Bount with her, leaving Kon to express shock at being the only stuffed animal left before frantically running after the other Mod-Souls down the road.[2]


The captains and lieutenants assemble for a meeting.

Meanwhile, at the Senzaikyū compound in the Seireitei, 10th Division Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto and 11th Division Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi announce the arrival of themselves and their captains, Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Kenpachi Zaraki, before entering a room alongside them where the other captains and lieutenants are assembled. With 12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi demanding to know where they were and claiming that he would turn them into dog food due to their incompetence if they were unseated Shinigami, Rangiku asks 13th Division Captain Jūshirō Ukitake, who is standing next to Mayuri, what he wanted to talk about.[2]


Mayuri Kurotsuchi reveals that someone has accessed his data.

Mayuri counters that he is the one who wants to talk, to Rangiku's surprise, and Ukitake notes he called everyone together because Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto is not here today. With Ukitake concluding he will let Mayuri cover the details, Mayuri angrily claims someone has been breaking into his databank and looking at its contents before revealing the data examined pertained to the Bount when Yachiru wonders what they were looking at, causing the other captains and lieutenants to stare in either shock or solemnity while Mayuri elaborates that this individual also placed a trap to destroy all the data if it were removed.[2]


Mayuri promises to torture anyone associated with the culprit.

Asserting that this is both an insult and a challenge to him as the head of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, Mayuri threatens to pickle anyone involved with the culprit in a pool of acid, which prompts Ukitake to instruct him to stop picking a fight since they are high-ranking members of the Gotei 13, only for Mayuri to remind him that they were just betrayed by one such high-ranking member. When Ukitake states that this is a dangerous problem involving all of Soul Society and that they should not be hasty, an unimpressed Mayuri calls him unreliable and backs down while promising that he has a plan for anyone else who tries to make him look foolish.[2]


Kenpachi Zaraki muses on the strange circumstances.

Some time later, Kenpachi sits with Yachiru on a walkway in front of a rock garden outside and admits that he has a bad feeling about this. Upon being asked to elaborate by Yachiru, Kenpachi clarifies that he is referring to both the incident with Mayuri and their discovery of Maki Ichinose, though he is not sure why this concerns him. With Yachiru assuming that he is worried about Ichinose after all, Kenpachi refutes this and notes that it simply seems odd. Back in the Human World, Ichigo and his friends stand at a bus stop and watch as Orihime speaks to an elderly lady before bowing and running back to them in excitement as she declares that she has figured it out.[2]


Ryō Utagawa throws Yoshino into a desolate cell.

Orihime informs her friends that there is a mansion matching the description they were given further down the street from here that is inhabited by an extremely rich man whom no one has ever seen, leading Rukia to nod in confirmation. Elsewhere, Yoshino is thrown into a desolate cell by Ryō Utagawa, who coldly states that Kariya will not forgive her anymore and invites her to come out and meet Kariya if she does not believe him. Seeing a trembling Yoshino clenching her left fist, a smiling Utagawa observes that she cannot even move in this condition and stomps on Yoshino's left arm as he warns her to not summon Goethe since she will be attacked before leaving.[2]


Ichigo and his friends find the Bount Mansion.

Meanwhile, Ichigo and his friends huddle behind some trees across the street from the entrance to the mansion, where Sado comments on how large the front yard is due to his inability to see the main residence as Ririn and Kurōdo confirm that this is the right place. Acknowledging this, Ichigo instructs his friends to split up and search for Uryū. Within the mansion, Kariya smokes a cigarette and blows out smoke while permitting Utagawa to enter when the latter knocks at the door. After entering the room, Utagawa inquires if Kariya he would like to see Uryū since the latter is in the main hall, leading Kariya to muse that Uryū is their valuable trump card and that he should greet him.[2]


Kariya berates Utagawa for not understanding.

As he stands up, Kariya grabs his Bount seal, which Utagawa watches, and departs with Utagawa following him down the hall. Upon being asked by Utagawa if he should advance their plans, Kariya denies this, and with Utagawa wondering why he is holding back, Kariya genially details how their long lifespans have coated their memories in gray and how he can now see the world in color for the first time in decades, which he wishes to enjoy for a little while longer. However, when Utagawa attempts to press the issue, Kariya angrily orders him to be silent and berates Utagawa for not understanding, leaving a shocked and sweating Utagawa staring at him in fright.[2]


Rukia Kuchiki determines that there are eight Bount present.

Back outside, Ichigo and Rukia peer at the mansion from the bushes and trees on the edge of the lawn. With Ichigo noting that this is the place, Rukia tenses up, to his concern, and explains that she can detect the Reiatsu of eight different Bount within the building before proclaiming that they cannot waste time since they do not know what the plan of the Bount is as she and Ichigo leap forward. Within the main hall of the mansion, Dalk restrains Uryū before Sawatari, Ugaki, Mabashi, Yoshi, and Koga. Approaching Uryū, Yoshi places the back of her hand against his cheek, causing Uryū to flinch, and inquires if he is afraid while smiling maliciously.[2]


Uryū is held by Dalk before the Bount.

