Bount Mansion
Bount Mansion
Kanji バウントていたく
English Bount Mansion
Location Statistics
Type Mansion
Located In Karakura Town
Controlled By Jin Kariya
Primary Function To serve as the Bounts' hideout in the Human World
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Anime Episode 73

The Bount Mansion (バウントていたく, Baunto no yashiki) is a mansion under the control of the Bounts. It serves as their initial base of operations, until its subsequent destruction at the hands of Ichigo Kurosaki.


The Bount Mansion has the typical appearance of a regular mansion, with many archetypal features of a mansion, such as Renaissance-style paintings, old furniture and banisters, as well as a fireplace. It also has a prison area, in which Yoshino Sōma and Uryū Ishida are imprisoned after being captured by the Bounts.[1] Also, there is a grand foyer which serves as the main entrance, which is where Jin Kariya meets Ichigo Kurosaki for the first time. The foyer also has an illustrious tapestry, which depicts an 18th Century witch-hunt. [1] The mansion is also frequently patrolled by Ugaki's Shadow Constructs, which serve as the security guards.[2]


Notable Events

The following events took place at or near the Bount Mansion:


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