Correction, Ulquiorra only said that nobody has ever seen his Segunda Etapa before, not that nobody knew about it. Huge difference.

Besides, even if his Segunda Etapa elevates his position, we still have no idea by what amount. It could be just equal to Harribel, it could be beyond Starrk, who knows. Since we have no confirmation at all we should just assume that Kubo meant what he wrote when he ranked them.

Lorenzo.r.2nd wrote: the top three are by far ulquiorra, starkk, and barragan.

What about Harribel? Did you forget she held her own against 1 captain with Bankai and 2 visoreds with masks and Shikai? And that she only lost because Aizen intervened? And even then, Aizen didn't expect her to survive his first hit?

This discussion is going nowhere. There is once again nothing to suggest Kubo lied or retconned the Espada's ranking.

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