Suddenly, Kariya walks down the steps next to the other Bount, who draw back, and walks up to Uryū while identifying him. Kariya settles in the chair opposite Uryū and admits that it is natural to be cautious since they have given him such a rough invitation. When Uryū asks him who he is, Kariya introduces himself and states that he wishes to borrow Uryū's Quincy power, only to be startled when Uryū accuses him of wanting to gain the power of Hueco Mundo. After composing himself, Kariya smiles and notes he and Uryū are both rejected beings due to their unique abilities before proposing they cooperate instead of acting like enemies.[2]


Kariya offers to restore Uryū's lost Quincy power.

With Kariya elaborating that the Bount can protect Uryū and even revive his lost Quincy power, Uryū is left stunned by the prospect, and as Kariya notes this is a good proposition, Uryū questions why he is being offered this when Kariya knows he has no powers, prompting Kariya to reiterate that they are the same. However, Uryū refuses to believe this offer, and though he affirms it is understandable to be suspicious, Kariya observes they have time and he can wait forever until Uryū accepts, leaving Uryū to clench his fist. When Ugaki looks at him from behind Uryū to indicate something, Kariya looks to Ugaki and back at Uryū, whom he invites to make himself at home.[2]


Koga brings Uryū to a bedroom he will be staying in.

Ugaki approaches a nearby set of double doors as Uryū asks Kariya if he plans to keep him here, which leads Kariya to stand up and describe Uryū as an important guest. Shortly afterward, Koga has Dalk bring Uryū to a bedroom and stop restraining him, which Dalk is disappointed by. As Uryū looks over the room and muses that this is his prison, Koga warns him that Kariya is as kind as he is terrifying, only for Uryū to simply smile and adjust his glasses while thanking Koga for his consideration. Promising that Uryū will understand soon, Koga closes the door and leaves.[2]



Orihime Inoue and Yasutora Sado find themselves lost on the mansion estate.

Elsewhere on the property, Orihime pokes her head through a bush and expresses confusion. When Orihime recalls heading toward the mansion, Sado pops out of the bush as well and confirms this, leaving Orihime to wonder where it is and observe she has not been able to trust her sense of direction alongside Sado as they begin to walk away. Behind them, Kon bursts out of the bush and falls to the ground before frantically running after Orihime and Sado as a Wächter of Ugaki's Doll, Gesell, floats in the air and glows green while watching them. Within the mansion, Ichigo opens a door to a stairway and stands alongside Rukia as he complains about how many extensions the mansion has, but is surprised when Rukia reveals something is altering their senses.[2]


A Wächter of Gesell confronts Ichigo and Rukia.

Though Rukia speculates that this is the result of underlying mineral veins or a strong magnetic force, she and Ichigo are shocked to see another Wächter of Gesell floating in the air nearby, which prompts her to declare that they have been discovered while Ichigo is left perplexed. The Wächter of Gesell splits open to reveal fangs and sprouts four long, thin protrusions in an X-shape before flying toward Ichigo and Rukia, who evade it as Ichigo curses. With the Wächter turning around and hurtling toward them once more, Rukia blasts it with Hadō #31. Shakkahō, causing it to fall to the ground and briefly attempt to stand up before falling still.[2]


Ichigo and Rukia are pursued across the roof by Gesell.

As Ichigo questions what the eye is and Rukia asserts that this is bad, over a dozen more Wächter float out from a nearby doorway and begin pursuing them, which prompts Ichigo and Rukia to run away down the hallway and around multiple corners, only to find themselves at a dead end with a window, which Ichigo shatters with his Shikai, Zangetsu, so they can move to the roof of the mansion. While the Wächter continue to pursue him and Rukia across the rooftop, Ichigo complains about their stubbornness before seeing Ririn and Kurōdo teleported to the peak of the roof by Noba, leading him to call out to Ririn as Kurōdo recognizes the Wächter behind him.[2]


Hundreds of Wächter confront Ichigo and his friends.

At Rukia's behest, Noba teleports the Wächter away and crouches, allowing Ichigo to join them with Rukia and admit that they arrived just in time. Upon being asked by Rukia why they are here, Ririn asserts that they had no choice since the mansion is filled with those Wächter and Kurōdo elaborates that they kept coming even as Noba teleported them away, which is why they went outside and did not expect the Wächter to be there as well. With Noba expressing exhaustion, Rukia notes that the Wächter will not let them rest as she and the others see hundreds of them rising into the air and hurtling toward them, resulting in Ichigo slashing at them with Zangetsu.[2]


Kariya confronts Ichigo and his friends.

Ririn and Kurōdo shield themselves with their arms while Rukia looks at Noba and instructs them all to run away, resulting in the group running off the roof and moving down to the courtyard, where they run through the bordering hallway and into the main hall. As Rukia wonders where they are, Kurōdo comments on the tapestry depicting a medieval witch hunt on the opposite wall, only for him and his friends to be startled when Kariya affirms this. While Rukia demands to know who this is, the other Bount look down from the railings of the upper floor and chuckle maliciously as Kariya walks down the stairs and welcomes Ichigo to the mansion as a Substitute Shinigami.[2]