yea i would tend to agree, it virtually impossible to also properly reference such materials. Its also unlikely there will ever be a offical translation. Most of this stuff hinges on it being well received in Japan and considering the degrading of the fan base over there for bleach if the current content isnt received well they will scrap it all together. Also to take into account the live action movie isnt likely to cause a surge of bleach popularity. Ive seen these types of movies before. Gantz did it twice and Parasyte had one as well. While decent to be sure they dont really reach outside of Japan. Whatever hype they get begins and ends there. We would likely only see it via streaming sites. Its not gonna be some watered down pseudo ghost in the shell-like with a hollywood A-lister in the main role. Tabs seem to make sense but i think we should worry about that once the primary pages for the content is dealt with. Assuming that there is a way to reference that content properly.

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